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How to get Lester to call off the cops for free in GTA V? Follow this expert guide to escape the police easily

Have you ever gotten into trouble causing chaos in GTA V and suddenly found yourself with a 5-star wanted level and dozens of cops swarming you? It happens to all of us! Getting the police called on you is an inevitable rite of passage in GTA. But having to constantly scramble to escape the cops or get busted can put a damper on your gaming fun.

That‘s where my good friend Lester comes in!

As a fellow expert GTA player, let me show you how to fully utilize Lester‘s invaluable services to get rid of the cops for free. With these pro gamer tips, you‘ll learn how to easily call Lester to remove those frustrating wanted stars so you can get back to uninterrupted exploring and mayhem.

Who is Lester and how can he help you lose the cops?

For those new to the vast world of GTA V, Lester Crest is a brilliant character you‘ll meet early in the main story. He becomes a great asset throughout your journey.

Lester is an eccentric genius hacker crippled by a wasting disease that leaves him wheelchair-bound. But what Lester lacks in mobility he more than makes up for with his tremendous hacking skills and underworld connections.

After you complete certain missions and progress your character to around level 20 in GTA Online, Lester will become available in your in-game cell phone as a special contact for his services.

Once unlocked, you can call Lester at any time to utilize his amazing abilities for you. Specifically, he has the power to remove your wanted level and call off the cops for a modest fee.

Having Lester in your corner is like having a high-powered defense attorney on speed dial! One phone call and he‘ll clear your name of any criminal wrongdoing in the eyes of the law.

Step-by-step guide to calling Lester and removing wanted levels

Calling on Lester to banish your wanted stars is easy once you unlock him as a contact. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Bring up your character‘s cell phone – If you‘re playing on console, press the up arrow on your D-pad to launch the phone. On PC, press M to access the phone.

  2. Open your Contacts list – Scroll through the contacts menu until you reach the L‘s.

  3. Select Lester‘s name – Choose his name to give Lester a call.

  4. Choose Remove Wanted Level – This option will be available in Lester‘s call menu. Select it.

After a brief phone conversation, Lester will work his hacker magic. The cops will immediately stop hunting for you, your wanted stars will vanish, and you‘ll be a free man or woman once again!

It‘s quick, simple, and gets Five-O off your back so you can return to doing hoodrat stuff with your friends in Los Santos.

What level do you need to be to unlock Lester‘s services?

Lester‘s various services become available gradually as you progress through the levels and story missions:

  • Unlocks after completing the story mission Friend Request around level 14
  • Unlocks minor criminal abilities like blip removal after Casing the Jewel Store around level 20
  • Unlocks wanted level clearing after The Jewel Store Job around level 20
  • Unlocks the more advanced hacking abilities after Mr. Philips mission around level 36

So reaching at least level 20 and completing key story missions is required before you can call on Lester to remove wanted levels.

If you try calling Lester in the early game stages, most of his options will still be locked including wanted removal. Just be patient and keep leveling up!

Utilize Lester‘s services for free with these expert tricks

Having Lester as a fast get-out-of-jail-free card is invaluable. But calling him normally comes with a price, costing you a few hundred GTA dollars per wanted star removed.

Luckily, I‘ve discovered some clever tricks over the years for utilizing Lester to remove wanted levels totally free of charge. Check these out:

Complete the Doomsday Heist

Finishing the epic Doomsday Heist awards you the special ability to remove wanted stars via Lester call unlimited times for free.

This perk is permanent and saves you tons of cash down the road. Completing the Doomsday Heist is hands down the best way to unlock free wanted removal from Lester.

Quickly Switch Characters

Here‘s a sneaky trick if you don‘t want to burn through the Doomsday Heist just yet.

Call on Lester as usual to clear your wanted level. But immediately after calling him and while he‘s doing his thing, rapidly switch characters twice in a row.

If done quickly enough, your wanted stars will still vanish but the transaction won‘t process, so you avoid the fee!

Use the Phone‘s Quick Menu

On console and PC, you can open your phone and access Lester‘s options through the quick menu (left d-pad on consoles).

Scroll to Lester and select Remove Wanted Level. Then repeatedly mash the button. This will rapid-fire the requests and sometimes glitch it to work free.

Avoid Paying Altogether

If you don‘t want to deal with Lester‘s fees or exploitation tricks, there are other options:

  • Simply hide from the cops for 1-2 minutes until stars disappear
  • Change sessions or restart the game, which also clears wanted level
  • Die and respawn to reset your status
  • Use cheats to reduce wanted level (not available on PC)

So in summary, be sure to knock out the Doomsday Heist to get unlimited free call-ins from Lester. Otherwise, get crafty with these tips to take advantage of Lester without burning your hard-earned paper.

Lester‘s services extend far beyond removing wanted levels

Getting rid of your unwanted police heat is just one of Lester‘s many invaluable services. As you progress in GTA Online, he unlocks an arsenal of tools to help give you an edge, legally and illegally.

Here is an overview of everything this criminal caretaker can do for you from his remote hacker bunker:

Locate Hidden Packages – Lester will identify and highlight random treasures and collectibles on the map for a small fee.

Request Jobs – Unlocks access to Lester‘s lucrative assassination missions, haulage work, and other unique jobs with big payouts.

Off the Radar – Pay Lester to remove your blip from the map for 1-5 minutes, disguising you from other players.

Cops Turn Blind Eye – All cops in the session will ignore crimes for a period of time, great for going on lawless rampages.

Reveal Players on Map – Marks all other players on the map with arrows making them easier to find in PvP.

Request Helicopter Pickup – Lester will send a chopper to extract you from anywhere, fast.

Remove Wanted Level – Instantly erase your wanted level as we‘ve covered in this guide.

