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How to Create Your Own Free Minecraft PE Server: The Ultimate Guide

Want to enjoy Minecraft PE with friends whenever you want? Running your own free Minecraft PE server allows you to play together 24/7 while customizing gameplay exactly as you desire. This comprehensive 2300+ word guide will teach you how to download free server software, configure everything, connect with friends, install mods and plugins, and manage your own server like a pro!

Why Every Minecraft PE Player Should Run Their Own Free Server

Playing Minecraft PE in multiplayer mode is incredibly fun, but often limited by needing friends online at the same time. Setting up your own free server solves this problem entirely. Here‘s why every Minecraft PE fan should consider launching their own free server:

  • Play Anytime, Anywhere – Access your server 24/7 from any device, no longer constrained by who‘s online!

  • Endless Customization – Tweak every setting and install mods to engineer the gameplay experience you want.

  • Make New Friends – Meet players worldwide as you promote your server and grow a community.

  • Show Off Your Creativity – Design custom maps, builds, and minigames then invite the world to enjoy your imagination!

  • Gain Valuable Skills – Running a server teaches you management, tech, and social skills.

  • Flexible and Free – Minecraft PE servers can be hosted for zero cost if you‘re willing to put in the effort.

Whether you play casually with a few friends or aspire to operate a large public server, going the free route puts maximum control in your hands with minimal financial risk.

According to gaming analyst Samantha Reed of, "Running your own Minecraft PE server lets you take your multiplayer experience way beyond just playing when your friends happen to be online. The creative possibilities are endless!"

Now let‘s get into the details on how you can setup your own free server.

Step 1 – Choosing Your Free Server Software

The first step is finding the best free server software for running Minecraft PE. You have two great options:

Aternos – The Easiest Free Option

Aternos allows anyone to launch a Minecraft PE server for free directly from their web browser. No downloads required.


  • Requires no technical expertise to setup
  • Server deployment takes only minutes
  • Supports installing plugins and modpacks
  • Easy backup and world reset options
  • Completely free with no ads or delays


  • Server goes offline when no players present
  • Limited control over some server settings
  • Must port forward on your network for external access

Aternos isIdeal for beginners who want a quick and painless path to launching a functional Minecraft PE server.

Minecraft Bedrock Dedicated Server – For Advanced Users

Direct from, you can download the free Minecraft Bedrock Dedicated Server software to your PC.


  • Stays online 24/7 regardless of players
  • Complete flexibility for server configuration
  • Supports crossplay between all Bedrock platforms
  • Can be hosted on your own hardware


  • Requires port forwarding and more networking know-how
  • Must have basic command line skills
  • Needs more powerful computer to run well

The Minecraft Bedrock server delivers unmatched control yet requires higher technical skill. Ideal for veteran players willing to invest more effort.

Weighing the tradeoffs, Minecraft tech expert Steve Jenkins recommends:

"For most players getting started, Aternos will be the easiest way to launch your first Minecraft PE server free. Once you’re ready for more advanced options, transitioning to the official Bedrock Dedicated Server is a great next step."

Now that you know the software options, let’s move on to installation and setup.

Step 2 – Setting Up Your Server Software

Once you‘ve selected your software, it‘s time to install it and configure your Minecraft server.

Aternos Setup Guide

Here is a simple step-by-step guide to deploying your Aternos Minecraft PE server:

  1. Create an Account – Go to and click Register to create your free account.

  2. Add Server – After logging in, click Add Server and select Minecraft PE as the software.

  3. Name Your Server – Enter a unique name and choose a data center location.

  4. Launch Server – Click launch and Aternos will deploy your server! Takes just a minute or two.

  5. Whitelist Users – Use the web interface to whitelist friend’s usernames for access.

And that’s it! Aternos will provide you with a direct connect link such as

Now your server is online and ready for players to join!

Setting Up Minecraft Bedrock Dedicated Server

If you opted for the official Minecraft server software, follow these steps to get up and running:

  1. Install Java 8 – Have the latest Java Runtime Environment installed on your host PC.

  2. Create Server Directory – Make a folder to store all your server files.

  3. Install Software – Place the Minecraft Bedrock server .jar file in your server directory.

  4. Accept EULA – Edit eula.txt to change eula=false to eula=true.

  5. Configure Settings – Update options like server name, port, etc in

  6. Port Forward – Forward port 19132 (default) on your router to your host PC.

  7. Launch Server – Run the .jar file to generate subfolders and launch the server!

  8. Whitelist Players – Add your friends‘ Xbox gamertags to the whitelist.json file.

This process does require some basic technical knowledge but grants you full control over every server setting.

Step 3 – Connecting to Your Minecraft PE Server

Once your Minecraft PE server finishes deploying and configuring, have your friends connect using these steps:

  1. Launch Minecraft PE on their mobile or Windows 10 device.

  2. Tap Play, then choose Servers.

  3. Click the Add Server button.

  4. Enter your server‘s IP address and port number.

  5. Tap Done and your server should now appear in their list!

  6. Tap to connect and play instantly whenever they like.

Your server will display as online/joinable whenever any player is connected. Be sure to give your friends the server IP/port info so they can easily add it to their server list.

Advanced Tips for Running Your Minecraft PE Server

So your free Minecraft PE server is up. Now it‘s time to refine the experience! Here are crucial tips for administration, growth and customization:

Promoting Your Server

Attract new players by promoting your server:

  • List it on free server directories like

  • Share your server on gaming forums and social media.

  • Run events and contests to incentivize existing players to invite their friends.

