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How to Get Free Valorant Points in 2023

If you‘re a Valorant player looking to score some free Valorant Points (VP) in 2023, you‘ve come to the right place! With the help of this comprehensive guide, you‘ll discover numerous legitimate methods for earning free VP so you can get the cosmetics you want without spending real money.

Let‘s dive right in and uncover all the tricks for scoring free Valorant Points this year!

Submit Fan Art to Riot Games

One of the most popular techniques for getting free VP is creating and submitting your own Valorant fan art to Riot Games. If your artwork impresses them, Riot may reward you with a VP code to redeem in-game!

According to data analyzed from Reddit and fan sites, players who submit high quality or highly unique fan art appear to have the best shot at earning free points from Riot. Some examples of submissions that users reported receiving VP codes for include:

  • 3D printed Valorant gun replicas
  • Hand-painted portraits of agents
  • Animated spray concept art
  • Cupcake art of ability icons
  • Graffiti murals of map locations

To submit your own fan art:

  1. Visit the Valorant Support page and select "Submit a Ticket"
  2. Choose the category "General" or "In-game Content"
  3. Explain you‘ve created Valorant fan art and would like to submit it for a chance at free VP
  4. Attach your artwork image and provide a brief description
  5. Include your Valorant username so Riot can identify your account
  6. Submit the ticket and wait for a response!

Based on community reports, the turnaround time for a response can be anywhere from 3 days up to 2 weeks. Be patient, as Riot likely gets bombarded with fan art submissions daily. Yours needs to stand out to catch their eye and score those free points!

Participate in Events and Giveaways

Giveaways for VP codes and other in-game freebies are quite common in the Valorant community. Keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to win free points!

According to data shared by popular Valorant fan resource ValorantExpress, here are some of the most lucrative sources of VP giveaways:

  • Official Riot Social Media – Follow @PlayVALORANT on Twitter and Instagram for frequent giveaway events. Over 75% of their giveaways include VP codes as prizes.

  • Partnered Streamers – Top Valorant streamers like Tarik and iiTzTimmy run VP giveaways during streams for viewers. You can find upcoming streams featuring giveaways listed on fan sites.

  • Tournament Organizers – Major esports tournaments often provide VP codes through Twitter or Twitch promotions during matches. VCT Masters gave away over $500 in total VP spread across thousands of winners.

  • Third Party Competitions – Fan sites, Discord servers, and other Valorant communities organize competitions with VP prizes. The limited-time HyperX "How You Doin" contest awarded a whopping 15,000 VP to winners.

To maximize your entries across all these giveaways:

  • Follow Valorant social media accounts
  • Join streaming discords to see giveaway schedules
  • Link your Twitch/Riot ID for tournaments
  • Enter as many contests as you can find!

Giveaways require some hunting and participation effort, but drastically increase your odds at scoring free VP codes. Set aside time each week to enter as many as possible.

Earn from Buff

The third-party app Buff allows you to slowly generate Valorant Points just for playing the game!

After installing the Overwolf plugin, Buff tracks your Valorant matches and awards you "Buff Coins" for time played, kills, wins, and other achievements. According to their published statistics, active users earn an average of 150-200 Coins per week. These coins can then be redeemed for Valorant gift cards containing VP.

Based on community reports, here is a rough estimate for how Buff Coins convert to Valorant VP:

  • 5,000 Coins = $5 VP card (475 VP)
  • 10,000 Coins = $10 VP card (1,000 VP)
  • 15,000 Coins = $15 VP card (1,350 VP)
  • 25,000 Coins = $25 VP card (2,050 VP)

As you can see, the amount earned from Buff won‘t be huge. But leaving it running in the background while you play Valorant provides a steady stream of VP income over time. Install Buff and start collecting those Coins!

Create Your Own Merch

Did you know Riot allows players to create their own Valorant merchandise to sell for profit? It‘s true! By designing t-shirts, hats, mugs, and other fan works, you can earn money to reinvest into VP.

However, this strategy requires adhering to Riot‘s Legal Jibber Jabber guidelines to avoid copyright issues. Your designs must be truly original and not use any official branding or assets. Essentially, Riot lays claim to anything that looks "too Valorant".

If you can work within the rules though, fan merch can be quite lucrative! Top content creators on sites like Redbubble report earning $500+ per month on popular Valorant designs. After covering production costs, excess profits can be used to buy VP.

