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How to Get Free Credits on PokerStars

Hey friend! Have you heard about scoring free credits on PokerStars? As a fellow poker enthusiast, I want to let you in on all the tips and tricks I‘ve learned for maximizing your free play money. Credits allow you to enjoy real poker games and action without risking any real cash. I‘ll explain what credits are, the best ways to earn them, and how to use credits to take your PokerStars experience to the next level!

What Are PokerStars Credits?

In short, PokerStars credits (sometimes called "play money") are a virtual currency used on the site alongside real money. With credits, you can enter poker cash games, tournaments, and other games offered on the PokerStars platform. The key difference compared to real money is that credits have no actual monetary value. You can‘t withdraw or exchange them – credits are meant purely for entertainment and extending your gameplay.

I love credits because they let me learn new games and refine my strategy without worrying about losing any money. I can play just as competitively as with real cash because the gameplay is identical – credits are just as valuable to the outcome as dollars within the PokerStars ecosystem.

As a beginner, credits were invaluable for me to gain experience with the software, etiquette, and pace of online play. Now as an experienced player, I still use credits to test out new variants like Split Hold‘em or Fusion without spending my hard-earned bankroll.

The best part? Credits are completely free! PokerStars provides plenty of ways to gain them simply by playing on the site. Let‘s go over the various methods to score credits and practical tips to maximize your earnings.

Ways To Earn Free Credits

Here are the main avenues to earn free PokerStars credits along with my hard-won advice for optimizing each one:

Method #1: Credits for Play Time

My favorite way to earn is simply by playing games! PokerStars will reward you credits automatically based just on the time you play:

  • Poker cash games: 1 credit per minute of play or 2 hands dealt
  • Blackjack: 1 credit per 2 hands dealt
  • Other games: Slots, roulette, sports bets, etc award gradual credits as you play

This incentive means grinding at the tables isn‘t just good for your poker skills – it directly contributes to your credit earnings!

Pro tip: Multi-tabling increases hands per minute, earning you more credits. I like to play 2-4 tables simultaneously when going for credits.

Method #2: Complete Missions

PokerStars has daily and weekly "missions" you can knock out to pocket credits quickly:

  • Daily Play Missions: Simple missions that reward you just for basic gameplay, such as "Play 1 Hand of Poker" or "Deal 250 Hands."
  • Goal Missions: Skill-based missions for accomplishments like "Win a Tournament" or "Hit a Straight Flush."

These are a fun change of pace from regular play. I make it part of my routine to review new missions in the lobby and complete easy ones as I go.

Pro tip: Sort missions by "Recommended for You" to see the quickest ones first!

Here‘s an example of the credits I scored yesterday from daily missions:

Play 1 Hand of Poker1,000 credits
Win a Hand of Blackjack1,500 credits
Play Poker for 30 minutes4,000 credits

That‘s over 6,000 credits in a day without going out of my way. Not bad!

Method #3: Spin the Bonus Wheel

This is the most fun way to grab credits. Just like a casino, the PokerStars lobby has a virtual prize wheel you can spin once every 8 hours. Prizes are usually thousands of credits, but there are also chances to win free tickets and real cash!

I try to spin it right when I login and set a reminder to return for my next spin. It adds fun variety and expectation to my play sessions.

Pro tip: You can "double tap" the spin button for extra velocity to help land those bigger credit prizes!

Method #4: Refer Your Friends

Invite friends to open a PokerStars account using your referral link and you‘ll both receive a credits bonus when they sign up. I‘ve earned hundreds of thousands of credits getting my fellow poker buddies onboard!

And of course, signing up is free – you and your friends have nothing to lose by linking accounts for referral bonuses.

Method #5: Promotions and Codes

PokerStars loves running special promotions that reward credits, especially for new players:

  • Check the Promotions page for any offers
  • Follow PokerStars social media for announcements
  • Google for any publicly available codes

For example, when I signed up I used the code STARS600 during registration to receive a 600 credit bonus. Before redeeming any code, be sure to read the terms – some require a paid entry or deposit to earn the full reward.

Here are some common PokerStars credit codes I‘ve collected and how much they offer:

CodeCredits Reward
FREE7575 Credits
STARS400400 Credits
FREEROLL100100 Credits

Take advantage of these when you can, but avoid trying to "game the system." Coming up with deceptive tricks to earn credits could get you in trouble!

Tips for Maximizing Credit Earnings

Now let‘s get into strategy. Here are my top tips for optimizing your play to earn credits quickly and efficiently:

  • Play tight & patient – Less hands per hour = more credits per hand. Avoid throwing away chips on weak holdings.
  • Multi-table – More tables = more hands per minute. I like 4 tables max.
  • Play casino & sports too – Earn poker credits simultaneously with blackjack, roulette, and sports.
  • Manage your bankroll – Don‘t go bust! Credits have no real value so play conservatively.
  • Maximize missions – Complete missions while playing without wasting time grinding just for missions.
  • Check for codes regularly – New codes come out all the time so keep searching.
  • Use desktop app – I earn way more credits on the downloadable client than web browser.

PokerStars makes it easy to earn credits, so the key is maximizing your longevity through smart play. Having more fun at the tables keeps you earning!

Redeeming Codes

When you come across a credit code, here is the process to redeem it:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click the "Cashier" button
  3. Select the "Redeem Code" tab
  4. Enter the code and click "Redeem"

The amount will then be added to your play money balance automatically. Again, read any terms before redeeming. Codes often require a real money deposit or play minimums to earn the full reward.

I‘ll sign off with one final tip – don‘t even think about trying to exploit loopholes or misuse codes unfairly. PokerStars has sophisticated systems to detect any cheating or suspicious activity. You could end up banned and miss out on all the fun!

Instead, take advantage of the multitude of honest ways to keep your credit balance flush. I hope these secrets help you unlock the most rewarding and enjoyable experience with PokerStars! Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions. Happy earning!



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