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How to Get Free Pokemon in Pokemon Violet – A Complete Guide

Want to know how to score free Pokemon in the new Pokemon Violet game, including rare and powerful ones, without having to pay or cheat? Well you‘ve come to the right place!

In this detailed guide, we‘ll explore all the legit methods available for claiming free Pokemon in Pokemon Violet through regular gameplay. Whether you‘re a new trainer just starting out in Paldea or a seasoned Pokemon veteran, you‘ll discover plenty of tips to build your dream team for zero PokeDollars.

Let‘s dive in!

Redeem Mystery Gift Codes

The easiest way to instantly get special Pokemon and items is to redeem Mystery Gift codes released by The Pokemon Company.

These codes are distributed through official sources like the official Pokemon website and Twitter account. Simply enter the code in the Mystery Gift menu in your game to claim the reward.

Codes are time-limited though, so be sure to redeem them before they expire!

Here are some examples of recent Pokemon Violet Mystery Gift codes:

ENJ0YBATTLE1x TM082 Thunder Wave, 1x TM087 Taunt
M0RESPEED10x Carbos
LETSTERA1x TM171 Tera Blast

Follow @Pokemon on Twitter or check to learn about new codes. Act fast once new ones are announced!

Mystery Gifts often include special Pokemon not obtainable normally in the game. For example, a code in late 2022 let players claim a special Shiny Eternatus. Keep an eye out for rare freebies like this!

Take Part in Special Tera Raid Events

Pokemon Violet introduces Tera Raid Battles where you team up with others to take on powerful Tera Pokemon.

During limited-time Tera Raid events, your chances of encountering shiny Pokemon and rare Pokemon are increased. Participating regularly during these events can be extremely rewarding!

For example, in November 2022 there was an event featuring Charizard and Lucario Tera Raids with increased shiny odds. Players who took part had a good chance of catching shiny Charizard and other rare finds for free.

Here are some tips for making the most of Tera Raid events:

  • Stock up on helpful items like Revives, Full Restores, and Tera Raid-boosting snacks beforehand. These events are hard battles!

  • Connect to the internet in-game so you can team up with real players. The computer allies probably won‘t cut it.

  • Equip your Pokemon with False Swipe to whittle down the Tera Pokemon‘s HP without knocking it out.

  • Save your game before battling in case you fail to catch it. That way you can reboot and try again without using another Raid Pass.

Check Serebii or Pokemon social media to stay updated on upcoming Tera Raid events. They‘re often tied to new releases or holidays. With some effort, you can catch tons of special Pokemon for free!

Complete Research Tasks

Pokemon Violet introduces brand new Research Tasks that you can complete to earn rewards. Many of the tasks reward you with free Pokemon for your achievements!

For example, finishing all 10 levels of the Paldea Pokedex earns you Claim Rewards including Rare Candy and special Pokemon.

Defeating the Titan Pokemon through the Path of Legends questline also nets you ultra-rare Pokemon. And helping various NPCs around Paldea fulfill requests will often score you a new Pokemon buddy.

Some other tips for utilizing Research Tasks include:

  • Check in regularly with the professors at Mesagoza and Cascarrafa labs for new research requests.

  • Battle and defeat the Street Bosses across Paldea. Many will join your team after you best them in battle.

  • Speak to NPCs with speech bubbles overhead. They usually need some type of help and will gift you a Pokemon for assisting.

Pursuing Research Tasks as you explore Paldea serves double duty – you get to complete your Pokedex while unlocking rewards. It‘s a win-win!

Trade with Other Trainers

One of the best ways to "catch ‘em all" is through trading Pokemon with other trainers. This is a great way to collect version exclusives and Pokemon not available in your game.

The Union Room enables you to trade either locally or online. Locally you‘ll need to be in close proximity to directly connect Switches. Trading online lets you connect with any other trainer globally.

Some best practices for mutually beneficial trading:

  • Offer version exclusives or rare finds unique to your game in exchange for ones you need.

  • Attach held items like berries or TMs to sweeten trade deal proposals.

  • Mark Pokemon you want to keep from evolving before trading them. This prevents unwanted evolution cancellations mid-trade.

  • Use Link Code trades rather than blind trades so you match with someone offering the Pokemon you‘re looking for.

Join communities like /r/PokemonTrades to arrange trades for the exact Pokemon or items you need. With active trading, you can complete the Pokedex with little effort. Trading lets you catch ‘em all without doing all the catching!

Explore Off the Beaten Path

While you‘ll nab many Pokemon on the main story path, don‘t neglect exploring optional areas too. Venturing off the beaten trail can yield rare finds!

For example, exploring the depths of the late-game Cortondo region can net you powerful Pokemon not found elsewhere like Dragonite, Tyranitar, and Hydreigon.

The snowy northern reaches of Paldea also contain ice Pokemon like Beartic and Cetitan unavailable in warmer areas.

Remote areas often have stronger and higher leveled Pokemon too. It‘s worth the trek to locate free prizes like a Salamence or Garchomp deep in Victory Road.

Make sure to pack useful items like Quick Balls and Dusk Balls to boost your catch rate on elusive Pokemon hiding in remote terrain. Your exploration will pay off big time!

Hatch Eggs Through Breeding

Breeding Pokemon and hatching the resulting eggs is a beloved classic method for obtaining new team members. Any Pokemon capable of breeding has a chance to produce an egg!

