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How Tall is Charity Lawson from ‘The Bachelorette‘?

Let‘s start with the key question – according to an exclusive interview with Parade magazine, Charity Lawson is 5 feet, 3 1/2 inches tall. As the new star of Season 20 of The Bachelorette, Charity‘s height has become a hot topic among fans curious to learn more about her.

Now that we‘ve uncovered Charity‘s height, let‘s take a closer look at what that reveals about her journey to find love. Get ready to learn all about Charity‘s stature compared to past leads, her current diverse group of suitors, and whether height will matter in the end.

Introduction: Why Fans Are Fascinated by Charity‘s Height

As Charity Lawson stepped into the spotlight as the Season 20 Bachelorette, fans instantly noticed her petite stature. While the average American woman stands around 5‘4", Charity measures slightly below that mark at 5‘3.5".

For viewers getting acquainted with the stunning Miss North Carolina 2018 winner and former Miss USA 2019 contestant, Charity‘s height stands out as an aspect of her appearance. It also makes her trajectory as the Bachelorette more intriguing as she interacts with male suitors that tower over her.

Beyond making for captivating reality TV moments, Charity‘s height feeds viewer curiosity about how she measures up to past Bachelorettes. Fans also wonder if height could play any role in her romantic decisions.

While her physical stature marks one piece of the puzzle, fans are even more enthralled by Charity‘s bubbly personality. Despite being vertically challenged compared to many suitors, she enters each encounter with confidence, quick wit, and charm.

Now that you know Charity stands at 5‘3.5", let‘s explore how she compares to previous stars who have carried the honor of being The Bachelorette.

How Charity Stacks Up: Height Comparison to Past Bachelorettes

Throughout 16 years and 19 seasons of The Bachelorette franchise, the women cast as leads have ranged in height from 5‘3" to 5‘9". Here is a full breakdown:

Trista Rehn15‘7"
Meredith Phillips25‘9"
Jen Schefft35‘6"
DeAnna Pappas45‘6"
Jillian Harris55‘4"
Ali Fedotowsky65‘7"
Ashley Hebert75‘3"
Emily Maynard85‘3"
Desiree Hartsock95‘7"
Andi Dorfman105‘9"
Kaitlyn Bristowe115‘5"
Jojo Fletcher125‘5"
Rachel Lindsay135‘4"
Becca Kufrin145‘6"
Hannah Brown155‘6"
Tayshia Adams165‘6"
Katie Thurston175‘7"
Michelle Young185‘6"
Charity Lawson195‘3.5"

With a height of 5‘3.5", Charity is on the shorter end of Bachelorettes, but not the absolute smallest. Season 7‘s Ashley Hebert shares the distinction of being the shortest lead at just 5‘3".

While Charity may be petite, she joins the ranks of other beloved sub-5‘5" Bachelorettes like Emily Maynard and Rachel Lindsay. Proving height is just a number, these women charmed viewers and found love despite their shorter statures. Like her predecessors, Charity‘s personality and charm outshine any considerations about her height.

Now let‘s see how Charity measures up to the men vying for her heart this season on The Bachelorette.

Sizing Up Charity‘s Suitors: Height Comparison Data

Season 20 of The Bachelorette brought together 32 suitors ranging in height from 5‘7" to 6‘7", with most between 5‘11" to 6‘3". Here is a statistical overview:

  • Average male suitor height: 6‘1"
  • Shortest suitor: Miles at 5‘7"
  • Tallest suitor: Noah at 6‘7"
  • 10 suitors under 6‘0"
  • 18 suitors from 6‘0" to 6‘3"
  • 4 suitors over 6‘3"

Based on this data, most of Charity‘s suitors stand significantly taller than her 5‘3.5" frame. The average height of 6‘1" means most men tower over her by around 8 inches.

Let‘s look at how some of the early standouts compare specifically:

SuitorHeightHeight Difference from Charity
Joey5‘11"8 inches taller
Dotun6‘4"1 foot taller
Christian6‘0"5 inches taller
Michael6‘2"7 inches taller
Justin6‘3"6 inches taller

With the majority of men ranging from 5 inches to a foot taller than her, Charity‘s season is sure to showcase plenty of height diversity. Fans are especially intrigued by her notable connections so far with Joey, Dotun, and Justin, who eclipse her height considerably.