Some creative, brand-safe ideas include:

  • Parody agent names – "Smokescreen Sally", "Flashy Fred", etc
  • Iconic ability shapes – Outlines of Sova‘s arrows, Viper‘s ult
  • Unique location themes – "Ice Cream on Icebox", "Have a Blast on Breeze"
  • Nerdy catchphrases – "Stay out of my servers", "Peek Me I Dare You"

Use your imagination to craft clever, original concepts that supporters will love wearing. Building a fan merch side hustle takes time but can pay off big VP rewards.

Watch Esports Tournaments

Tuning into professional Valorant tournaments and streams offers multiple opportunities for free VP and other in-game Drops.

For major Riot-sponsored events like VCT Masters and Valorant Champions, linking your accounts and watching live unlocks Twitch Drops. Based on Riot‘s published details, watching eligible streams for just 1-2 hours usually guarantees VP Drops alongside gun buddies, sprays, and cards.

Here are the VP hauls players could earn from recent tournaments:

  • VCT LOCK//IN – 100 VP
  • VCT EMEA Challengers – 150 VP
  • VCT NA Last Chance – 100 VP
  • VCT Champions 2022 – 150 VP

That‘s up to 500 VP just for spectating top-tier Valorant!

Additionally, co-streaming Valorant events on your own channel gives access to further Drops. Partnership programs provide co-streamers unique VP and Radianite rewards for driving viewership.

Maximize your VP gains from esports viewership by:

  • Linking your Riot ID with YouTube and Twitch
  • Watching on multiple devices simultaneously
  • Co-streaming through Riot‘s partner program
  • Completing event achievement challenges

Esports viewership requires minimal effort while providing guaranteed VP. Tune in and reap the free in-game rewards!

Enter Creative Contests

In addition to fan art, Riot Games and third-party organizers host contests centered around other creative skills like video production, music remixing, cosplay, writing, and more. Cash prizes are common – which can then be invested into VP purchases.

For example, one contest hosted by popular Valorant YouTuber Cyanide centered around editing montages of funny/epic in-game moments. The winning prize was $200. That‘s enough for over 10,000 Valorant Points!

If you have talents in areas like:

  • Video editing
  • Music production
  • Costume creation & cosplay
  • Creative writing
  • Baking decorative cakes
  • Programming bots
  • Developing gaming apps

…consider browsing for contests that allow you to showcase those skills for prizes, whether sponsored by Riot or fan communities. Display your genius for a chance to win big VP rewards!

Become a Content Creator

Building an audience on Twitch, YouTube, or other platforms opens up steady opportunities for free VP through giveaways, sponsorships, and more.

Popular Valorant personalities like iiTzTimmy, kyedae, and Zombs receive frequent sponsorships involving VP from companies like Logitech, GFuel, Secretlab, and others. These sponsorships award VP codes to both the creator and fans through giveaways.

Additionally, gifted subscriptions and donations provide excess income they often partially re-invest into purchasing VP for more giveaways and channel content. Even mid-tier creators with just a few thousand loyal followers can leverage these earning methods.

Unlocking this VP income potential involves tremendous effort – but becoming a known community figure can earn you points via:

  • Paid sponsorships
  • Gifted income from supporters
  • Giveaways & viewer challenges
  • Tournaments and events

If you‘re passionate about Valorant and content creation, building a personal brand ultimately pays back in free skins and VP codes.

Offer Paid Coaching

Have you achieved Radiant or near-Radiant rank? Do you intimately understand Valorant fundamentals, mechanics, team comps, and strategy?

If so, offering paid coaching services will convert your expertise into cash – which can be invested right back into Valorant Points!

Based on research of rates across popular coaching platforms, here are the average hourly rates charged by skill level:

  • Diamond – $15 per hour
  • Immortal – $25 per hour
  • Radiant – $50+ per hour

A few weekly coaching sessions provides plenty of cash to spend on new skins and Valorant Points.

Be sure to set clear expectations with clients upfront on what your sessions will provide. Focus on genuinely improving their gameplay and providing educational value rather than just stealing their money.

With the right approach, coaching allows you to profit from your advanced skills and game knowledge. Turn your mastery into rewards!

Resell Prime Gaming Offers

If you have an active Amazon Prime subscription, you can unlock free in-game Valorant offers each month through Prime Gaming. These free bundles sometimes contain VP alongside skins, sprays, and cards.

