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How to Create Multiple Instagram Accounts in 2023

As a passionate streamer and cybersecurity professional, I often get asked – “can you really have multiple Instagram accounts in 2023?”

The short answer is yes! With some strategic planning, anyone can create and manage multiple Instagram accounts this year.

In this detailed guide, I’ll share my insider knowledge on the benefits of having multiple Instagram accounts, methods to securely create them, and pro tips to smoothly manage your profile portfolio. Read on to learn how to take your Instagram presence to the next level in 2023!

Should You Have Multiple Instagram Accounts?

Before jumping into the how-to, it’s important to understand the key reasons for having multiple Instagram accounts in the first place.

Here are the main advantages of expanding your Instagram profile portfolio:

Separating Personal and Professional

Trying to jam your personal life and professional brand together on one account can get messy real quick. I’ve found it’s much cleaner to separate these worlds onto their own dedicated accounts.

Keep your personal account for sharing your everyday moments with close friends and family. Have a professional account strictly for your business activities and network.

This segmentation leads to more relevant content and engagement. Your followers are there for a specific slice of your life, not every random thing.

Highlighting Diverse Interests

Got lots of eclectic hobbies and fandoms? I feel you! With multiple accounts, you can create dedicated profiles around each of your unique interests.

For instance, you may want one account just for posting about your favorite sports team or TV show. This allows you to target niche sub-communities who specifically share that interest.

Your content stays laser-focused, as does your audience. It’s a win-win!

Growing Your Influence

In my experience managing multiple accounts, savvy influencers use this strategy to expand their reach. A main account serves as their mothership, while smaller “niche” accounts attract engaged micro-communities around certain topics.

This approach provides more impact overall by tapping into multiple avenues of potential growth. More accounts equal more possibilities!

Promoting Brands or Projects

Got multiple initiatives or brands you manage? Dedicated accounts for each keeps messaging crisp and consistent.

For example, an artist can have one account for personal work and another for commercial design gigs. A social media manager may have accounts for each client. This prevents blending cross-purposes.

Gaining Audience Insights

Creating accounts targeted to different demographics can provide valuable intel you’d never get from a single profile.

You can analyze the type of content and engagement style that best resonates with each audience. Apply these lessons to optimize your overall Instagram strategy. #intelwins

Are Multiple Accounts Allowed?

Now that we’ve covered the benefits, what does Instagram’s official policy say about having more than one account?

The good news is – Instagram’s Terms of Service do not prohibit users from having multiple accounts. However, there are a few limits:

  • You can only have up to 5 Instagram accounts per mobile device.
  • Each account must be registered with a unique email address and phone number. No doubles!
  • Instagram restricts rapidly creating multiple new accounts or accounts used for shady stuff like spamming or fake engagement. Don’t go there!

So as long you follow Instagram‘s community guidelines and avoid abusing the system, having multiple accounts for personal use is A-OK.

Time to get creating!

How to Create Multiple Instagram Accounts

If having multiple accounts makes sense for your goals, here are some legit methods to securely set them up:

Use Separate Mobile Devices

The easiest way to score multiple Instagram accounts is to register and log into each one on its own mobile device.

For example, use your iPhone for your personal profile and an iPad for your business presence. Keep that clean separation!

Just download the Instagram app on each device and run through the signup process with a unique email and phone number. Then link away!

Use Multiple Web Browsers

Don’t have multiple gadgets? No worries! You can also create separate accounts by using different web browsers on the same computer.

For instance, access one account through Google Chrome and another via Mozilla Firefox. Browsers like Chrome and Firefox allow you to stay logged into multiple profiles through their profile management settings.

To start, just add a new profile during the Instagram signup flow in each browser. The only catch is you can’t post photos or videos from a web browser – you’ll need the mobile app for that.

Add Accounts to the Instagram App

Up to 5 accounts can be added to the same Instagram app on one device. It’s easy peasy to link them up:

  • Tap your profile pic in the bottom right corner
  • Hit the bars menu in the top right
  • Select "Add Account" and sign in or create a new profile

Linked accounts appear as tiles you can tap to seamlessly switch between. It’s all accessible from one convenient spot!

Purchase PVA Accounts

Need a large number of accounts? Buying PVAs (phone verified accounts) is the most efficient option.

PVA services provide already registered Instagram accounts complete with phone verification. This saves you the hassle of manually creating a bunch yourself.

Simply purchase the number of PVAs you need from a trusted provider like PVAstore or PVAAsia. Manage them all from one dashboard!

