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How to Get Free Shark Cards in GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) is one of the most popular video games ever created. The online multiplayer mode, GTA Online, allows players to team up and take part in heists, races, deathmatches and more. To get the most out of GTA Online, players need in-game currency called GTA$. This can be earned by completing jobs, heists and other activities. However, earning enough money to buy the best cars, weapons, properties and other items requires a serious time commitment.

This is where Shark Cards come in. Shark Cards are an easy way to get a large amount of GTA$ quickly without having to grind for hours in GTA Online. They allow you to skip the grind and fast track your experience. However, Shark Cards cost real money. Is there any way to get them for free?

In this guide, I‘ll cover multiple methods that you can use to get free Shark Cards in GTA Online.

Overview of Shark Cards

Here‘s a quick overview of what Shark Cards are and the different types available:

  • Shark Cards are an in-game microtransaction purchasable with real money
  • They provide a quick influx of GTA$ to your character‘s bank account
  • Five types of Shark Cards are available with values ranging from $500,000 GTA$ to $8,000,000 GTA$
  • Costs range from $4.99 USD to $99.99 USD depending on card type

The higher value Shark Cards provide the best value for money. However, they are also the most expensive. The $99.99 Megalodon Shark Card provides $8 million GTA$ which is the most cash possible from a single Shark Card.

Get Free Shark Cards from Surveys

One of the most popular ways to get free Shark Cards is through survey sites. Here‘s how it works:

  • Sign up for an account on a survey platform like
  • Complete surveys, offers, videos and other promotional activities on the platform
  • Earn points for your participation that can be redeemed for Shark Card codes and other rewards

Most survey sites don‘t give the Shark Cards directly. Instead, you redeem your points for a Steam wallet code or G2A gift card code which can then be used to purchase a Shark Card.

The amount of points earned per survey varies. Generally, you can expect to earn enough points to redeem a $1 million GTA$ Shark Card after completing 10-30 surveys. Higher value Shark Cards will require more surveys and time invested.


  • 100% free way to earn Shark Cards
  • Can potentially earn high value Shark Cards over time
  • Easy to complete surveys in spare time


  • Time commitment required to earn enough for high value Shark Cards
  • Limited to how many surveys are available
  • Boring, repetitive task

Get Rewarded with Shark Cards for Playing Other Games

Some GTA fan sites and gaming networks offer free Shark Cards as rewards if you play partner games or complete specific achievements.

For example, some sites will give you a free Whale Shark Card (worth $1.25 million GTA$) if you reach level 10 in their partner‘s mobile RPG. Other sites reward Shark Cards when you complete game tutorials or in-game purchases in their network.

The rewards offered rotate frequently, so it helps to follow GTA fan sites to stay updated on which ones are offering Shark Cards. With some persistence, you can earn high value Shark Cards without paying anything.


  • Free Shark Cards just for playing/testing games
  • Can potentially get high value cards as rewards
  • No purchase necessary


  • Have to play specific games to get the rewards
  • Time commitment still required
  • Rewards not guaranteed

Enter Free Shark Card Giveaways

Giveaways for GTA Shark Cards are quite common. Keep an eye out for these contests on sites like:

  • Official Rockstar Social Media pages
  • GTA Online forums and fan sites
  • Twitch streamers and YouTubers who play GTA Online

Giveaways often coincide with new GTA Online content updates or around the holidays. Prizes range from $500k cards up to $8 million Megalodon cards.

To participate, you typically need to follow or subscribe to the channel hosting the giveaway. Oftentimes, bonus entries are offered for sharing the giveaway with friends. This increases your odds of winning.

The downside is that giveaways have a random element. You may enter frequently and never win. But some lucky fans do win high value cards through giveaways.


  • Free to enter
  • Prizes can be high value Shark Cards
  • Some giveaways provide multiple chances to win


  • Luck based – no guarantee you‘ll win
  • Have to actively seek out giveaways to enter
  • Often need to share/promote the giveaway

Use Referral Programs and Loyalty Programs

Many survey sites, gaming networks and GTA fan sites offer referral programs. If you refer your friends, you can earn free Shark Cards as a bonus.

For example, some survey sites give a $1 million GTA$ card for every 10 people you get to sign up using your referral link. GTA fan sites may give $500k cards for each referral.

