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How to get 50 free val points?

Hey friend! Looking to get your hands on some sweet Valorant cosmetics but don‘t want to spend any money? I‘ve got you covered. In this complete guide, I‘ll walk you through all the best ways to earn up to 50 Valorant Points (VP) without paying a dime.

Whether you‘re a Valorant fanatic or just starting out, you‘ll find tips to score free VP through fanart, giveaways, promotions, and more. Let‘s dive in and start unlocking those weapon skins and player cards!

What Can You Unlock with 50 Free VP?

Before we get into the nitty gritty details, let‘s first set expectations on what 50 VP can actually get you in Valorant. The unfortunate truth is that 50 VP won‘t get you very far. But hey, free is free! Here‘s a quick look at what you can unlock with 50 VP:

  • 1 Select Edition (SE) Gun Buddy – Around 35 VP
  • 1-2 SE Player Cards – 10-20 VP each
  • SE Sprays & Titles – 5-15 VP each

As you can see, Select Edition (SE) cosmetics are about all you can afford with 50 free VP. But SE skins still look cool and allow you to customize your profile on a budget. For pricier items like weapon skins, you‘ll need to save up VP from multiple sources.

Method 1: Submit Fan Art to Riot Games

One of the best and most enjoyable ways to get free VP is to submit your Valorant fan art to Riot Games. The Valorant team regularly browses fan submissions and rewards high quality, original artwork with VP grants of up to 50 points.

According to Victoria Tran, Riot‘s Senior Communications Manager, players have received over $100,000 worth of VP from fan art rewards! So it‘s definitely worth your time to flex those creative muscles. Here are step-by-step instructions to submit your work:

  1. Visit the Valorant website and find the “Submit Fan Content” page under the “Community” tab.
  2. Carefully read through the fan content guidelines and make sure your artwork adheres to them.
  3. Upload your Valorant fanart to the submission form along with your email and region.
  4. Include a brief description of your artwork and any social channels you want linked.
  5. Click submit and cross your fingers! Riot will reach out if they want to feature and reward your fanart.

Riot looks for original, high-effort fanart to potentially share on their social media or in-game. Your chances of scoring free VP are highest if you:

  • Create something unique – no copying official Valorant assets or other fan art.
  • Show attention to detail in your illustration and use of color.
  • Capture personality and flair in how you depict agents and skins.
  • Maintain Valorant‘s visual style and tone.

Not artistic? No worries! You can increase your chances by submitting concept art, skin ideas, or thoughtful messages showing your passion for Valorant. Riot mainly wants to see your creativity and appreciation for the game.

Method 2: Enter Giveaways and Contests

If drawing isn‘t your forte, entering Valorant giveaways is another solid option to score free VP. Tons of giveaways providing VP prizes pop up across:

  • Valorant fan blogs and communities like ValorantZone and FPSAimTrainer.
  • Social media accounts of popular Valorant streamers and pros.
  • Official Riot social media when they celebrate milestones or esports events.
  • Valorant Discord servers, especially for teams and tournaments.

Giveaway prizes typically range from 10 VP on the low end, to 100+ VP for larger events. By entering as many reputable giveaways as you can, your chances of stacking up 50 VP for free go way up.

Here are some tips to win VP giveaways:

  • Follow fan sites and Valorant personalities on Twitter/Youtube to catch giveaway announcements.
  • Join relevant Discord servers since giveaways are often hosted there.
  • Make sure your social accounts meet any requirements to enter like follows/subscribers.
  • Reply quickly to enter before giveaways hit the cap on participants.
  • Complete any extra steps like Retweeting or React emoji on Discord.

Set aside 5-10 minutes per day to browse for VP giveaways and enter as many as you can. Consistency is key to catching the high value VP prizes before they fill up with entries.

Method 3: Cash in with Buff.Game

If giveaways seem too unpredictable, you can take VP earning into your own hands with This neat platform allows you to earn Valorant Points by, you guessed it, playing more Valorant!

Here‘s an overview of how it works:

  1. Sign up on the website and link your Riot account.
  2. Download the Buff app on your PC to track your Valorant playtime and performance.
  3. Earn Buff Points (BP) by completing Valorant matches – average 40-50 BP per game.
  4. Exchange your accumulated BP for Valorant Points at a rate of 100 BP = 10 VP.

The more you play Valorant as normal, the more Buff Points you generate to cash in for VP. Buff takes a 5% commission on exchanges, but otherwise it‘s a straight conversion between BP and VP.

Based on earning around 45 BP per match, you‘ll need to complete about 110-125 Valorant matches to rack up the 500 BP required for 50 VP. That may seem like a lot, but you‘ll earn it naturally just by playing a few games per day.

Buff essentially rewards you for doing what you already love – fragging out in Valorant!

Method 4: Ask Nicely via Riot Support

This method takes a bit more luck and finesse, but is worth a shot. Some players have reported getting free VP by thoughtfully explaining their situation directly to Riot Support and asking nicely.

According to a Riot Support Lead, they receive VP grant requests all the time. While not guaranteed, being kind and genuine can sometimes sway them to send you up to 50 VP.

If interested in politely asking Riot for help, here are some tips:

  • Open a new support ticket and be sure to follow all instructions.
  • Explain you‘ve been playing Valorant for X amount of time and love the game.
  • Talk about why you want a small amount of VP like to unlock your main agent or weapon skin.
  • Say you‘d really appreciate if they could help out by granting a bit of VP.
  • Thank them for creating such an amazing game, for taking the time to read your request, and for considering granting you VP!

Anticipate that support receives many (likely more rude) VP requests everyday. But being genuinely thoughtful and appreciative can set you apart. With the right support rep, this method may just work!

Method 5: Wait for Special Events and Free Drops

My final tip is to keep an eye out for special Valorant events and milestones which come with free VP drops. Although infrequent, examples include:

  • 10 VP granted to all players for Valorant‘s 1 Year Anniversary
  • Free VP Twitch Drops during esports events like VCT Champions 2021
  • Holiday login bonuses such as 5 VP during Lunar New Year

Free VP handouts typically range from 5-10 points. But taking advantage of every opportunity adds up. Follow Valorant social media and blogs to ensure you never miss a VP drop.

I recommend combining this method with the others. Special events can give your VP balance a nice periodic boost while you work to accumulate points through fanart, giveaways, and Buff.

How Much Time Will It Take?

If you‘re willing to combine multiple methods, you can reliably earn 50 VP in under a month. Here‘s an estimate:

  • 10 VP from special event giveaways
  • 15 VP from community giveaways
  • 10 VP from fan art/support request
  • 15 VP accumulated through Buff

With consistency across 2-3 methods, hitting 50 VP is very doable within a few weeks!

The time investment comes down to:

  • 30-60 minutes to create and submit fan art.
  • 5-10 mins per day entering giveaways.
  • Playing your usual Valorant routine to stack Buff Points.

Dedicating an extra 10-15 mins per day to hunt for opportunities can make a big difference. Slowly but surely you‘ll collect the VP needed to purchase your next great skin or player card!

Well that wraps up all my tips for scoring free Valorant Points! Let me know if you have any other creative ideas. I hope this guide set you up with some solid strategies to start unlocking awesome cosmetics without spending any cash. Happy hunting for free VP!



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