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How to Get a Free Fennec in Rocket League

Getting the slick, fox-eared Fennec car in Rocket League for free is possible, but it requires a combination of luck, patience, effort, and trading smarts.

There are a few legit ways to score a Fennec without spending any money: earning random drops by playing matches, trading up items from challenges, getting lucky in the Item Shop, trading intelligently with other players, and keeping an eye out for giveaways.

I‘ll explain each of these methods in detail, as well as provide tips to boost your chances based on my experience trading up over 500+ hours as a Rocket League addict!

While scoring that coveted free Fennec won‘t happen overnight, I‘m hopeful this guide will shorten your journey and provide a roadmap to get there sooner. Let‘s dive in!

Grind Matches and Challenges for Random Drops

The number one way I‘ve built up my Rocket League inventory over the years is simply by playing matches, earning XP, and completing challenges to get random item drops.

The more you play, the more drops you‘ll accumulate. And since drops are completely random, there‘s always the possibility of scoring something valuable like an Import Fennec.

I estimate I‘ve earned thousands of common and uncommon drops just from grinding matches over the years. And eventually, all those rolls of the dice paid off with some sweet Exotic and Import items!

Here are the approximate drop rates for different rarity levels based on extensive player data gathered on Reddit:

RarityDrop Rate
Very Rare0.8%
Black Market0.005%

As you can see, Imports like the Fennec have about a 0.1% drop rate. Not great odds for any single drop, but over time it really adds up.

For example, let‘s say you earn 100 random drops per week through playing matches and completing challenges. That would give you 520 drops over the course of a year. Based on the 0.1% Import drop rate, you‘d expect to get about 5 Import items per year, one of which could be the coveted Fennec!

Of course, that‘s not guaranteed since it‘s still down to luck. But the more you play and engage with the challenge systems, the more rolls of the dice you‘ll get at that lucky Fennec jackpot.

My advice is to just play Rocket League as normal without worrying about drops too much. But make sure to complete challenges, earn XP, and level up your Rocket Pass tier for the best shot at those rarer drops.

Over time, you should accumulate enough rolls at random drops that scoring a Fennec becomes likely. And remember, any duplicate Imports you get can also be traded for Credits to buy the Fennec outright!

So kick back, blast some music, and enjoy playing Rocket League as you normally would. An elusive Fennec will pop out of a drop eventually if you grind it out.

Trade Up Items to Target the Fennec

Beyond random drops, you can take a more targeted approach by trading up items to receive Imports directly.

If you collect 5 Import items from the same Series, you can go to Manage Inventory, select “Trade In”, pick 5 eligible Imports, and receive a random new Import item in exchange.

The upside here is that unlike random drops, you know the output will be an Import. So trading up is really the only way to directly target getting Import bodies like the Fennec.

However, acquiring 5 spare Imports in the first place can be tricky. I like to collect Imports over time from random drops, the Item Shop, progressing through Rocket Pass, and trading up Very Rares.

You can also trade Uncommon/Rare drops to other players for the Imports you need to finish a Trade Up. Having a stockpile of Very Rares and lower value drops enables you to pivot into Imports for trade ups.

Basically, I never discard any drops I earn, even if they seem worthless at first. You never know when those lower value items will come in handy as trade fodder!

Trading up 5 Very Rare drops from the same series works similarly. The random output item will have a chance of being an Import like the Fennec.

Since Very Rares are more common than Imports, collecting 5 of them to trade up is a bit easier. Just don’t give up if that first trade up doesn’t deliver the goods! The more you trade up, the better your chances.

For example, let’s say you do 10 Import trade ups and 10 Very Rare trade ups over the course of a few months. That would give you 20 chances at a Fennec drop, making success reasonably likely, if not guaranteed.

With enough smart trading and trade ups, you‘ll eventually hold that brand new Fennec in your warm virtual hands. So don‘t get frustrated by short term bad luck, and keep your eyes on the long game!

Pray to the Item Shop Gods

As I’m sure you know, Rocket League has a rotating Item Shop that refreshes daily with new cosmetic items and cars. This shop is the only place where you can directly buy the Fennec for Credits rather than relying on trades or luck.

I compulsively check the Item Shop every single day, waiting to see that beautiful Fennec silhouette appear on my screen. And usually around once a month, my patience pays off!

The Fennec tends to run for around 500-700 Credits depending on the paint color. Here are some of the Fennec variants I’ve seen in the shop so far:

  • Titanium White Fennec
  • Crimson Fennec
  • Sky Blue Fennec
  • Lime Fennec
  • Saffron Fennec
  • Pink Fennec
  • Purple Fennec

My advice is to try saving up around 800 Credits if you can, then keeping a close eye on the Item Shop each day for your chance to snag that Fennec by surprise.

