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How to get FIFA 23 points for free?

FIFA 23 points can give you a big advantage in Ultimate Team by allowing you to open packs containing players, consumables, and more. But FIFA points don‘t come cheap, costing up to $100 for 12,000 FP. Luckily, there are some legitimate ways to earn free FIFA 23 points and coins without spending any real money. This guide will explain the best methods for getting free FIFA points in FIFA 23.

Complete Objectives and SBCs

One of the best ways to earn free packs, players, and FIFA points is by completing objectives and Squad Building Challenges (SBCs).


Objectives are goals and tasks set by EA Sports within FIFA 23 modes like Ultimate Team, Career Mode, and Volta. Completing objectives will reward you with XP and often packs or players too.

Some objectives reset daily or weekly, so make sure to keep up with them. The Season Objectives offer the most potential rewards, with up to 100,000 coins available if you complete them all before the season ends.

Here are some tips for completing objectives efficiently:

  • Focus on objectives that reward tradable packs which can contain FIFA points items.
  • Stick to objectives suited to your playstyle. The weeklyScore 10 Finesse Goals objective will be easier for some players thanothers.
  • Use Squad Battles on a low difficulty to quickly complete objectives against the AI. You can score finesse shots and chip goals easily against low rated squads.

By regularly clearing new objectives, you‘ll stock up on packs that can contain FIFA points boosts alongside players to reinforce your squad.

Squad Building Challenges

SBCs involve submitting squads meeting certain requirements to earn tradable or untradable packs as a reward. New SBCs are added regularly, with varying difficulty and pack rewards.

Make sure to check the rewards before completing an SBC – the Premium Electrum Players Pack from advanced SBCs can give out FIFA points items.

Some tips for SBCs:

  • Focus on Basic, Advanced, League, and Nation SBCs first as they offer lucrative tradable packs.
  • Prepare cheap high-rated squads in advance using fodder cards from objectives to save coins. An 87 rating squad can be built for 20k coins or less.
  • Check Futbin for SBC solutions to see the cheapest way to complete challenging SBCs.

SBCs offer some of the most valuable pack rewards in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. With regular grinding, you‘ll eventually hit FIFA points boosts to redeem in your club.

Division Rivals & FUT Champions Rewards

Competing in Division Rivals and FUT Champions earns you weekly rewards based on your placement. The higher you rank, the better the rewards.

Division Rivals

Division Rivals rewards FIFA points boosts once you reach at least Rank III in your division (either III, II or I). The higher the rank, the more valuable your rewards will be:

  • Rank III – 2 Jumbo Premium Gold Packs (untradable) – Chance of 1,000 FIFA Points
  • Rank II – 2 Rare Players Packs (untradable) – Chance of 1,000 FIFA Points
  • Rank I – 2 Jumbo Rare Players Packs (untradable) – Chance of 1,000 FIFA Points

Make sure to play enough Rivals games each week to hit at least Rank III and earn those juicy untradable packs. High rated cards pulled from them can also be used in SBCs.

FUT Champions

FUT Champions offers even greater rewards if you can qualify and win enough of your games each weekend. Here are the milestones for FIFA points rewards:

  • 8 wins – 1 Player Pick (81+) & 2000 FUT Champions Qualification Points – Chance of 1,000 FIFA Points
  • 14 wins – 1 Player Pick (82+) – Chance of 1,000 FIFA Points
  • 20 wins – 1 Player Pick (83+) & 1 TOTW Player Pick – Chance of 1,000 FIFA Points*

The FUT Champions premium TOTW pack is arguably the most lucrative in FIFA 23, with a good chance of packing high value in-forms. But reaching 20 wins isn‘t easy – get as far as you can for the best shot at FIFA points items.

Daily Login Rewards

EA rewards you for logging into FUT every day with coins, packs, and consumables. On certain days, your daily login reward includes a pack with a chance of containing FIFA points boosts:

  • Day 7 – Premium Gold Pack
  • Day 14 – Prime Gold Players Pack
  • Day 21 – Rare Players Pack
  • Day 28 – Jumbo Rare Players Pack

Add daily login rewards to the packs you‘re earning through objectives, SBCs, and online modes. The more packs opened, the more chances of hitting that 1,000 or 2,000 FIFA points jackpot.

Draft Mode Rewards

Draft mode challenges you to build a squad under specific conditions, then compete in a 4 round knockout tournament against other players.

The cost of entry is either 15,000 coins or 300 FIFA points. But if you can win at least 2 matches, you‘ll earn pack rewards worth far more.