Some tips for breeding success:

  • Have a Pokemon with Flame Body like Magmar in your party to halve egg hatching time.

  • Ride Koraidon/Miraidon as they cover ground quicker to rack up hatching steps faster.

  • Trade eggs with other players to score different Pokemon. Trading resets egg progress to 0 for quicker hatches.

  • Utilize the Masuda Method by breeding Pokemon from different real-world languages to increase shiny odds.

With persistence, you can hatch boatloads of Pokemon for free rather than using Rare Candies. It just takes some dedication!

Reach Max Research Level

Reaching Research Level 10 in Pokemon Violet makes 6 IV Pokemon start appearing in the wild. 6 IV Pokemon have maximum values in all their stats, making them ideal for competitive training.

The best areas to find 6 IV Pokemon are:

  • West Province Area One
  • West Province Area Two
  • North Province Area One
  • North Province Area Two

These zones are later in the game, so getting here takes time. Once unlocked, 6 IV Pokemon still have a low ~1% spawn rate. Using lures like Herba Mystica can slightly boost the odds.

Catch combos may also help, so battle and defeat multiple of the same Pokemon species in a row before searching the grass.

With patience, you can find multiple perfect 6 IV Pokemon completely legitimately using this method. Then you can breed them to produce competitive offspring more easily!

Ask Friends or Fellow Trainers

Don‘t forget the power of friends and community! Fellow Pokemon trainers are often willing to help fill in gaps in your Pokedex.

If you know people in real life who play Violet, arrange meetups to trade version exclusives or touch trade to register each other‘s Pokemon.

The online Pokemon community is also very generous. Subreddits like /r/Pokemongiveaway host people willing to give away breedjects or touch trade to assist new players.

As long as you make reasonable requests politely, most Trainers will happily help you grab some elusive Pokemon for your collection. Gotta catch ‘em all, together!

Let‘s answer some common questions players have about scoring free Pokemon:

Are there free legendaries and shinies?

Yes! Here are some examples of free legendary and shiny Pokemon available:

  • Shiny Eternatus was available via Mystery Gift code from October 10th to November 13th, 2022.

  • Shiny versions of the Legendary Beasts from Gen 1 (Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres) have been available in limited-time Tera Raid events.

  • Legendaries like Koraidon, Miraidon, and the Forces of Nature are unlocked through story progression.

So don‘t worry, with the right timing and gameplay you can legitimately add shinies and legends to your team! No hacking necessary.

What Pokemon are version exclusive?

Here are the major Pokemon exclusive to each version initially:

Pokemon Violet:

  • Larvitar

  • Bagon

  • Deino

  • Stonjourner

  • Eiscue

Pokemon Scarlet:

  • Pupitar

  • Shelgon

  • Hydreigon

  • Kangaskhan

  • Pinsir

To obtain them all, you‘ll need to trade around these lines. The professors can assist with most, but you may need to trade players directly for some final evolutions.

When can you trade and battle online?

You must make story progression to unlock key online features:

  • Local wireless trading: Available after qualifying for the Pokemon League

  • Local wireless battling: Available after earning the Rock Badge

  • Union Room trading/battling: Available after qualifying for Victory Road

This prevents early trading of high-level Pokemon. Once unlocked, these social features make collecting Pokemon easier than ever!

Is there offline trading and battling?

Yes! You can connect locally between two Switch systems for offline play:

  • For trading, pick Union Room locally > Link Trade. Set the same Link Code on both systems.

  • For battling, choose Union Room locally > Link Battle. Again use the same Link Code.

This lets you trade and battle together on the go without internet. Perfect for IRL friends!

Will more free DLC Pokemon be added?

While major DLC expansions will be paid, additional free Pokemon distributions are likely through:

  • Special Mystery Gift promotions

  • Holiday tie-in Tera Raid events

  • Smaller free content patches

So while you may have to purchase large story expansions, you can expect a steady trickle of free Pokemon via internet events. Stay tuned!

What‘s the best free starter Pokemon?

For new players, I recommend these free starters available early on:

  • Sprigatito – Evolves into Meowscarada, a Grass/Dark powerhouse. Easy to use.

  • Fuecoco – Becomes Skeledirge, a versatile Fire/Ghost wrecking ball. Fun and quirky.

  • Pikachu – A classic fan favorite you can catch yourself north of Mesagoza early on. Reliable Electric type.

Any of the starters can beat the game, so just pick who you vibe with most! You have lots of options to switch up your team later.

To wrap up, let‘s recap the top ways to get the best free Pokemon in Violet:

  • Redeem every Mystery Gift code – Instant access to rare Pokemon distributions.

  • Tera Raid often during events – Shiny and high IV Legendaries available for free capture.

  • Do all Research Tasks – Unlocks rewards like EXP candies, Tera Shards, and free Pokemon.

  • Trade actively online – Exchange version exclusives and hard-to-find Pokemon with other players globally.

  • Explore extra areas – Venture off the main story path to find rarer spawns.

  • Hatch eggs through breeding – Endless Pokemon potential through eggs.

See? With the right strategies, you can catch a world class team – with no cheating or money required!

The key is being patient, thorough in exploring all activities, and leveraging fellow trainers to help complete your Pokedex.

Now get out there, start redeeming those Mystery Gift codes, and let the Pokemon adventures begin! Wishing you the best on your journey across Paldea. You‘ve got this!



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