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How to Get Every Mythical Pokemon for Free in Pokemon Go

As an avid Pokemon Go player, you may be wondering: How can I catch‘em all without breaking the bank on Raid Passes and Incubators? Fear not fellow trainer! With the right strategies, you can capture every available Mythical Pokemon in Pokemon Go completely free. This comprehensive guide will explain multiple methods to add these highly coveted creatures to your roster.

Mythical Pokemon are some of the rarest species in the Pokemon universe. Unlike standard Pokemon, Mythicals do not nest or spawn wild; they can only be obtained through time-limited events, Special Research, and other exclusive means. These unique capture conditions make Mythicals exceptionally difficult to acquire, especially for casual players.

But with the techniques detailed below, you‘ll be on your way to catching all the Mythicals – no credit card required! Let‘s get started!

Lean Heavily On Special Research

By far, the most reliable way to get Mythical Pokemon is by completing Special Research tasks. These long-term sets of objectives reward a specific Mythical Pokemon after finishing all required activities. Some research lines currently available include:

  • A Mythical Discovery: Awards Mew after finishing 8 chapters of tasks. Activities involve catching Pokemon, raiding, and evolving creatures. Make sure to use Pinap berries in the final encounter!

  • A Ripple in Time: Earns you the time-traveling Celebi after completing 6 research segments over several weeks. Take advantage of bonuses like double catch XP to speed up the process.

  • Jump-Start Research: Unlocks Victini after finishing 4 pages of research. This one takes a few months thanks to leveling requirements. Pop Lucky Eggs to blast through the XP grinding!

  • Season of Alola: Nets all 4 Tapus – Tapu Koko, Tapu Lele, Tapu Bulu, Tapu Fini by progressing through weekly chapter unlocks. Time this research with 2x catch Candy events to maximize rewards!

Special Research takes patience, but guarantees Mythicals as long as you chip away at the tasks little by little. I make it a habit to complete at least one research segment per day. This helps me stay engaged while working toward big Mythical payoffs!

Harness The Power of Daily Adventure Incense

An extremely valuable new item called Daily Adventure Incense can attract the spawn-shy trio of Galarian Legendary birds – Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres. Adventure Incense lasts for 15 minutes and pulls from a rare spawn table separate from normal Incense.

If you‘re lucky, one of the regional bird trio may appear! But even if the birds don‘t emerge, Adventure Incense frequently attracts Unown, Chansey, and other uncommon spawns.

You receive one Adventure Incense per day from spinning a PokeStop, so use them wisely! I recommend activating your daily incense when you can focus on catching, and are in an area with abundant PokeStops for restocking balls. With persistence, this special incense should summon the Galarian Legendaries over time.

Spin, Spin, Spin For Meltan Mystery Boxes

Meltan – the mysterious hex nut Pokemon – is likely the easiest Mythical to add to your roster. All you need is access to the Meltan Mystery Box item and you‘ll have swarms of Meltan spawning around you.

The Mystery Box is acquired simply by spinning any PokeStop; there‘s a low random chance Professor Willow will gift you this item on any spin. Once used, Mystery Boxes work just like Incense, lasting 60 minutes and frequently spawning Meltan.

Be sure to stock up on balls before activating a Mystery Box! I use the fast catch trick and Pinap every Meltan to maximize candy gains. With a steady supply of Mystery Boxes, you should register enough Meltan candy to evolve this steel-type cutie into Melmetal in no time!

Additional Tips and Strategies

  • Battle Team Rocket Leaders for a chance at strange eggs containing Absol, Larvitar or Gible. Hatch these rare Pokemon by equipping Rocket Radars and taking down the Leaders when possible.

  • Trade with trusted friends to swap duplicate Mythicals. Regional trading is costly, but becomes free once you reach Best Friends status with someone.

  • Join local Discord/Facebook groups to coordinate touch trades and dex fillers. Temporary trades allow both parties to register Mythicals in the Pokedex.

  • Connect to Pokemon Home to bring in Mythicals like Genesect from other Pokemon games.

  • Never miss Community Day for featured Mythicals like Shaymin and Darkrai. These limited events are your best chance to capture certain species.

  • Stay updated on current and upcoming events. Keep tabs on Niantic‘s blog, LeekDuck event calendar and Pokémon Go Hub for Mythical announcements.

The key is being patient and sticking with the grind. Over time, combining these strategies will help you get every Mythical without having to spend real money. Gotta catch‘em all – but responsibly!

The Value and Lore of Mythical Pokemon

Beyond just completionist bragging rights, Mythical Pokemon offer unique value both competitively and thematically.

Many Mythicals like Mewtwo, Celebi and Victini have legendary stats and make terrific additions to raid and PvP teams. Others like Jirachi and Meltan provide great utility for support roles.

Beyond battle strength, Mythicals anchor some of the deepest lore and mythology within the Pokemon universe. Mew is considered the common ancestor to all Pokemon. Celebi harbors the ability to time travel. Deoxys originates from outer space and changes form. These concepts and stories provide meaningful context to why Mythicals are so highly coveted and admired.

Understanding what makes Mythicals special helps fuel the motivation to catch ‘em all. Plus, having a living Pokedex shows dedication and experience as a Pokemon trainer. Just be sure to balance your Mythical hunting with real-world responsibilities!

A Completionist‘s Dream… and Potential Pitfall

For hardcore completionists, the appeal of owning every Mythical Pokemon is incredibly alluring. Who wouldn‘t want to have the full set of these legendary creatures to showcase their mastery as a Pokemon Go expert?

But the unfortunate reality is that Niantic distributes Mythicals in very limited windows, and often requires significant grinding or travel to obtain them all. This can quickly turn a fun diversion into a stressful and expensive obsession.

I advise setting reasonable expectations when it comes to your Mythical collection. The techniques in this guide will help you get most available species within a year or two of dedicated play. But TEMPERED patience is key – don‘t sacrifice real-world priorities just to catch pixels on your phone! Remember, Mythicals will cycle back around eventually if you miss any.

Stay rational, stick to budgets, and don‘t compare yourself to other players with more money or time. With smart daily play using the tips above, your Mythical Pokedex will fill up nicely over time. Enjoy the satisfaction of long-term accomplishments rather than instant gratification from raids and incubators. With the right mindset, you‘ll be a Mythical Master in no time!

Now get out there, trainer! With this knowledge you have all you need to capture every Mythical Pokemon available without spending a dime. Just remember to have fun, make friends, and focus on the journey more than the destination. Before you know it, you‘ll have a mythical menagerie that would make Professor Willow proud. Gotta Research ‘Em All!



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