Here are the rewards for each win tier:

  • 2 wins – Two Gold Packs & One Premium Gold Pack – Chance of 1,000 FIFA Points
  • 3 wins – Two Gold Packs & Two Premium Gold Packs – Chance of 1,000 FIFA Points
  • 4 wins – Two Gold Packs & Two Premium Gold Packs & One Rare Gold Pack – Chance of 1,000 FIFA Points

Draft mode carries risk, but with the potential for great rewards. If your team building and gameplay skills are up to it, you can earn packs with a good shot at FIFA points items.

Leaderboards and Challenges

Featured throughout FUT are leaderboards and challenges with leaders or winners earning tradable packs.

Challenges range from scoring a hat trick with Brazilian players, to assists with Premier League crosses, and more. Check Objectives and the FUT Champions Channel for new ones added weekly.

Some leaderboards compete on stats like goals, assists, transfers and match earnings. Climbing these leaderboards will earn reward packs when they expire – top 10 finishes pay out Premium Gold Players Packs or higher.

Leaderboards and challenges keep things fresh while rewarding engaged players. The packs on offer provide more opportunities for FIFA points boosts.

Web and Companion Apps

Don‘t forget to use the FIFA 23 web and companion apps for easy ways to earn free packs as you go about your day.

The apps allow you to access FUT and manage your club from anywhere. You can complete SBCs, list transfer market items, open packs pulled from objectives, and claim daily rewards.

Occasionally, daily reward packs and SBCs completed on the apps contain FIFA points boosts. With the convenience of managing FUT from your phone, it takes just a few minutes to potentially earn free FIFA points while riding the bus home.

EA Play and Game Streaming Services

Subscribers to paid services like EA Play, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Origin Access, and PS Plus receive additional FIFA 23 perks.

Depending on membership level, you can get monthly FIFA Points (up to 1,600 FP), cosmetic FUT items, objective XP boosts, and early trial access. The higher your membership status, the more FIFA rewards you redeem.

Even free game streaming subscriptions can pay off. Amazon Prime members get monthly Prime Gaming packs, while Stadia Pro members earn Stadia-exclusive FUT packs.

Check your subscription services for any current FIFA 23 player or pack perks. They can give your club a boost, including more chances at free FIFA points items.

Buy Low, Sell High

Trading is essential for building coin wealth on the FUT transfer market. And coins allow you to purchase FIFA points in FUT 23 stores when promotional sales are on.

The basic principle is straightforward – buy low-valued cards during crashes when supply is high, then sell them later once prices rebound.

Here are some proven trading techniques:

  • Flipping meta cards – Buy popular meta gold cards on Wednesdays when squad battles rewards are opened, then sell on the weekend when demand rises.

  • Mass bidding – Bid on a specific card below its market price until you win some, then list those for profit.

  • Snipe deals – Use the 59th minute filter on a max buy now price to try and instantly buy listed cards cheaper than their value.

  • Preview packs – Open preview packs on the web app and buy any that contain high valued meta cards.

Learn the latest meta player trends, buy low during promo crashes, and sell high when supply decreases. Rinse and repeat to build a healthy coin balance.

When EA eventually offers a FIFA point sale, you can convert those coins into discounted points for your club.

Complete the Campaign

The new FIFA 23 Campaign offers objectives rewarding over 100,000 coins which can be put towards FIFA points purchases.

Objectives include scoring and assisting with French players, playing FUT Moments, etc. Many are tied to weekly content so keep the campaign on your radar.

Coins go a long way when EA puts FIFA points packs on sale weekly in the FUT store. Jot down a checklist of Campaign objectives and tick them off to grow your coin funds.

Gift Cards and EA Play Memberships

Keep an eye out for gift card promotions awarding FIFA Points as an incentive. Retailers like Amazon frequently run deals where purchasing a $10 Xbox gift card will net you an extra $1 or $2 in FIFA Points. Stack up a few during sales periods and that can add up.

You might also receive PlayStation Store or Microsoft gift cards as gifts for your birthday or a holiday. Save them to put towards reduced FIFA points packs when FUT store sales go live.

See if you can get a friend or family member to gift you a 1 month EA Play subscription. Depending on the level, it comes with up to 1,600 FIFA Points as an instant reward.

Now that you know all the ways to earn free packs, it‘s time to maximize your chances of scoring those lucrative FIFA points items.

Here are some pack opening tips and tricks to boost your odds:

Open Packs During Promotions

Your odds of hitting big pulls and FIFA points increases during promotional events when special cards are in packs:

  • Team of the Week – New TOTW in-forms released Wednesdays
  • Promos – Events like Rulebreakers, Future Stars and TOTY
  • Road to the World Cup – Special upgraded cards

The thinner the card pool is, the better your chances at valuable cards and FIFA point consumables. Open packs ASAP when promos first drop for ideal pack weight.

