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How to get game pass for free every month? The ultimate guide to maximizing Xbox gaming value

So you want to know how to get Xbox Game Pass for free every single month? With the right strategy, it is absolutely possible! In this comprehensive 2300+ word guide, I‘ll provide all the best tips and tricks to legitimately get free Game Pass subscriptions month after month as an Xbox superfan.

As an avid gamer myself, I know how frustrating it can be to pay full price for games and subscriptions. That‘s why I‘ve become obsessed with finding creative ways to get great deals on Xbox Game Pass. After extensive research and experimenting with different approaches, I‘m excited to share everything I‘ve learned about getting free months of Game Pass consistently.

When you follow the advice outlined here, you can enjoy all the awesome benefits of Xbox Game Pass – access to over 100 games spanning Xbox consoles and PC, new releases like Halo Infinite, and all the Game Pass member perks – without emptying your wallet. Let‘s jump in!

A Quick Intro to Xbox Game Pass for New Users

For those who aren‘t familiar, Xbox Game Pass is like the Netflix for gamers. For one monthly subscription fee, you get unlimited access to download and play over 100 Xbox console and PC games. Without Game Pass, buying all these games separately would cost over $5,000!

The library includes blockbuster exclusives like Halo, Gears of War, and Forza on day one, along with popular third party titles such as Elder Scrolls, Doom, and more. Whether you‘re into action, adventure, racing, RPGs or any other genre, there‘s something for everyone.

New games get added every month, while some do rotate out, so the library is constantly evolving. As a Game Pass member, you also get exclusive discounts on games, DLC add-ons, and other perks.

There are three Xbox Game Pass options to choose from:

  • Xbox Game Pass for Console – 100+ games for Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. $9.99 per month

  • PC Game Pass – 100+ games for Windows 10/11 PCs. $9.99 per month

  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – Everything above plus Xbox Live Gold and cloud gaming. $14.99 per month

The huge savings compared to buying games individually makes Game Pass extremely attractive. Now let‘s get into how you can gain access for free!

Taking Advantage of $1 Game Pass Trial Offers

The easiest way to get started with Xbox Game Pass is to take advantage of a $1 trial offer. This allows you to test out the service for a month before deciding if you want to continue the membership.

All new Game Pass members are eligible to get their first month for only $1, regardless of which plan you choose. To redeem this offer:

  1. Head to the Xbox Game Pass signup page and select your preferred plan – Console, PC or Ultimate.

  2. Proceed through checkout until the payment page. The $1 first month promotion will be applied automatically.

  3. Complete the checkout process by entering payment details. You will only be billed $1 for your first month!

The $1 entry point makes it completely risk free to try Game Pass. Make the most of that first month by downloading and playing as many games as possible to see if the library appeals to your tastes.

Just be sure to turn off auto-renew if you don‘t intend to continue at the standard price after that first month. Enjoy over 100 games for just $1!

Using Microsoft Rewards to Score Free Game Pass Months

One of my favorite tips for getting regular free Game Pass is using Microsoft Rewards. This free program allows you to earn points by doing simple activities like using Bing search, playing Xbox games, taking surveys and more. These points can then be cashed in for Xbox gift cards or free Game Pass membership – a great way to cover the cost!

Based on my experience, here are some surefire ways to earn Rewards points for free Game Pass:

  • Search on Bing daily – You can rack up to 300 Reward points per month just by completing 30 searches on Bing. Set it as your default search engine and the points add up quick.

  • Complete weekly Xbox Game Pass quests – Special Xbox quests provide easy points for trying certain games or achievements. These take just minutes and give you hundreds of extra points over time.

  • Max out monthly Rewards punch cards – Focus on hitting the big lifetime point milestones punched in your Rewards card. The large bonus payouts give you points fast.

  • Take surveys – You‘ll get opportunities to earn 100-300 points by giving feedback through quick surveys. They pop up randomly so watch for them.

Through actively gaming and completing Bing searches, Xbox quests, surveys, and punch cards, you can realistically earn over 6000 Rewards points per month.

About 4800 points can be redeemed for a free month of Game Pass Ultimate. For just Console or PC Game Pass plans, you only need around 3200 points to cover a month.

So with dedication, you can generate enough Rewards points every month to unlock a free Game Pass subscription! The points earned will stack up over time too in case you need a buffer month.

Redeeming Free Game Pass Offers from Promotions

Another great way to score free Game Pass is by taking advantage of limited time free trial offers that pop up. Brands like Doritos, Rockstar Energy Drinks, Pop-Tarts and others will periodically run Game Pass promotions.

For example, Doritos and Rockstar Energy ran a popular "Every 60 Seconds" giveaway where buying specially marked bags and cans gave you a code to enter and try winning Game Pass trials and other prizes.

Keep an eye on giveaways like this by following gaming news blogs and sites. When you see a Game Pass promotion, buy the related products to get codes and redeem them ASAP.

