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How to Get Lots of Money in Sims FreePlay: The Ultimate Guide

Want to get rich in Sims FreePlay? You‘ve come to the right place!

As a long-time Sims gaming expert and avid Sims FreePlay player, I‘ve picked up plenty of tips and strategies for building huge Simoleon fortunes from scratch.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know to get lots of money and live like a virtual millionaire in Sims FreePlay!

Why Getting Rich Matters in Sims FreePlay

Before we dive into the money-making tactics, let‘s briefly go over why amassing wealth is so important in Sims FreePlay:

  • Unlocks gameplay – You need money to purchase additional hobbies, careers, pets, homes, and more gameplay. Simoleons open up options.

  • Enhances fun – Who doesn‘t enjoy shopping sprees and being able to afford anything you want for your Sims! Money enables flexibility and customization.

  • Allows creativity – Dream of intricate home designs, lavish mansions, or futuristic smart homes? You‘ll need the Simoleon funding to make it happen!

  • Reduces frustration – Running out of money and not being able to address basic needs like hunger or hygiene kills the fun. Avoid that pain by building savings.

Simply put, getting rich takes your Sims FreePlay experience to the next level. You have the freedom, choice, and enjoyment that comes with substantial wealth and purchasing power.

Let‘s get into how to make that virtual fortune a reality!

Top Money Making Tactics

Based on my extensive Sims gaming knowledge and real-world Sims FreePlay money making experience, these are hands down the best ways to earn stacks of Simoleons:

1. Invest in Your Sims‘ Careers

Advancing your Sims‘ careers by gaining promotions is arguably the most effective and consistent way to increase earnings.

The initial investment of time and effort pays off in the long run with much higher perpetual wages. For example:

  • A base level Music career offers a starting salary of ¢48/hr
  • Reach the Star level promotion and wages jump to ¢185/hr
  • At the top Rock Legend level it further scales to ¢570/hr

The key is aggressively developing your Sims‘ skills, maintaining high needs, and completing all work events and shifts to speed through the promotion levels.

I recommend selecting 2-3 Sims to focus on high income careers like:

  • Business
  • Culinary
  • Music
  • Athletic

Leave the other Sims to run your various businesses so you have the best of both worlds!

2. Open Multiple Profitable Businesses

Owning businesses allows you to earn Simoleons automatically even when not playing the game. The income streams continue flowing when you are offline, asleep, or busy with life‘s demands outside of FreePlay.

Through trial and error, I‘ve found the most profitable businesses include:

  • Restaurants
  • Bakeries
  • Grocery Stores

For example, my favorite business is the max upgraded Chez Sims Restaurant which earns ¢5,250 hourly and ¢126,000 daily!

To maximize business income:

  • Fully upgrade all equipment and expand capacity as soon as possible
  • Develop relationships with friends to recruit employees for free
  • Take advantage of periodic restock sales to increase profit margins
  • Check in frequently when playing to collect profits and restock

Ultimately you want to own at least one of each business type across multiple Sims to have money manufacturing around the clock.

3. Garden For Big Profit Crops

Gardening is often overlooked but offers huge money making potential in Sims FreePlay.

Certain high value fruits, vegetables, and flowers can earn you ¢5,000-¢25,000 each harvest! It does require patience as crops take hours to fully grow.

The most profitable plants include:

CropHarvest TimeValueProfit
Dragon Fruit20 hrs¢21,000¢15,750
Money Tree24 hrs¢25,000¢24,250
Bell Pepper6 hrs¢10,500¢9,450
Strawberry8 hrs¢7,500¢6,750

To maximize earnings:

  • Have each Sim maintain at least a 5×5 plot of money crops
  • Use Lifestyle Points to instantly finish crop growth cycles
  • Harvest on cooldown for a continual stream of income
  • Take advantage of periodic double gardening value events

The gardening grind delivers huge paydays!

4. Craft Items and Collectibles

Many of the crafting hobbies in Sims FreePlay allow you to create items you can sell for profit. For example, high value woodworking projects can net you ¢5,000 to ¢50,000 per item crafted!

Selling collectibles found around the map is another income source often ignored by players. Seemingly mundane items can actually fetch a ton of Simoleons:

Collectible ItemValue
Old Television¢22,500
Rare Quartz¢15,000
Vintage Camera¢12,000
Mayan Calendar¢10,000

Tips to maximize this income:

  • Always have a Sim searching for collectibles to find valuables
  • Craft multipplies of the highest value woodworking, sculpting, jewelry items
  • Take advantage of occasional collectible valuation events
  • Save rare Limited Edition and Time Capsule collectibles until you complete their sets for big bonuses

You‘d be surprised how fast the Simoleons add up through crafty side hustles!

5. Develop Relationships with Neighbors

Don‘t underestimate the money making power of relationships!

Having high relationship levels with your Sims FreePlay neighbors provides opportunities to receive extremely helpful Simoleon earning perks and rewards.

For example:

  • At level 5, Sims will gift small amounts of Simoleons

  • At level 8, neighbors can be asked to fully staff your businesses for free

  • At level 10, you‘ll receive lucrative rewards like Money Trees

I highly recommend taking time daily to perform friendly social interactions with all your neighbors. The social point investment pays back over time in cold hard Simoleon value through the rewards system.

6. Take Advantage of In-Game Sales

The developers of Sims FreePlay run frequent limited time sales that provide huge money saving and earning boost opportunities.

You should always check the Sales menu and take advantage when available. Some of the sales I watch for include:

  • All Businesses 25%-50% off restocking fees – Stock up on inventory!

  • Selected high value crafted items 50% off – Cash in by selling at peak value!

  • Double gardening value – Harvest crops at 2x the Simoleon profit!

  • Buy 1 get 1 free business supplies – Essentially half priced supplies!

Timing your key purchases and sale of items around these promotions will maximize your income and savings. Sales don‘t come around often so I try to always have Simoleons on hand to capitalize.

Wealth Building Milestones

Earning your first 100,000 Simoleons may seem like a grind, but the journey gets easier and exponentially more profitable.

Here are some wealth milestones I recommend aiming for:

  • First 100,000 – This lets you purchase your initial businesses and start automated income generation.

  • 500,000 – At this point you can invest in upgrading your businesses to maximize profit potential.

  • 1,000,000 – Now you can start fully designing your dream homes and unlocking expensive hobbies.

  • 5,000,000 – The world is yours! Own multiple profitable businesses and live like a Simoleon tycoon!

Hitting that first 100k is the hardest, but once your income snowballs you‘ll be stunned at how quickly net worth grows in Sims FreePlay. Enjoy it!

Final Thoughts

Well there you have it – an expert guide to getting rich in Sims FreePlay revealed!

The key is pursuing traditional career advancement in parallel with establishing diverse automated business income streams. Back those up with profitable gardening, crafting, and utilizing social rewards. Take advantage of limited time sales and in-game events.

Stay focused, be patient, stick to the proven wealth building tactics, and you‘ll be a Simoleon millionaire before you know it!

Now get out there, work hard, play smart, and go make that Sims FreePlay fortune! Let me know once you join the virtual millionaire‘s club!



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