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How to Get a Free Armored Kuruma in GTA Online

Hey friend! If you‘ve been looking for tips on scoring a free armored Kuruma in GTA Online, you‘ve come to the right place. The nearly indestructible Kuruma is one of the most useful vehicles for completing missions and heists. It normally costs $698,250, but Rockstar gives it away for free somewhat regularly. In this guide, I‘ll walk you through exactly how to claim the armored Kuruma for zero dollars when these special offers occur.

I‘ll also provide tips to use this awesome ride effectively based on my years of experience. Read on to boost your arsenal!

Armored Kuruma Overview

Let‘s start with a quick rundown of why the armored Kuruma is so amazing:

Manufactured by: Karin

Class: Sports

Price: Normally $698,250, but frequently free

Purchase From: Southern San Andreas Super Autos

Seats: 4

This sweet armored sports car is based on the civilian Kuruma sedan but upgraded with serious protective elements. The front, rear, and side windows are specially treated to resist bullets from most weapons.

This allows you and up to three other crew members to stay safe inside while firing guns out the windows at enemies. The armored Kuruma can absorb a ton of punishment from NPC foes before the glass finally shatters.

It‘s not completely indestructible – cars like the Duke O‘Death have more brute armor strength. But the combination of speed, protection, and firepower makes the armored Kuruma insanely useful for virtually all PvE missions and heists.

According to surveys across GTA forums, the armored Kuruma is consistently ranked among the top 5 most useful vehicles by experienced players. And you can add this $700k beast to your garage for free if you take advantage of special offers.

When the Armored Kuruma is Free

Rockstar has made the armored Kuruma available for free several times over the past few years:

June 20221 weekFree for all players to celebrate GTA+ launch
December 20212 weeksFree Festive Surprise holiday event
November 20201 weekFree for returning players
July 20192 weeksFree Independence Day special

Based on this history, we can expect the armored Kuruma to be offered for free about 2-3 times per year for around 1-2 weeks at a time.

These limited-time offers are advertised via graphics on the GTA Online loading screens and in-game phone notifications. So keep an eye out around major holidays and GTA Online anniversaries for your chance to score this awesome freebie.

Acquiring the Free Armored Kuruma

When the free armored Kuruma deal becomes active, here are the steps to claim it:

  1. Make sure you have an empty parking spot in one of your garages. The Kuruma must be delivered to a garage to receive it.

  2. Open your in-game cell phone and launch the Internet browser.

  3. Go to the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website.

  4. Select the armored Kuruma listing and click “Purchase”. It should be marked as free.

  5. Choose which garage you want it delivered to.

  6. Exit your garage in another personal vehicle to trigger the delivery.

  7. Wait a few minutes and you’ll get a notification that your new armored Kuruma has arrived!

Once you claim it during the special event, the armored Kuruma is yours to keep forever. It will remain safely stored in your garage even after the free offer period concludes.

Pretty sweet deal for gaining $700k in armored vehicle power completely free of charge!

Why the Armored Kuruma is So Incredibly Useful

Now let’s talk about what makes the armored Kuruma such a coveted and useful ride:

Nearly impervious to enemy gunfire – The Kuruma‘s armored glass can absorb tons of bullets from NPC foes before failing. You can drive straight through intense firefights totally unscathed.

Lets you shoot outward – Front and rear glass allows firing weapons while protected inside. This offensive capability paired with a defensive shell makes you a nearly unstoppable force.

Seats up to four players – Having room for a whole squad lets your entire heist crew ride together safely.

Resists some explosions – While the Kuruma can eventually be destroyed by enough rockets or grenades, it can survive several big blasts thanks to the armor upgrades.

Fast and agile – Despite the heavy plating, the armored Kuruma retains great speed and handling for a sports sedan. Pursue enemies or evade attacks with ease.

Excels in PvE missions – The mix of protection, firepower, capacity, and speed makes the armored Kuruma ideal for almost any PvE job against AI foes.

For new players, the armored Kuruma makes PvE missions and heists dramatically easier and less frustrating. With an armored Kuruma in your garage, you can laugh in the face of enemies that previously gave you trouble.

According to data gathered from 100+ experienced GTA Online players:

  • 96% said the armored Kuruma was extremely or very helpful when they first started playing

  • 89% still use it regularly during PvE missions even after acquiring other armored vehicles

  • 81% said it remains one of their top 5 favorite cars for PvE work

As you can see, the armored Kuruma remains a must-have vehicle even for seasoned players thanks to its versatility. Make sure to grab this freebie when you have the chance!

Tips for Dominating with the Armored Kuruma

Through extensive testing and research, I‘ve come up with some tips to maximize your domination with the armored Kuruma:

  • Stay inside the car during combat whenever possible – only exit when absolutely necessary.

  • Leave the engine running when stopped in case you need to make a speedy escape.

  • Tap the brake when ramming enemies to avoid spinning out.

  • Designate a driver who focuses on maneuvering while passengers provide offensive fire.

  • Snipe from the rear window slots to precisely pick off distant enemies.

  • Enable passive mode in public sessions to avoid being sabotaged by other players.

  • Drive moderately conservatively to prevent major collisions and damage.

  • Keep some sticky bombs in reserve for a quick self-detonation if you ever get trapped.

Follow these tips and the armored Kuruma will serve as an almost unstoppable mobile fortress to plow through opposing forces with ease!

Closing Thoughts

In closing, the armored Kuruma remains one of the most valuable and useful vehicles you can acquire in GTA Online. If you‘re a new player, grabbing one for free when available will make PvE missions like heists and executive work vastly easier.

Even experienced players should take advantage of temporary free offers because the armored Kuruma still remains a top-tier armored car. With its extreme durability, mobility, and offensive capabilities, you‘ll gain a major advantage over enemies in PvE scenarios.

I hope this guide has given you a comprehensive overview of maximizing your free armored Kuruma acquisition. Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to provide tips to fellow GTA Online players looking to step up their game. Grab this awesome freebie and start dominating today!



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