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How to Freely Rotate and Move Objects in The Sims 4

Have you ever felt limited by the grid system when decorating your Sims‘ homes? Do you wish you could easily angle furniture on diagonals, hang lights in midair, or create smooth rounded landscapes? Well with a few simple tricks, you can break free from the constraints of the grid and place every single object exactly where you want it in The Sims 4.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know to rotate, move, raise, and lower items seamlessly for truly customized designs. With these tips, you‘ll have complete freedom and control when building and decorating.

Here‘s what I‘ll cover:

  • What the grid is and how to toggle it off
  • Precisely rotating objects on any axis without increments
  • Moving items anywhere on surfaces and even off-lot
  • Adjusting elevation and height smoothly
  • Useful keyboard and controller shortcuts
  • Creative ideas for off-grid decoration
  • Troubleshooting issues and grid limitations
  • Mods and custom content for expanded options

Let‘s get started!

What Is The Grid in The Sims 4?

The Sims 4, like past games in the series, uses a grid system for placing objects in Build and Buy Mode. This means that the lot is divided into square spaces, and any furniture, decor, or landscaping you add will snap to the intersecting points of the grid.

Items can only be rotated in fixed 90 degree increments, and must be placed directly on top of floor tiles or surfaces. Walls, fences, and other structures will always create perfect straight lines.

This grid helps keep everything aligned, makes spacing even, and allows the game to run smoothly without objects improperly overlapping. However, it can also feel very restrictive when you‘re trying to create more eclectic, asymmetrical, or naturally-shaped designs.

Thankfully, there are cheats built into The Sims 4 that allow you to turn the grid off completely or partially, giving you total freedom over object placement. Let‘s look at how to access them!

Toggling The Grid On and Off in The Sims 4

Both PC/Mac and console versions of The Sims 4 contain cheats to toggle the grid on and off. Here‘s how to access them:

On PC and Mac:

  1. Enter Build or Buy Mode
  2. Press and hold Ctrl + Shift + C on your keyboard to open the cheat console
  3. Type bb.moveobjects on and press enter to disable the grid
  4. Type bb.moveobjects off and press enter to re-enable the grid

On PlayStation 4 and Xbox One:

  1. Enter Build or Buy Mode
  2. Hold down all 4 shoulder buttons at once (L1, L2, R1, R2 on PS4 or LB, LT, RB, RT on Xbox) to open the cheat console
  3. Type bb.moveobjects on and press enter to disable the grid
  4. Type bb.moveobjects off and press enter to re-enable the grid

With bb.moveobjects enabled, you can now freely pick up, rotate, and place objects without any automatic snapping or alignment. This opens up a whole new world of design possibilities!

Note that walls, floors, fences and a few other objects will still follow the grid even when it‘s disabled. But everything else can now be moved seamlessly.

Let‘s go over how to take full advantage of off-grid object placement.

Rotating Objects Freely on Any Angle

Once unlocked from the grid, rotating objects is extremely intuitive using either your mouse or controller sticks.

On PC:

  • While holding an object, use your mouse to drag and turn it on any axis smoothly.
  • Use the , and . keys to rotate precisely left and right.

On Consoles:

  • Use your joystick to freely turn objects in any direction.
  • Tap L1 and R1 (PS4) or LB and RB (Xbox) to rotate incrementally.

No longer are you limited to just 90 degree turns – now every single degree of rotation is possible for truly customized angles and orientations!

Moving Objects Anywhere in The Sims 4

In addition to rotation, disabling the grid allows you to move objects absolutely anywhere without restrictions. No surface is off limits!

Here are some examples of unique off-grid placement:

  • Float shelves, lights, and other items in midair without supports
  • Break symmetry by arranging furnishings on diagonals
  • Stack items on top of surfaces like counters and dressers
  • Cluster decor loosely instead of in fixed patterns
  • Place decor on the very edges of tables and desks
  • Hang artwork halfway off the wall for a creative look
  • Position chairs, beds, and desks away from walls
  • Create customized landscaping that blends smoothly into the terrain

The possibilities are endless! Let your creativity run wild and don‘t be afraid to experiment with unconventional arrangements.

Adjusting Object Height Seamlessly

Having granular control over item elevation is key to placing objects exactly where you want them.

Here‘s how to incrementally raise and lower pieces with precision:

On PC:

  • While holding an object, press the 9 key to raise it smoothly
  • Press 0 to lower it incrementally

On Consoles:

  • Use R2 to lift items gradually upwards
  • Tap L2 to lower items down bit by bit

Use this option combined with angled camera views for ultra-precise vertical placements. No more snapping from surface to surface!

Placing Objects Outside Lots with TOOL

By default, items in The Sims 4 can only be placed on the active lot your Sims live on. But with the popular custom TOOL mod by TwistedMexi, you can place objects absolutely anywhere in the neighborhood!

To use TOOL:

  1. Install the mod and enable it in your game
  2. Type bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement in the cheat console
  3. You can now pick up and place items freely throughout the surrounding area

Use this to create custom landscaping, patios, pathways, seating areas, harbors, parks, and more surrounding your lot. The entire neighborhood is now your playground!

