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How to Get Free V-Bucks in Fortnite – The Complete Guide for 2023

As a gaming and streaming expert, one of the most common questions I get asked is "How can I get free V-Bucks in Fortnite?"

V-Bucks are the in-game currency that can be used to buy awesome cosmetic items like skins, emotes, gliders and more. But buying V-Bucks with real money can add up quickly.

Don‘t worry – with the right strategies, you can unlock free V-Bucks by playing Fortnite! In this complete guide, I‘ll show you all the legit ways to get V-Bucks without spending extra cash.

What are V-Bucks and How Are They Used?

For those new to Fortnite, V-Bucks are used to purchase cosmetic items like outfits, pickaxes, gliders, emotes and battle passes. They allow you to customize your character and unlock cool new styles as you progress.

V-Bucks look like orange gemstones in your account balance:

V-Bucks Image

Cosmetic items can only be purchased with V-Bucks – you can‘t use real money in Fortnite directly. Here are some examples of popular V-Buck purchases:

  • Legendary & Epic Outfits – 1,500 to 2,000 V-Bucks
  • Rare & Uncommon Outfits – 800 to 1,200 V-Bucks
  • Pickaxes and Gliders – 500 to 1,500 V-Bucks
  • Emotes – 200 to 500 V-Bucks
  • Battle Pass – 950 V-Bucks per season

As you can see, cool customization items don‘t come cheap! That‘s why learning how to get free V-Bucks is so valuable.

Ways to Get Free V-Bucks in Fortnite

Now that you know what V-Bucks are used for, let‘s get into the good stuff – earning free V-Bucks! Here are the best legitimate methods and tips:

1. Level Up Your Battle Pass

The most reliable way to get a steady stream of V-Bucks is to level up your Battle Pass. The Battle Pass has 100 levels, and free V-Bucks are awarded at certain levels.

Every season, there is a free Battle Pass track that anyone can progress through:

Free Battle Pass V-Buck Rewards

As you can see above, you can earn up to 300 free V-Bucks from the basic free pass if you reach level 100.

However, if you purchase the premium Battle Pass for 950 V-Bucks, you can unlock up to 1,500 additional V-Bucks from leveling up!

Here are the V-Bucks rewards for the premium Season 8 Battle Pass:

Premium Battle Pass V-Buck Rewards

To optimize your V-Bucks earnings, complete as many daily and weekly challenges as possible to gain XP and level up quickly. The more you play, the more free V-Bucks you‘ll accumulate!

Pro Tip: Always log in to claim your daily rewards. They provide a good XP boost towards your next Battle Pass level.

2. Participate in Limited-Time Modes and Events

Fortnite is always having special events and limited-time modes that offer free V-Bucks rewards.

For example, during Fortnitemares 2022 players could earn up to 1,200 V-Bucks by completing event-specific challenges:

Fortnitemares 2022 V-Buck Rewards

Other events like Frostnite and Save the World crossovers have also rewarded hundreds of free V-Bucks.

To maximize your free V-Bucks, be sure to check the News tab in-game frequently. Complete as many event objectives and challenges as you can before they disappear!

3. Daily Login Rewards for Save the World

Fortnite: Save the World is the original PvE mode that launched before Battle Royale. It lets you team up to battle monsters and defend objects using fort building and traps.

While you have to purchase early access for $19.99, Save the World provides daily login rewards – including occasional V-Bucks!

Save the World Daily Rewards

As you can see above, Save the World doles out 50-150 V-Bucks every few days. If you play consistently, you can earn over 1,000 V-Bucks in your first 14 days.

The daily login rewards reset every 336 days. So in one year, you can earn several thousand V-Bucks just for logging in daily!

Note: You need to link your Epic account to share V-Bucks between Save the World and Battle Royale modes.

4. Cash Back and Rebate Programs

This method requires spending money up front, but you can get a partial V-Bucks refund using cash back and rebate programs.

For example, sites like Rakuten offer 4% cash back on V-Bucks gift cards purchased from retailers like Walmart and CDKeys. Over time, collecting rebates on your V-Bucks purchases can net you a nice chunk of "free" V-Bucks.

