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How to Freely Move and Rotate Objects in The Sims 4 on Mac

As a passionate Sims 4 player and builder, you want total freedom to construct the home of your dreams. But the default snap-to-grid system limits where you can place items. Furniture, decorations and even walls can only go in fixed locations. This is where learning how to freely move and rotate objects with cheats comes in handy!

In this detailed guide, I‘ll show you how to fully unlock object placement on Mac, so you can ignore the rules and build truly unique spaces. With a few simple cheat codes, you‘ll gain creative superpowers over where and how items can be positioned.

Let‘s dive in and master object manipulation freedom in The Sims 4 on Mac!

What Are The Moveobjects and Freerotate Cheats?

Moveobjects and freerotate are two powerful cheat codes that remove restrictions on placing and manipulating objects. Here‘s what each one does:

  • Moveobjects: Lets you freely move objects through other objects and surfaces.Items no longer have to snap to the fixed build grid.

  • Freerotate: Removes limitations on rotating objects, allowing complete 360 degree rotation freedom.

With both cheats enabled, you can place objects anywhere, even inside or intersecting with other items, and fully rotate them in any direction. This permits total creative freedom when building houses and interior spaces.

On Windows PC, the cheats are activated by pressing CTRL + Shift + C to open the console, then entering:

bb.moveobjects on

bb.freerotate on

On Mac, use COMMAND + Shift + C to open the console instead of CTRL. But the actual codes are the same.

When Would I Use These Cheats?

Here are some examples of when leveraging the moveobjects and freerotate cheats would be useful:

  • Stacking overlapping objects like shelves, partitions, planters or chairs to conserve space.

  • Building multi-level platforms and unique floorplans by removing walls spanning floors.

  • Intersecting items on diagonal angles for a more dynamic look.

  • Creating open concept spaces by freely deleting walls wherever you want.

  • Placing furnishings off-grid inside irregular shaped rooms.

  • Rotating grouped objects in complex ways after already placing them.

  • Building fanciful floating architectures that ignore gravity.

  • Positioning objects in impossible locations like on ceilings or high in the air.

  • Making micro-adjustments to furnishings to perfectionize room layouts.

Really, your imagination is the limit once these restrictive cheats are disabled!

Step-By-Step Guide to Using Moveobjects and Freerotate on Mac

Ready to unlock total object placement and rotation freedom? Here is a simple step-by-step walkthrough:

1. Enter Testingcheats True

Before using other cheats, you need to enable testingcheats. Open the console with COMMAND + Shift + C and enter:

testingcheats true

2. Activate Moveobjects

Now you can enable the moveobjects cheat by typing:

bb.moveobjects on

Your cursor will turn red when moveobjects is active.

3. Activate Freerotate

Similarly, enable the freerotate cheat with:

bb.freerotate on

4. Freely Move and Rotate Objects

You now have total freedom to place objects anywhere on the lot, overlapping with other items!

And you can use , and . keys to freely rotate objects 360 degrees.

5. Turn Cheats Off When Done

Don‘t forget to turn the cheats back off by entering:

bb.moveobjects off

bb.freerotate off

This avoids long term issues like Sim routing failures.

And that‘s all there is to it! With just a few console commands, you unlock the ability to precisely place and rotate objects without restrictive rules.

Tips For Using Moveobjects and Freerotate

Here are some pro tips to leverage these cheats effectively:

  • Use moveobjects for overlapping objects, freerotate for fine rotations.

  • The X key lets you make micro-adjustments to an object‘s height during placement.

  • Right click > Move to Front can help fix layering with intersecting objects.

  • Save creations with cheats on! They reset when loading a lot.

  • Too many objects overlapping can negatively impact performance.

  • Misplaced objects can block routing paths and make Sims get stuck.

  • Toggle cheats back on momentarily if you need to make tweaks later.

With some practice, you‘ll get the hang of seamlessly integrating these cheats into your workflow. Just be sure not to go overboard, as flooding a lot with overlapping objects can cause issues.

Clever Uses of Moveobjects and Freerotate

Now that you have the power to freely place and rotate furnishings, you may be wondering what types of designs are possible. Here are some clever ideas to inspire you:

  • Floating shelves: Build customizable shelving units that seem to defy gravity by overlapping offset shelves.

  • Sunken sitting areas: Create cozy conversation pits that sink below floor level by deleting sections of flooring.

  • Spiral staircases: Rotate and overlap individual steps at custom angles to build unique spiral stairs.

  • Storage beds: Maximize small bedrooms by overlapping bed frames with dressers and end tables.

  • Angled architectures: Intersect walls and objects at sharp angles for dynamic and futuristic homes.

  • Unconventional floorplans: Completely remove or reconfigure walls to create open concept or asymmetric layouts.

  • Secret rooms: Make hidden nooks and crannies behind false walls or under floors for a mystery effect.

Let your imagination run wild! No idea is too unconventional when you aren‘t limited by the standard placement rules.

Troubleshooting: Moveobjects or Freerotate Not Working?

Sometimes the moveobjects and freerotate cheats can be glitchy. Here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Make sure testingcheats is enabled before entering other cheat codes.

  • Check for typos in the console commands.

  • Exit and re-enter build mode to refresh the cheats.

  • Save, restart the game, and reload the lot to reset any glitches.

  • Remove all CC and mods if issues persist, as they can interfere with cheats.

  • Repair your game files through Origin to correct corrupt data.

  • Adjust graphics settings to confirm your PC meets minimum requirements to run cheats smoothly.

With a bit of trial and error, you should be able to sort out any technical hiccups that arise and get these game-changing cheats functioning properly!

Alternatives to Moveobjects and Freerotate Cheats

If you absolutely can‘t resolve issues with the built-in moveobjects and freerotate cheats, there are a couple alternatives to look into:

  • TOOL mod: The fan-made TOOL mod replicates the core functionality of these cheats, while fixing some bugs. Find it on

  • Alt placement: Holding alt/option while placing lets you offset objects somewhat without cheats.

  • Half walls: Converting full walls to half walls allows you to freely delete and create open concepts.

  • Landscaping tools: The landscaping tools let you adjust outdoor terrain, gardens and some exterior structures without restrictions.

While not as powerful, these options can help provide a bit more placement flexibility if the normal cheats aren‘t cooperating.

Key Takeaways

Here are the core things to keep in mind about freely moving and rotating objects on a Mac in The Sims 4:

  • Use bb.moveobjects on and bb.freerotate on to unlock freedom.

  • Enable testingcheats first before other cheat codes.

  • Your cursor will change colors to indicate cheats are active.

  • Save creations before turning cheats back off.

  • Overlapping too many objects can tank game performance.

  • Misplaced objects can block Sim routing paths.

  • Fix issues by repairing, removing CC, and resetting lots.

  • Alternatives like TOOL mod help if cheats don‘t function right.

So get ready to think outside the (object placement) box with these incredible building cheats on your Mac! The powerful moveobjects and freerotate commands are gateway to unlocking your wildest interior design dreams.

Just be thoughtful in how you leverage them, experiment gradually, and have fun building your dream homes one perfectly positioned and rotated object at a time. Your inner architect has never had more creative freedom thanks to these cheats!



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