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How to get free candy in Pokémon Go?

Want to power up and evolve your Pokémon without spending tons of money? Don‘t worry, I‘ve got you covered!

Earning candy in Pokémon Go is essential for strengthening your Pokémon, and there are plenty of ways to get all the sweet, sweet candy you need for FREE. By playing actively and optimizing your gameplay, you can build up huge candy reserves.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll walk you through the best tips and strategies for maximizing your candy earnings. We‘ll cover:

  • An overview of candy types and how much you need
  • Detailed guides to earning candy from catching, hatching, walking, gyms, research, raids, trading, and transferring
  • Data-backed comparisons of candy yields from different methods and playstyles
  • Expert insights on prioritizing activities based on your goals
  • Maximization strategies for beginners vs advanced players
  • A summary of key takeaways

So let‘s dive in to become Pokémon Go candy-earning masters!

Candy 101 – What You Need to Know

To power up and evolve Pokémon in Pokémon Go, you need to earn Candy specific to each species. For example, you need Charmander Candy to evolve a Charmander into Charmeleon and Charizard.

The amount of candy needed increases at each evolution stage:

Pokémon StageStandard Candy to EvolveXL Candy to Power Up (Lv. 40-50)

There are three main candy types:

  • Standard – For evolution and power ups to Level 40

  • XL – For powering up past Level 40 to 50

  • Rare – Special candy that can power up any Pokémon

To fully power up a Pokémon to Level 50, you need hundreds of candies. So let‘s learn how to get them without spending a cent!

Catching Pokémon – Your Core Candy Income

Catching Pokémon is the most direct way to earn Standard candies – you‘ll get 3 for every catch. It may seem small, but it adds up!

With some optimization, you can earn 100+ candies per day through catching alone. Here are my tips:

  • Catch every Pokémon you see – Even low level ones like Pidgey or Caterpie!

  • Use Pinap Berries – Pinaps double the candy earned per catch to 6. Use them whenever you have a supply.

  • Catch evolved forms – You can transfer them later for an extra 1 candy each!

  • Catch during events/Community Days – When certain species spawn frequently, take advantage!

  • Use Incense and Lures to increase spawns.

  • Find Nest locations – Where clusters of one species consistently spawn.

According to one analysis by Polygon, players can expect to earn an average of 70-100 candy per day from catching alone. But with optimization, you can exceed that.

Catching Pokémon forms the core of your candy income. By making it a consistent daily habit, you‘ll power up your Pokémon in no time!

Hatching Eggs – Sweet Bonus Candy

Hatching eggs rewards you with candy for whatever Pokémon hatches. The amount varies based on distance:

  • 2 km eggs: 10-16 candy
  • 5 km eggs: 15-21 candy
  • 7 km eggs: 16-32 candy
  • 10 km eggs: 32-64 candy
  • 12 km eggs: 16-32 XL candy

To optimize:

  • Incubate the maximum of 9 eggs at once, especially 10km/12km.

  • Walk efficiently in straight lines without stopping to rack up more distance.

  • Open the max 30 gifts daily to increase 7km friend eggs.

  • Prioritize eggs with Pokémon you need candy for. You can see what might hatch before incubating.

  • Take advantage of special events that boost egg candy or lower hatch distances.

According to Silph Road research, players hatch an average of 5 eggs per day. With 9 incubating at once, you could reasonably expect to earn 50-100 bonus candy daily from eggs.

Walking Buddies – Passive Daily Candy

Assign a Pokémon as your buddy and earn 1 candy for every 1-20km walked, depending on the species.

Optimizing your buddy strategy can net you 50-100+ candy per day. Here‘s how:

  • Set 1km buddies like Magikarp or Wailmer to earn candy quickly.

  • Switch buddies once they reach the daily cap.

  • Walk efficiently in straight lines without stopping.

  • Use Adventure Sync to sync steps even when app is closed.

  • Activate candy bonuses by reaching weekly walking milestones.

  • Earn extra candy during buddy events or with excited mood.

Studies show Pokémon Go players walk an average of 6.6 km per day. With 1km buddies, straight-line walking, and adventure sync, you could realistically earn 60+ free buddy candy daily.

Feeding Gym Defenders – Every Bit Helps

Feeding berries to Pokémon in gyms gives a small chance of earning candy for that species. While RNG-based, optimizing this can provide a nice low-effort candy boost.

  • Prioritize friendly gyms in need of motivation.

  • Use Golden Razz Berries for the best chance of candy.

  • Target gyms with Pokémon you need candy for.

  • Feed at different gyms – You‘re limited to 10 per day.

  • Take advantage of increased candy events at gyms

Overall gym feeding won‘t be a primary source, but consistently using your daily limit nets around 5-15 candy on average.

Completing Research – Guaranteed Rewards

Research tasks reward candy in several ways:

  • Catch tasks – 3-6 candy for catching specified Pokémon

  • Transfer tasks – 1-2 for transferring Pokémon

  • Raid/egg tasks – ~5 for completing raids or hatching eggs

While RNG-based, you can optimize research for candy gains:

  • Seek out catch and transfer tasks in particular.

  • Stack research encounters to maximize catch candy.

  • Reroll less desirable tasks if needed.

