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How to Get Free Drinks in Las Vegas Casinos

Las Vegas is known for many things – the bright lights, the exciting shows, the lively nightlife. But one of the best perks for many visitors is the free drinks that casinos provide to gamblers. As long as you‘re actively playing games in a Las Vegas casino, cocktail waitresses will come by periodically to take your order and bring you free alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Getting free drinks in Vegas casinos is easy and part of the fun of gambling in Sin City. Here‘s a comprehensive guide on how to maximize the number of complimentary beverages you can enjoy during your next trip.

The Basics of Free Drinks in Vegas Casinos

Nearly every casino on the Las Vegas Strip and downtown offers free drinks to gamblers as a way to keep you at the tables and machines longer. The basic protocol is:

  • Sit down at a slot machine or gaming table. The casino needs to see you actively gambling in order to comp your drinks.

  • When a cocktail waitress approaches, place your drink order. Feel free to order alcohol or non-alcoholic drinks.

  • Tip the server $1-2 per drink, or 15-20% of the total cost of drinks ordered.

  • The waitress will continue returning periodically to take additional orders as long as you are still gambling.

You can typically order up to 2 drinks per person at a time. Make sure to tip each round to encourage prompt service. The better you tip, the faster the waitress will return to take your next order.

Many casinos now allow you to play table games and slots with an electronic betting terminal so you don‘t have to sit at the actual machine or table the whole time. This allows you to get up and move around while still getting comped drinks. Just make sure to tip well since the servers have to look harder for you in the casino when you aren‘t at a fixed spot.

Best Vegas Casinos for Free Drinks

While all Vegas casinos serve free alcoholic drinks, some properties have better service than others. Here are some of the best casinos on the Strip and downtown for free drinks:

  • The Cosmopolitan – Known for having fast and frequent cocktail service no matter where you‘re gambling in the casino.

  • The Venetian – Servers are quick to approach players and take additional orders. You can easily get 2-3 drinks per hour.

  • Caesars Palace – There are always enough servers roaming the expansive casino floor to get drinks in a timely manner.

  • The Palazzo – Provides excellent service even when the casino is busy and crowded.

  • Encore – Despite being one of the nicer properties, Encore still compliments drinks generously.

  • Golden Nugget – Quick and consistent drink service throughout this downtown casino.

  • The D Las Vegas – Downtown‘s D does a great job offering free drinks around the clock.

  • Osheas – Situated right on the Strip, this lively casino mixes and serves drinks rapidly.

  • Ellis Island – Just off-Strip, Ellis Island has some of the cheapest (and strongest) free drinks in Vegas.

No matter where you play in Vegas, be sure to tip your cocktail waitress well on the first round of drinks so she‘ll frequently return.

Getting Free Drinks at Table Games

Table games like blackjack, roulette, craps and baccarat are great for earning comped cocktails. Here are some tips for the best drink service:

  • Sit at an active table. The more players, the faster the drinks will come.

  • Place larger bets. Servers tend to flock to tables where bigger money is being wagered.

  • Tip your dealer well. They can direct the waitresses to take care of players who tip nicely.

  • Ask the pit boss/manager for a waitress if you‘ve been waiting a while. They want to keep you happy.

  • Move to a new table if drink service is slow. Nearby waitresses may be more frequent.

  • Play at high limit tables. The drink service is superb when minimum bets are higher.

If you get up from the table, just let the waitress know you will be right back so she stays nearby. Never leave your drink unattended to avoid the risk of it being spiked.

Maximize Free Drinks at Slots

Slot machines are the most popular way to gamble in Vegas, which means plenty of opportunity for free drinks. Follow these tips:

  • Play penny or nickel slots. You can play longer on a limited budget and the waitresses will still serve you.

  • Sit at a bank of slots rather than an isolated machine. The servers can take more orders at once.

  • Play slots near table games. The surrounding gambling action will draw more waitresses.

  • Move machines if your waitress is slow. Stay in the same general section so she can still find you.

  • Play slots with bonus features. This gives you more time in your seat between drink orders.

Always play slots with your players club card inserted so your play is tracked and comped accordingly. Never leave a drink sitting by a slot machine to avoid having it spiked with something.

