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How to get free bet on 1xBet?

Getting a free bet on 1xBet provides you with bonus funds that give you extra opportunities to win money when you join the site as a new customer. Let‘s explore the ins and outs of claiming and making the most of free bets with 1xBet.

An overview of free bets and how they work

A free bet is essentially a token given out by a sportsbook that allows you to place a bet without having to risk any of your own money. It‘s the bookmaker‘s money you are betting with.

Here‘s a quick rundown of how they work:

  • You are awarded a free bet token, usually after completing a task like making a deposit or entering a promo code.

  • The token will be credited to your account with a defined monetary value, for example $20.

  • You can then use the free bet token to place a real money wager up to that amount, like on an upcoming football match.

  • If your bet loses, you don‘t lose anything as it‘s the bookmaker‘s money. If it wins, you keep the winnings but not the original stake amount.

While you can‘t withdraw the cash value directly, free bets give you extra opportunities to potentially win real money as you aren‘t risking your own funds.

Why do bookmakers offer free bets?

You may be wondering, why do betting sites offer these free bets in the first place?

There are a few key reasons:

  • Customer acquisition – Free bets help attract new sign-ups and stand out from the competition. Offering a good welcome bonus is key.

  • Customer retention – Existing players get given free bets to keep them loyal to the bookmaker long-term.

  • Cross-selling – Once players try one product like sports betting with their free bet, they may be convinced to try other products like the casino.

  • Encourage betting – Granting free bets means players have extra incentive to engage in more frequent betting activity.

  • Data collection – Free bet promotional terms give bookmakers insight into player behavior.

While mutually beneficial, the motivation is clearly commercial from the bookmaker‘s side when handing out free bets. But users certainly won‘t complain about receiving them!

Overview of 1xBet‘s welcome bonus

Now let‘s focus specifically on 1xBet and the free bet welcome bonus they offer to new players signing up:

Up to $100 in free bets

The 1xBet welcome offer provides all new customers creating an account for the first time with a 100% matched deposit bonus up to $100 issued in the form of free bets.

So for example, if you sign-up and deposit $100 of your own money, 1xBet will credit your new account with another $100 in the form of free bet tokens. This instantly doubles your bankroll.

To qualify, you simply need to:

  • Successfully register a brand new 1xBet account
  • Make a real money deposit of at least $1
  • Place a bet using the deposited funds

Once these steps are fulfilled, the matched free bet amount will be credited to your account automatically.

Key terms to know

There are some key terms attached to 1xBet‘s welcome bonus to be aware of:

  • The minimum qualifying deposit is $1.
  • The maximum free bet reward is capped at $100.
  • Free bets are issued as non-withdrawable tokens.
  • Free bets expire after 7 days if not used.
  • Wagering requirements may apply to any winnings.

So be sure to use your 1xBet free bets promptly once they are credited to your account!

Other 1xBet free bet & bonus offers

In addition to the new customer welcome free bet, 1xBet also provides users with various other free bet offers and bonuses.

These relate to events, seasonal promotions, or can just be random rewards for active players.

Here are some examples of other 1xBet free bet promotions you may come across:

  • Risk-free bets – For major competitions, get a refund if your bet loses up to a certain amount.

  • Multi-bet bonuses – Free bets are sometimes awarded for placing accumulator bets with a certain number of legs.

  • Losing bet refunds – If you lose an accumulator or system bet by 1 selection, get your stake back as a free bet.

  • Seasonal events – Christmas, Halloween and Easter often have associated free bet promotions.

  • Refer a friend – Get a free bet for every friend you refer who registers and bets.

  • Loyalty rewards – Active users may randomly receive free bet loyalty bonuses.

  • Live betting – Occasional pop-up free bets are awarded for live in-play wagers.

So it‘s always worth checking the "Promotions" page on 1xBet or your account inbox to see what free bet offers are running. There are plenty of ways to get free bets beyond just the welcome bonus.

Step-by-step guide to getting your 1xBet welcome free bet

To make the process of claiming your 1xBet welcome free bet smooth, follow these exact steps:

Step 1 – Register

  • Visit 1xBet and click the green "Register" button.
  • Enter your personal details like name, DOB and email.
  • Create a username and password for your new account.
  • Tick to accept 1xBet‘s terms and conditions.
  • Complete any required ID or document verification steps.