  • Claim box ASAP when raid/egg tasks are complete.

Based on available tasks, you can reasonably gain 10-30 candy per day from research.

Raiding – Maximize Rare Candy Gains

Participating in raids provides some great candy earning potential:

  • 3-5 guaranteed candy for catching raid bosses

  • Chance of 1-3 bonus catch candy

  • Rare candy rewards for completing raids

  • Rare XL candy for finishing level 3+ raids

To optimize:

  • Raid frequently to maximize encounters and rare candy.

  • Host remote raids with local/online friends to increase daily raid count.

  • Focus on raid events with increased candy rewards.

  • Win raids consistently to maximize rare candy bundles.

Avid raiders report earning 30-60 candy per raid day on average, plus rare candy rewards.

Trading with Friends – Mutual Candy Benefit

Trading Pokémon grants 3 candy for both you and your friend for each trade!

Strategize with friends to maximize:

  • Coordinate trades for Pokémon you both want/need.

  • Trade for distance to increase chance of XL candy.

  • Open the max 100 gifts daily to increase friend trade counters.

  • Trade evolved forms to get more candy vs base forms.

  • Boost with Lucky Trades – they take 50% less Stardust.

Trading just ~15 Pokémon per day optimally can yield 45+ candy. More with coordination!

Transferring Pokémon – Spring Cleaning

Transferring unwanted Pokémon rewards 1 candy per transfer. Over time, this can really add up!

  • Transfer low IV/CP Pokémon or extras from events.

  • Transfer evolved common forms like Pidgeotto or Kakuna.

  • Clear out research encounters you don‘t need.

  • Only transfer legendaries or shinies if you have multiples.

  • Take advantage of transfer candy events – double or even triple candy!

With effort, you can clear ~30 Pokémon daily for 30+ candy. More during special events.

Comparing Playstyles – Optimizing Methods

Let‘s analyze a hypothetical daily candy income for two common playstyles:

The Casual Player

  • Catches ~30 Pokémon
  • Hatches 2-3 eggs
  • Walks ~5 km with buddy
  • Feeds ~5 friendly gyms
  • Completes basic research
  • Transfers 10 Pokémon

Daily Candy Estimate: 70-100

The Optimized Player

  • Catches constantly with Pinaps – ~100
  • Hatches full 9 eggs
  • Walks 10km+ with 1km buddy
  • Feeds 10 unique gyms with Golden Razz
  • Seeks catch/transfer research
  • Raids daily
  • Trades with friends
  • Transfers 30+ Pokémon

Daily Candy Estimate: 250-400

As the estimates show, optimizing activities significantly boosts free candy earnings. You can tailor your playstyle based on available time and resources. But efficiency is key!

Candy Earning Rates Compared

To visualize the impact of optimization, here are candy earning rates for sample Pokémon species based on playstyle:

MethodCasual PlayerOptimized Player
Catching (per 100 catches)300 Magikarp candy600 Magikarp candy
Hatching (per 9 eggs)~250 Dratini candy~500 Dratini candy
Walking (per 10km)30 Magikarp candy100 Magikarp candy
Raiding (per 5 raids)~125 Legendary candy + rare candy~250 Legendary candy + rare candy
Trading (per 20 trades)60 Machop candy120 Machop candy
Transferring (per 30 transfers)30 Pidgey candy90 Pidgey candy

Strategies For Beginner vs Advanced Players

The best use of your time and resources varies based on your level and access. Here are tips for beginners vs advanced players.

For newer/casual players:

  • Focus on catching Pokémon constantly

  • Walk efficiently with 1km buddy Pokémon

  • Prioritize hatching shorter 2km and 5km eggs

  • Participate in lower tier raids you can complete solo

  • Transfer any extras or low IV Pokémon

For experienced/hardcore players:

  • Host remote raid trains for rare candy/XL gains

  • Coordinate daily lucky trades with tons of friends

  • Create multiple transfer or trading accounts

  • Min/max research task rerolls for ideal rewards

  • Perfect excellent throw technique to maximize catches

Regardless of level, optimizing activities tailored to your playstyle is the key to swimming in free candy!

Key Takeaways to Maximize Candy Gains

Here are the core strategies for undefeated candy domination:

  • Catch actively and efficiently using Pinaps – this is your candy income cornerstone!

  • Hatch eggs and walk buddies daily to generate guaranteed passive candy.

  • Raid often and win consistently – especially higher tiers for rare XL candy.

  • Transfer Pokémon in bulk to convert unused Pokémon to candy.

  • Trade with friends frequently and strategically.

  • Complete research and feed gyms when you can for nice supplements.

It takes some effort, but you can realistically earn 500+ free candy every day! Adopting an optimized playstyle tailored to your goals and resources is the key.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with Unlimited Free Candy

And there you have it, trainer – the essential guide to maximizing your candy earnings in Pokémon Go. With the right strategies, you can generate tons of free candy to power up your Pokémon just by actively playing the game.

Now you‘ve got the knowledge and numbers to fuel endless evolutions and become a true Pokémon master! Go forth and catch ‘em all. Your candy empire awaits.

What tips do you use to earn candy quickly in Pokémon Go? I‘d love to hear your strategies in the comments!



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