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How to Get Free Clothes on Roblox in 2023: The Ultimate Guide

Hey friend! Do you want to dress up your Roblox avatar in cool clothes and stand out from the crowd, but don‘t want to spend any Robux? Well, you‘ve come to the right place!

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll walk you through the top strategies and hacks to change up your Roblox look with free clothes and accessories in 2023. With a bit of effort, you‘ll be styling an awesome avatar and saving your hard-earned Robux. Let‘s get started!

How to Change Clothes on Roblox for Free

First things first, let‘s quickly go over the basics of changing clothes on Roblox to set the scene:

  • On your Roblox avatar page, tap the “Avatar Editor” button to customize your look.

  • Browse the huge catalog of hair, faces, gear, and clothing items.

  • Tap any item you want to try on your avatar.

  • Use the arrows to cycle through the color variations of items.

  • Mix and match items until you have a look you love!

  • Tap the “Wear” button to put on an item and make it part of your outfit.

  • Return to the avatar editor anytime to change up your style.

The key is building a personalized look from all the catalog‘s options. Now let‘s explore ways to do this while spending zero Robux!

Use Promo Codes for Free Items

Promo codes are the easiest way to immediately boost yourRoblox wardrobe. These codes are released directly from Roblox as part of promotions and events.

When redeemed at, they unlock free accessories, gear, emotes, and even clothes for your avatar.

Here are some tips for scoring promo codes:

  • Check Roblox‘s Twitter (@Roblox) for new codes posted regularly. I find they tweet bonus codes during holidays and events.

  • Browse YouTube for “Roblox promo code” videos showcasing the latest working codes. The channels “CookiesRBloxed” and “iBlox Gaming” are great for this.

  • Search the Roblox forums and Reddit where users sometimes share new codes.

  • Try entering different combinations of random numbers/letters. Unused codes can work until redeemed by enough players.

  • Use code aggregator sites like and which compile codes sourced from across the community.

According to data from, over 50,000 Roblox codes have been created since 2006, with 278 active codes players can redeem as of October 2022. So there‘s lots of potentials freebies out there!

Once you find a promising code, head to and enter it to receive your reward instantly. Redeeming codes regularly as they come out helps you stock up on stylish free items for your avatar.

Participate in Events and Challenges

Roblox frequently runs events and challenges with exclusive virtual prizes up for grabs. Actively taking part lets you load up on limited-time items.

For example, during the annual Bloxy Awards celebrating Roblox creators, players can earn stylish accessories and outfits by completing certain challenges.

Popular games also have their own events. Adopt Me has held Easter egg hunts where players find eggs to trade for accessories. Over 1 million players participated in their 2020 event!

Some key ways to find events with free items:

  • Check the “Events” section on Roblox‘s website which lists upcoming happenings.

  • Follow @Roblox on Twitter and turn on notifications to be notified of events.

  • Look for badges, prizes, and leaderboards in games which suggest an event is occurring.

  • Visit the pages of popular games like Brookhaven RP, Royale High, and MeepCity which hold regular events.

  • Join Roblox Facebook groups where players share event details.

By jumping into as many events as possible, you can collect rare and exclusive items other players won‘t have!

Earn Free Items from Playing Games

Many Roblox games reward players with free hats, gear, or other cosmetics for achieving certain goals and milestones. For example:

  • Tycoon games often give starter packs with items to help you progress.

  • Obby/parkour games may award prizes for completing tricky levels.

  • Roleplay games give free packs for reaching new tiers and levels.

  • Simulator games let you redeem codes for in-game currencies to purchase accessories.

  • Survival games grant loot like weapon skins for surviving a certain number of days.

So try out a variety of popular Roblox game genres to unlock their unique cosmetic rewards. Drops are randomized, so play consistently to eventually obtain rarer items.

A few specific games renowned for free items include:

  • Adopt Me: Daily login rewards, mini-game prizes

  • Theme Park Tycoon 2: Souvenirs from completing your own park

  • Super Doomspire: Unique gear for mastering classes

  • Islands: Items for exploring its vast world

  • Bedwars: Winning matches to purchase accessories

With some gaming time and effort, you can stockpile loads of exclusive clothes and extras unavailable in the catalog. Games provide a more engaging way to expand your options.

Get Free Goodies from Your Daily Bonus

This super simple hack lets you accumulate free items just by logging into Roblox every day.

On the home page, tap the “Daily Reward” icon to receive a random virtual goodie like accessories, emotes, gear, and even Robux. The item given changes each day.

While it‘s a luck of the draw, collecting your daily bonus consistently over weeks and months adds up. According to fansite RobloxDaily, June 2022‘s daily rewards included items like the Pirate Bandana (R$ 120 value) and the Rose Earrings (R$ 75 value).

So remember to sign in daily, even if just for a few minutes, to grab your freebie. This regular routine passively grows your overall catalog.

Trade Items with Other Players

Trading unused items with other players lets you swap stuff you don‘t want for clothes and accessories you do. It‘s a great way to expand your options.

