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How to get GeForce NOW free? The complete guide to unlocking premium cloud gaming without spending money

Want to experience high-fps, gorgeous looking games without an expensive gaming rig? If so, GeForce NOW is for you.

GeForce NOW is a game-changing cloud gaming service from Nvidia that allows you to stream thousands of popular games on any underpowered device – laptop, phone, tablet, etc.

The best part? You can access GeForce NOW and stream games for free!

In this guide, I‘ll provide you, my friend, with all the tips and tricks to maximize your free GeForce NOW membership. With my help, you‘ll be cloud gaming like a pro and unlocking Nvidia‘s premium features without spending a dime. Let‘s jump in!

Free membership gives you standard access

Getting started with GeForce NOW is easy. Just head to Nvidia‘s website and sign up for a free standard membership.

This gives you instant access to GeForce NOW‘s extensive library of games. According to Nvidia, GeForce NOW is currently compatible with over 1,300 games from popular platforms like Steam, Epic, Ubisoft and Origin.

With the free membership, you can instantly play any of these supported games you already own. No need to repurchase anything!

Now the one catch is session length. Free members are limited to 1 hour of continuous play per session. But don‘t worry! I‘ll explain how to make the most of your time later on.

First, let‘s get your game library connected…

Link your game stores for instant access

To stream the games you already own, you need to connect your game store accounts to GeForce NOW.

In the GeForce NOW app, click on your profile picture in the top right. Select "Settings" then "Connections". Here you can link your Steam, Epic Games, Ubisoft, and other gaming accounts.

Once connected, your compatible library gets synced. You‘ll see all your owned games ready for cloud streaming!

According to Nvidia, over 1000 games are currently supported across top stores:

  • Steam – Over 800 games
  • Epic Games Store – Over 100 games
  • Ubisoft Connect – Almost 50 games
  • Origin – 30+ games
  • GOG – 20+ titles

Linking accounts is quick and makes your owned collection available instantly. Now let‘s see how you can play popular free-to-play games…

Access free-to-play titles without spending anything

The GeForce NOW free membership also grants you full access to a great selection of free-to-play games. This lets you enjoy popular F2P titles without an expensive gaming PC or console.

Here are some of the top free games available according to Nvidia‘s game list:

  • Fortnite
  • Apex Legends
  • Destiny 2
  • Warframe
  • Path of Exile
  • Genshin Impact
  • eFootball
  • Super People
  • Dauntless

and over 50 more free-to-play titles!

These games are completely free and don‘t require owning them on any other platform. And GeForce NOW streams them flawlessly even on low end hardware thanks to the cloud.

It‘s a great way for you to try out many of today‘s most popular games without spending money.

Now let‘s optimize those 1 hour game sessions…

Maximize your 1 hour game sessions

As a free member, each of your GeForce NOW gaming sessions is limited to 1 hour of playtime. Once the hour ends, you‘re disconnected and can queue up for another session.

Don‘t let this limit stop your fun! Here are my tips to make the most of each session:

  • Save early, save often – Make sure to manually save your progress at least every 30 minutes. Nothing‘s worse than losing progress if you get cut off at the 1 hour mark.

  • Avoid long missions or raids – Try not to start big quests or dungeons close to the 1 hour limit. Stick to quick matches to maximize playtime.

  • Schedule gaming in chunks – Know you‘ll be playing for 2+ hours? Schedule out multiple 1 hour sessions with breaks in between rather than getting disconnected mid-game.

  • Exit early – I recommend exiting games manually a few minutes before the time limit. This avoids any risk of forced shutdowns while still in a match.

Pro tip: Games like Fortnite actually display your remaining GeForce NOW session time as a countdown clock in-game! Use it to make the most of each hour.

According to Nvidia, free members get unlimited sessions per day. So take breaks and simply re-queue for your next 1 hour gameplay block.

Now let‘s dive into streaming on the go…

Cloud gaming on mobile with GeForce NOW

GeForce NOW isn‘t just for desktops – you can enjoy seamless cloud gaming on your Android or iOS phones and tablets too!

Just download the GeForce NOW app on Google Play or the App Store. Log in with your free membership account.

You‘ll have full access to your Steam, Epic and other game libraries on mobile. According to Nvidia, mobile gameplay input is optimized for touch:

  • Onscreen virtual controllers for natural feel
  • Support for Bluetooth controllers
  • Full keyboard and mouse controls

You get the same 1 hour session lengths to play your favorite games on the go. Cloud gaming provides high end performance even on phones or tablets lacking powerful chips.

An Android Authority performance test showed GeForce NOW can even run smooth 60fps gameplay on a 4G cellular connection! Of course 5G or WiFi works best.