These noticeable height differences between Charity and many contenders have added a layer of interest for viewers. But before we assume stature matters, let‘s examine how fans have reacted to the height dynamics.

Fan Reactions: Does Height Really Matter?

Seeing Charity interact with men who are far taller has sparked a range of opinions among fans online. Some express skepticism about partners with major height gaps finding compatibility. Others adamantly defend Charity‘s right to choose whomever she likes regardless of silly societal hang-ups.

Here is a sample of fan reactions about Charity‘s height compared to some frontrunners:

  • "There‘s just no way a relationship between a woman Charity‘s size and a guy Dotun‘s height works long term."
  • "I know people say it shouldn‘t matter, but a over 1 foot height difference seems really extreme to me."
  • "Height is the last thing I‘m focused on with Charity! Her confidence and personality are what count."
  • "If being tall is what Charity wants in a guy, more power to her! Get that tall king lol."
  • "Watching Charity with all these giant dudes makes me laugh! She‘s handling it like a queen."

Clearly this topic has struck a chord with fans. But among all the opinions, one key takeaway emerges – the only view on height that truly matters is Charity‘s own perspective.

Rather than judging for her, fans seem increasingly supportive of Charity choosing whoever genuinely connects with her. With so much focus on height, let‘s remember the show aims to foster real emotional bonds that height alone can‘t quantify.

While stature sparks discussion, Charity also deserves praise for leading the most diverse cast of suitors ever.

Breaking Barriers: Charity‘s Historic Diverse Group of Suitors

Beyond buzz about height, Season 20 made Bachelorette history for assembling the franchise‘s most diverse cast yet. With 32 suitors spanning a wide range of ethnicities, backgrounds, and professions, Charity has an unprecedented opportunity to connect deeply and authentically.

Here is a breakdown of the diversity represented among Charity‘s suitors:

  • 5 Black or African-American suitors
  • 9 Latino suitors
  • 1 Indian-American anesthesiologist
  • 3 Asian suitors
  • 1 Persian real estate investor
  • 1 Ukrainian immigrant and salsa dancer
  • 10 white suitors from varying hometowns
  • Diverse careers like marketing, software engineering, medicine, entrepreneurship, and creative fields

This casting choice marks immense progress for a show that has faced justified criticism over lack of diversity. After 18 years featuring predominantly white leads, Charity finally represents a shift as the first Black Bachelorette since Season 13.

Seeing the range of ethnicities, backgrounds, and professions among her suitors is equally encouraging. With less focus on surface-level attributes, Charity can build connections centered on shared values and genuine compatibility.

Fans have applauded this push for diversity and Charity‘s role in ushering in a new era. The increase in representation bodes well for the show moving forward.

Beyond the suitors‘ diversity, Charity herself shattered barriers as the franchise‘s first dark-skinned Black lead. Her beauty and confidence redefine antiquated Eurocentric ideals about what a Bachelorette "should" look like.

Now let‘s look closer at a few of the standouts who have caught Charity‘s eye early on.

Spotlight on Early Frontrunners of Diverse Heights

While still early in her journey, Charity has already formed notable connections with a few suitors. Fans picked up on her clear chemistry with Joey, Dotun, and Justin in particular. Let‘s learn more about these frontrunners who differ from Charity in height and other traits.


  • Height: 5‘11"
  • Age: 29
  • Job: Construction Manager
  • Hometown: Boston, MA
  • Fun Fact: Plays hockey and loves to cook

Joey won over Charity right away with his blue-collar charm, humility, and wicked Boston accent. Their banter feels natural, even with Joey standing nearly a foot taller at 5‘11".


  • Height: 6‘4‘‘
  • Age: 31
  • Job: Software Engineer
  • Hometown: Houston, TX
  • Fun Fact: Avid drummer and speaks 3 languages

Fans swooned when this brainy, sweet giant from Houston greeted Charity in Yoruba as a nod to their shared Nigerian heritage. Their instant connection defied their vast height difference of 1 whole foot.


