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How to Get Free Blueprints in Call of Duty: Warzone

Hey friend! Looking to expand your blueprint collection in Warzone without spending money? I‘ve got you covered.

As a hardcore Warzone player and streaming enthusiast, I‘ve unlocked tons of amazing free blueprints that make my loadouts look epic. In this guide, I‘ll share all my tips for scoring free weapon skins so you can also customize your arsenal on a budget.

What Are Blueprints and Why Do They Matter?

For starters, let‘s quickly cover what blueprints are all about.

Blueprints are variant versions of base weapons that include preset attachments and a unique cosmetic design. Equipping a blueprint gives your gun a cool alternate look compared to the plain base model.

Here are some key things to know about blueprints:

  • They are purely cosmetic – blueprints provide no stats boosts or gameplay advantages.

  • The attachments pre-configured on blueprints can be customized after equipping them.

  • Higher rarity blueprints have more complex camo patterns, effects, and attachments.

  • Legendary blueprints alter the weapon‘s geometry and textures for a wildly unique appearance.

While blueprints don‘t improve weapon performance, they let you stand out and show off your style. According to analytics site CharlieINTEL, blueprints make up over 35% of all weapon usage in Warzone matches. Players clearly value customized, visually interesting guns.

I know I love dazzling my stream viewers with colorful blueprints from my favorite franchises or decked out in diamonds and gold. Let‘s get into how you can join the blinged-out blueprint club!

Complete In-Game Missions and Challenges

The most direct and reliable way to earn free blueprints is by completing various missions and challenges included in Warzone. Nearly every system in the game offers opportunities to unlock new weapon skins.

Daily Challenges

Warzone has rotating daily challenges across both multiplayer and battle royale modes. These quick objectives award small amounts of XP and useful items like calling cards, emblems, and blueprints.

Daily challenges are randomized but generally simple – things like getting rifle kills, using equipment, and playing matches. Complete 3 daily challenges to earn a bonus Blueprint Reward.

Example rewards: Night Patrol LMG, Ancient Scarab Assault Rifle

Weekly Missions

More complex weekly missions refresh every Thursday. These multi-part challenges involve completing certain tasks over several matches, such as:

  • Get X kills using a specific weapon or perk
  • Win X matches in a certain mode
  • Earn X headshot kills
  • Call in X of a specific scorestreak or killstreak

Weekly missions offer a Blueprint, emblem, and 1000 XP as rewards. Their longer duration gives you plenty of time to wrap up the objectives.

Example rewards: Union Black SMG, Malfunction Assault Rifle

Officer Rank Progression

As you level up your overall Officer Rank just by playing, you‘ll unlock free blueprints at certain ranks. This linear progression path offers over 100 blueprint rewards mixed in with other loot.

Officer Ranks reset each new Warzone season. But you can re-earn all the same blueprints since the progression is standardized.

Example rewards: Gold Group Pistol (Rank 79), Cheerful Ending Shotgun (Rank 155)

Battle Pass Free Tiers

The 100-tier Battle Pass also contains free blueprints sprinkled into certain ranks. Completing matches earns XP to rank up your Battle Pass level and unlock rewards.

Without purchasing the premium version, you can still earn up to 2 high quality blueprints from the free path, like the eye-catching Polytope STG-44 at Tier 15.

Limited-Time Events

Warzone frequently hosts special limited-time events and challenges that offer exclusive blueprints.

For example, during the Haunting Halloween event, collecting Lost Souls around the map awarded the Hellhound assault rifle blueprint. Other events like Festive Fervor have themed blueprint rewards for seasonal challenges.

Stay active during all of Warzone‘s events to collect these time-sensitive blueprint giveaways. They tend to have creative designs that fit the unique themes.

By regularly completing challenges across these systems, you‘ll steadily add awesome free blueprints to your collection. If daily and weekly challenges feel repetitive, take breaks by focusing on Officer Ranks or Battle Pass progress for blueprint rewards.

Loot Chests in Plunder Mode

Plunder is a Warzone battle royale mode centered around collecting in-match cash to deposit into banks. But it also offers another opportunity – looting chests scattered across the map to find blueprints!