You can earn Credits slowly over time by completing challenges, trading up unwanted drops, and even selling NCVRs. Or if you have no problem spending a bit of real money, you can buy Credits directly and treat yourself to an instant Fennec.

Buying from the Item Shop cuts out the trading and luck middlemen to get your desired car. Now you just have to cross your fingers and wait for the Fennec to take its turn in the rotation.

I know it‘s hard being patient when that car you dream about is right there for sale. But stay strong and keep checking, because your time will come fellow Fennec fan – I promise!

Master the Art of Negotiation Through Trading

Perhaps the fastest way to obtain a specific item like the Fennec is to trade directly with other players. But negotiating trades can be an art form.

I like to use sites like RLGarage and Rocket League Exchange to post my duplicate items and see what kind of offers I get. Then I can browse trade listings to find players with a Fennec up for grabs.

If buying directly with Credits, most sellers seem to value the standard Fennec around 500-600 Credits. Painted or certified versions usually start from 700-800+.

For item-only trades, Very Rares, Imports, and Non-Crate items tend to have the highest demand. Streamline, Trigon, and Mainframe are solid Black Market decals for bargain hunting.

And remember – patience and persistence are your best allies! Don‘t get discouraged if your first few offers are rejected. Making crazy lowball offers won‘t help either. Take the long view, make gradual progress, and that perfect trade will come.

I try my best to make fair deals that benefit both sides. Building up trusts and relationships with other traders over multiple deals has led to even better trades down the road.

And honestly, some of my best trades were lucky flukes! I once got a Titanium White Fennec for just 5 NCVR from a kind trader looking to help newer players. So you never know what generosity you might stumble across.

Trading does require research and people skills to master. But I find it a fun meta-game that provides a rush when you score an epic deal. Just stay patient, keep grinding, make friends, and the trading gods will reward you!

Don‘t Forget Contests and Giveaways!

This last one is a bit of a wild card, but you‘d be surprised how often free Fennecs are given away by content creators and community figures.

I follow a bunch of Rocket League pros, YouTubers, streamers, designers, and other community personalities on Twitter and Twitch. They will often do spontaneous giveaways of in-game items during streams or as part of contests.

Sometimes this is tied to promotions for new crate releases. Other times, it‘s just gifted out of kindness. I‘ve seen multiple big personalities and organizations like Rocket League Esports give away Fennecs to lucky viewers!

So I recommend following Rocket League influencers you enjoy on social media, and keeping tabs on any giveaways they announce. You might wake up one morning to find a contest for the exact item you want most.

While I can‘t promise this method will work, entering giveaways doesn‘t cost a thing. And catching the right one at the right time could lead to a dream Fennec add to your garage! Hey, crazier things have happened.

Stay active in the broader Rocket League community, engage with your favorite creators, and you might just win a free jackpot through the magic of giveaways.

Let‘s Get That Fennec!

Phew, that covers the main paths and strategies I‘ve used and observed for getting coveted items for free in Rocket League trading.

To quickly recap:

  • Play matches and grind challenges for random drops.

  • Trade up items to target Imports directly.

  • Keep Credits on hand for the Item Shop.

  • Engage in patient, smart trading with other players.

  • Keep tabs on giveaways and contests.

It will take a healthy dose of persistence and luck. But use this guide as a roadmap, and I truly believe you‘ll manifest a free Fennec for yourself over time.

I wish you the best of luck on your hunt fellow car collector! May the trade gods bless you with a Fennec soon. Never surrender, and see you out there on the pitch!

Let‘s go over some quick answers to frequent questions about scoring a free Fennec:

What are my chances of getting a Fennec drop?

About 0.1% based on data from massive sample sizes. So unlikely, but possible over hundreds of hours!

How often does the Fennec appear in the Item Shop?

Seems to rotate in around once per month. Keep watch each day for your chance!

What‘s a fair trade value for the standard Fennec?

Around 500-600 Credits value in items is reasonable based on community consensus.

What are some high value items I can trade for a Fennec?

Import/Exotic wheels, BM decals like Mainframe, NCVRs, Titanium White toppers, and Credits tend to have high demand for trades.

Can I get a painted Fennec for free?

Totally possible with luck! May need to offer overpay in value though compared to default color.

What‘s the cheapest way to buy Credits for the Item Shop?

Sell unwanted drops for Credits on trading sites! Or trade up drops to NCVRs which sell for about 60 Credits each.

Does the Fennec have higher drop rates in certain Crates?

Nope, the Fennec has constant rarity regardless of source. So any drop could contain it!

Can I get a guaranteed Fennec from any free source?

Not guaranteed, but Item Shop purchase is your best bet if you have Credits ready!

How long will it take to get a free Fennec on average?

Hard to predict due to randomness, but expect at least 25+ hours based on community estimates. Just stay patient!



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