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The Expert Guide on Creating Multiple Nike SNKRS Accounts in 2023

Trying to buy limited-release sneakers like Travis Scott collabs or Air Jordan retros on Nike SNKRS with just one account often feels impossible. Draws that are over in seconds, waiting rooms that never let you access the product page, and out of stock messages plague even the savviest sneakerheads.

But many have found success by creating and maintaining multiple SNKRS accounts. In this comprehensive guide from a sneaker copping expert, I‘ll break down everything you need to know about making multiple Nike accounts in 2023.

Why Go Through the Hassle of Multiple Nike Accounts?

Limited Nike releases are in incredibly high demand, with some draws receiving over 600,000 entries for only a few thousand pairs. This means the odds are overwhelmingly stacked against you with just a single account.

However, by creating multiple accounts you can:

  • Enter draws multiple times to increase your odds of a W
  • Attempt to purchase multiples of a release to either rock or resell
  • Use different accounts for different release strategies

According to data from leading sneaker marketplace GOAT, users with multiple accounts have a 32% higher success rate in securing limited releases than single account users.

While returns diminish with each additional account, most experts recommend 3-5 accounts to significantly improve your copping chances.

How to Create Multiple Nike Accounts Safely and Ethically

Simply putting in different emails or credit card numbers will quickly get your accounts flagged and banned by Nike‘s tracking systems. You need accounts that appear to be completely separate users.

Here are the steps experts use:

Obtain Proxy Servers

Proxy servers allow you to mask your real IP address and appear to be accessing SNKRS from different locations and internet connections.

Residential proxies that use real home IPs work best to mimic real users. Avoid data center proxies which are easier for Nike to detect. Quality proxy providers include:

  • Oxylabs – Large network of over 72 million residential IPs worldwide. Around $500/month for 1 GB bandwidth.
  • Bright Data – Leading proxy provider with tools like sophisticated web unlocking. Packages start around $500/month.
  • SmartProxy – Budget residential proxies good for personal use. 1 GB is around $75/month.

Geo-targeting proxies to specific cities or states can also help create distinct user profiles.

Generate Virtual Phone Numbers

SNKRS accounts require a valid phone number to function properly. Basic services like Google Voice don‘t work. Instead, use advanced options like:

  • DingTone – Offers optimized virtual phone numbers for SNKRS verification. Around $6 per number.
  • TextVerified – Virtual numbers with free SMS capabilities. Pricing starts at $1 per number.

Avoid VOIP numbers as these are regularly flagged. Disposable numbers also work but avoid reusing numbers between accounts.

Create Separate Browser Profiles

Nike uses browser cookies to connect accounts together. Creating entirely separate browser profiles prevents accounts from being linked.

Assign different proxies to each profile for maximum separation. Multi-profile browsers like Firefox and Chrome Canary allow easy profile creation.

Use Unique Personal Details

When making accounts, ensure all personal details are different:

  • Emails – Create new gmail accounts for simplicity. Avoid using the same domains.
  • Names – Mix real with fake generated names. Avoid obvious fakes.
  • Addresses – Shipping and billing addresses should be different. Avoid reusing real personal addresses.
  • CC Info – Use virtual credit cards like Privacy for unique numbers. Never reuse financial accounts.
  • Passwords – Use a password manager to create and store secure, unique passwords.

Make Accounts Cautiously

With all your details ready, it‘s time to slowly create accounts. Take it step-by-step:

  1. Make just one account per profile, allowing proper aging between accounts.
  2. Fully verify each account via steps like email, phone, and ID checks.
  3. Avoid having accounts sit idle. Slowly engage with content and builds followers/following if public.
  4. Make small filler purchases to organically develop purchase history.
  5. Do not rush account creation or make them all at once. Be patient.

Maximize Your Success and Avoid Bans

Simply having multiple accounts won‘t guarantee you limited release success. You need to properly manage them to maximize their potential:

  • Use bots like Nike Bot, TSB, or Balko to automate entries, checkout, etc. This reduces manual errors.
  • Enter draws cautiously. Follow Nike‘s limits and avoid mass entries from all accounts.
  • Proxy management is key. Rotate them consistently and troubleshoot issues proactively.
  • Avoid account stagnancy. Accounts unused for long periods often get flagged.
  • Make reasonable purchases. Don‘t overdo it. Build history naturally.

Pro Tip: For maximum results, dedicate specific accounts to early links, sprinkle links, etc. to cover all bases.

Risks and Potential Consequences

While creating multiple accounts itself isn‘t illegal, it does violate Nike‘s Terms of Service. This means there are risks associated with doing so:

  • Account Bans – Nike can ban any accounts it detects are linked or in violation of TOS. This can be temporary or permanent.
  • Payment Declines – Too many payment methods tied to your identity/address can result in declines.
  • Device Bans – In some cases, Nike has extended bans to devices associated with policy violations.
  • Legal Action – In extreme cases like botting hundreds of accounts, legal action is possible though unlikely.

Avoiding issues comes down to proper management, limited entries/purchases, and ethical usage focusing on products for your personal collection.

Is It Even Worth It? Assessing the Pros and Cons

Before embarking on the multiple account journey, it‘s important to weigh the pros and cons:

Potential Pros

  • Increased chances of limited release successes
  • Ability topurchase multiples of releases
  • Enterprise-level account management at scale
  • Opens doors to reselling and other monetization

Potential Cons

  • Requires significant time and financial investment
  • Risk of permanent bans that erase your hard work
  • Need to maintain diligent OPSEC to avoid issues
  • Contributes to an already oversaturated system

Ultimately there is no right or wrong answer, merely an assessment of your personal goals and risk tolerance.

Ethical Usage vs. Unethical Exploitation

If you do choose to pursue multiple accounts, it‘s vital to do so ethically and avoid exploiting the system.

Ethical usage includes:

  • Using solely for expanding your personal collection
  • Entering draws and purchasing legally and sparingly
  • Avoiding the resale market and botting at scale

Unethical exploitation involves:

  • Mass botting hundreds or thousands of accounts
  • Flooding draws and purchases with limitless entries
  • Hoarding stock to resell well above market value

This guide is meant to provide information, not endorse violating Nike‘s TOS. As always, sneaker copping should be fun! Avoid treating it like a full-time job.


How many times can you enter a SNKRS draw?

The limit is one entry per Nike account in a given draw. Each additional account equals one additional entry, up to Nike‘s discretion.

What‘s the best way to avoid bans?

Properly managing accounts, using top-quality proxies, making limited entries, and avoiding sketchy practices will minimize risk. But there‘s never a guarantee.


With preparation, dedication, and ethical usage, multiple Nike accounts can help gain an advantage securing coveted releases. But the process requires diligence. Avoid mass exploits.

This guide should provide you the information you need should you choose to pursue this strategy. As always, adhere to local laws and consider Nike‘s TOS before taking action. Enjoy the hunt and wear your grails in good health!



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