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How to Get Free Amazon Prime Account 2023

Amazon has been long known as a gigantic online store throughout the world. Being so, Amazon continuously improves its services and features to level up customer’s shopping experience.

Amazon Prime is one of the services that provides 2-day shipping for all orders. In addition, Amazon prime member also offers many other extras and benefits such as a lending library in Kindle and Prime Video, now, Amazon prime video has more than 175 million users.

Needless to say, Prime charges $119 each year for the membership. Good news for anyone, free account for Prime is now available. How to get free Amazon Prime account in 2022?

The so-called free Prime account lets you enjoy the features and extras of Amazon Prime without paying for membership. Considering a lot of extras Prime offers, it is not a surprise that many people try to get an Amazon Prime account for free.

Are you interested to get one? Even though Black Friday already passed, you can use the account for another occasion. Read here to figure out how to get Amazon Prime to account freely.

How to Get Free Amazon Prime Account 2022: Benefits

Get Free Amazon Prime Account Benefits

If you ever wonder why many people out there are desperately asking how to get Prime free account, you better get closer to it. Amazon Prime is designed with plenty of features and services that every customer will do anything to get one.

Before going straightly to the benefits, you need to know what Amazon Prime really is. Basically, Amazon Prime refers to a paid service which currently charges $119 per year. With this money, you are eligible for distinct advantages that will not be experienced by regular member.

What are the features? Why should I get Amazon Prime account? To answer these questions, you better know the reasons why Amazon Prime is worth it.

Free 2-day shipping

Free 2 day shipping

This is one of the best features offered by Prime. It enacts free 2-day shipping for any items throughout the United States. For some eligible ZIP codes, it also enables free same-day delivery. This kind of service brings advantages especially if you urgently need the item.

Prime Pantry

In case you have never heard about this, note that Prime Pantry allows the members to access low-priced groceries, household and pet care stuff. What can be better than this?

The membership enables you to save a lot of money only with annual payment. But you need to note that Prime Pantry charges $4.99 per month in addition to Prime membership. When you join this service, you will be eligible for unlimited free shipping for each order higher than $40.

Deals and discounts

Deals and discounts

Amazon Prime provides amazing deals and discounts for baby registry. It includes 20 percent discount for diapers and other baby products. Not only has that, purchasing whole foods with Rewards Visa Card allowed you to get 5 percent cash back. They also provide 2-hour deliveries for whole foods via Prime Now service. The delivery is available in eligible cities.

Kindle First

If you are a book worm, knowing how to get free Amazon Prime account 2018 is a must. It enables you to get early access to download new book every month, for free. Can you imagine how exciting to wait for new book release and get it for free in Kindle?



Amazon Prime also offers benefits for entertainment. Let’s call Prime Video that provides unlimited streaming for TV episodes and movies in the United States, add video subscription, and other features.

Prime Music is also available that brings you unlimited and ad-free access to Prime Playlists containing millions of songs. There are also many other features including Prime Photos, Free Games Twitch Prime, and Thursday Night NFL Games.

How to Get Free Amazon Prime Account 2022: Methods

Can’t wait to get Amazon Prime account for free? When it comes to getting free account, there are actually several methods that you can choose. Amazon itself provides several ways for the customers to enjoy the features and benefits of Prime for free. You can take advantages from this offer and get your free Amazon Prime account. Here are some available methods to try:

30-day free trial

The very first method of how to get free Amazon Prime account 2022 is by using 30-day free trial. If you want to know how it works, give it a try and join the 30-day free trial provided by Amazon Prime.

After 30 days, you will be charged for the membership as much as $13 each month or equal to $119 each year. So, always remember to cancel the trial before the time is up, unless you want to continue for paid membership.

How to start the 30-day free trial? First you need to figure out whether you are eligible for the trial. Once you have regular Amazon account, sign in and visit Prime membership landing page.

On the page, you need to check if there is a button “Start your 30-day free trial”. If you see, it means you are eligible and simply click the button to sign up. If you see “Get Started”, it means you can enjoy Amazon Prime features temporarily. When the time is over, you will need to wait for another trial coming to your account.

Prime Student with 6-month free trial

Prime Student with 6-month free trial

Good news for every student! Amazon provides special program for students that offer 6-month free trial. Whenever you join the program, you will be eligible for 50 percent off the Prime membership. This is an incredible program that you should not miss to gear up before the school year. How to get free Amazon Prime account 2022 through this method?

First, you need to check if you are qualified. To qualify, you need to be listed as a student in at least one institution in the United States, proven by proof of enrollment. You will also need to provide .EDU email address. If you are qualified, sign in to your Amazon account and visit Prime Student landing page.

Find “Start your 6-month trial” and click on it. After 6 months, this program charges $6.49 each month or equal to $60 each year. It means you get half price of Prime membership. In case you do not want to move to paid membership, simply end the trial before the time is up.

You can learn step-by-step on here.


There are actually some other ways that you can try to enjoy the benefits of Amazon Prime. However, these methods are not straightforward since you need to take several steps before getting free account.

For example, you can make new Amazon account with different email address. Through this account, you might be eligible for the 30-day free trial program. Yet, make sure this account does not contain any information about payment or bank accounts.

Another way of how to get free Amazon Prime account 2022 is by sharing. Do you know? Prime allows to share the membership with other family member, including maximum 4 teens aged 13 to 17 and 1 adult. Through this way, you need to share the same payment details. Therefore, you need to make sure to only share with family or trusted friends.

In addition, American Express cardholders may take advantage from 3-month Prime membership offer for the new subscribers. If you have American Express card and want to check if you are qualified, sign in to your Amazon account and check out Amazon Prime.

The Benefits and Features of Amazon Prime for Free

The Benefits and Features of Amazon Prime for Free

Those are some methods that you choose to enjoy the benefits and features of Amazon Prime for free. The 30-day free trial is considered the simplest and easiest method, however it offers short program only.

Or else, Prime Student is also worth trying if you are a student who wishes to gear up for upcoming school year. The most important, do not forget to cancel the free trial unless you want to continue the membership.

How to cancel free trial program from Amazon Prime

How to cancel free trial program from Amazon Prime? Some of you might find that Prime is versatile and awesome with its benefits and features. However, most of you do not want to stick with it and pay some money for the membership. The only solution is by cancelling the free trial. It is actually very easy to avoid Prime automatic membership.

The first way, you need to find your account name in upper right corner of the page. Hover over the account name, click the dropdown menu and select “Your Prime Membership”.

On the next page, choose Cancel. Your free trial is successfully canceled. The other way, go straight to Amazon help page and find “End Membership”. Click the button and the cancellation process is over. Now you are free and there is nothing to worry about Amazon Prime membership.

What do you think? Among several methods of how to get free Amazon Prime account 2022, which one would you love to try? Whichever ways you use, Amazon Prime is worth trying.
Providing many features and benefits such as same-day or 2-day shipping, discount, and many others, Amazon Prime will improve your shopping experience. Choose the program that suits you best!



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