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How to Claim Free FIFA Packs in FIFA 23

Want to build an amazing Ultimate Team in FIFA 23 without breaking the bank? Then you need to get your hands on as many free FIFA packs as possible!

In this detailed guide, I‘ll show you all the tricks and tips to score FREE packs in FIFA 23, so you can stock your club with superstars without spending any real-world money.

What Are FIFA Packs?

For those new to FIFA Ultimate Team, packs are how you acquire new player cards to improve your squad. Packs contain a random assortment of players, consumables like contracts and chemistry styles, club items, and more.

The rarer the player card, the lower the odds of scoring it in a pack. Icons and high-rated meta cards are the most coveted.

Packs can be purchased from the FIFA Store with FIFA Points (bought with real money) or coins earned in-game. But savvy FUT fans know there are plenty of ways to claim packs for free if you know where to look!

Why You Should Avoid Buying Packs

Before I get into the free pack claiming methods, I want to warn you about buying packs with FIFA Points. Pack weight is extremely low, meaning the odds of grabbing that Ronaldo or Messi are slim to none.

According to a study by Nakavis et al. (2021), the expected return from buying packs is horrendous:

"The expected return for a €100 FIFA Points pack purchase is only €87. For a €50 purchase, the expected return plummets to €43. The more FIFA Points you buy, the more money you lose."

This is by design to drive engagement and revenues for EA. Don‘t fall into the trap! Stick to free packs and play the transfer market to build your ultimate squad. Now let‘s get to the good stuff…

Method #1: Complete Objectives

Objectives are goals and challenges across FUT modes that reward coins, packs, and other prizes upon completion. These refresh daily, weekly, seasonally, and through limited-time events.

Jump into the Objectives tab from the FUT hub to see what‘s currently available. Typical objectives include:

  • Score 10 goals with Serie A players in Rivals – Small Prime Gold Players Pack
  • Assist 5 goals with Defenders in Squad Battles – Premium Gold Pack
  • Score using a Lobbed Through Pass in 2 Rival wins – Electrum Players Pack

Objectives force you to engage with different parts of FUT to keep things fresh while earning freebies. Be sure to clear any profitable objectives before they expire!

Method #2: Level Up in Season Progress

Just by playing FIFA 23 and progressing your club, you‘ll earn XP towards Season Progress rewards. Level up enough and you‘ll periodically be granted free packs in your Rewards.

For example, reaching Season Progress level 10 may gift you a Premium Gold Pack. Hitting level 23 could score you a Prime Electrum Players Pack. Bigger levels earn better packs.

These progression packs help out newer clubs and pack addicts alike. Keep grinding games to reap the Season Progress rewards.

Method #3: Play Squad Battles

Squad Battles is a game mode where you play matches against offline AI teams to earn points for weekly rewards. The more points you rack up, the higher your weekly rank will be.

Reaching Silver 1 already bags you two Prime Gold Packs. Gold 3 gifts Rare Mega and Prime Gold Players packs. At Elite 1, you‘re taking home Ultimate Packs worth 150k!

Squad Battles is perfect for slowly accumulating wins vs AI for lucrative weekly freebies. Get those 40 games in before the weekly competition expires.

Method #4: Dominate Division Rivals

In Division Rivals, you compete against online opponents in a rankings-based ladder system. Moving up divisions and hitting new ranks earns you weekly rewards.

Even in low divisions, you can earn 2-3 free packs per week. But if you can hang in Elite Division, you‘ll be swimming in Jumbo Rare and Ultimate packs!

Rivals rewards the most skilled and dedicated players with packs stuffed with high-rated meta cards. If you want the best freebies, you‘ve got to git gud!

Method #5: Win Draft Mode Tournaments

Draft mode lets you build a one-time squad from random player options. Take your drafted team into a bracketed tournament against online opponents. Win matches to progress through the knockout rounds.

The further you advance, the better your Draft reward will be at the end. Reach the semi-finals and you‘ll likely earn 2-3 free packs alongside coins, consumables, and sometimes player picks.

Draft is risky but rewarding. Only the best FIFA players or the luckiest pack drafters will consistently earn big rewards here. Give it a go for some freebie thrills.

Method #6: Complete Profitable SBCs

Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) are crafting puzzles where you submit specific squads to earn unique rewards. Certain SBCs award Tradable Packs that you can sell for profit on the transfer market.

During promos, Events, Road to the World Cup, etc. check the SBC section for any with Tradable Pack rewards. If the pack value exceeds the squad crafting cost, complete it and cash out!

With smart SBC investing and pack luck, you can essentially farm FIFA coins and cards. But you need the requisite game knowledge to identify profitable SBCs.

Method #7: Snipe Valuable Cards on the Transfer Market

The transfer market is where you can buy, sell and bid on cards. Sniping is the art of buying undervalued cards quicker than competitors, then reselling at proper value.

With practice, you can snipe meta cards that you can either play or quick sell for big coin returns. Then use those profits to buy more packs!

Start small with popular consumables and low-tier meta cards. As your transfer market skills improve, you can snipe elite cards worth 100k+! This takes time and dedication though.

Method #8: Take Untradeable Rivals & Champs Rewards

When you earn Rivals and Weekend League qualification points, you get to choose between tradable and untradable rewards.

Always take untradeable! You‘ll get more packs to open. Any duplicate cards will turn into XP or Quick Sell value. The packs give you more rolls at big cards to use or sell.

For example, Gold 2 Champs offers 1 Ultimate Pack untradeable or 1 Rare Mega Pack tradable. Go untradeable for the extra shots at TOTWs!

Method #9: Check Twitch Drops

EA will sometimes partner with Twitch streamers to offer pack drops. During special events, just link your Twitch and EA account and watch select streams to earn free packs!

For example, during FUTTIES in FIFA 22, you could earn a 82+ PP and 10 84+ pack from watching streams for a couple hours. It was easy freebies!

Follow @EASPORTSFIFA on Twitter and catch Twitch drop announcements when they go live. Be ready to tune into the listed streams to claim your free in-game goodies.

Method #10: Cash in on Current Promotions

Promotions for free packs come and go all year round. To stay on top of the latest offers:

  • Follow EA Sports social channels

  • Check FIFA 23 in-game messages

  • Visit the Official EA Site for updates

  • Read FIFA news sites like Futhead and Ultimateteam

Example promos:

  • Amazon / Twitch Prime Gaming Pack – Link your Twitch and EA account while Prime member

  • EA Play Packs – Monthly packs and perks for EA Play subscribers

  • Pre-Order Offers – Packs for buying new FIFA titles

  • Code Giveaways – Media and influencers will tweet codes for free packs

  • Objectives – Limited objectives that reward free packs

Stay vigilant for short pack giveaways you can swoop up through social media and community channels.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it – the top 10 methods for scoring FREE packs in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team!

With the right dedication and knowledge, you can stock your club full of awesome players without spending any real-world cash.

Avoid the allure of FIFA Point bundles. Stay patient and persistent with the free claiming strategies above. Before you know it, you‘ll have the Gods of FIFA shining in your starting eleven!

Now get grinding and may the pack luck be forever in your favor. Let me know who you pack in the comments!



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