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How To Delete Instagram Drafts in 2023 – A Comprehensive Guide for Businesses & Creators

Instagram drafts allow you to perfectly craft posts in advance. But with great power comes great responsibility. As drafts pile up, keeping your account organized means regularly pruning your drafts gallery.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to delete Instagram drafts in 2023 – for both personal and business accounts.

The Powerful Benefits of Instagram Drafts

Before we dive into deleting drafts, let‘s discuss why you should be using Instagram drafts in the first place.

Drafts enable planning, collaborating, and scheduling of Instagram content. Rather than rushing to post in the moment, drafts let you construct posts thoughtfully over time.

This brings some major advantages:

  • Plan Ahead: Draft and schedule content on an editorial calendar for consistent posting.
  • Increase Engagement: Spend more time crafting optimal captions and hashtags that drive engagement.
  • Manage Workflows: Collaborate with your social media team on drafts before publishing.
  • Analyze Performance: Check insights on draft posts to predict engagement before posting.
  • Multi-task: Draft for multiple Instagram accounts without having to post simultaneously.
  • Optimize Timing: Schedule drafts to auto-publish at peak times for your audience.

Businesses see an average of 21% higher engagement rates when posting at optimal times according to Sprout Social. So drafts are a valuable tool for maximizing your Instagram strategy.

Accessing and Organizing Your Instagram Drafts

Before cleaning up your drafts, it helps to understand how to view and organize them.

To access drafts on Instagram:

  1. Tap the (+) icon as if creating a new post
  2. Select "Drafts" at the bottom of the screen

This opens your drafts gallery. From here you can:

  • Tap any draft to open and edit it
  • Create folders to organize drafts
  • Sort drafts by oldest/newest

Pro tip: Create folders for different campaigns, content themes, or months to keep drafts organized.

How To Delete a Single Instagram Draft

Now let‘s get into how to actually delete drafts.

To delete a single draft:

  1. Open your drafts gallery and tap the draft you want to delete.
  2. In the top right corner, tap the 3-dot menu.
  3. Select "Discard."
  4. Confirm by tapping "Discard" again on the pop-up.

That specific draft will be deleted while your other drafts remain intact.

Here‘s a quick video walkthrough of deleting a single Instagram draft:

[Insert embedded video on deleting an Instagram draft]

Use this method to prune any individual drafts you no longer need.

How To Mass Delete Instagram Drafts

If you want to purge your entire drafts gallery in one sweep, you can easily mass delete drafts:

  1. Access your drafts and tap the gear icon in the top right corner.
  2. Select "Select All" to choose all drafts.
  3. Tap "Discard" at the bottom.
  4. Confirm again by tapping "Discard."

This will wipe your drafts gallery completely clean with no undos. So use this option cautiously or when changing Instagram accounts.

When To Delete Instagram Drafts

Cleaning up your Instagram drafts should happen regularly as part of social media management. Here are some optimal times to delete drafts:

  • Expired drafts: Delete old drafts that are irrelevant or out-of-date.
  • Duplicate drafts: Keep only the best version of similar drafts.
  • Test drafts: Discard any drafts created while learning the feature.
  • Pre-launch: Delete leftover drafts from old campaigns or promotions.
  • Seasonal purge: Clear drafts that no longer fit your content calendar.
  • Account transfer: Wipe drafts when moving accounts or teams.
  • Monthly cleanup: Schedule time every month to prune unused drafts.

Consistency is key when cultivating your Instagram presence. Follow the Konmari method by keeping only drafts that "spark joy" and serve your strategy.

Expert Tips for Managing Drafts Like a Pro

To take your Instagram drafts to the next level, incorporate these pro tips from social media experts:

  • "Review old drafts monthly and delete what‘s no longer relevant." – Jenn Herman, @jennstrends
  • "Organize drafts into themed folders to easily manage large volumes of content." – Elaine Rau, @erasocialmedia
  • "Collaborate on drafts using tools like Dropbox Paper to align with your team." – Aliza Cooper, @alizasocial
  • "Schedule drafts far in advance and use notes to add context." – Ryan Bonnici, @ryanbonnici
  • "Analyze draft performance using preview tools to perfect captions and hashtags." – Kate Barutha, @katebarutha

Leveraging drafts to their full potential requires strategy and consistency. But the time invested gives a valuable return through increased efficiency, engagement, and team workflow.

Complement Drafts With Scheduling Tools

While Instagram drafts enable saving posts for later, there are limitations:

  • You must manually publish drafts
  • No option to schedule specific publish dates/times
  • Difficult to collaborate with a large team

That‘s where dedicated social media scheduling tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, and Sprout Social come in handy.

These platforms connect to your Instagram account and allow you to:

  • Schedule drafts for auto-publishing at any future date and time.
  • Collaborate with team members on drafts and approvals.
  • Analyze optimal posting times based on your audience.
  • Track performance of published drafts.

So use Instagram‘s built-in drafts for convenience, but pair them with a scheduling tool for enhanced functionality.

Key Takeaways

  • Access drafts from the (+) menu then tap "Drafts"
  • Delete individual drafts using the 3-dot menu > Discard
  • Mass delete all drafts by selecting all then tapping Discard
  • Regularly prune old, duplicate, and irrelevant drafts
  • Organize drafts into campaigns, content themes, or calendars
  • Use scheduling tools to auto-publish drafts at optimal times

With great power comes great responsibility. Harness the potential of Instagram drafts while keeping your account clean and organized. What tips do you have for mastering Instagram drafts? Let me know in the comments!



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