To trade, join a Roblox Trading Plaza game or hang out where players congregate. Advertise your items for trade in chat. When you find someone with mutual interest, initiate a trade. Barter until you both agree on an exchange.

Helpful tips:

  • Offer fair trades by reviewing average item values on sites like Rolimons.

  • Join Roblox trading Discord servers to find traders and deals.

  • Trade duplicates to conserve your limiteds and collectibles.

  • Add multiple mid-tier items to trade up for a more valuable clothing item.

Taking the time to actively trade gives you access to thousands of items other players own. Plus it clears your inventory of unused stuff taking up space. Expand your wardrobe in one smooth transaction!

Grab Free Catalog Items

Believe it or not, Roblox offers a handful of totally free items in their official catalog. While limited, it‘s worth browsing to find freebies for your avatar.

Use the "Price (Low to High)" filter to spotlight only free items. They refresh over time with new additions. In October 2022, some free catalog goodies included:

  • Shades of Blue Whistle
  • Pink Bowtie
  • ICU Mask
  • Black Top Hat
  • Red Baseball Cap

They may not be the most stylish items, but hey, they‘re free! Check the catalog daily as you never know when cooler clothes or accessories get added.

Use Roblox Studio to Create Custom Clothes

With some effort learning Roblox Studio, you can design completely custom clothing items for your avatar.

Follow online clothing design tutorials to get a handle on using Studio. Learn how to:

  • Import template clothing files into Studio.

  • Edit textures, colors, and patterns.

  • Add decals, images, and text using graphic design apps.

  • Test your item on an avatar to preview it.

  • Upload finished clothes and accessories to your inventory.

While it takes time to learn, you can make exactly the pieces you imagine. Developing skills in Studio leads to endless custom outfit potential using your own creations.

According to Roblox, over 7 million user-created assets like clothes get uploaded monthly using Studio. That’s a ton of free personalized style!

Redeem Roblox Gift Cards

Roblox gift cards and promotional codes provide free Robux credit you can use towards clothing. Here are some ways to score gift cards:

  • Ask friends and family for Roblox gift cards as gifts for birthdays and holidays.

  • Enter online giveaways, contests, and sweepstakes with Roblox cards as prizes.

  • Download mobile apps, sign up for website subscriptions, or complete surveys in exchange for free gift cards.

  • Join Microsoft Rewards and Swagbucks to earn points redeemable towards gift cards.

The Roblox Ultimate Guide ebook by gaming expert LegendClashRoyale estimates that actively using point/survey sites can earn a $10 Robux card weekly. That‘s about 800 Robux per month, which adds up!

Once you‘ve obtained some gift card credit, head to the catalog and use it to buy cute clothes, stylish hair, and quality accessories.

Explore Games for Free Items

Many Roblox experiences have free item givers hidden inside them. Interact with certain objects in these games to instantly receive free hats, gear, faces, emotes, and other fun extras for your avatar.

For example, in Robloxian Highschool, tapping locker doors and vending machines earns you virtual school supplies. In Royale High, spinning wheels and teleporters award prizes.

Some types of games more likely to contain free stuff distributors:

  • Roleplaying
  • Tycoon
  • Anime/superhero
  • School
  • Town/city

Explore games in these popular genres, and click on any suspicious looking buttons, chests, coins, chairs, beds etc. You never know what rewarding surprises they hold!

With some searching, you can deck out your avatar with tons of gear exclusively found inside games themselves. It takes some luck and persistence, but pays off for zero Robux.

Follow Roblox on Social Media

Lastly, be sure to follow Roblox‘s official social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. They routinely run giveaways and contests awarding Roblox codes redeemable for free items.

For example, Instagram often does drawings where commenters can win codes for limited accessories. Their TikTok holds monthly Amazon gift card giveaways to splurge on Robux.

Interacting with their posts via likes, shares, and comments boosts your chances of winning exclusive loot. So stay engaged on social media to unlock more freebie opportunities!

Wrapping Up

Phew, we covered a ton of awesome tips for getting stylish Roblox clothes and items without spending your precious Robux! With this guide, you now have an arsenal of strategies for customizing a stellar Roblox avatar on the cheap.

The key takeaways are:

  • Stay on the lookout for limited-time promo codes.

  • Participate in as many events and challenges as possible.

  • Earn drops and rewards by playing a variety of games.

  • Redeem daily login bonuses without fail.

  • Trade smartly with fellow players to swap unused items.

  • Check the catalog for any new freebies.

  • Learn to design clothes yourself with Roblox Studio.

  • Get free Robux through gift cards to spend in the catalog.

  • Explore games for hidden free item givers.

  • Follow Roblox on social media for giveaways and contests.

With persistence and creativity, you can build an awesome wardrobe! Mix and match to create looks that express your unique style. I hope these tips help you switch up your Roblox style for free anytime. Just have fun with it!

Let me know if you have any other questions. Stay stylish!



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