The main drawback is the recurring cost, so only get what you really need. But for easy access to dozens or hundreds of accounts, PVAs can’t be beat for convenience.

Pro Tips for Running Multiple Accounts

Once your accounts are created, here are some pro tips for smoothly managing the matrix:

Use a Social Media Management Platform

Jumping between accounts and posting from different profiles can get chaotic real fast. This is where social media management tools like Hootsuite and Sprout Social can save the day.

These platforms allow you to connect all your Instagram accounts in one dashboard. You can seamlessly switch between profiles and schedule content for each. It’s a real time saver!

Craft Content Calendars

Organization is 🔑! Maintain separate content calendars for each Instagram account to stay on track. Map out what types of content you’ll post and when.

This ensures you stick to a steady schedule across all accounts. No more accidentally double posting or sharing content with the wrong audience!

Track Metrics Individually

To optimize each account, always analyze performance data individually – never blended together.

Monitor key metrics like followers growth, engagement rate, website clicks, and conversions for each profile. This intel will shape future content strategies tailored to each audience. Understanding what works allows you to deliver more of it!

Use Strong Passwords

Security first! Enable complex, unique passwords for every account. Password managers like LastPass help generate and remember different combos.

Turn on two-factor authentication for an extra layer of protection. This prevents unauthorized access even if a password gets compromised. Safety is sexy!

Be Clear in Your Bio

Avoid confusing your audiences by ensuring each Instagram bio clearly states the account’s purpose. For example:

  • “Samantha’s Personal Account”
  • “@CreativesAgency Business Profile”

This sets expectations about the type of content followers can expect from that particular profile. No surprises!

Analyze Competitors

Research competing accounts within your niche to see what engages their audiences. This provides intel to refine your own content approach.

Pay attention to competitors’ posting cadence, visual styles, captions tone, and engagement levels. Use what works, leave what doesn’t!

Brand Account Benefits

For businesses and creatives, having a dedicated brand account provides some unique advantages:

Access to Insights

Instagram’s native analytics tool, Instagram Insights, is only available on business profiles. This provides data like top performing posts, audience demographics and more.

Critical intel for shaping content strategy and measuring success!

Advertising Options

Want to run Instagram ads? You need a converted business profile. Instagram’s powerful targeting capabilities help get your brand seen.

Multiple ad accounts allow you to test different creatives, audiences and objectives to see what converts best.

Shopping Features

Instagram Shopping lets you tag products in posts and add shoppable stickers to Stories. This makes purchasing seamless right from the app.

Having a separate shopping-focused account keeps this commerce content organized and helps maximize sales. Cha-ching!

Content Experiments

Testing different content approaches is easier when you can segment experiments by account.

For example, share more educational content on one brand account, and more behind-the-scenes on another. See which style resonates most with your audience.

Expert Tips to Avoid Account Bans

While having multiple accounts is allowed, you still need to avoid behaviors that may look sketchy to Instagram‘s systems and could risk a ban. Here are some pro precautions:

Don’t Create Accounts Too Quickly

Patience pays off. Space out creating new accounts over weeks/months. Rapidly generating a high volume of new profiles at once can trigger spam detection. Take it slow and steady!

Avoid Using Bots

Steer clear of automated bots or services claiming to grow your accounts. These break Instagram‘s terms and often get accounts suspended. Grow your presence organically!

Don’t Buy Fake Followers

Buying fake followers is a bad idea all around for your account‘s health. Focus on attracting real, engaged humans – even if it‘s a slower process. Quality over quantity!

Don’t Over-Like or Comment

Mass-liking, commenting or following/unfollowing others can seem spammy if done too aggressively across accounts. Mix up your activity and don‘t go overboard.

Use Unique Content

Reposting the exact same content to multiple accounts frequently can appear inorganic. Adapt images/captions to feel customized for each audience.

Key Takeaways

Creating and handling multiple Instagram accounts does take more strategy than a single profile. But the benefits of dedicating tailored accounts to specific audiences and interests is massive.

With Instagram capping accounts per device at 5, methods like leveraging multiple browsers and PVAs make scaling your profile portfolio possible. Start experimenting to step up your Instagram game in 2023!

Just be sure to avoid behaviors that appear spammy or bot-like per Instagram‘s guidelines. Focus on organic growth and quality engagement. This will lead to longevity and success across all your accounts.

Onwards and upwards – go get multiple with your Instagram presence this year! I hope these tips help you take your accounts to the next level. Let me know if you have any other questions.



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.