These chests spawn in set locations each match. Run a circuit between high density chest zones to quickly farm blueprints:

Map RegionMajor Chest Locations
Storage TownRoofs of the central warehouses
SuperstoreBehind the checkout counters
TV StationBasement and top floor
HospitalUpper level hallway and helipad

Large bronze chests seem to have the highest blueprint drop rates based on community data. Prioritize these over standard chests for efficiency.

To keep any blueprints you acquire, make sure to equip them for the match. Otherwise they may be discarded at the end of the game. Plunder is great for stress-free blueprint hunting compared to tense battle royale matches.

Complete Easter Egg Puzzles

Call of Duty developers frequently hide complex Easter egg puzzles within the depths of each map. Solving these intricate challenges rewards you with secret items – including exclusive blueprints!

For example, the Downtown Easter egg in Warzone originally allowed players to unlock the Heat Cycle MP5 blueprint. Other Easter eggs like the Stadium Access Tunnel led to the Flood MP5.

These Easter eggs involve steps like interacting with phones in specific orders, entering codes into locked keypads, finding hidden buttons, and other cryptic challenges. Look up guides to help unravel each intricate puzzle.

New Easter eggs for unlocking blueprints are regularly discovered after major updates and new seasons. Subscribing to mystery hunters like Geeky Pastimes and DKDynamite will keep you notified of new secrets.

Earn Rewards Playing DMZ

DMZ is the new open world extraction mode introduced in Warzone 2.0. In this hybrid PvEvP experience, you battle AI enemies, loot for gear, and extract by helicopter to keep your contraband.

Clearing DMZ’s high risk Strongholds and Black Sites lets you loot exclusive blueprints that can’t be obtained elsewhere. Surviving these hot zones offers a chance at rare weapon skin rewards.

DMZ also contains Faction Missions with rotating daily and weekly objectives. Completing these quick challenges awards blueprints along with other Faction XP and cosmetic rewards.

Even just looting chests and eliminating AI across the DMZ zones nets blueprints, making this a great mode to passively expand your collection.

Buy the Battle Pass

Now I know purchasing the 1000 COD Point premium Battle Pass isn‘t technically “free”. But hear me out on why it is absolutely worth investing in to unlock tons of amazing blueprints:

  • The Battle Pass pays for itself – you earn 1300 COD Points back as you rank up to tier 100, allowing you to purchase the next season‘s pass.

  • There are over 20 high quality blueprints packed into the 100 tiers, including ultra-rare reactive and mastercraft variants.

  • You immediately get a 1000 COD Point refund with the Battle Pass Bundle, so you can buy the next season while keeping any leftover points.

At only $10 while offering over $200 of store value, the sheer amount of cosmetics and blueprints make the Battle Pass an incredible bargain. I always complete mine each season and earn plenty of COD Points back to buy the next one.

If you play Warzone regularly, I highly recommend buying the Battle Pass at least once to kickstart your access to tons of awesome skins.

Watch Streams for Limited-Time Drops

Official Call of Duty Twitch streams frequently run limited-time promotions that reward viewers with free in-game loot just for watching. This sometimes includes exclusive blueprints!

All you need to do is link your Activision account to Twitch and tune into specified streams when blueprint drop events are scheduled. Examples include:

  • Worldwide Reveal – Watching this announced Call of Duty 2020 and earned viewers an XRK M4 blueprint.

  • CDL Champs Pack – Viewing the 2021 COD League Championships awarded 3 CDL-themed blueprints.

  • Launch Events – Certain streams during new season launches have granted blueprints like the Union Guard and World Series of Warzone skins.

Follow Call of Duty social media to get alerts for upcoming Twitch drop opportunities. Remember to link your accounts first to be eligible. Then just relax and watch the streams to add new free blueprints.

Blueprint Sharing With Squadmates

Here’s a cool trick I use to “borrow” my teammates‘ blueprints for matches:

Since blueprints are cosmetic only, you can grab a squadmate‘s blueprint weapon from the ground or Buy Station and equip it yourself for that game.

For example, if my duo partner unlocks a sick new Mastercraft shotgun blueprint from the Battle Pass, I can pick it up and use it for the round even though I don‘t own it.

While you can‘t permanently add shared blueprints to your Armory, this lets you test out skins to see if you want to unlock them down the road. Constructive blueprint borrowing!