Stack up as many free months from promotions as possible for maximum savings! Even if you end up with overlapping free trial periods, any unused time gets converted to regular paid Game Pass membership so nothing goes to waste.

Creating Multiple Accounts for Back-to-Back $1 Offers

This next tip is a bit more advanced, but can really maximize your free Game Pass access by taking advantage of multiple $1 first month offers.

The approach is to create several extra Microsoft accounts and Xbox gamertags ahead of time. You then use these accounts to redeem $1 intro offers back-to-back.

Here‘s how to pull it off:

  1. Create 4 spare Microsoft accounts and Xbox gamertags.

  2. On your first account, redeem a $1 Game Pass trial. Turn off auto-renew immediately so you aren‘t charged again after the first month.

  3. When that first account expires, sign up for another $1 deal on your second account and repeat.

  4. Keep rotating through accounts, redeeming $1 trials back-to-back.

By cycling accounts, you could realistically get 4+ months of Game Pass for just $4 total! Combined with earning free months via Rewards and promotions, you can stretch your access even further with this handy trick.

Just be organized about tracking when each account will expire to keep the $1 deals rolling continuously. With a bit of planning, you‘ll never pay full price!

Converting Xbox Live Gold to Game Pass Ultimate

If you currently have an active Xbox Live Gold subscription, you can actually convert your remaining prepaid Gold time over to Game Pass Ultimate at a nice conversion ratio.

For example, if you add 12 months of Xbox Live Gold and then upgrade, it will convert to 12 months of Game Pass Ultimate at no extra cost. This essentially allows you to turn discounted Gold time into free Ultimate access!

To take advantage:

  1. Stock up on 12-month Xbox Live Gold codes when they are discounted.

  2. Redeem the codes to add the 12 months of Gold to your membership.

  3. Upgrade to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – your prepaid Gold time will convert over at a 1:1 ratio.

By pre-loading Gold time when it‘s on sale then converting, you can score a great Game Pass Ultimate deal. The more discounted Gold codes you can get, the more free months!

Maximizing Free Trial Periods to the Fullest

When you do get a free Game Pass trial month, whether it‘s your first $1 offer or through a promotion, you‘ll want to make the absolute most of it.

With access to over 100 games for a month at no cost, you have an incredible opportunity to experience a ton of gaming content completely free.

Here are my tips for getting the maximum value from every free Game Pass trial:

  • Download and play titles you‘d never normally buy just to try them out. Part of the fun is discovering hidden gems!

  • Focus on playing the most expensive AAA games first, like Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, Doom Eternal etc. You can knock out some of the top releases for free.

  • Research online lists ranking the current best Game Pass games to figure out what you must play during your trial time.

  • Step out of your typical gaming habits by rotating between very different genres to experience the diversity of the library.

  • Prioritize titles that are scheduled to leave Game Pass soon so you can play them during the trial.

Following this advice ensures you really capitalize on every free month. You might just find a new favorite franchise!

Stacking Discounts for Cheap Game Pass Renewals

While free is always best, you can also reduce the real cost of paying for Game Pass by stacking discounts:

  • Watch for deals on Xbox gift cards, which you can redeem toward Game Pass renewal fees to lower the price.

  • Upgrade to Game Pass Ultimate for just $1 extra if you have Xbox Live Gold time remaining to convert over.

  • Take advantage of the Xbox All Access hardware program, which includes Game Pass Ultimate for a low monthly fee when bundled with a new Xbox console.

Layering these savings on top of the free month strategies makes maintaining Game Pass long-term much more affordable!

Wrapping Up

Phew, that was a lot of tips! Let‘s do a quick recap:

  • Redeem $1 first month deals

  • Earn Rewards points for free months

  • Take advantage of brand partner promotions

  • Create accounts for multiple $1 trials

  • Convert discounted Gold to Game Pass Ultimate

  • Maximize every free trial‘s game library

  • Layer on other Xbox discounts and deals

As you can see, getting free Game Pass every month is very possible with the right strategy! It may take some dedication on your part to work through Microsoft Rewards activities or keep track of multiple accounts and promotions.

But the time invested is worthwhile considering a Game Pass Ultimate subscription alone costs $180 per year at retail price. Follow the guidance in this guide and you‘ll keep far more money in your pocket while enjoying access to 100+ awesome games!

The key is thoroughly andstrategically combining the different methods I outlined. Timing everything properly ensures you continuously chain together free months while taking advantage of every possible Xbox deal and reward.

So in summary – YES, you absolutely can get Game Pass free every month with the tips provided here. Now get out there, create those accounts, earn those points, redeem those promotions, and enjoy access to the Netflix of gaming on the cheap!

Let me know if you have any other questions about maximizing savings on your Xbox gaming. I‘m always happy to share more about how I get Game Pass for free as an avid gamer. Enjoy the unlimited Game Pass fun!



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