Loyalty programs also reward you with Shark Cards the more you engage with a site. The more surveys you do, videos you watch or articles you read, the more points towards rewards.

These programs encourage you to be an active part of their community. With consistent engagement over weeks and months, you can earn high value Shark Cards.


  • Get free Shark Cards for referring others
  • Loyalty programs reward you over time
  • Can earn high value rewards


  • Need active referrals to maximize rewards
  • Takes time to earn enough for high value cards
  • Rewards take commitment to one site

Take Part in GTA Online Events

Rockstar Games will sometimes give free cash during special GTA Online Events. For example:

  • Log-in bonuses during holiday events
  • Free cash for playing specific modes or maps
  • Rewards for completing limited-time challenges or missions

The amounts given away during events range from $100k to $500k generally. While not as much as Shark Cards, this free cash can add up.

By regularly participating in events over time, you can stockpile cash rewards to save up for big purchases. While not as fast as Shark Cards, you‘ll earn funds risk-free.


  • Free cash rewards just for playing
  • Can accumulate over time into big savings
  • Rewards everyone who participates


  • Smaller amounts than Shark Cards
  • Requires luck/grinding for best rewards
  • Time-limited events

Find Modded Lobby Rewards

While risky, some players do report getting money drops and other modded rewards in public lobbies. This occurs when modders spawn cash on other players as gifts or during modded game modes.

Small money drops of $10k-$100k are more common. But occasionally, players report receiving millions in modded money rewards. This chance encounter can fund your GTA Online experience for a long time.

However, Rockstar does ban players caught cheating or benefiting from hacks. There‘s always a chance your account gets reset or banned. Modded rewards also risk corrupting your character data.


  • Free money rewards directly added to your account
  • Potential to get lucky with big money drops
  • Requires no effort on your part


  • High risk of bans or corrupted data
  • Luck based with no guarantee of rewards
  • Unethical, goes against Rockstar policy

Become a Twitch Affiliate

Popular Twitch streamers who play GTA Online often get free Shark Cards sent by fans and viewers. If you become a Twitch Affiliate by building an audience on Twitch, you can also earn Shark Cards through viewer donations.

Once you get Affiliate status, fans can support you via paid subscriptions, bits and donations. Some viewers enjoy gifting premium items like Shark Cards to say thanks.

The downside is it takes a lot of effort to build an audience on Twitch. You need 50+ average viewers to qualify for the Affiliate program. But if you love streaming GTA Online, it provides a way to fund your hobby and earn rewards.


  • Get Shark Cards gifted by supportive fans
  • Can build a community around your streams
  • Turn your gaming hobby into an income source


  • Very difficult to get Affiliate status on Twitch
  • Need high viewer count to attract donations
  • Time commitment for regular streaming

Participate in GTA Online Contests

Rockstar will periodically host contests for fan-created videos, photos, artwork and other GTA content. These often offer Shark Cards as prizes.

For example, you may be able to win a $500k Shark Card by submitting a 30 second video showcasing your crew‘s greatest heist moment. Other contests reward creativity, humor or skill.

These contests attract a lot of submissions, so winning is difficult. But if you regularly participate and submit quality entries, your odds improve over time. Contests are a fun way to engage with the community while trying for rewards.


  • Prizes often include Shark Cards
  • Rewards creativity and community engagement
  • Participation is 100% free


  • Winning requires skill/luck against other fans
  • Time investment to create quality submissions
  • Infrequent contests with limited prizes

Buy Discounted Pre-Owned Shark Cards

Retailers like GameStop sometimes sell pre-owned Shark Cards at a discount. These are physical cards purchased and returned by other players.

The savings can range from a few dollars off to 25%+ discounts for higher value cards. If you search locally or online, you may be able to find discounted pre-owned Shark Cards being resold by other gamers.

This allows you to pay less real money for the same GTA$ value. However, availability of specific discounts will depend on local inventory. You also need to trust the seller is providing a valid unredeemed code.


  • Save real money off full price
  • All value of Shark Card still applies
  • Chance to get high value cards at discount


  • Need to source discounted cards locally
  • Risk of invalid or already redeemed codes
  • Less discounts on lower value cards

Take Advantage of Bonus Offers

Rockstar frequently runs promotions that offer bonus GTA$ when you purchase a Shark Card. For example:

  • Spend $99.99 for a Megalodon Card, get an extra 1.5 million GTA$ (Total of $9.5 million)

  • Get an extra 500k on all Shark Card purchases over holiday periods

Timing your real money purchases to take advantage of these bonuses is a great way to maximize your GTA$ per dollar spent. You get extra value without spending any additional cash.


