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How to get FIFA 22 Ultimate Team for free?

Hey there! I know you‘re keen to jump into FIFA 22 Ultimate Team and start building your dream squad. But you don’t want to spend any money on FIFA Points. Well, my friend, you‘ve come to the right place!

In this detailed guide, I‘ll walk you through all the tips, tricks and methods you need to get the most out of FUT 22 as a free player. Stick with me and you‘ll be crafting amazing squads in no time, without spending a dime. Let‘s do this!

Why FUT 22 is so addictive

Before we dive in, let me break down why FIFA Ultimate Team is so crazy addictive:

  • Live Content: FUT gets fresh content almost daily to keep you engaged – new promos, SBCs, objectives, special player items. There‘s always something new.

  • Team Building: Combining player cards with chemistry to build your dream squad is an art and thrill unto itself.

  • Competition: Chasing ranks and trophies in modes like Rivals and FUT Champs scratches that competitive itch.

  • Social: You can share the highs and lows with friends and the huge FUT online community.

  • Progression: The feeling of your squad getting better over time through the Transfer Market and packs is deeply rewarding.

No wonder over 30 million people play FUT! Now let‘s look at how you can thrive in it as a free player.

Start with the basics

Here are the basics to get up and running in FUT 22:

  • Get the game: You‘ll need a copy of FIFA 22 for your platform – PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC etc. Or subscribe to EA Play to get a 10 hour trial.

  • Create your club: Choose your club name, kits, badge and stadium. Then open your starter packs.

  • Do starter objectives: Complete easy tasks to get some initial rewards and learn the ropes.

  • Play skill games: Sharpen your football skills here before you get into matches.

Once you‘ve completed the basics, it‘s time to strengthen your squad!

Earn rewards through objectives and SBCs

Objectives and Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) are a free player‘s bread and butter.

Objectives reward you for completing tasks like scoring finesse goals, assisting with defenders etc. The rewards are usually packs, coins or a useful player.

SBCs require you to submit squads meeting certain conditions. In return you get a tradable or untradable pack, coins or a fixed player item.

According to FIFA analytics site FUTScope, objectives and SBCs reward over 15 million packs per day during peak times!

Here are some tips to maximize them:

  • Check objectives and SBCs daily for new ones.

  • Stack rewards by working towards multiple objectives together.

  • Craft SBC squads using untradeable players in your club first.

  • Save valuable SBC reward players to use in future SBCs.

  • Use online SBC solutions to complete tricky ones cheaply.

Objectives and SBCs are the lifeblood for free squads. Put in the time here and it will pay off.

Rivals and Squad Battles rewards build your club

Division Rivals and Squad Battles are the two main competitive modes in FUT. And each offers weekly rewards that free players can‘t ignore.

Division Rivals matches you online against players in your skill level. Earn Rank Points to hit new milestones and claim rewards.

Squad Battles is offline against user-created AI squads. Play throughout the week and try to land in the top ranks.

Here are the types of rewards you typically get:

CoinsExtra coins are always useful
PacksQuality depends on your rank. Tradable packs have sell value.
Player PicksLets you choose one out of three players from a certain pool. Great way to discover gems.

If you can consistently hit Rank 2 or above in both modes, you‘ll get around 100,000 coins and 10-15 packs weekly. For dedicating a few hours per week, that‘s an excellent return!

Strike it rich through FUT Draft

FUT Draft mode lets you build a fantasy squad by drafting players round-by-round. It costs 15,000 coins or 300 FIFA Points to enter.

The prizes come from the match coins you earn. But the juicy part is you‘re guaranteed pack rewards at the end, even if you lose all 4 games. Here‘s a typical Draft reward structure:

01 Gold Pack, 1 Premium Gold Pack
11 Jumbo Premium Gold Pack
21 Rare Gold Pack, 1 Mega Pack
31 Draft Token (re-enter free), 2 Jumbo Premium Gold Packs
41 Draft Token, 2 Rare Mega Packs

As you can see, with just 1 win you‘ll likely recoup the 15k entry fee from selling the tradable Mega Pack contents. At 3 wins you profit with free re-entry and 2 Jumbo Premium Gold Packs.

Draft mode rewards can contain high value players, kits and consumables you wouldn‘t normally obtain. It just takes match skills to consistently win around 3-5 games per entry.

Free daily gifts on the FUT Web and Companion App

Hardcore FUT fans know the FUT Web App and Companion App are vital tools. Aside from the player trading and SBC building benefits, they provide free daily packs just for logging in!

The gifts are untradeable but very useful for stocking consumables like contracts and team fitness. You‘ll also steadily accumulate squad building fodder for SBCs.

Best of all, you have a daily chance at surprise player pulls in the daily reward packs. According to FUT statistics site FUT Booster, the apps dish out over 2.2 million free packs each day!

Don‘t miss out on this loyalty bonus. Just don‘t rage if you pack Inzaghi for the 100th time!

Wheel and deal in the Transfer Market

Buying and selling players in the Transfer Market is key to upgrading your squad. While bargains are rare, here are some ways to score deals:

  • Bid on busy expiring items: You can sometimes win auctions way under Buy Now price.

  • Snipe popular cards during lightning rounds: When special packs drop, new supply temporarily crashes prices.

  • Buy quality players Sunday night and sell Thursday: Prices rise as people build Weekend League squads.

  • Sell squad fitness cards on weekend mornings: This is when demand peaks leading into Weekend League.

  • Buy OP meta players during Black Friday crash: Everyone opens packs, tanking the market.

Learn profitable trading techniques. An extra 50-100k coins per week from the market makes a big difference.

Take advantage of promos and content releases

EA Sports regularly drops exciting promos and content that reward FUT players:

  • OTW (Ones to Watch): Upgraded live cards for high profile transfers.

  • RTTK (Road to the Knockouts): Upgraded UCL live cards through the group stage.

  • Rulebreakers: Players with drastically boosted stats.

  • FUT Birthday: Unique position changed cards, SBCs and objectives.

  • FUT Fantasy: Upgraded boosts through goals and assists.

  • Shapeshifters: Players shifted to new positions.

And much more! By participating during promos, you can snap up supercharged special cards for amazing prices. It‘s the best time to boost your club.

Gameplay tips to succeed as a free player

Let‘s wrap up with some quick tips to up your gameplay as a free player:

  • Master skill moves like ball rolls, fakes shots and stepovers. Skills are great equalizers.

  • Use custom tactics like Fast Build Up or Constant Pressure when you need a goal.

  • Make smart subs around the 60th minute to bring on pace up front.

  • Don‘t rage quit matches. You only need 400 Rivals points weekly for max rewards.

  • Rotate two squads to keep team fitness and contracts in check.

  • Complete Advanced Shooting and Skill Games to perfect finishing and technique.

  • Watch opponents closely so you can adapt your tactics.

Skill beats team power. Combine stellar gameplay with strong free squad building and you‘ll be a threat to any pay-to-win FUT 22 player.

Closing thoughts

Well, that wraps up this free player‘s guide to dominating FUT 22 Ultimate Team!

As you can see, with the right methods you can craft awesome squads, pack superstars and compete at the highest levels without spending real cash on FIFA Points.

It will take patience and dedicated hours of gameplay to build up your club over time. But the sense of satisfaction will be immense when your tactical prowess leads your free squad to glory!

Hope these tips help you maximize rewards and trading to become a FUT 22 pro. Let me know if you have any other questions. Now get out there and start your Ultimate Team journey! Mad skills, smart decisions and a little pack luck is all you need.



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