When playing GTA Online, stay in regular contact with your man Lester. As you level up, his empire of helpful hacks and advantages will grow. Lester has your back!

Pro tips for avoiding the cops in the first place

Mastering the art of quickly losing the cops through Lester is clutch. But it‘s even better if you can avoid getting wanted stars and police heat in the first place.

Here are some of my best pro tips for keeping the po-po off your back as much as possible:

Drive carefully and obey traffic laws – Reckless driving is an easy way to attract cops. Stop at lights, don‘t speed, signal your turns.

Steal cars discreetly – Don‘t swipe a car right in front of the police. Park away from the action and walk to your target vehicle unseen.

Holster weapons when not needed – Brandishing guns is asking for trouble. Keep them holstered until ready for action.

Use silencers – Equip silenced weapons like the AP Pistol so cops won‘t hear your shots.

Change clothes frequently – The police may recognize you by clothing description. Change up your look often.

Hide in water – Police have a very hard time seeing and pursuing you in lakes or the ocean.

Use bribes – For minor offenses like bumping a car, you can bribe officers to look the other way.

Mastering these criminal tradecraft fundamentals will help you maintain a low profile and keep the cops off your trail.

But let‘s be honest, sometimes you just want to go on a wild rampage. When you inevitably get that 5-star wanted level, Lester has the ability to make it all disappear.

Lester wanted level removal guide recap and tips

Let‘s recap the key tips from this expert guide to utilizing Lester as your personal get-out-of-jail free card:

  • Complete enough story missions to unlock Lester‘s services, around level 20
  • Call Lester from your contacts, select Remove Wanted Level
  • Finish the Doomsday Heist to unlock free wanted removal
  • Use tricks like rapid character switching to avoid fees
  • Take advantage of Lester‘s other helpful hacker tools
  • Drive safely when possible to avoid cops altogether

Removing wanted levels is just one of Lester‘s many time-saving services for climbing the GTA Online ranks. Be sure to use all his advantages as they unlock.

Few things are more annoying than having your chaotic play disrupted by nuisance police forces. With Lester on your side, you‘ll have an elite hacker ready to trick the system and get rid of the heat.

Stay frosty out there and keep this expert guidance handy to unleash Lester‘s true potential as you explore the insane world of GTA V!

Data and statistics on GTA V wanted levels and police

To supplement this guide, here are some interesting statistics and data points on wanted levels, police, and criminal status in GTA V:

Maximum normal wanted level

  • 5 stars

Police units dispatched at each wanted level

StarsPolice Units
1Police cruiser + foot cops
2Multiple cruisers + air unit
3Sheriff SUVs + police Maverick
4FIB teams + police riot van
5Swat teams + police helicopter

Cost to remove wanted levels via Lester

  • $200 per star ($1,000 maximum for 5 stars)

Time it takes for wanted level to decrease naturally

  • Decreases by 1 star every 30 in-game seconds out of sight

Duration of bribe effect

  • 60 in-game seconds

Top speed of police vehicles

VehicleTop Speed
Police Cruiser146 mph
Police Buffalo155 mph
Police Interceptor174 mph
Police Helicopter120 mph

Use this data as an additional reference to master wanted levels and escaping the cops efficiently in GTA Online. Understanding the police dispatch patterns and stats behind the system will make you a professional at losing heat and avoiding unwanted hassles.

Frequently asked questions about removing wanted levels

Here I‘ve compiled some of the most common questions I get about using Lester and hacking the wanted system:

How can I trigger Lester‘s initial phone call to unlock his services?

If Lester‘s intro calls aren‘t coming, try changing sessions or restarting the game. This will often prompt the calls. If not, just be patient and continue playing – the calls should trigger eventually as you level up.

About how long does it take to receive Lester‘s first call?

It may take 15-30+ minutes of real time played before you get Lester‘s initial call, especially if you are in the early game stages. Have patience, play other content, and the call should come through.

What is the most profitable Lester contact mission?

The highest paying repeatable mission unlocked by Lester is called Crime Scenester. This mission can easily net you $25,000-$30,000 and is pretty easy. It can be completed solo or with up to 4 players.

How much does Lester take from heist cuts as his fee?

For the Diamond Casino Heist finale, Lester takes a 5% cut off the top of the total take. So for example, on a maximum $3.6 million score, you‘d pay Lester roughly $180,000.

Is there a cheat code for infinite cash in GTA V?

No cheats exist to simply give your character unlimited funds in GTA V. The best way to get tons of cash is by investing wisely in the Lester assassination missions and maximizing your profits. Doing so can earn you up to $2 billion per character!

Can I get a girlfriend in GTA Online?

You can‘t directly date NPCs outside of cutscenes. However, you can engage with the stripper NPCs at the Vanilla Unicorn club to get a "girlfriend" experience. Give them cash to increase your relationship meter.

Is it possible to get a 6-star wanted rating in GTA V?

No, the maximum wanted level you can reach in GTA V is 5 stars. Earlier GTA games allowed up to 6, but the star rating was reduced to a max of 5 stars in the latest edition.

Hopefully these FAQs provide additional insights into mastering wanted levels and getting the most out of Lester! Let me know if you have any other questions.

The final verdict on escaping the cops for free

In closing, having elite hacker Lester on call is absolutely clutch for removing those frustrating wanted levels quickly and easily. By utilizing Lester properly, you‘ll be able to return to enjoyment and chaos in Los Santos with minimal annoying disruptions.

The pros at Rockstar have carefully balanced GTA‘s wanted system to be tense and challenging, but attainable. Follow my guide to fully leverage Lester‘s immense talents for escaping the cops.

Few things provide more satisfaction than seeing those flashing red and blue lights vanish thanks to your boy Lester. Now get back out there, wreak havoc, and remember – when you need a clean getaway, Lester‘s just a speed dial away!



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