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How to Find and Connect with Neighbors in Sims FreePlay

Have you ever wondered how to find friends and neighbors in Sims FreePlay? Connecting with an active community unlocks many fun social features that make the game more dynamic and interactive.

In this beginner‘s guide, I‘ll explain multiple ways to add neighbors, visit their Sim towns, and start engaging with a thriving neighborhood of players.

Why You Should Connect with Neighbors

First, let‘s look at some key reasons for finding neighbors in Sims FreePlay:

  • Complete goals faster – Some goals require actions at a neighbor‘s home, so you can finish them quicker with connections.

  • Earn rewards – Visiting new neighbors for the first time gives rewards like Simoleons, XP, and Social Points.

  • Buy exclusive items – Neighbors may have rare, exclusive items in their shops you can purchase.

  • Receive free gifts – You and your neighbors can send each other gifts like cupcakes, roses, and more!

  • Increase creativity – Getting design ideas from other players‘ towns can inspire your own creativity.

  • More social fun – Having active neighbors makes the game feel more interactive and community-based.

According to a survey by SimsVIP, over 63% of Sims FreePlay fans said their favorite part of the game is the social features. So connecting with others can significantly enhance your enjoyment.

How To Find Neighbors in Sims FreePlay

Now let‘s get into the different methods for finding neighbors to get those rewarding benefits:

1. Connect Through Facebook

The easiest way to find Sims FreePlay neighbors is by connecting the game to your Facebook account. Here‘s how:

  • Tap the options menu (gear icon) and select "Connect to Facebook".

  • Login to your Facebook account and allow access.

  • The game will automatically detect your Facebook friends who also play Sims FreePlay.

  • Any friends already playing will appear in your neighbors bar at the bottom of the screen.

The best part is there‘s no need to send neighbor requests on Facebook. Connecting automatically adds any mutual friends playing Sims FreePlay.

2. Search for Players by Nickname

If you know a specific player‘s nickname, you can search for and add them directly:

  • Tap the "Add Neighbors" button at the bottom of the screen.

  • Select "Add Neighbor by Nickname".

  • Type in the exact nickname of the player you want to find.

  • If found, you can send them a neighbor request. They will receive a notification and need to accept before being added.

Searching by nickname is helpful when wanting to connect with a new friend or someone you met in the Sims community.

3. Send Invites by Email

Don‘t know their in-game nickname but have their email address? You can invite them to connect via email:

  • Tap "Add Neighbors" and choose "Invite Neighbors by Email".

  • Input the exact email address and send the invite.

  • They will receive an email allowing them to easily add you back.

Reaching out directly by email is great for inviting real-life friends and family to start playing together.

4. Add Random Recommended Neighbors

You can also browse recommended players suggested by the game itself:

  • Go to "Add Neighbors" and select "Recommend Neighbors".

  • Tap the "+" sign next to any player to send a request.

Adding recommended random neighbors helps you meet new people from around the world and expand your community.

5. Check Your Neighbor Requests

Don‘t forget to regularly check for any pending neighbor requests from other players looking to connect with you.

  • Open the menu and tap the envelope icon to view "Requests".

  • Select Accept on any requests to add those players to your list.

Quickly accepting requests makes it easier to find and engage with more potential neighbors.

Visiting Your Neighbors‘ Towns

Once connected as Sims FreePlay neighbors, you can visit each other‘s Sim towns. Here‘s how it works:

  • Tap the neighbor icon at the bottom of your screen and pick a neighbor.

  • Select "Visit" to load your neighbor‘s town.

  • Choose which of your Sims to send by tapping on them (only free Sims can visit).

The first visit to a new neighbor earns you rewards! After that, you can return anytime to check in and see what‘s new.

While visiting, admire their town design for inspiration and look for exclusive items to buy from their shops. Your Sims can also socialize and build relationships with their Sims.

Tips for Managing Your Growing Neighbor List

As you connect with more players, your neighbor list will steadily grow. Here are some tips to keep it organized:

  • Remove inactive neighbors – This opens up space for new active players.

  • Create nicknames – Name each neighbor for easy identification.

  • Sort by online status – See who plays regularly by sorting by last online time.

  • Visit new neighbors – Meet more players and earn first visit bonuses.

  • Accept requests quickly – This lets you expand your community faster.

Maintaining your list helps ensure you have a solid group of active, engaged players around the world.

Joining Sims FreePlay Communities Outside the Game

In addition to in-game connections, there are many online Sims FreePlay communities you can join to make friends:

  • Official EA Forum – Connect with thousands of players by joining discussions at

  • Facebook Groups – Search for Sims FreePlay groups full of active members.

  • Reddit – r/SimsFreePlay has over 9,000 members, many looking for neighbors.

  • Discord – Chat in real-time with Sims fans in Discord groups and servers.

  • YouTube – Watch videos and comment to meet other Sims FreePlay viewers.

Joining online forums and groups allows you to exchange tips, find co-op partners, and discover neighborhoods beyond just the in-game features.

How Neighbor Features Differ Across Other Sims Games

It‘s important to note that the neighbor features work differently across other Sims games:

  • Sims Mobile – Separate friend system by nickname/user ID instead of cross-game compatibility.

  • Sims 4 – No shared neighborhood as it‘s a single-player game. But you can download other players‘ house designs.

  • Sims FreePlay on PC – Can only find Facebook friends who also play the PC version.

  • Sims FreePlay on Facebook – Neighbors limited to existing Facebook friends using the Facebook app.

So the methods above apply specifically to the mobile iOS and Android versions of Sims FreePlay. But you can still connect with fellow fans across all Sims platforms through online communities.

Final Tips for the Best Neighbor Experience

Here are a few final tips as you build your network of active Sims FreePlay neighbors:

  • Visit neighbors daily to complete goals requiring their homes.

  • Spread out initial visits instead of everyone at once to maximize first-time rewards.

  • Customize your Sims‘ outfits before visits to show off style.

  • Build relationships slowly by chatting instead of just using requests.

  • Thank helpful neighbors by sending free gifts like roses.

  • Don‘t immediately remove less active players to allow time for real-life obligations.

With a fun global neighborhood, you‘ll get the most out of the social aspects that make Sims FreePlay so enjoyable!

So get connecting with both your real-life friends and other Sims fans out there. I hope this guide gave you all the tips you need to find active neighbors and start maximizing the benefits of community play. Let me know if you have any other Sims FreePlay neighbor questions!



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