Some other popular options include:

  • TopCashback – Up to 6% cash back at select retailers
  • Dining Dollars – Up to 5% cash back on V-Bucks gift cards
  • CouponCabin – 1-2% cash back on V-Bucks purchases

Be sure to read all terms and note minimum payouts before you buy. And double check that the retailer actually emails you a V-Bucks gift code, so you can redeem it in-game.

5. Watch for Free V-Bucks Promotions

On very rare occasions, Epic Games may give away V-Bucks directly to players for free. Here are some examples:

  • In 2022, some players got 1,000 free V-Bucks as an apology when servers were down
  • Epic sometimes gifts small amounts of V-Bucks (300-500) to lapsed players as a comeback incentive

You can‘t count on getting free V-Bucks this way. But it doesn‘t hurt to check your account balance periodically or after major issues, just in case!

Free promotional V-Bucks will simply appear in your in-game currency balance automatically when awarded by Epic. So log in regularly to see if you got lucky!

How to Spot V-Bucks Scams

Now let‘s talk about what doesn‘t work when earning free V-Bucks. There are a ton of scams out there, so you need to be careful.

Here are some common Fortnite V-Bucks scam tactics:

  • Free V-Bucks generators or hacks – These don‘t exist, and any app asking for your account login or password is a scam.

  • Fake V-Bucks giveaways – Legit giveaways are rare, and only happen on Epic‘s official social media. Most just want your personal info.

  • Sketchy offers and surveys – Rewards like "Get 1 Million FREE V-BUCKS by completing this survey!" will never pay out.

  • Clickbait videos – Any video promising free V-Bucks using hidden tricks is just aiming to get views, not help you.

  • Third-party V-Bucks sellers – Epic only allows V-Bucks to be sold directly through authorized retailers like the Epic Games Store. Any shady sites offering discounted V-Bucks codes are likely scams.

Protect your account by sticking to legit methods like Battle Pass rewards and cash back programs. If an offer seems too good to be true, it always is!

Frequently Asked Free V-Bucks Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about unlocking free V-Bucks:

How many free V-Bucks can I earn per season?

  • Up to 300 V-Bucks by reaching level 100 on the free Battle Pass
  • Up to 1,500 additional V-Bucks with the premium Battle Pass at level 100

What‘s the daily limit for earning free V-Bucks?

  • No limit for Battle Pass level-up V-Bucks
  • Save the World caps daily V-Buck quest earnings at 150

How long do daily login V-Buck rewards take to reset?

  • The Save the World daily login rewards reset every 336 days. So almost a full year for the cycle to restart.

Can I earn V-Bucks on all platforms like PC, Mobile, Switch?

  • Yes! Your V-Bucks balance carries across Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Mobile and Switch thanks to Epic account linking.

What‘s the fastest way to earn 1,000 V-Bucks for free?

  • Buying the Battle Pass and grinding XP to reach level 75 quickly unlocks 1,000 V-Bucks.
  • Limited events also sometimes reward up to 1,200 V-Bucks for completing challenges.

What should I buy with free V-Bucks?

  • Prioritize Battle Passes, which unlock ways to earn more V-Bucks.
  • For cosmetics, buy the skins and emotes you really want most, since they don‘t affect gameplay.

Closing Thoughts on Earning Free V-Bucks

With the tips above, dedicated Fortnite players can unlock free V-Bucks over time without spending extra cash.

Here are the key takeaways:

  • Battle Pass level-ups give 50-150 free V-Bucks per season
  • Check for limited-time event challenges that award V-Bucks
  • Link your Epic account to earn Save the World daily login V-Bucks
  • Cash back programs can partially refund your V-Bucks purchases
  • Watch for occasional free V-Bucks gifts from Epic Games promotions

Learning how to position and rotate your character in Fortnite, whether it‘s choosing the right landing spot, building walls and ramps, healing and reloading at the perfect time, or strategically placing that final winning shot, is just as crucial to your success.

While cosmetic items don‘t boost your competitive abilities, a fresh new look can keep the game feeling exciting season after season. With the right strategies, you can unlock those coveted skins, emotes, gliders and battle passes without spending a dime.

Happy (free) hunting! Let me know if you have any other questions.



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