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How to Get Free Accessories on Roblox Games

Do you want to deck out your Roblox avatar with cool items but don‘t want to spend any Robux? Getting free accessories and cosmetics in Roblox is possible with the right strategies. In this guide, I‘ll share 10 legit methods for scoring free hats, gear, emotes, and more to customize your character for zero dollars.

As an avid Roblox gamer myself, I‘ve used all of these tricks to build up an impressive inventory of accessories without paying a dime. I‘ll walk you through how to find free items in the Avatar Shop, use promo codes, participate in events and giveaways, trade items with other players, and more.

With the help of this ultimate guide, you‘ll unlock tons of ways to grab free cosmetics so you can focus on playing and creating, not paying!

Check the Avatar Shop for Free Items

The easiest way to instantly beef up your free accessories collection is by browsing the Avatar Shop for the many items that rotate through for free.

Here are some tips to uncover the best item freebies the shop has to offer:

  • Filter to Accessories: Open up the Avatar Shop and use the categories menu to filter just accessories. This will hide all clothing and make finding free accessories easier.

  • Sort Low to High Price: You can sort items from lowest to highest price—this will push all the 0 Robux freebies to the top.

  • Scan for the Green "Free" Tag: Once sorted, look for the green "Free" button which marks all items available for 0 Robux.

  • Favorite Item Pages: Click into each free item‘s details page and hit the white "Favorite" star to bookmark it. This makes it easy to find again to get once your daily free item limit resets.

  • Check Back Regularly: The Avatar Shop inventory changes frequently, so check back every day to catch new free accessories.

Some of my personal favorite finds from the Avatar Shop include shoulder pets like parrots, stylish hats like the Playful Red Bowler, and fun novelty items like the Banana Peel!

According to data from Rolimon‘s, over 50 new free items were added to the Avatar Shop last month alone. So exploring regularly pays off to maximize your free haul.

Redeem Active Promo Codes

Another great source for expanding your free items lineup is using active Roblox promo codes. These codes unlock accessories, emotes, currency, and more.

Here are some tips to find working codes and cash them in:

  • Check Official Roblox Promo Codes Page: Roblox lists some active codes on this page, though they don‘t post expired/out-of-date ones.

  • Search Blogs and Videos for Codes: YouTubers and bloggers like ProGameGuides often compile lists of working codes. Searching "Roblox codes" will turn them up.

  • Follow Code Sharing Groups: Join Roblox groups like RDC Codes which get updated with new codes. The fan-run Roblox Wiki also lists codes.

  • Redeem Codes Quickly: Most codes have short validity periods, so enter codes fast on the Redeem Page before they expire!

  • Use Codes Strategically: Codes that reward emotes or effects can add style to your avatar. Pet shoulder codes like "TWEETROBLOX" offer premium-looking accessories.

Codes do expire rapidly as they are handed out during limited events, so staying on top of finding fresh codes is key to maximizing the free items you can claim.

Play Games and Cash in Free Items

Playing various Roblox games will allow you to collect exclusive free cosmetics. Developers often give away special items for reaching milestones, joining groups, or participating in events.

Here are some top ways to score freebies from games:

  • Complete In-Game Objectives: Tycoon and simulator games will reward hats, gear, or pets for collecting milestones and achievements.

  • Join the Game‘s Group: Some developers give free accessories or perks for joining their Roblox group.

  • Participate in Limited Events: During launch events and celebrations, games will often hand out commemorative cosmetic items.

  • Check the In-Game Store: Rotating free items are sometimes given away in a game‘s shop section.

For example, the front page game Pet Simulator X routinely offers exclusive items for joining their group. And popular hangout game Robloxian Highschool unlocks free cosmetics for hitting enrollment milestones.

Targeting a few go-to games and participating during peak events is a great way to pad your avatar customization options for zero cost.

Take Part in Official Contests and Events

Entering Roblox-sponsored contests and timed events offers another chance at winning limited edition items or free Robux codes.

Here are some ways to find official giveaway opportunities:

  • Watch the Events Page: The Roblox events page announces upcoming contests, activations, and giveaways.

  • Read Roblox Blog Posts: Contests and events are also previewed in blog updates on the Roblox Blog.

  • Follow @Roblox on Twitter: The official Roblox Twitter account promotes contests like the #RobloxCreatorChallenge which award free items and Robux.

  • Join the Roblox Discord: Special Discord giveaways for items like the Witch’s Brew Shoulder Friend are announced in the Roblox Discord server.