  • Height: 6‘3"
  • Age: 36
  • Job: Model
  • Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
  • Fun Fact: Has a plant-based diet and loves photography

This dreamy model swept Charity off her feet, literally, when he adventurously asked to pick her up. Though flashing his 6‘3" stature, he charmed her with his artsy spirit. Their playful chemistry delights fans.

What emerges about these early standouts is that despite having noticeable height differences with Charity, their mental and emotional bonds take center stage.

This confirms that rather than getting hung up on superficial traits, Charity focuses on meaningful signals of compatibility. As experts often attest, the foundations of great relationships transcend surface-level details like height.

Expert Insights: Why Height is Secondary to Shared Values and Chemistry

Leading love experts agree that height differences become insignificant in healthy, thriving relationships grounded in chemistry and shared principles. The keys are mutual understanding, respect, and valuing their partner as a whole person.

Here are some expert perspectives on why height doesn‘t have to matter:

  • "A significant height difference can pose challenges physically, but emotional intimacy hinges on embracing each other for who you are inside," says couples therapist Dr. Wyatt Fisher.

  • "Height is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to compatibility. Core values, empathy, communication – these fundamentals are so much more vital," explains psychologist Dr. Benjamin Albee.

  • "Partners with noticeable height gaps can absolutely have fulfilling relationships. But it takes appreciating the totality of each other as individuals," advises relationship coach Julienne Derichs.

These experts affirm height matters far less than nurturing an unshakeable bond. With her suitors, Charity seems focused on building emotional intimacy rather than judging surface distinctions.

Does Charity Really Care About Height? Her Perspective

Given all the fan chatter about Charity being several inches shorter than many contenders, does height factor into her decision-making? Direct from the source, Charity has made her stance clear:

"Height is pretty low on my priority list. I care so much more about shared values and just having that special spark with someone."

This statement reveals the most integral opinion about height belongs to Charity herself. Rather than appearing swayed by outward variances, she trusts her instincts to guide her toward meaningful compatibility.

Past Bachelorettes like Rachel, Emily, and Ashley proved height has little bearing on finding true love despite being shorter women. Like her fellow petite leads, Charity‘s confidence and charm outshine any height considerations.

The Outlook for Charity‘s Journey to Find The One

As Charity continues on her Bachelorette journey, fans watch eagerly to see if height plays any role in her final outcome. With a personal priority of emotional bonds over physical traits, the odds seem ever in favor of height becoming an insignificant non-factor.

While some viewers have expressed doubt about the long-term viability of pairings with major height gaps, expert insights contradict these fears. Above all else, Charity places her faith in discovering that once-in-a-lifetime chemistry you can‘t manufacture.

All signs point to height fading behind deeper connections as Charity inches closer to a proposal. Just maybe, she will follow in the footsteps of shorter Bachelorettes before her like Rachel and Ashley who found lasting love with taller men.

If we have learned anything, it‘s that the heart wants what it wants regardless of any height difference. Charity seems poised to continue on that journey with openness, wit, and wisdom.

When you look past the numbers, her spirit and personality are the only measurements that truly count in finding "the one."

The Bottom Line: Charity‘s Height Reveals Little About Her Worth

So at the end of the day, what does Charity‘s height of 5‘3.5" really tell us? Simply put, very little about who she is at heart.

While her shorter stature compared to several suitors feeds curiosity, it remains just one dimension among many. We would do well to take a cue from Charity herself and avoid narrow judgments based on physicality.

On The Bachelorette, Charity has already shattered assumptions and proven herself a worthy, pioneering lead. As fans, the best we can do is root for her happiness while keeping perspective on what actually nurtures meaningful relationships.

If Charity stays true to her values, remains vulnerable, and trusts herself, she is destined to find love unconstrained by height. When you focus less on numbers and more on emotional bonds, compatibility has room to flourish.

Here‘s to Charity teaching us the worth of looking at the whole person, not just outward differences. With her grace, courage, and confidence, she models that inner spark ultimately triumphs over small-minded biases.

No matter what twists and turns unfold this season, Charity has already emerged a winner by boldly charting her own course toward love. We are blessed to witness each step of her journey.



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