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How to Skyrocket Instagram Engagement with Auto Commenting Tools like Techlaze

As someone who relies on Instagram to promote my brand, I‘m always looking for ways to engage with my audience faster. Manually replying to comments and leaving thoughtful feedback on posts is crucial, but also incredibly time-consuming. The hours I poured into community management meant less time for creating content and expanding my reach.

That‘s why I turned to auto commenting tools like Techlaze. Now automation helps me engage followers while I focus on bigger picture growth. Used strategically, auto commenters like Techlaze can take your account to the next level.

Why Instagram Engagement Matters

With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is a massive platform. But with so many accounts vying for attention, standing out is a challenge.

Engagement is key – it signals your relevance to Instagram‘s algorithm. Accounts with better engagement metrics get shown to more users, fueling a positive growth cycle.

Some eye-opening engagement stats:

  • Instagram posts with at least one hashtag average 12.6% more engagement than posts without hashtags [Expert Jon Loomer]
  • Commenting on the content of others drives a 25% average increase in engagement on your posts [Expert Brian Peters]
  • The more comments a post gets in the first hour, the more total engagement it will ultimately receive according to BuzzSumo data.

But thoughtful commenting requires time. That‘s where automation comes in – thoughtfully applied.

How Instagram Auto Commenting Works

Auto commenters allow you to automatically post relevant comments on other Instagram accounts‘ posts.

With Techlaze, you can target potential comment subjects based on:

  • Specific Users or Hashtags
  • Location
  • Followers of Competitor Accounts
  • Media You Directly Link To

You can customize comment content using spin syntax to mix things up. The platform automatically posts comments per your direction.

Techlaze Auto Comment Campaign Setup Example

Example of an auto commenting campaign setup in Techlaze

Key features like comment analytics help you refine targeting for optimal results.

Getting Started with Techlaze

I first tried Techlaze using their free trial. Once I saw the impact, I upgraded to a paid plan which starts at $7/month for individual use.

Here are the simple steps to start auto commenting:

  1. Create an account at
  2. Connect Instagram account by authorizing Techlaze
  3. Configure campaign parameters – who to target, what to comment, frequency, etc.
  4. Set a Limit – I‘d recommend no more than 50-100 comments per day initially
  5. Let it run! The platform handles commenting based on your directives
  6. Check Reports to see engagement rates and refine as needed.

Techlaze also provides additional analytics tools, media curation, scheduling, and more to enhance your efforts.

Tips for Instagram Auto Commenting Success

Careless auto commenting can seem robotic and even damage your account. Here are tips to do it effectively:

  • Target accounts strategically – those in your niche with engaged followers
  • Personalize comments using spin syntax to seem authentic
  • Post thoughtful feedback that relates to the post, don‘t just drop links
  • Start slow and ramp up cautiously to avoid triggering limits
  • Use random delays to mimic natural human behavior
  • Blend automation with manual work to find your optimal balance
  • Refine based on analytics – double down on what works
  • Avoid banned words/phrases – read Instagram‘s policies

Light automation combined with purposeful manual efforts is the winning recipe.

Top Instagram Automation Tools Beyond Techlaze

While I‘ve had great success with Techlaze, here are some alternative auto engagement tools to consider:

ToolKey FeaturesStarting Price
JarveePowerful automation features for IG growth & engagement. Steeper learning curve.$49/mo
Social CaptainProvides auto commenting plus in-depth analytics.$49/mo
ChatmaticLeverages AI to generate human-like commenting at scale. Hands-off automation.$99/mo
CombinFocuses on IG scheduling and analytics more than commenting, but a solid integration option.$40/mo

Think Before You Automate

It‘s tempting to rely fully on automation to grow your Instagram, but restraint is key.

Overdoing auto commenting and other tactics can cause your account to be flagged or banned by Instagram – so tread carefully. Focus on value-driven engagement vs. blindly spamming.

Start small, analyze frequently, and blend automation with manual efforts for the best results. Don‘t completely remove the human element – it‘s what makes your audience connect with you.

At the end of the day, auto tools like Techlaze should enhance your Instagram presence, not define it. Think before you automate.

The Future of Automation in Social Media

We‘re still in the early phases of leveraging technology like artificial intelligence to assist with social media marketing.

As machine learning and AI improve, I expect automation tools to become more advanced – perhaps eventually handling content creation in addition to community management.

But for now thoughtfully blending automation with manual efforts is the winning approach for Instagram growth. Let the tech handle the tedious tasks so you can focus on creativity.

If used strategically, auto commenters like Techlaze can take your account to the next level by expanding your reach and engaging your target audience.

The key is balance – couple automation with purposeful manual interaction. Master that equilibrium and you‘ll be well on your way to Instagram fame and fortune!



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