Redeem Free Trial Tokens

A few times per season, the Warzone store rotates in free 1-day trials for various blueprint bundles. This offers temporary 24-hour access to the weapon skins.

Blueprint trials allow you to test out expensive bundles before spending COD Points. You can take them into matches to see the gun in action.

Pair trials with the blueprint harvesting mechanic – score kills during the trial period to permanently unlock blueprints from bundles for free! Each kill counts as progress toward owning the skin indefinitely.

Check the Warzone store frequently so you can redeem trials when they appear. They typically grant access to legendary quality blueprints worth $15 or more. Don’t let these opportunities slip away!

Buy Select Bundles When Discounted

Despite the many free options, you may still want to purchase certain premium blueprints after seeing them in-game. Purchasing COD Points to buy bundles is made more reasonable when discounts are available:

  • Blitz Events – Blitz Sales deeply discount multiple store bundles for 24-48 hours. Blueprint prices are slashed, letting you score deals.

  • Time Discounts – Bundles decrease in cost slightly each day they remain in the store after launching. Wait a week or two if possible to maximize value.

  • Flash Sales – Occasional Flash Sales quickly discount older or less popular blueprint bundles for a short window.

  • Just For You – This personalized tab shows deals on bundles tied to your recent playstyle and items you’ve viewed.

Check the store daily to catch discounts that align with your interests. With some patience, sought-after blueprints will eventually reduce down to more affordable prices.

Link Accounts to Redeem Promotional Rewards

Activision partners with various services to offer promotional blueprint giveaways for linking your accounts:

  • Twitch Drops – Linking your Activision and Twitch accounts makes you eligible for stream blueprint drops.

  • YouTube Drops – Connect your YouTube account as well for chance to earn skins from official content and ads.

  • Internet Providers – Xfinity and Spectrum offer codes for free blueprint packs when you link eligible internet accounts.

  • Call of Duty Websites – Linking your info on sites like MyCallOfDuty earns codes for redeeming free blueprints.

Visit and connect your accounts. You should receive notification of any free loot available to claim by linking. Don’t miss out on these easy extras!

Capitalize on Limited-Time Events

Log into Warzone frequently, as special events and promotions randomly offer free blueprint rewards for a short time.

For example, during the Haunting 2022 event collecting souls awarded the Mother Lode AR blueprint. Jumping into Warzone 2.0 during launch week also granted the Union Guard and World Series of Warzone skins.

New events and blueprint giveaways can happen anytime without notice. Regularly checking Warzone helps ensure you snag these limited-time freebies before they rotate away!

Can You Unlock Blueprints Without Real Money?

You may be wondering – with so many premium blueprints in the shop, is earning skins for free even viable?

The answer is absolutely yes! Utilizing all the methods above makes acquiring plenty of high quality blueprints without spending money extremely feasible:

Heat Cycle (Epic MP5) – Complete Downtown Easter Egg Quest

SOG Seal (Legendary Pistol) – Purchase Battle Pass One Time

Malfunction (Epic Rifle) – Complete Weekly Challenge

Vanguard (Epic Akimbo) – Reach Officer Rank 22

Gilded Age (Epic AK-47) – Clear DMZ Black Sites

See the variety? Just playing actively and leveraging reward systems will steadily expand your collection. Without spending COD Points, you can realistically unlock 5-10 or more blueprints per month.

Key Blueprint Tips to Remember

Here are some final tips to help maximize your blueprint potential:

  • Equip blueprints immediately so they get saved into your Armory before matches end.

  • Plunder‘s loot pool makes chest blueprint drops more common compared to regular battle royale.

  • Follow YouTubers and dataminers who quickly solve Easter eggs and reveal new content.

  • Favorite truly loved blueprints so they are easy to access in your loadout menus.

  • You can customize a blueprint‘s pre-configured attachments if the defaults don‘t fit your playstyle.

  • Inspect blueprint models closely during trials and events to ensure they are worth obtaining permanently.

  • Battle Pass blueprints have season-specific restrictions, but open up after that season ends.

Thanks for sticking with me through this advanced blueprint guide! I hope you feel ready to start unlocking tons of awesome weapon skins for free. See you in Verdansk with our fresh new blueprints!



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