Helpful Shortcuts for Precise Movements

Here are some of the most useful keyboard and controller shortcuts when moving objects freely:

  • Alt (PC) – Temporarily disable grid snapping
  • 9 (PC), R2 (console) – Raise selected item
  • 0 (PC), L2 (console) – Lower selected item
  • , (PC) – Rotate left
  • . (PC) – Rotate right
  • L1 (PS4), LB (Xbox) – Rotate left
  • R1 (PS4), RB (Xbox) – Rotate right

Use these often while dragging with your mouse or joystick for ultra-fine, incremental adjustments.

Getting Creative with Off-Grid Decorating

Once you get the hang of freely placing objects, an exciting new world of design options opens up! Here are some tips to spark your creativity:

Look to Real-World Spaces

Study real life homes, restaurants, offices, and other spaces for inspiration on asymmetrical, eclectic arrangements. Mimic these organically clustered layouts in your Sims‘ builds.

Use Vignettes

Vignettes are clustered arrangements of complementary decor like plants, artwork, and accessories that combine to create a theme. Place these vignettes around a room without symmetry.

Incorporate Nature

Blend the indoors and outdoors by freely incorporating rocks, plants, water features and other natural elements into interior spaces for an earthy look.

Add Clutter

Take advantage of object grouping and overlapping for an intentionally cluttered look. Just beware of clogging routes and pathways.

Play With Proportions

Scale items like chairs and tables up or down in size for unique variations. Or use similarly shaped items of different sizes layered together.

Customize Lighting

Strategically place lights, lanterns, and lamps without worrying aboutproper wiring for creative illumination schemes.

Build Multi-Level Spaces

Use platforms, lofts, sunken seating and other elevation changes to create rooms with height and depth beyond just single-story boxes.

Experiment with Patterns

Combine clashing patterns and textures like florals, stripes, geometrics to achieve an eclectic maximalist style. Or stick to complementary patterns for boho chic.

The possibilities are endless! Let your imaginative spirit run free.

When To Use The Grid Again

While disabling the grid unlocks tons of creative freedom, there are times when you‘ll want to turn it back on again:

  • Aligning a row of identical chairs or spaced artwork
  • Making a room with right angles and symmetry
  • Structuring clean-lined spaces like bathrooms
  • Laying floor tiles evenly and seamlessly
  • Connecting items properly to walls like cabinets, lights, and shelving
  • Giving a bedroom peaceful feng shui flow

Don‘t hesitate to toggle the grid on and off while building. Find a happy balance between tidy alignment and freeform randomness that matches your vision.

Troubleshooting: Common Bugs and Issues

As amazing as unrestricted object placement can be, it can also introduce some bugs and odd behavior. Here are some common problems and how to resolve them:

Items spontaneously move/reset: This is likely caused by the grid toggling itself back on, overriding your arrangements. Redo bb.moveobjects on and disable snapping again.

Objects won‘t place properly: Ensure nothing is blocking placement, even if out of view. Off-grid items can obscure obstructions. Move angles for a clear line of sight.

Surfaces disappear: Too many objects piled on top can make counters, floors, etc vanish. Carefully replace surfaces and don‘t overload them.

Sims get stuck: If congesting a route, they may be unable to pathfind properly. Keep doorways and hallways clear.

Odd shadows and lighting: Freely placed lights and windows can create anomalies. Tweak positions or add more sources to balance lighting.

Object intersection: The game still tries to prevent overlapping into walls and boundaries. Don‘t force items too far through.

Visual glitching: Clipping too many objects tightly together can cause graphical issues. Allow a bit of breathing room in dense decor.

Can‘t place item: If a spot seems valid but an object won‘t place, try different angles and camera views for perspective.

With some patience and experimentation, you‘ll get a feel for the quirks of off-grid building. Save frequently, and don‘t be afraid to undo and tweak!

Must-Have Mods for Expanded Options

Ready to take object placement even further? Consider downloading mods and custom content for more freedom:

  • TOOL by TwistedMexi: Place objects completely outside lot boundaries seamlessly.

  • AnyDoor by Zer0: Freely adjust door, window, and arch positions at any angle.

  • OC Snapping Tools by Gakenub: Adds more snap points for ultra-precise alignments.

  • Better BuildBuy by TwistedMexi: Unlocks finer grid increments and control.

  • MiscHelps by zafplant: Lets you nudge and shove objects, pets, and Sims pixel by pixel.

The modding community has enabled so many incredible options for next-level customization. Browse sites like ModTheSims, Tumblr, and Patreon for absolute building freedom!

In Summary

Learning how to disable the grid fully unlocks the potential for creating uniquely personalized, intricately detailed homes for your Sims. With the tips in this guide, you can now:

  • Rotate objects on any axis fluidly without restrictions
  • Move items anywhere – counters, walls, mid-air, off-lot, etc.
  • Adjust elevation and height smoothly and precisely
  • Leverage helpful keyboard and controller shortcuts
  • Get creative with off-grid decoration and furniture arrangements
  • Troubleshoot any bugs or limitation issues
  • Take your designs even further with mods and CC

So turn that grid off and starting building your dream spaces! No real-world layout is impossible to recreate now. Your Sims deserve fully customized, creative homes.

I hope this guide has helped demystify freely placing objects in The Sims 4. Please share any other tips or tricks in the comments, and happy Simming!



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