Stick to Valuable Pack Types

Prioritize pack types that offer the best shot at high rated cards and FIFA points:

  • Rare gold packs – Premium Gold Players Pack, Rare Players Pack, Mega Pack etc.
  • Rare mixed packs – Prime Mixed Players Pack, Rare Mixed Players Pack
  • TOTW packs – Jumbo Premium Gold Players Pack, Prime Gold Players Pack

Avoid basic gold packs or silver packs with mostly low rated cards. Focus your efforts on rare gold packs or better for respectable odds.

Space Out Your Openings

Don‘t blow through your saved up packs all at once. Space out and mix up the order of your pack openings.

Some players believe pack weight decreases progressively as you open more packs in one sitting. Pace out your openings over days or weeks to refresh your luck.

Mixing up premium and basic packs may help as well. Don‘t open all your best packs first.

Use the Web App

Open your packs on the FIFA 23 web app whenever possible. Players report higher pack luck on the web app over the console version.

The web app also allows for lightning fast mass listing of packed players to keep transfer profit flowing. Open on web, sell on web.

Avoid Preview Packs

Preview packs allow you to see the contents before purchase. But this eliminates the possibility of hitting that surprise FIFA points item. Skip previews and rely on your luck.

Watch Reactions Live

When a new TOTW or promo launches, you can watch live streams and pack opening reactions on Twitch and YouTube.

Seeing a massive pull and FIFA points flash before your eyes can boost your morale before you open yours. Let the hype lift your pack luck up.

If you managed to pack some of those elusive FIFA points items, you‘ll want to make the most of them by spending carefully.

Here are some tips on the wise use of FIFA points:

Save Points for Promotions

The best time to open points-bought packs is during promo events when special cards temporarily enter packs.

Points go further during a promo since your odds of hitting a high value TOTW or event card are better than normal. You‘ll get more bang for your buck.

Exercise some patience and save up points through objectives and SBCs. Invest them all when a big promo arrives to maximize returns.

Take Advantage of Lightning Rounds

When a highly anticipated promo launches, EA will schedule limited time lightning rounds featuring premium packs available only for FIFA points.

These lightning rounds last 60 to 90 minutes and are your best shot at new in-forms or event cards before they become extinct on the market. Yes they are expensive, but pack weight is juiced.

Having FIFA points ready allows you to strike quickly when lightning rounds pop. Act fast to open promo packs with boosted odds.

Use Points For Draft

Spend 300 FP to enter Draft mode and try to win a 4 round tournament for rewards. At 2 wins out of 4 you‘ll earn back your points value in packs.

Draft also lets you temporarily use star players you couldn‘t otherwise afford. It freshens up the gameplay when you need a break from rivals and champs.

Knock out a Draft run or two during promos for fun, profit, and a chance at packing currently available special cards.

Upgrade to Ultimate Edition

If you purchased the Standard Edition of FIFA 23, spending 4,600 points will upgrade your game to the Ultimate Edition content:

  • 4600 FIFA Points – $39.99
  • Ultimate Edition Upgrade – $39.99

For the cost of points alone, you also get:

  • 4600 FP (equivalent of $40 value)
  • 3 Days Early Access
  • FUT Hero Item
  • FUT Team of the Week 1 Player Item
  • Kylian Mbappé Loan Item
  • FUT Ambassador Loan Player Pick
  • Career Mode Homegrown Talent

Upgrading editions with points is worthwhile to claim those permanent FUT Hero and TOTW 1 cards. And 4600 FP leaves you with spare points for later.

Make the most of your FIFA points windfall by spending smartly during promos, lightning rounds, and edition upgrades. Invest them into your club when value is highest.

Once you manage to pack FIFA points items, you‘ll need to redeem them correctly into your account balance.

Here is the process to follow when you hit the 1,000 or 2,000 FP jackpot:

  1. Head to your FUT Club and access the Consumables section:

    • On PlayStation press R1.
    • On Xbox press RB.
  2. Locate the Your FIFA Points Boost item.

  3. Move the cursor over it and choose Redeem.

  4. A confirmation will appear showing points redeeming.

  5. Check your FIFA Points balance total to confirm the boost added successfully.

With those free points now in your account, you‘re set to enter Draft, open promo packs, or whatever you choose to invest them into!

While buying FIFA Points with cash is certainly faster, it‘s not the only way to stock up. There are countless opportunities to earn free packs and FIFA points in FIFA 23.

Objectives, SBCs, rewards from online modes, daily logins, app rewards, and gift cards can all provide FIFA Points boosts. With some dedication and pack luck, you can save real money buying points.

Be sure to redeem your FIFA Points items correctly within FUT. And once you have points in the bank, spend them when promo packs are out to maximize returns.

With this guide‘s tips and strategies, you‘ll be well on your way to amassing FIFA Points without paying extra. Just set aside time each day and week to grind out objectives, complete SBCs, and climb reward ranks. Persistence and smart investing will grow your FIFA wealth and standing in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.



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