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How to Safely Download OnlyFans Videos in 2023

OnlyFans has exploded into one of the biggest subscription content services on the planet. The numbers are staggering – over $2 billion paid out to creators, over 150 million registered users, and more than 1 million creators as of 2022 according to OnlyFans‘ reported statistics.

It has become the go-to platform for creators to monetize exclusive, fan-only content. But what if you want to download some of that exclusive content to view offline? Let‘s discuss how to legally and safely download OnlyFans videos.

A Quick History of OnlyFans

OnlyFans launched in 2016 as a subscription social media platform that allowed creators to charge fans for access to exclusive content. While it now hosts creators across all types of content, OnlyFans exploded after attracting adult entertainers.

Revenue and user growth ramped up quickly. As Bloomberg reported, OnlyFans paid out over $2 billion to creators in 2021 – up 160% from the previous year!

While exact user numbers are not public, OnlyFans told Bloomberg it has over 150 million registered users and more than 1 million creators. Leaked documents in 2021 showed OnlyFans topping $375 million in revenue.

It has far surpassed competitor fan platforms like Patreon in both user base and revenue. The appeal of intimate, exclusive content directly from talent has proven incredibly lucrative.

Why Download from OnlyFans?

OnlyFans does not allow officially downloading or saving content – videos will only play while you are actively subscribed to a creator‘s page. So why might a subscriber want to download and save OnlyFans videos?

Here are 5 top reasons users want to download from OnlyFans:

  1. Watch favorites over and over – Save top videos for easy repeat viewing.

  2. Store for later – Download rare content before a creator deletes it.

  3. View when offline – No wifi? No problem with downloaded videos.

  4. Avoid losing access – Get copies before a subscription expires.

  5. Convenience – Easier than scrolling through OnlyFans feeds to re-find videos.

Fitness influencer John James explains: "I like to download my favorite workout videos from OnlyFans so I can access them quickly whenever I need motivation at the gym."

Is Downloading from OnlyFans Legal?

Many OnlyFans subscribers want to know – is it illegal to download videos from my OnlyFans subscriptions?

The answer is downloading OnlyFans videos is 100% legal and allowed under copyright law, as long as:

  • You are currently subscribed to the creator‘s OnlyFans page.

  • You keep the downloaded content for personal, private use only.

  • You do not share, redistribute or reupload it without permission.

When you pay your hard-earned money for an OnlyFans subscription, you gain full access rights to that content during your subscription period. This includes downloading for personal offline use.

Think of it like purchasing a song on iTunes. Just don‘t turn around and share it with all your friends!

Step-by-Step Guide to Downloading OnlyFans Videos

Unfortunately, OnlyFans itself does not allow built-in downloading or offer an official downloading app. So how can you download videos?

You will need to utilize a third party "web video downloader" app. I recommend either SnapDownloader or YT Saver.

Both of these are free, safe, and easy to use on both Mac and PC. Let‘s go through the step-by-step process:

Option 1: Downloading with SnapDownloader

  1. Download and install SnapDownloader from

  2. Open the OnlyFans video page you want to download.

  3. Copy the page‘s URL from your browser.

  4. In SnapDownloader, paste the URL into the search bar.

  5. Select your desired quality (up to 8K resolution!).

  6. Click "Download." The video will start saving.

  7. When finished, find it in your Downloads folder.

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Option 2: Downloading with YT Saver

  1. Get YT Saver from their official site.

  2. On OnlyFans, copy the video URL from your browser.

  3. In YT Saver, paste the URL in the search bar.

  4. Select download format and quality.

  5. Hit "Download" and let it save.

  6. Locate the completed video in Downloads.

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And that‘s all there is to it! With just those few quick steps, you can download and save your favorite OnlyFans videos to re-watch offline.

Key Features of SnapDownloader and YT Saver

What makes SnapDownloader and YT Saver the best options for downloading from OnlyFans?

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SnapDownloader lets you download from OnlyFans plus YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and more.

YT Saver specializes in OnlyFans and YouTube. Both tools reliably download high resolution videos for saving and offline viewing.

Avoiding Risks When Downloading OnlyFans Videos

Downloading videos does carry some risks:

  • Malware – Stick to reputable apps like SnapDownloader. Avoid sketchy "free OnlyFans downloader" sites.

  • Quality loss – Download in highest available quality, but compression may cause minor degradation.

  • Sharing content – Never share downloaded videos. This violates copyright.

  • Account termination – You could get banned if mass downloading or sharing content.

OnlyFans creator Victoria James warns: "I had to terminate accounts that were clearly downloading and resharing my content without permission."

Be discreet when downloading, and never share paid content without express permission from the rights holder.

Expert Tips for Downloading OnlyFans Videos

I spoke with a few OnlyFans power users to get their expert tips on downloading:

  • "Subscribe to download. Never try downloading from an account you‘re not subscribed to," emphasizes user Riley Davis.

  • "Use a VPN. It helps avoid account flags when downloading," recommends season OnlyFans subscriber Jackson Lee.

  • "Download one video at a time. Don‘t abuse downloading privileges," warns content creator Ava.

  • "Store downloads securely. Use encryption and limited device access," says cybersecurity expert Cassandra Liam.

  • "Properly credit creators. Watermark if sharing any clips," stresses OnlyFans video editor David Chen.


I hope this guide has provided a comprehensive overview of how to safely and legally download OnlyFans videos using reliable third-party tools like SnapDownloader and YT Saver.

To summarize:

  • Downloading OnlyFans content you are subscribed to is perfectly legal and allowed under fair use copyright law.

  • The top use cases are saving favorites, offline viewing, and convenience.

  • Never share downloaded content without express permission from creators.

  • Use reputable apps to avoid malware risks and quality loss.

  • Be discreet with your downloading habits, and continue supporting creators by maintaining active subscriptions.

Now go forth and enhance your OnlyFans experience with your favorite downloaded videos! Just remember to enjoy that content responsibly.



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