Getting Free Drinks at the Sportsbook

Placing bets at the sportsbook is another way to get free drinks in Vegas casinos. Here‘s how to take advantage:

  • Bet regularly to keep the servers coming by. Bigger bets equal faster service.

  • Tip your ticket writer well and they will make sure you are taken care of.

  • Sit at the bar area for easy access to beer taps and cocktail bartenders.

  • Check smaller sportsbooks which are less crowded.

  • Ask supervisors for waitress service if you‘ve been waiting awhile.

  • Place a few futures bets so you have action long-term.

Being friendly and polite to staff at the sportsbook will go a long way in getting quicker drink service. Make sure to thank the waitress each time and tip generously.

Getting Comped in Las Vegas Casinos

In addition to free drinks, you can potentially get other comps based on your level of gambling play during a visit. This includes free rooms, meals, show tickets, and more. Here are some tips:

  • Sign up for a players club card at each casino and use it when gambling. This allows the casino to track your play.

  • Concentrate your play to one main casino whenever possible. The more action, the more comps.

  • Ask casino hosts what the comp policies are and what benefits you can earn.

  • Check your player‘s club account frequently for special offers.

  • Don‘t be afraid to politely ask about available comps when you sit down to gamble.

  • Use casino‘s mobile apps to find more offers and access your comps.

The highest echelon of gamblers can receive extremely lavish comps like free suites, limo service, entertainment, and VIP treatment. But even occasional players can earn some nice perks with their level of play.

Getting Free Drinks Downtown Las Vegas

In addition to the Strip, downtown Las Vegas casinos serve up plenty of free cocktails for gamblers. Some of the best include:

  • Golden Nugget – Generous pours and great service across this large casino.

  • The D – Their servers have drink orders turned around quickly.

  • Four Queens – Strong drinks and prompt cocktail waitresses.

  • El Cortez – Unpretentious vibe and excellent comped drinks.

  • Plaza – Fun lively atmosphere with fast free drinks.

  • Fremont – Around since 1956, they know how to keep gamblers hydrated.

  • Main Street Station – Friendly staff and great comped drink specials.

  • California – Relaxed environment with servers circulating frequently.

Downtown Vegas has lower limits, good drink specials, and a local vibe. Make sure to tip cocktail servers a couple bucks per drink as you would on the Strip.

Getting Free Drinks 24 Hours a Day

Most major Vegas casinos serve complimentary drinks 24 hours a day, so you can enjoy freebies no matter when you are gambling. Some of the best 24-hour drink service includes:

  • Caesars Palace – Plenty of bars and cocktail servers working around the clock.

  • The Venetian – Graveyard shift waitresses are just as attentive as daytime ones.

  • The Cosmopolitan – Their late night vibe carries over to the drink service.

  • Planet Hollywood – The party goes on 24 hours with great cocktail service overnight.

  • The Cromwell – Upscale boutique property comping drinks all night long.

  • Paris – Great for getting your fill of comped cocktails into the early morning hours.

  • Four Queens – Downtown cocktail waitresses working hard morning, noon and night.

So no matter if you‘re gambling at noon or midnight in Vegas, you can still capitalize on getting free drinks with some smart play. Being friendly with the late night staff can also go a long way.

Getting Free Drinks in High Limit Rooms

For high rollers, the complimentary drinks flow endlessly in high limit rooms. These are private gambling areas for those betting big. Some top spots include:

  • Aria – The spacious high limit slots area has top-shelf spirits and attentive servers.

  • Bellagio – Enjoy complimentary cocktails and cigars as you play high stakes table games.

  • The Cosmopolitan – Their high limit room offers stunning views and unlimited free drinks.

  • Encore – Opulent furnishings and incredible drink service for VIPs betting thousands.

  • Caesars Palace – Free Dom Perignon champagne for qualifying gamblers in the prestigious high limit area.

  • The Venetian – Upscale decor and cocktail servers catering to every whim of big bettors.

  • Wynn/Encore – Luxurious suites for gambling privately with unending free alcohol.

If you are willing to bet big, the treatment and drink service in high limit rooms is second to none. Just be aware of how much you are gambling versus the value of the freebies.