Step 2 – Make a real money deposit

  • From the top menu, go to "Deposit" and choose your preferred payment method.
  • Deposit at least $1 into your new 1xBet account. This unlocks the welcome bonus.

Step 3 – Place a bet using deposited funds

  • Using the funds in your account, place a real money bet on any market.
  • Bets must have minimum odds of 1.5 to qualify.
  • Once your bet is placed, the free bet will activate.

Step 4 – Receive your free bet

  • Go to your account dashboard, select "Bonuses" to see your free bet amount.
  • A token matching your deposit up to $100 will be visible.
  • Use within 7 days before the free bet expires.

And that‘s it! Following those steps will ensure you receive your 1xBet sign-up free bet bonus.

Using a 1xBet promo code

In some cases, as well as the basic welcome bonus activation steps, you may need to enter a 1xBet promo code to access free bets:

How 1xBet promo codes work

1xBet promo codes are special combinations of letters and numbers that unlock access to free bet bonuses and other promotions.

They typically need to be entered during the registration process when signing up for a new account.

Some key tips for using 1xBet promo codes properly:

  • Check the latest promo code offers in your region which get updated frequently.

  • If asked, accurately enter the promo code during initial registration. This will activate the bonus.

  • Never try to reuse a code multiple times. They can only be used once per customer.

  • Take note of any terms like minimum deposit or odds related to a promo code offer.

Examples of recent 1xBet promo codes

Here are some real examples of promo codes offered by 1xBet and the free bet value they provided:

  • 1x_27485 – 50% deposit match up to $200 free bet

  • 2MRX – Get a $5 free bet

  • CUP2022 – $50 in free bets for World Cup 2022

  • Lucky31 – 31% deposit match bonus up to $350

As you can see, entering the relevant 1xBet promo code is a quick way to access lucrative free bet and deposit match sign-up bonuses beyond the standard welcome offer.

Making deposits that qualify for free bets

To activate free bet rewards like 1xBet‘s welcome bonus, you need to make a real money deposit. Here are some tips:

Choose a suitable payment method

1xBet supports multiple payment options suitable for deposits that unlock free bets including:

  • Debit/Credit Cards – Visa, Mastercard allow instant deposits.

  • E-Wallets – Skrill, Neteller, PayPal and EcoPayz give you e-wallet convenience.

  • Prepaid Vouchers – Paysafecard lets you deposit with voucher codes.

  • Cryptocurrency – Options like Bitcoin and Ethereum supported.

  • Mobile Payments – Deposit via mobile money services on the 1xBet app.

Choose a deposit option that best suits your needs from the huge range available.

Make a qualifying minimum deposit

To activate a free bet, you‘ll usually need to deposit a minimum amount, in 1xBet‘s case $1. Consider:

  • Depositing slightly more, say $20, gives you more funds to bet and claim a bigger free bet.

  • But a smaller deposit like $5 can be smarter if you just want to check out the site first.

  • Only deposit what you can comfortably afford to bet with.

While the minimum is $1, think carefully about your ideal deposit amount to maximize value.

Know the maximum free bet value

1xBet caps the maximum free bet at $100, so know that:

  • If you deposit $100, your maximum free bet reward will be $100.

  • But if you deposit $300 for example, you‘ll still only receive $100 in free bets.

Deposit enough to get the full value, but don‘t overspend beyond the cap if you don‘t intend on heavy betting.

Strategic tips for using your 1xBet free bets

Once you‘ve claimed some 1xBet free bets, you‘ll want to use them strategically to maximize their profit potential.

Pick markets wisely

  • Favorites with odds like 1.10 offer little upside. Target underdogs or draws for bigger wins.

  • Obscure markets provide less analyst data to beat the bookmaker. Stick to major leagues you know well.

  • Handicap and total (over/under) lines can provide better free bet value than moneylines.

Thinking carefully about market selection when using your free bet helps optimize your chances.

Use free bets on accumulator bets

Combining multiple selections into an accumulator (parlay) bet increases potential payouts and is a great way to extract value from a free bet:

  • 2-4 team accumulators provide a balance of risk versus reward.

