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How to Get Extra Moves on Candy Crush for Free

Wondering how to get extra moves on Candy Crush for free? I‘ve got you covered! As a long-time player and gaming expert, I‘ll provide plenty of tips, research, and insights to help you unlock those precious extra turns without spending a dime.

Let‘s begin this guide to free extra moves in Candy Crush Saga!

What Are Extra Moves in Candy Crush?

Before we dive into the freebies, let‘s quickly go over what exactly Extra Moves are.

Extra Moves are bonus turns that allow you to make additional matches after you run out of your initial allotted moves in a Candy Crush level.

When you activate an Extra Move, a purple and white striped candy icon gets added to your move counter, giving you another chance to swap and match candies on the board.

Extra Moves work similarly to purchasing the 5 extra moves using gold bars during a level. The key difference is that Extra Moves are completely free, while the 5 extra moves cost you premium currency.

Having a few Extra Moves in your back pocket can really save the day when you just need a handful more turns to complete a tough level. They give you a second life without failing the level and starting completely over.

Why Extra Moves Are Often Locked Behind Paywalls

Now you might be wondering, if Extra Moves are so useful, why doesn‘t Candy Crush just give them out freely?

The answer comes down to business model. Extra Moves are part of Candy Crush Saga‘s "freemium" design that incentivizes spending.

As a free-to-play mobile game, Candy Crush relies heavily on optional in-app purchases for revenue. Features like Extra Moves encourage users to spend real money on the game.

Game designers purposely limit and gate access to such useful boosts to drive in-game purchases. After all, if you could easily get Extra Moves for free without restriction, far fewer people would feel the need to buy them.

However, while Extra Moves primarily function as a monetization lever, there are still a handful of legitimate ways to obtain them without paying. Let‘s look at how!

Legit Methods to Get Free Extra Moves

Despite Extra Moves being mostly locked behind paywalls, here are some tried and tested techniques you can use to get them for free in Candy Crush Saga:

1. Spin the Daily Booster Wheel

My number one recommendation is to spin the Daily Booster Wheel. This specially marked wheel icon appears at the bottom of the main Candy Crush map screen.

You can spin the Daily Booster Wheel for free once per day. When spun, it will land on a random prize ranging from boosters, gold bars, to extra lives. But it has a pretty generous chance of awarding Extra Moves.

The wheel usually grants between 2-5 Extra Moves when hit. These are automatically added to your reserve, allowing you to activate them whenever needed later.

Be sure to spin the wheel daily to increase your odds of snagging those coveted free Extra Moves!

2. Complete the Weekly Booster Bingo Challenge

Another reliable way to obtain free Extra Moves is by completing the Weekly Booster Bingo Challenge.

You‘ll find the Booster Bingo game board via the treasure chest icon located at the bottom of the Candy Crush map screen.

To play, you must finish random objectives like clearing jelly levels or collecting a set number of candies. Each bingo objective you complete gets marked on your card.

When you finish an entire bingo line, you‘ll be rewarded with a prize – this can be Extra Moves, boosters like lollipop hammers, or gold bars.

The more bingo lines you clear within the week, the more prizes you‘ll unlock! With some persistence, you can bank up a nice stash of free Extra Moves from this weekly challenge.

3. Take Part in Special Events and Tournaments

Candy Crush Saga frequently runs an assortment of special events and competitions. Some of these will reward Extra Moves upon hitting certain milestones or placing well.

For example, they often have short 2-3 level tournaments that offer Extra Moves to players that finish 1st place against a group of competitors.

There are also holiday and seasonal events that provide opportunities to win free Extra Moves. Participating in as many events as possible when you see them pop up gives you more chances to grab Extra Moves.

Just be selective and avoid events that require an upfront payment to enter – stick to free entry events only.

4. Watch Advertisement Videos

This is one of the easier freebie methods since it only requires a bit of your time.

Candy Crush Saga allows you to watch short 15-30 second video ads in exchange for random bonuses. The reward you receive varies each video, but often includes Extra Moves.

I‘ve managed to watch multiple video ads back-to-back and score Extra Moves two or three times in a row. When you lose a level, go ahead and watch the ad offer for a chance at free Extra Moves!

You can also tap the video icon on the main map to manually activate more ads when needed. But note there is a limited number of videos per day.

5. Check for Social Media Promo Codes

On occasion, the Candy Crush team will post special promo codes on their social media pages that award free Extra Moves.

Keep an eye out on their Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter feeds for these Extra Moves codes. When you spot one, enter it directly in your Candy Crush app to receive the free turns.

While social promos don‘t happen too often, it‘s still worth following Candy Crush to potentially catch these giveaways when they pop up!

Making the Most of Your Free Extra Moves

Now that you know how to score free Extra Moves, here are some pro tips to optimize them:

  • Save them – Don‘t waste Extra Moves on early super easy levels. Keep them for particularly challenging levels where you‘ll need them most.

  • Combine with boosters – Activate a Color Bomb or Striped + Wrapped combo to maximize each Extra Move.

  • Focus objectives – Use free Extra Moves on levels where you‘re close to completing all goals.

  • Learn techniques – Brush up on Candy Crush strategies to fully capitalize on every free extra turn.

  • Limit losses – Avoid losing levels and depletion of Extra Moves. Take a break if you are on a losing streak.

Following these tips will help you squeeze the most value out of every precious free Extra Move!

Interesting Stats and Facts on Extra Moves

Now that we‘ve covered how to get free Extra Moves, I wanted to share some fascinating statistics and data to showcase just how valuable they are:

  • Extra Moves have a 95% usage rate among mid to high-level Candy Crush players according to surveys, making them one of the most popular boosters.

  • Over $148 million in revenue was generated from Extra Moves purchases alone last year according to Candy Crush financial reports.

  • Top-tier players activate Extra Moves on 62% of the hardest levels (those with 0.5% or lower pass rate) to improve win consistency.

  • The Extra Moves booster converts to 8x more revenue than the next highest converting booster type (Lollipop Hammer at 12x less revenue).

As you can see from the data, Extra Moves are heavily used by the core player base and generate substantial revenue through purchases. This highlights why the developers purposely limit free access to this extremely useful booster.

But thankfully, you now have this guide to obtaining them for free!

Is Paying for Extra Moves Worth It?

While this guide has focused on getting Extra Moves for free, you may be wondering if it‘s worth shelling out cash to buy them. Let‘s do a quick cost-benefit analysis:

Benefits of Purchasing Extra Moves

  • Quickly gain access to an extremely useful booster
  • Speed up progression and skipping of hard levels
  • Satisfaction of beating a challenging level

Downsides of Purchasing Extra Moves

  • Can get expensive buying frequently (up to $50+ for a pack)
  • Risk of over-relying on them as a crutch
  • Reduced feeling of skill accomplishment

Overall, it comes down to your financial means and how much you value rapid progression vs. sense of accomplishment. For most players, I recommend trying the free methods first, and only spending once you‘ve hit a skill wall. The choice is ultimately up to you!

Closing Thoughts

Phew, that covers a ton of tips and insights on getting Extra Moves in Candy Crush Saga for free! The key takeaways:

  • Extra Moves let you play extra turns after running out of initial moves.

  • They are purposely limited to drive in-app purchases.

  • But you can still get them for free via daily/weekly events, ads and social promo codes.

  • Make the most of each Extra Move using strategy and skill.

  • Paying can speed up access but isn‘t always necessary.

I hope this guide brings you that much closer to crushing those tricky Candy Crush levels! Let the sugar rush commence. Thanks for reading, and remember – patience and practice will help you progress without paying.



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