Now let‘s look at how you can trial paid memberships…

Test premium membership perks with extended free trials

GeForce NOW offers paid memberships with more benefits:

  • Priority ($9.99/month): Extended 6 hour sessions, RTX ON graphics, priority server access
  • RTX 3080 ($19.99/month): 8 hour sessions, 1440p 120fps, ultra low latency

Luckily, Nvidia and partners offer free trials so you can experience these perks yourself:

  • Nvidia promos – Official 1-3 month trials offered on
  • Hardware bundles – New RTX laptops include 1-6 month trials
  • Referrals – Referring friends nets 1 month extensions
  • Giveaways – Follow GeForce NOW social for free code contests

For example, buying an eligible device can land you up to 6 months of Priority access free. Popular products offering extended trials:

  • Nvidia Shield TV – 6 months free Priority
  • ASUS and MSI gaming laptops – 1 month free Priority
  • Razer Edge and Blade devices – 3 months free Priority
  • Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets – 3 months RTX 3080 access

Follow GeForce NOW on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They often run giveaways andsweepstakes to win free Priority and RTX memberships.

According to Nvidia‘s CES 2023 announcement, over 1 million Asian users have redeemed free RTX 3080 trial codes from holiday promotions.

Now let‘s explore extending your membership through referrals…

Refer friends for free month extensions

Here‘s an easy way you can add more free time to your GeForce NOW membership – refer your friends!

Share your unique referral code with any friend who‘s interested in cloud gaming. If they sign up for a paid GeForce NOW membership with your code, you both get 1 month added for free.

According to Nvidia, GeForce NOW referrals are unlimited. So go ahead and share your code far and wide across your social networks and gaming circles.

Pro tip: Referring someone who buys a 6-month membership nets you the most value. You get 6 months free added to your account!

Referrals are a win-win allowing both you and your friends to enjoy premium GeForce NOW benefits for longer. Now let‘s look at another member perk…

Redeem Buddy Pass gifts from friends

GeForce NOW members on 6-month Priority or RTX 3080 plans receive Buddy Passes each month. These allow gifting someone a full month of their membership for free.

Here‘s a quick guide to making the most out of Buddy Passes:

  • Ask friends and family with 6-month memberships for their unused Buddy Passes.

  • One member can gift you their Pass every month.

  • Activate the Pass code to add 30 days of Priority or RTX 3080 access to your account.

  • Enjoy extended sessions, high FPS gameplay, and premium features for a month without spending!

According to Nvidia, Buddy Pass gifts can be redeemed on any membership tier. So even as a free member, you can still take full advantage of gifted Priority and RTX 3080 months.

Now let‘s look at unlocking free trials through special events and contests…

Find free codes from events, giveaways and forums

Keep an eye out for GeForce NOW promotions and contests where you can win membership codes:

  • Expos and conferences – Nvidia gives away trials during gaming events and tech conferences.

  • Gaming forums – Members sometimes post spare Buddy Pass and trial codes on gaming subreddits, Discord servers and forums.

  • Deals websites – Tech blogs and coupon sites post GeForce NOW codes with giveaways.

  • Retailer promotions – Some stores run co-promos with Nvidia offering free trials for purchases.

For example, Nvidia awarded over $15,000 in prizes during their GeForce NOW Rainbow Six Siege collegiate tournament last November. This included multiple free 6-month memberships.

Gaming deal sites like PCWorld even give away GeForce NOW codes with hardware reviews and holiday buyer‘s guides.

Leverage gaming communities and stay alert for any chance to redeem free trials from promotions. Now let‘s compare some alternatives…

Compare free gaming services from competitors

If you can‘t get enough free GeForce NOW access, consider trying these unlimited free cloud gaming tiers:

  • Google Stadia – Play favorite games like Destiny 2 without any time limits.
  • Amazon Luna – Free rotating games with Prime membership.
  • Xbox Cloud Gaming – Play 100+ games free for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members.

The benefit compared to GeForce NOW is no fixed time limits for sessions. The tradeoff is you‘re often locked to a limited games catalog.

GeForce NOW has the best compatibility with games you already own. But competitors are worth evaluating for true unlimited free cloud gaming.

Now let‘s wrap things up…

Conclusion: How to unlock GeForce NOW‘s premium features for free

And there you have it – the complete guide to maximizing and extending your free GeForce NOW membership!

With the tips I‘ve provided, you can enjoy hours upon hours of high fps full HD cloud gaming without spending a penny.

Let‘s do a quick recap of all the ways you can unlock free Priority and RTX 3080 tier benefits:

  • Sign up for the standard free membership
  • Link your gaming store accounts to enable your library
  • Play dozens of popular free-to-play games
  • Take advantage of unlimited 1 hour game sessions
  • Cloud game on the go with mobile apps
  • Find and redeem extended free trial offers
  • Refer friends and rack up free month extensions
  • Receive and activate gifted Buddy Passes
  • Keep watching for giveaways and contests
  • Compare competitors like Stadia and Luna for unlimited play

Thanks for reading! I hope these tips help you get the most out of GeForce NOW. Cloud gaming is the future. Now, with Nvidia‘s help, you get to experience ultra settings and high frame rates without breaking the bank.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Enjoy those free games!

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