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How to Get Free Gold Coins on Stake

Stake is an online casino and sportsbook that allows you to play popular games and bet on sports without using real money. Instead, it uses its own virtual currencies – Gold Coins and Stake Cash. Gold Coins are primarily used for entertainment and fun games, while Stake Cash can be redeemed for real-world prizes.

The great thing about Stake is that there are numerous ways to get Gold Coins completely for free! In this detailed guide, I‘ll walk you through the various methods for scoring free Gold Coins and provide tips to maximize your earnings.

Overview of Stake and Gold Coins

For those new to Stake, here‘s a quick rundown:

  • Stake is an online casino and sportsbook platform available via web browser or mobile app. It was launched in 2017 and is licensed in Curaçao.

  • It offers a wide selection of slots, table games, live dealer games, virtual sports, esports betting, and more. However, you cannot wager or win real money.

  • Instead, Stake uses virtual currencies:

    • Gold Coins – Primary currency that is used for entertainment gaming and cannot be redeemed for prizes.

    • Stake Cash – Secondary currency that can be earned and then redeemed for real-world prizes and rewards.

  • Gold Coins are the main focus of this guide. Here are some key facts about Gold Coins:

    • Purely for fun and entertainment, no real world value.

    • Earned by playing games, completing achievements, promotions.

    • Used to play games and spin slots just like money at a real casino.

    • Can be exchanged for Stake Cash at a rate of 54 Gold Coins = $1 Stake Cash.

    • Cannot be directly redeemed for real-world prizes or cash.

Now that you understand what Gold Coins are in the context of Stake, let‘s look at all the different ways you can get them for free!

Ways to Get Free Gold Coins on Stake

Here are all the main methods for scoring free Gold Coins:

1. Sign Up Bonus and Promo Codes

One of the fastest ways to get an influx of free Gold Coins is to utilize Stake promo codes and bonuses, especially when you first sign up.

Sign Up Bonus

When you create a new Stake account, you can enter promo code MIKBONUS to receive an exclusive welcome bonus of 10,000 Gold Coins! This will give you a nice chunk of coins to begin playing games for free.

To activate this sign up bonus:

  • Go to and click "Join Now" to begin registering

  • Enter your email, password, and other details to create your account

  • Look for the promo code field and enter code MIKBONUS

  • Complete email validation and your bonus 10,000 coins will be credited!

Other Promo Codes

In addition to the welcome bonus code above, Stake also offers time-limited promo codes through promotions, social media giveaways, and more.

  • These can reward anywhere from 1,000 coins all the way up to 50,000 coins!

  • Codes typically need to be entered under the "Redeem Bonus Drop" section of your account.

  • Codes are shared on Stake‘s Twitter, Instagram, Discord, and Telegram – so follow those to stay updated.

  • The codes usually expire fast and have limited uses, so enter them ASAP!

2. Daily Login Bonus

Stake will reward you just for visiting the site regularly! You can claim a daily login bonus of up to 4,000 Gold Coins.

Here‘s how the daily login bonus works:

  • Visit Stake each day and click the daily login popup to claim your coins.

  • The bonus amount increases for each consecutive day you return to Stake:

    • Day 1: 500 Coins

    • Day 2: 750 Coins

    • Day 3: 1,000 Coins

    • Day 4: 1,500 Coins

    • Day 5: 2,000 Coins

    • Day 6 & 7: 4,000 Coins

  • After claiming on day 7, the cycle starts over again.

  • Make sure to claim each day and not miss a day to maximize earnings!

3. Referring Friends

Invite friends to join Stake and you can earn up to 35% rakeback on the house edge from their play. Your rakeback earnings are paid out in Gold Coins.

Here‘s how to leverage Stake‘s lucrative referral program:

  • Find your unique referral link under the "Referrals" section of your account.

  • Share your link directly with friends or promote it on social media, forums, etc.

  • When someone signs up via your link and deposits $100 into their account, you will start earning coins!

  • You receive 35% of Stake‘s edge on casino games and 15% on sports bets.

  • Coins are credited instantly so you can track your earnings in real-time.

  • There is no cap on how many friends you can refer.

4. Giveaways and Contests

Stake frequently runs exciting giveaways and contests across its social platforms. These can give you chances to win big coin prizes.

Some current examples include:

  • Twitter retweet contests for chances to win 5,000 – 50,000 coins

  • Daily treasure chest bonuses awarded to lucky players

  • Monthly raffles with prizes up to 500,000 coins

  • Discord and Telegram contests like trivia with coin prizes

  • Instagram challenges to win coins and Stake merchandise

  • Leaderboard races and competitions with large coin pools

Be sure to follow Stake‘s social accounts and join its Discord server to stay on top of all the latest giveaway opportunities. Act fast when you see one to maximize your chances of winning big!

5. Completing Achievements

As you play games and use Stake, you‘ll complete various achievements based on your activity. Each achievement rewards you with a certain amount of coins.