  • Bonus GTA$ at no extra cost
  • Maximizes value from real money spent
  • Regular bonus offers and sales


  • Still requires real money purchase
  • Need to buy during limited-time promotions
  • Bonus amounts can vary

Grind Heists and Jobs

While time consuming, you can accumulate millions in GTA Online by grinding out heists, missions and other jobs instead of paying for Shark Cards.

Here are some tips:

  • Always play heists on hard difficulty with the maximum player take
  • Replay the most profitable heists like Cayo Perico
  • Take advantage of weekly bonuses and events
  • Invest earnings into businesses to build long term income

It will take hours of dedicated gameplay to earn enough for big purchases. But by being strategic with the jobs you play, you can amass fortunes without spending real cash on Shark Cards.


  • Earn GTA$ at no real money cost
  • Heists payout big bucks
  • Income from businesses is renewable


  • Requires significant grind and gameplay time
  • Solo progress is slower than groups
  • Businesses require in-game purchases to start

Wait for Free Shark Cards from Rockstar

Very occasionally, Rockstar Games will gift small amounts of GTA$ or free Shark Cards to all players. This generally occurs during launch events for big GTA Online updates.

For example, all players received a free $500k stimulus payment during the launch week of the Cayo Perico Heist update. While not frequent, long time players may accumulate free GTA$ from these gifts over time.


  • Guaranteed free GTA$/Shark Cards
  • Given to all players
  • Gifts tied to big game updates


  • Unpredictable and infrequent
  • Typically small amounts
  • Requires patience

Ask Friends or Family to Gift

If you have friends or family members willing to gift you a Shark Card, this is the easiest way to get one for free.

Most platforms allow you to digitally gift games and in-game purchases. Your friend simply selects a Shark Card amount they want to gift and sends it to your account.

To avoid potential awkwardness or obligations, only reach out to close friends or family members who have offered to gift games/purchases in the past. Don‘t expect free Shark Cards from casual friends or acquaintances.


  • Get Shark Cards without spending any money
  • Any amount can be gifted
  • No strings attached from loved ones


  • Requires asking others to spend money on you
  • Limited to gifts from close friends/family
  • Don‘t want to appear demanding

Ranking the Best Methods by Value

If your goal is to get high value Shark Cards for free, here is how I would rank the methods:

  1. Survey Sites – Redeem points earned for $8 million Megalodon Cards
  2. Giveaways – Luck based, but prizes can be Megalodon Cards
  3. Referrals – Can earn Megalodon Cards by referring active users
  4. Gifting – Friends can directly gift you pricey Megalodon Cards
  5. Contests – Often prize cards up to $3.5 million value
  6. Loyalty Programs – Max rewards around $3.5 million value range
  7. Modded Lobbies – Risky, but potential for big money drops
  8. Events – Usually small amounts, but can accumulate over time
  9. Discount Cards – Max discount likely on $3.5 million cards
  10. Free Gifts – Typically no more than $500k GTA$

The best options provide the highest GTA$ amounts for free, with potential to earn Megalodon Cards worth $8 million GTA$ if you‘re committed.

Is It Worth Buying Shark Cards?

While the methods in this guide allow you to earn free Shark Cards, it takes a significant amount of effort and time invested. If want to skip the grind, buying Shark Cards is the fastest and most convenient way to get large amounts of GTA$ quickly.

To decide if buying them is worth it, ask yourself:

  • Do I have more money or time? – Real money or time grinded in-game
  • What‘s my play style? – Prefer grinding or instant progress
  • How soon do I need the GTA$? – Deadline for a big purchase
  • What‘s my disposable income? – Shark Cards may be insignificant

Smaller denomination Shark Cards that add a few hundred thousand GTA$ can be great value if you lack play time. Higher value Shark Cards up to $8 million GTA$ let you instantly afford the most exclusive items.

While free Shark Cards take effort, purchased Shark Cards let busy players instantly access the best GTA Online content. Choose the right option based on your budget, playstyle and goals.



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