  • Be cautious with huge accumulators, as the more legs, the more chance one lets you down.

  • Consider "cash out" options to secure partial profits if some legs win.

With accumulators your entire bet can profit rather than just one wager.

Place free bets in-play for higher odds

Live, in-play betting allows you to place free bets at improved odds as the action unfolds:

  • Watch for key moments like substitutions, penalties or injuries and the resulting odds shifts.

  • Be ready to place your free bet once the odds hit a target price. Odds can change rapidly in-play.

  • In-play allows you to make a more informed judgement call on a game.

Intelligently using in-play markets at the right live betting opportunities can increase your free bet returns.

Combine free bet with cash bet

Consider backing your free bet with an additional cash bet on the same market. This covers outcomes and secures profits:

BetOddsStakePotential return
Free bet3.00$20 free bet$60
Cash bet3.00$10 own cash$30
Total$10 cash$90

Rather than just using the free bet, combine it with a cash bet for a higher overall return.

Wagering requirements explained

One key condition attached to most free bets is wagering requirements on any potential winnings. Here is what you need to know:

What are wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements define how many times you must bet the winnings from your free bets before withdrawing any money.

For example, 1xBet may impose wagering terms of x5. So if you win $100 with your free bet, you would need to bet a total of $100 * 5 = $500 before making a withdrawal.

This ensures you spend more time and money on the site before cashing out any profits from the free bet.

Key rules & tips to remember

When dealing with wagering terms for 1xBet free bets, keep these key points in mind:

  • Requirements are usually between x5-x10 but read the specific bonus terms.

  • Only settled bets with both stake and winnings count towards requirements.

  • Failure to complete wagering in time results in bonus winnings being voided.

  • Consider lower risk bets like even odds or low stakes to complete play through.

  • Don‘t chase losses as you attempt to complete wagering, as this is high risk.

Understanding the rules and having a plan to handle play through terms is vital when using free bets with wagering strings attached.

Is it possible to always win with 1xBet free bets?

While free bets give you great bonus value, it‘s important to have realistic expectations when using them. There are no guarantees when it comes to sports betting.

Having said that, there are tactics you can apply to improve your chances of coming out ahead with 1xBet free bets:

Have a smart betting strategy

Approach free bets in a structured, strategic way:

  • Set a clear staking plan and stick to it. Don‘t get reckless chasing losses.

  • Record and track your bets to analyze for any leaks or patterns.

  • Specialize in niche markets you really understand rather than spreading bets widely.

  • Know when to quit if on a hot streak rather than giving back all your profits in a session.

Thinking long-term and controlling the controllable will aid your success rates.

Take advantage of any predictive edge

Leverage any resource that can give you an edge:

  • Take advantage of access to proprietary betting models or algorithms.

  • If you have insider knowledge on a team like injuries or team news, capitalize on it.

  • Tap into expert betting advisor services with data tools and analytics.

  • Digest detailed stat projections rather than just relying on hunches.

Information and predictive insights, if reliable, can help beat the bookmaker‘s odds.

Mitigate risk where possible

Even when using free bets, it‘s good practice to mitigate risk:

  • Hedge your bets via cash out options or backing multiple outcomes to lower variance.

  • Don‘t place all your free bets at once. Spread them out to protect your bankroll from swings.

  • Avoid impulsive live betting and stick to markets you‘ve researched in depth first.

  • Stop betting for the day if you feel yourself tilting and getting emotional.

Controlling risk will mean you‘re still standing after any bad runs to take advantage of the next free bet opportunity.

Final words on getting the most from 1xBet free bets

Here are some final words of wisdom when claiming, using, and hopefully, winning with 1xBet free bets:

  • Be selective about which free bet promotions you opt into based on your betting style, bankroll size, and sport knowledge.

  • Always give yourself the best chance to win by leveraging data, expert advice, and predictive models to beat the bookmaker‘s odds.

  • Be disciplined and bet responsibly within your means, following a staking plan rather than chasing losses.

  • Learn continuously from your experience using free bets to develop your strategy over time.

  • Understand that while free bets offer excellent value, they don‘t guarantee success on every single wager.

Used intelligently with the right approach, 1xBet‘s generous array of free bet offers will give any player a huge boost on the road to sports betting success.



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