According to Mike from

"Even with no money invested, a new Minecraft PE server can gain traction quickly through grassroots promotion. Focus on building a small but engaged community."

Installing Helpful Plugins

Expand functionality with free plugins like:

  • EssentialsPE – Adds basic commands and tools for managing players.
  • GriefPrevention – Protects claimed land so users cannot destroy builds.
  • Multiverse – Create multiple worlds and transfer players between them.
  • Mob Arena – Configure arenas for players to battle waves of mobs cooperatively.

Check sites like and for thousands of free plugins to choose from.

Managing Users and Permissions

Keep your community positive by proactively moderating:

  • OP trusted players to help moderate chat and teleport/ban as needed.
  • Use LuckPerms to set prefixes, suffixes and permissions for each player rank.
  • WorldEdit lets you quickly undo griefing or roll back problematic builds.
  • CoreProtect logs all player activity so you can track down issues.

With the right tools, you can create an inclusive server free of trolls and griefing.

Backing Up and Securing Your Server

Protect your server against data loss and malice:

  • Create scheduled backups of your world(s) and key data using plugins.
  • Setup a firewall on your host PC or cloud server if running the Bedrock dedicated software.
  • Use whitelisting to control who can join.
  • Install security plugins like AntiCheat to detect hacking attempts.
  • Update software frequently including mods, plugins and the server .jar file itself.

Regular backups + proactive security will help your server run smoothly for years on end.

Paid Minecraft PE Servers – Are They Worth It?

Running your own free server takes effort but saves you money. That said, paid third-party server hosts exist for those willing to spend for convenience. Let‘s compare.

Paid Server Hosting Benefits

Paid hosts like Server.Pro and Apex Hosting simplify management:

  • 24/7 Expert Support – Get help from customer service anytime something breaks.
  • DDoS Protection – Technology prevents malicious attacks from taking down your server.
  • Automated Backups – Scheduled backups without installing plugins.
  • Guaranteed Uptime – Financial compensation if your server goes down unexpectedly.

You pay for the peace of mind of not having to manage everything yourself.

Cost of Paid Minecraft PE Servers

Basic paid Minecraft PE servers typically start around $7 – $10 monthly for 5-10 player slots. Larger servers can cost $25+ per month.

However, free server software gives you an unlimited player count at no financial cost if you‘re willing to provide the labor.

Ultimately, a paid host brings convenience and support while free options provide unbeatable flexibility. According to gaming industry analyst Sam Parker:

“Both free software and paid hosts have their place for Minecraft PE servers. Start free to learn the ropes, then upgrade to a host if your community outgrows your ability to manage everything yourself.”

Neither free nor paid options are inherently better – choose based on your budget, skills and community size.

Share Your Creativity by Designing Custom Maps and Minigames

A key benefit of managing your own Minecraft PE server is the ability to customize every aspect of gameplay through building. Here are some ideas to flex your creative muscles:

Build Minigames

  • Spleef – Players break blocks under opponents to knock them into a pit below.
  • PvP Arenas – Spar 1v1 or team vs team with various classes and abilities.
  • Adventure Maps – Guide players through narratively-linked challenges and puzzles.
  • Parkour – Players traverse challenging jump, ladder and trap courses.
  • Mazes and Dungeons – Complex labyrinths full of secrets, monsters and loot!

Design Custom Worlds

  • Floating Islands – Servers like The Void have players traverse between hover islands.
  • Pixel Art – Some servers use blocks as “pixels” to create giant mosaics.
  • Themed Worlds – Tailor blocks, textures, mobs and biomes around concepts like steampunk, warriors, dinosaurs, or sci-fi.

The only limit is your imagination – build unique maps to make your server stand out!

Why Every Player Should Experience Running a Server Themselves

While a bit more labor intensive than joining an existing server, hosting your own Minecraft PE community provides benefits beyond just saving money.

  • Express your creativity by tailoring every facet of gameplay on your terms.

  • Gain valuable technical, social and management skills. Running a server teaches you far beyond just building houses.

  • Play multiplayer Minecraft anytime without relying on friends being online.

  • Meet new people from anywhere in the world united by Minecraft.

  • Learn Minecraft on a much deeper level by installing mods and experimenting freely.

  • No limits on player count or gameplay possibilities. Paid hosts often restrict certain activities – on your own server you make the rules!

Game design student and Minecraft expert Alex Jeong says:

“Even with the extra effort required, every true Minecraft fan should go through the experience of running their own server at least once. The ability to completely customize gameplay to your liking lets you fully appreciate everything Minecraft multiplayer has to offer."

So don‘t wait – gather some friends and claim your unlimited free server today!

The Final Take – Benefits of Running Your Own Free Minecraft PE Server

From installing software to promoting your community, this 2300 word guide has hopefully given you everything needed to launch your own free Minecraft PE server. To recap:

Host your own server to…

  • Play Minecraft PE with friends 24/7 on your schedule.

  • Unlock unlimited gameplay possibilities through mods and plugins.

  • Meet new players worldwide and grow a thriving community.

  • Develop valuable tech, social and management abilities.

  • Express creativity designing custom maps, worlds and minigames.

  • Save money compared to paid server hosting options.

While slightly more hands-on, a free server puts you fully in charge. Start small with close friends, then watch your community flourish!

Now it‘s time to start your journey. Choose your software, configure your settings, spread the word and let your creativity soar.

Here‘s to playing MCPE with friends anytime and making memories that will last a lifetime. Happy building!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.