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The Expert Guide to Creating Multiple Amazon Buyer Accounts in 2023

As an experienced cybersecurity and privacy enthusiast, I’ve learned the immense value having multiple Amazon buyer accounts can provide. With the right techniques, you can open up game-changing opportunities for online sales, promotions, and brand management.

But how exactly should savvy e-commerce marketers go about creating multiple accounts in 2023? In this comprehensive guide, I’ll share insider tips and pro-level tools to help you build an army of Amazon profiles ready for purchasing domination. Let’s dive in!

Why You Want Multiple Amazon Buyer Accounts

First, let’s explore the key benefits gained from having an array of Amazon accounts under your control:

  • Increased Purchasing Power – More accounts means more purchasing ability. You can buy higher quantities of hot products and inventory.
  • Targeted Usage – Assign accounts to specific interests, demographics, and purchasing goals. Keep your history and recommendations tailored.
  • Promotions Maximization – Take advantage of multiple limited-time promotions across different accounts. Unlock stacking benefits.
  • Expanded Brand Presence – Establish niche accounts tailored to specific audience segments relevant to your brand(s).
  • Market Research – Use accounts to monitor competitors, trends, and sentiment across different buyer personas.
  • Future-Proofing – Prevent disruption if an account gets banned by having backups ready for seamless transition.

Of course, the more accounts you have, the more care and control is required to manage them. We’ll cover best practices for this later on.

First, let’s tackle the most common question…

Is It Legal to Have Multiple Amazon Buyer Accounts?

The short answer – yes, having multiple Amazon buyer accounts is perfectly legal.

Unlike with seller accounts, Amazon places no restrictions on how many buyer profiles you can create and use. There are no built-in limits.

However, there are some crucial caveats to keep in mind:

  • You must have a valid business or personal need to create each additional account. Accounts made solely to manipulate reviews or rankings violate Amazon’s Terms of Service (TOS).
  • Using multiple accounts to circumvent bans, restrictions, or policies enacted on your other accounts is strictly prohibited according to Amazon’s TOS. This can result in termination of all accounts.
  • Amazon aggressively scans for and shuts down accounts engaging in any fraudulent activity like review abuse. Tread carefully.

In short – you can certainly have multiple buyer accounts, but use them judiciously and legally. Let’s look at smart setup.

Expert-Recommended Setup for Multiple Accounts

When creating multiple accounts for marketing purposes, it’s critical to avoid patterns that may flag you to Amazon. Here are techniques I recommend for optimal quality and secrecy:

Use Automated Account Generation Tools

Manually making each account is painfully slow. Instead, leverage tools like The PVA Creator to automate generation.

The PVA Creator provides powerful account creation features:

  • Automatic Credential Generation – Randomly generates secure usernames, passwords, and emails for each account.
  • Custom Browser Profiles – Ensures all accounts use completely separate browser fingerprints.
  • Proxy Support – Rotates different residential proxies into each account for discrete IPs.
  • Anti-Captcha – Uses 2Captcha to solve CAPTCHAs effortlessly during creation.

Rotate Residential Proxies

Assigning fixed IPs risks accounts being linked together. For best results, bind a unique residential proxy to each account you create.

Rotating residential proxies makes accounts appear to originate from random home locations, maximizing anonymity.

Top residential proxy services include:

  • Bright Data – The largest proxy network with 95 million IPs. Blazing speeds up to 10Gbps.
  • Oxylabs – Offers 40+ million residential IPs with over 1 million always available.
  • SmartProxy – Provides rotating proxies with unlimited bandwidth and high success rates.
  • Microleaves – Budget-friendly pay-as-you-go residential proxies starting at just $0.50 per GB.

Pace Out Account Creation

When making your Gmail addresses, slowly add new accounts over days or weeks. Creating hundreds rapidly can trigger spam detection.

Also, place some initial harmless orders on new accounts before using them in campaigns. This builds purchase history and trust.

Step-By-Step Guide: Making Accounts with The PVA Creator

Ready to start building your account suite? Follow these steps for easy creation:

Step 1 – Set Up The PVA Creator

First, purchase access to The PVA Creator. Prices start around $500 for the Starter plan.

Next, acquire residential proxies and your 2Captcha API key for captcha solving.

Finally, install The PVA Creator app on your computer and input your license key when prompted.

Step 2 – Import Proxies

In the Proxies section of The PVA Creator, click “Import Proxies” and upload your text file of residential proxy IPs/ports.

This binds each account to a discrete IP address during creation.

[Example of importing proxy IPs]

Step 3 – Create New Amazon Campaign

In the Campaigns section, click “New Campaign” and select Amazon as the platform.

Give your campaign a name, set the number of accounts to generate, and click “Next”.

Step 4 – Assign Proxies & Generate Credentials

On the next screen, bind your imported proxy list to the campaign with the “Proxies” dropdown.

Check “Generate random password” to auto-create secure credentials for each account.

Step 5 – Add Captcha Solver & Emails

Enter your 2Captcha API key so CAPTCHAs can be automatically solved.

Next, input the Gmail addresses you want assigned to each new account.

Add server/port fields if required by your proxy service.

Step 6 – Review & Start Creation

Double check all inputs, then click “Start” to begin automated account creation.

The process runs smoothly in the background, requiring no manual work. Within hours, your army of accounts is ready!

[Example screenshot of accounts created in The PVA Creator]

Maximizing Success With Your Accounts

Once your accounts are made, proper ongoing management is key. Here are tips to maximize success and longevity:

  • Make occasional harmless purchases on each account to build purchase history and appear like a normal user over time.
  • Avoid having accounts go dormant for long periods, as inactivity flags accounts.
  • Don’t use accounts solely for reviews, as review manipulation is heavily monitored by Amazon.
  • Change passwords periodically to retain control if credentials are ever compromised.


As you can see, creating and managing multiple Amazon buyer accounts requires planning and technical implementation. But the payoff for serious marketers makes it well worth the effort.

With an arsenal of accounts at your disposal, you gain the purchase volume, research scope, and market depth needed to dominate on Amazon.

Just be sure to carefully follow Amazon’s guidelines, maintain account activity, and avoid detection. Wield your account power judiciously!

Good luck, and happy purchasing! Please let me know if you have any other questions.



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.