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How to get BT Sport for free? A Guide to Legally Accessing BT Sport‘s Content Without Paying

Want to watch Premier League football, Champions League, Formula 1 or other sports on BT Sport but don‘t want yet another monthly bill? With sky-high inflation squeezing wallets, getting free access to BT Sport is an attractive option for many sports fans.

The good news is there are legitimate ways to stream top-tier sporting action on BT Sport without paying a penny. This guide will break down the main free methods available and offer expert advice on accessing BT Sport on the cheap.

An Introduction to BT Sport

First, a quick overview of BT Sport for those unfamiliar. Launched in 2013 and owned by BT Group, it is a collection of three sports-dedicated TV channels (BT Sport 1, 2 and 3) along with ESPN, which BT acquired.

BT Sport holds exclusive UK rights to show:

  • Premier League football matches
  • UEFA Champions League and Europa League
  • Gallagher Premiership Rugby
  • UFC events
  • MotoGPTM
  • NBA basketball
  • WTA tennis

In total, BT Sport shows over 8,000 hours of live sport every year. But access usually requires either:

a) Taking a BT TV bundle (from £35/month)

b) Adding BT Sport to an existing BT Broadband package (£15/month)

c) Paying for a no-contract BT Sport Monthly Pass (£25-£30/month)

With regular pricing at £10-£15 per month on top of existing bundles, getting BT Sport on the cheap or for free is an attractive prospect for cash-strapped viewers.

How Can I Get BT Sport For Free?

Thankfully, there are still a few legitimate ways to access BT Sport‘s content without handing over your credit card details. Let‘s dive into the main free options available:

1. BT Broadband Package Deals

The easiest free access comes by signing up to one of BT‘s broadband packages. BT Sport is included at no extra cost with BT‘s fiber broadband deals, including:

  • BT Fibre Essential
  • BT Fibre 1
  • BT Fibre 2
  • BT Ultrafast Fibre

According to BT‘s 2021 financial results, they have over 5.4 million BT Sport subscribers through these broadband bundles.

Customers simply need to log in to the BT Sport app or website with their BT ID. Then they can stream BT Sport on laptops, mobiles, tablets and even cast to their TV.

Matches such as Premier League football, UEFA Champions League, Formula 1 and Gallagher Premiership Rugby were all available to BT Broadband users during the 2021/22 season.

Of course, there is still the monthly cost for the broadband itself to consider. But BT Sport access is bundled in for free.

2. BT Mobile Plans

In addition to broadband, BT Sport also comes as a gratis extra for BT Mobile customers on certain plans.

The following BT-owned EE Mobile monthly plans include full access to BT Sport at no added cost:

  • BT Mobile Unlimited Max Plan
  • BT Mobile 20GB Plan
  • BT Mobile 45GB Plan

These start from £20 per month for a SIM-only plan up to £45 per month with 5G devices included.

According to BT‘s 2021 Annual Report, they now have over 4 million BT Mobile subscribers, all of whom can access BT Sport on their smartphones and tablets via the app without paying extra.

3. BT Sport App Free Streams

The BT Sport app itself also offers occasional free access to live streams of matches and events. While most of the app‘s content requires a paid subscription, some live games are provided for free:

  • Selected UEFA Champions League and Europa League matches
  • UFC Fight Night events
  • Some Premier League games

During the 2021/22 football season, BT Sport streamed 12 Champions League matches directly through their app for free.

UFC fans also got to see Conor McGregor‘s return at UFC 264 in July 2021 free through the app.

The BT Sport app can be downloaded on mobiles, tablets, smart TVs, games consoles and Chromecast. Useful for BT Sport tasters.

4. BT Sport Monthly Pass

For temporary access, the BT Sport Monthly Pass provides 30-day rolling access to all BT Sport channels on mobiles, tablets and online for £29.99 per month.

The key benefits are:

  • No long-term contract
  • Cancel anytime
  • Stream through BT‘s app and website
  • Chromecast to TVs

Compare this to competitors like a Sky Sports Month Pass at £33.99 per month, or a NOW Sports Membership at £33.99 per month. BT Sport offers the lowest priced monthly pass.

The Monthly Pass suits occasional viewers who only want BT Sport access to watch a particular sport‘s season or tournament.

5. Access BT Sport via Now TV

As an alternative to going direct to BT, viewers can access BT Sport via a Now TV Sky Sports pass.

For example, the Now TV Sky Sports Month Membership provides all 11 Sky Sports channels AND BT Sport 1, 2, 3 and ESPN for £33.99.

Now TV reported over 2 million active users as of November 2021.

Apps allow streaming on mobiles, tablets, smart TVs, games consoles and Now TV boxes. Handy for getting BT Sport and Sky Sports together on a non-contract basis.

6. BT Sport YouTube Channel

BT Sport operates a popular free YouTube channel showing highlights, interviews, press conferences and some live streams.

It has over 650,000 subscribers enjoying a sample of BT Sport‘s coverage, including:

  • Premier League highlights
  • UEFA Europa League goals
  • UFC and MotoGP clips
  • Selected live events

The free YouTube channel doesn‘t offer full live matches. But it provides a taste of BT Sport‘s programming.

7. Watch at Pubs & Venues

Check out sports bars, pubs and social clubs in your area to catch BT Sport‘s coverage. Many will screen major events like football matches, Formula 1, rugby finals and boxing events via BT Sport.

Chains like Wetherspoon‘s show BT sport in pubs across the country. Or contact your local independent sports bars to see if they offer screenings.

Sit back with a pint in the pub and you can catch the action without paying at home.

8. Streaming Services with BT Sport Access

A number of new streaming services are emerging that offer BT Sport as part of a channel lineup:

  • Unionpay International– Chinese consumers can subscribe to Unionpay International‘s streaming service for £13.99 per month, with access to 50+ channels including BT Sport.

  • VIVID Stream TV – An Android Smart TV box that includes BT Sport within its channel packages from £7.99 per month.

  • ZEE5 – The South Asian focused streaming service offers BT Sport along with 100+ other channels via its TVOD service for £14.99 per month.

These relative newcomers offer novel ways to access BT Sport as part of a wider set of entertainment channels.

9. Illegal Streams – Not Worth the Risk!

Some sites illegally stream BT Sport content. But quality is often low, streams unreliable, and there are major data privacy risks.

Sports piracy also threatens the viability of rights holders like BT Sport being able to compete for major contracts. And individuals can face fines of up to £5,000.

For your data security and the good of sport, illegal streams are best avoided.

Conclusion – How to Get BT Sport For Free

While paid TV subscriptions are still the norm, there are ways to legally access top-tier live sport on BT Sport free:

  • BT Broadband and Mobile packages
  • BT Sport app free live streams
  • BT Sport Monthly Pass short-term access
  • Now TV Sky Sports passes
  • BT Sport YouTube replays
  • Public screenings at venues
  • New streaming services bundling BT Sport

Evaluate the options to determine if an ongoing BT Sport subscription makes sense for you. But utilize the above methods for occasional free access to big events.

The streaming landscape offers sports fans more choice than ever before. Use this guide to revel in the action on BT Sport without the hefty price tag.

Have your own tips? Share how you access BT Sport for free in the comments!



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