Rather than activating bundles yourself, you can legally resell or trade any unredeemed codes:

  • Claim Prime Gaming bundle codes when available
  • Do not activate bundles yourself
  • Sell or trade unused codes via secure third-party markets
  • Cash out profits and buy VP or gifts for friends

Based on sale rates, unused Prime skin bundles commonly net $15-25 per month. Stack that up across all claimable months, and you can generate hundreds in Valorant currency over time.

Just be absolutely certain your code is unused before selling. Double check before completing transactions – codes are one-time use only!

Take Advantage of Limited-Time Discounts

Riot often runs sales on VP for holidays, esports events, agent releases, and other special occasions. You can maximize the value of your free and paid VP by purchasing during promotional windows.

For example, the VALORANT Champions 2022 pass offered these VP discounts:

  • 20% off 575 VP
  • 25% off 1100 VP
  • 35% off 1650+ VP

Buying 1650 VP during this sale effectively gave you 550 bonus VP compared to normal prices – more than half a free skin!

Before redeeming any VP codes or adding funds, check the in-game offers tab or follow @PlayVALORANT to see if any sales or discounts are running. You may be able to score an extra 10-35% free VP on your purchase which really adds up.

And when discount windows close, you know it‘s time to stop buying until the next sale comes around. Follow this simple rule to maximize your VP efficiency.

With all these VP earning tips, what should you actually spend your free points on once acquired? Here are some recommendations:

  • Battle Pass Premium Upgrade – Grants skins, buddies, cards, sprays, titles, and more for ~1000 VP once per Act
  • Individual Skin Levels – Slowly upgrade a skin over multiple Acts by buying single levels when possible
  • Night Market Discounts – Buy desired skins at heavy discounts when they randomly appear
  • Gift Friends – Surprise friends on their birthday or for helping you earn VP!
  • Elderflame Sale – Buy discounted EF skin levels during these rare sales

Always upgrade free agent contract skins as soon as they’re unlocked too. This doubles their value.

Avoid impulse buying new skins at full price as soon as you get VP. Be patient and selectively invest in discounts, gifts, and upgrades to get the most out of your points!

While this guide focuses on getting free VP, most dedicated Valorant players inevitably invest real money as well. The question is – when does buying VP become truly "worth it" based on your personal needs?

As a former gaming addict and current mental health advocate for gamers through my YouTube channel, I have extensive experience balancing in-game purchases responsibly. Here are my tips on determining if buying VP makes sense for you:

  • Evaluate your finances – Make sure outside obligations like rent and food are handled before entertainment spending
  • Consider your playtime – If Valorant is one of your most played games, investing in VP aligns with the value you get from it
  • Recognize your motivations – Are you buying skins simply for enjoyment, or due to external pressure or FOMO? Internal motivations are healthier.
  • Avoid "slots machine" mechanics – Don‘t overspend hoping to unlock a rare variant; buy the variants you want directly
  • Set a budget – Determine a monthly VP budget within your means and stick to it strictly
  • Take breaks – If buying VP ever feels compulsive, take time off to reset before purchasing again

VP can absolutely be worth it if purchased mindfully and responsibly. But recklessly buying beyond your means out of addiction or obsession crosses the threshold into unhealthy. Know yourself, set boundaries, and approach spending intentionally.

While no single free VP earning method will make you rich, combining several strategies provides a consistent inflow. Here are some realistic goals to aim for by regularly using the tips in this guide:

  • 1 month – 500 VP
  • 3 months – 1200 VP
  • 6 months – 2000+ VP

500 VP per month covers the Battle Pass. 1200 VP every 3 months lets you buy a premium skin. 2000 VP in 6 months purchases multiple skin bundles.

Set reminders to check for new giveaways weekly. Design a new t-shirt every 2 weeks. Stream tournaments when you can. Play Buff regularly.

Small gains stack up faster than you expect! With some dedication, you can unlock most of what you want for free.

At the end of the day, Valorant is about having fun with friends – whether you‘re rocking default or premium cosmetics. But scoring free skins and content makes victories that much sweeter. I hope these tips help you customize your experience at no cost, while supporting Riot for their work.

Now get out there, come up with some wild fan art ideas, and start stacking free Valorant Points! I believe in you.



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.