Getting Bottled Waters, Coffee and Soft Drinks

If you don‘t drink alcohol, no problem! Vegas casinos will happily serve you bottled waters, soft drinks, juices, Red Bulls, coffee and more at no charge when you are actively gambling.

Bottled still or sparkling waters are typically brought on ice so they stay cold. Sodas, juices and energy drinks are usually served in cans or plastic cups with plenty of ice as well. Barista-made coffees can be ordered to help keep you energized and alert while gambling into the night.

Be sure to tip your server at least a dollar per drink, even for non-alcoholic beverages. They are providing an excellent service keeping you hydrated and supplied with the drinks you need to stay comfortable and energized.

Should You Accept Free Drinks in Vegas?

Free alcoholic drinks in Vegas casinos are a huge perk for visitors, but should also be enjoyed in moderation. Here are some tips on drinking responsibly:

  • Alternate alcohol with water to stay hydrated. The desert heat and alcohol dehydrate you faster.

  • Eat a meal before drinking and snack while you drink. Food helps slow alcohol absorption.

  • Set a limit on how many drinks you will consume per hour. Pace yourself.

  • Have a designated driver who abstains from drinking to get you home safely.

  • Never accept a drink you didn‘t see poured and brought directly to you.

  • Do not leave your drink unattended. Unfortunately, spiking does happen in Vegas.

  • Listen to your body. Stop drinking before you feel intoxicated. Getting severely drunk increases risks to your safety and health.

  • Ask the waitress to skip a round if you feel you have had enough for a bit. You can always order more later.

Moderation is the key to enjoying Vegas’ free drinks responsibly. While the casinos want to keep youloose and spending money, they also don‘t want you getting sick or passing out.

Saving Money With Free Drinks

Vegas casinos complimentary drinks allow you to save a good amount of money during your stay. Some average costs you can avoid by sticking to free cocktails include:

  • Domestic Beer – $6+ per bottle at most bars and restaurants

  • Import/Craft Beer – $8-$10+ per bottle or pint

  • Cocktails – $12+ each at clubs, lounges and bars

  • Wine – $12+ per glass at nicer establishments

  • Champagne – $20+ per flute at clubs and hip bars

  • Bottled Water – $3-$5+ per bottle at most venues

  • Soft Drinks – $3-$5+ for a can or fountain soda at bars/restaurants

  • Coffee Drinks – $5-$8+ for brewed coffee, espressos and lattes at coffee shops and cafes

As you can see, your bar tab can run up quickly in Las Vegas even with just a few drinks. Taking advantage of the freebies in casinos allows more of your trip budget to go to shows, fine dining, shopping and other entertainment you want to enjoy.

Common Questions About Free Drinks in Vegas

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about getting comped drinks in Las Vegas casinos:

How often do waitresses come around with free drinks?

This varies by casino, but at most properties cocktail servers will loop through about every 20-30 minutes if you are actively gambling. If it has been longer, politely ask a passing server or pit boss to send someone your way.

What is considered a good tip for drinks in Vegas?

A good benchmark is $1 tip per drink. For cocktails $2 is more appropriate given the extra effort to mix them. Occasionally tip bigger like $5 to really incentivize your server.

Can I tip with my players club points?

A few casinos may allow using points you have earned to tip cocktail servers. But almost always cash tips are preferred by the staff to reward their service.

How do I increase the strength of my drinks?

If you want stronger drinks, tip your waitress well on the first order and politely request she make them a little stronger. Servers want to take care of their best tippers.

Can I walk around the casino with my drink?

Most casinos prefer you do not walk around while drinking to avoid spills and accidents. It’s best to order your next round after finishing your current drink.

What drinks are typically available for free?

Vegas casinos will serve anything from value to top-shelf liquor, along with beer, wine, fountain soft drinks, juices, bottled water, and energy drinks. Fancier cocktails may need a supervisor‘s approval.

Do the free drinks have time limits?

Nope! You can enjoy the comped cocktails for as long as you are actively gambling. Once you take a break from gaming, you will need to pay for any additional drinks.

So feel free to take advantage of Vegas’ legendary free drink service. Just remember to drink responsibly, tip your servers well, and gamble within your budget. Enjoy!



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