Some of the achievements include:

  • Verifying your email and phone number

  • Reaching certain lifetime wager milestones

  • Betting on 100+ different sporting events

  • Playing 50+ different game titles

  • Earning trophies for wins in specific games

  • Levelling up your VIP status

  • And many more…

Check your achievements frequently and actively work toward completing as many as possible to collect all the free coins.

6. Levelling Up Your Account

As you wager more Gold Coins at Stake, you‘ll increase your account‘s VIP level. Each new level awards you an instant lump sum of free coins.

The coin rewards for reaching each status level are:

  • Bronze: 10,000 Coins

  • Silver: 25,000 Coins

  • Gold: 50,000 Coins

  • Platinum: 250,000 Coins

  • Diamond: 500,000 Coins

So make sure to wager actively and frequently to keep levelling up and claiming those level-up bonuses.

7. Rakeback from Game/Bet Play

This is arguably the most lucrative and consistent way to earn free Gold Coins – rakeback from your regular play at the casino and sportsbook.

  • As you play games and place bets, Stake takes a small percentage (the rake/house edge).

  • You then get a portion of this back in the form of rakeback coin rebates.

  • For the casino, rakeback varies per game but averages around 10% – 20%.

  • For sports betting, you‘ll earn about 5% rakeback on your volume.

  • Rakeback applies to both real wagers and entertainment play with Gold Coins.

  • Coins are credited instantly so you can track rakeback earnings live.

The more you play, the more rakeback you‘ll earn, making this a great passive method.

Maximizing Your Free Gold Coins

Now that you know all the ways to get free coins, here are some tips to maximize your earnings:

  • Prioritize the welcome bonus code on sign up for a quick 10k coins

  • Claim the daily login without fail for up to 4k free coins per week

  • Refer as many friends as possible to maximize rakeback coins from their play

  • Follow Stake‘s social accounts for the latest giveaways and contests

  • Complete achievements actively and level up your VIP tier for big bonuses

  • Watch for limited promo codes and enter them ASAP before they expire

  • Increase your wagering volume to earn more rakeback on games/bets

Redeeming Your Gold Coins

While Gold Coins hold no monetary value, you can redeem them in the following ways:

  • Exchange Gold Coins for Stake Cash at a rate of 54 coins = $1 cash

  • Use coins to play more games just like real bets – no deposit needed!

  • Enter coins into leaderboard races to compete against others

  • Participate in coin battles against other players

  • Wager coins on custom bets against friends

So while you can‘t cash out Gold Coins directly, you can still get great entertainment value from your free coins.

Can You Make Real Money from Gold Coins?

There is no direct way to redeem Gold Coins for real cash or prizes. However, since 54 coins converts to $1 in Stake Cash, if you earn enough free coins, you can exchange them for Stake Cash.

You can then redeem Stake Cash for real money and prizes like Amazon vouchers, gaming consoles, and more. But it would take a substantial amount of Gold Coins to convert to enough Stake Cash for a meaningful prize.

Pros and Cons of Earning Free Gold Coins

Let‘s summarize the key advantages and disadvantages of focusing on free Gold Coins:


  • Provides entertainment at no cost to you

  • Chance to win real prizes indirectly by exchanging for Stake Cash

  • Numerous ways to earn coins completely for free

  • Does not require deposits like real gambling


  • Cannot directly redeem coins for real money or items

  • Likely need very high numbers of coins to cash out for meaningful prizes

  • Wagering high volumes purely to earn coins could encourage unhealthy gambling behaviors

  • Coins have no value outside of the Stake platform

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions players have about getting free Gold Coins on Stake:

What‘s the easiest way to get free coins on Stake?

The daily login bonus. You can claim up to 4,000 coins per week just for visiting Stake daily.

Do the coins carry over if you don‘t claim one day?

No, the daily login coin counter resets back to 500 if you miss claiming any day.

Can you use multiple promo codes?

Yes, you can stack promo codes and welcome bonuses. But you cannot enter the same code twice.

How long do Gold Coins last?

Gold Coins have no expiration. They will remain in your account indefinitely.

What‘s the maximum amount of coins you can earn per day?

There is no strict daily maximum. With the right promotions and volume, you could potentially earn 500k+ coins in a day.

Can I wager both coins and cash together?

No, Gold Coins and Stake Cash have to be wagered separately. You cannot combine them.

Are Gold Coins available in every state?

Yes, coins are available in every US state where Stake operates, unlike Stake Cash which has some state restrictions.


In summary, Stake offers players a myriad of ways to get their hands on Gold Coins completely free of charge. The most lucrative methods include the daily login bonus, welcome code, rakeback from wagering, and promotions.

To maximize earnings, be sure to take advantage of all the available options, monitor your progress, and redeem your coins for entertainment play or Stake Cash.

While Gold Coins hold no inherent value, they present exciting opportunities for free gaming. With the right strategy, you can build up a nice stack without spending a dime!



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