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How to Earn Steam Points for Free in 2023

Steam Points are a relatively new feature on the Steam platform that allow users to customize their profiles and interact with the Steam community. While most Steam Points are earned by spending money on Steam, there are some ways to get Steam Points for free. Here are the main methods for earning free Steam Points in 2023:

Get Steam Points Gifts from Other Users

The primary way to get free Steam Points is to receive gifts of Steam Points from other users. Here are some ways others may gift you Steam Points:

  • Reviews – When you write game reviews, guides, workshop items, or other community content, other users can award your contribution with Steam Points.

  • Discussions – Participating in discussions on the Steam forums can also earn you Steam Point gifts from other users for helpful contributions.

  • Trading – Though Steam Points can‘t be directly traded, users can gift Steam Points to each other when trading other items.

  • Community Standing – Users with high community standing may gift Steam Points to newer users or those who have provided them help.

So being an active, constructive member of the Steam Community in various ways can result in Steam Point gifts and free Points.

Earn Points with Steam Loyalty Badges

As you accumulate years of service on Steam, you‘ll unlock loyalty badges. Each loyalty badge milestone earns you 100 Steam Points:

  • 1 Year of Service Badge – 100 Points
  • 2 Year Service Badge – 200 Points
  • 3 Year Service Badge – 300 Points
  • 4 Year Service Badge – 400 Points
  • 5 Years of Service Badge – 500 Points

So just by being an active Steam member over time, you can earn up to 500 free Steam Points.

Complete Your Steam Profile

Take time to complete sections of your Steam profile and you‘ll earn points for each milestone:

  • Finish Basic Profile Info – 100 Points
  • Add Profile Background – 100 Points
  • Add Profile Avatar Icon – 100 Points
  • Complete 5 Favorites Slots – 200 Points

That‘s 500 more free Steam Points just for filling out your profile.

Participate in Events and Achievements

Steam often runs limited-time events that offer chances to earn Steam Points and badges by completing event achievements. Keep an eye out for these events on the Steam Community hub and participate to earn free Points.

Link Other Accounts

Connect your Steam account to your Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, or YouTube accounts to get 100 Steam Points per linked account. That‘s up to 400 more free Points for linking your other gaming accounts.

Craft Badges

Collecting trading cards and crafting badges earns you some free Steam Points. How many you get exactly depends on the game and badge, but count on 100-500 Points per badge crafted.

Watch Steam Broadcasts

You can earn Steam Points just for watching game broadcasts directly through Steam. Each broadcast has its own points reward, usually 100-300 Points.

Daily Login Bonus

Logging into Steam daily rewards you with 50-100 Steam Points per day. So just regular activity earns you extra free Points.

Grab Free Profile Items

Expand your Steam profile customization options with free profile items that also grant Steam Points, like backgrounds, emoticons, and badges. Grab them when they are offered.

Complete Steam Quests

Steam Quests are limited-time action lists that reward Steam Points for completion. Quests may include browsing new releases or adding games to your wishlist.

Don‘t Spend Them!

Obviously, don‘t spend the Steam Points you earn through these free methods if you want to keep accumulating free Points. Save them up over time.

While most Steam Points come from purchases, being an active member of the Steam community can earn you thousands of Steam Points for free through gifts, achievements, and rewards. With some consistent effort, you can unlock profile items, badges, and customizations without spending any extra money.



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