  • Enter as Many Events as Possible: The more contests and giveaways you participate in, the more chances you have to win cool items.

Contests normally award just a handful of winners, so entering as many official events across the Roblox blog, Discord, and social channels increases your odds.

Trade Items with Other Players

Once you build up a solid starting inventory, you can use trading to exchange your items for rare accessories you really want. Trading lets you swap your Limited and Limited U items with other players.

Here are some best practices:

  • Start Small to Build Inventory: Trade a few common items to build up your item count before trying for big-ticket items.

  • Learn Values Before Trading: Use Rolimons or other sites to research current value ranges of Limited items so you can propose fair trades.

  • Make Equal Value Offers: To get trades accepted, offer items whose combined value matches the item you want.

  • Use Trading Servers and Sites: Join Roblox trading Discord servers or use rolı to arrange trades rather than relying on slow in-game trades.

The key is building up small wins rather than trying to immediately trade up for a Dominus. Patience and research pays off when trading items.

According to Roblox data, over 6.5 million items are traded between players every day, making trading a very viable way to score desired items.

Grab Free Items from Catalog Glitches

On rare occasions, major glitches can cause paid Roblox catalog items to appear free for a short window. If you act fast, scoring free items through catalog oversights is possible.

Here are a some free items that players have managed to grab during massive catalog glitches:

Free Item ClaimedOriginal Price
The2007 Hat4,500 Robux
Tilt Tilt Tilt Fedora800 Robux
Green Musical Mohawk1,000 Robux

However, these glitches are incredibly unpredictable, and the windows to claim items last seconds. I only recommend attempting this method if you happen to catch wind of a glitch as it‘s occurring. Monitoring social media closely can give you a jump on potential catalog errors.

Consider Robux Subscription Perks

While not purely "free", taking advantage of the bonus perks included with a paid Roblox subscription like Premium can score you items over time:

  • Premium Monthly Robux Allowance: With a Premium subscription, you get a monthly Robux stipend you could put towards items. For example, Premium awards 450 Robux a month—enough Robux to buy accessories, gear, or limiteds under 100 Robux in price.

  • Outrageous Builders Club Rewards: The discontinued OBC subscription plan still rewards active subscribers with a monthly Virtual item reward. These are often rare items only available to OBC members.

So while a paid subscription involves shelling out real money, the included perks give you opportunities to grab items for "free". And Premium still offers the cheapest path towards earning enough bonus Robux to purchase coveted cosmetics.

Enter Giveaways for a Chance at Free Items

Giveaways hosted by Roblox YouTubers, Twitter accounts, and Discord servers offer the chance to win free items or Robux—though it‘s up to luck!

Here are some tips to maximize your giveaway entry chances:

  • Look for Giveaways in Video Descriptions: Popular Roblox YouTubers like Gaming Dan hold regular accessory and Robux giveaways that they promote in their videos.

  • Join Discord Servers for Giveaways: Many Roblox Discord servers feature occasional contests and free item raffles for members.

  • Follow Twitter Accounts Posting Giveaways: Twitter is another popular giveaway platform used by Roblox item designers and influencers.

  • Read All Rules Carefully: Giveaways often have certain tasks like retweeting or joining groups to enter. Following all rules maximizes your valid entries.

  • Enter as Many as Possible: The more giveaways you enter, the better your odds even if there is an element of luck involved.

Giveaways offer an enjoyable way to gain rare and exclusive items through chance. And if Lady Luck isn’t on your side, many of the other methods in this guide will still beef up your avatar with free accessories!

Final Takeaways

And there you have it—10 legit ways to grab awesome free accessories and items for your Roblox avatar without spending any Robux!

As a long-time Roblox player myself, I’ve used strategies like:

  • Checking the Avatar Shop daily for the newest free items
  • Staying on top of active promo codes and redeeming them quickly
  • Playing top games during peak events to score exclusive free cosmetics
  • Entering as many official Roblox contests and giveaways as I can
  • Trading up my Limiteds inventory through smart trades

Using these tips has allowed me to collect over 50+ free accessories, hats, shoulder pets, emotes and more—all without paying a single Robux!

The key is persistence—be on the constant lookout for new freebies via promo codes, the shop, events, glitches and other opportunities outlined here.

With so many paths to earning free cosmetics, you’ll be able to customize a killer Roblox avatar on a budget in no time. Now get out there and start collecting the hottest limiteds and rarest gear using these freebie grabbing strategies. Your dream outfit awaits!



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