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How to Get Married and Start a Family in Sims FreePlay

So you want to take your Sims‘ relationship to the next level and have them get married and start a family in Sims FreePlay? I‘ve got you covered! As a long-time Sims gaming expert and fan, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know to get your favorite Sims hitched and having babies in no time.

Getting married and having kids is one of the most popular gameplay elements in the Sims franchise, and Sims FreePlay is no exception! Once you unlock the ability for your Sims to propose, tie the knot, and try for babies, a whole new world of fun family gameplay opens up.

In this complete guide, I‘ll explain:

  • The step-by-step relationship stages to reach marriage
  • How to plan the perfect Sim wedding
  • Troubleshooting marriage and divorce
  • Getting pregnant and having babies
  • Tips for growing your Sims household

So let‘s dive in and get those Sims married!

Advancing Your Sims‘ Relationship

The first step to marriage is cultivating your two Sims‘ relationship status from strangers to lovebirds. Here are the stages you‘ll need to progress through:

Friends: Have your Sims chat, tell jokes, exchange compliments, cook together, and more. Friendly social interactions raise this level.

Dating: Time to turn up the romance! Flirty interactions like "Be Romantic," "First Kiss" and "Soulmate Hug" move you to this status quickly.

Partners: Max out romantic gestures and social time to reach this. Now one Sim can propose with a ring!

Engaged: After getting engaged, they must move in together. Romantic activities fill the Engagement bar.

You‘ll know you‘re on the right track when you see relationship titles like "Lovebirds" pop up!

Proposing at the Partners Level

Once your Sims reach the Partners status, it‘s time for a marriage proposal!

To propose, tap one of your lovebird Sims and select the "Propose Marriage" interaction. You‘ll be prompted to choose an engagement ring to offer.

There are 5 ring options, and the more expensive rings have higher success rates for your Sim accepting. However, any ring can work with some patience and retrying. I usually just go for the cheapest 250 Simoleon silver band to save my simoleons!

Filling the Engagement Bar

After getting engaged, your task will be to fill up the Engagement bar that appears under your Sims‘ Relationship meter.

Do romantic socials like "Be Romantic," "First Kiss," and "Soulmate Hug" to quickly raise this bar. Move your Sims in together to a new home if they aren‘t already living together.

Once this bar hits 100%, you can officially plan a wedding event!

Planning Your Sims‘ Dream Wedding

Every Sim couple deserves a magical wedding experience! When you‘re ready to plan it, follow these steps:

  1. Open the calendar and schedule a Wedding Event.
  2. Use the event planner to choose a location, catering, cake, decor and more.
  3. When the big day arrives, tap your engaged Sims and select "Start Wedding Event."
  4. Guests will arrive and your Sims will walk down the aisle to get hitched!

From picking a venue to dressing your Sims in wedding attire, planning all the details is half the fun. You can host an elaborate ceremonial event, or just keep it casual with your Sims‘ closest friends.

A few pro tips:

  • Outdoor locations like the Beach are free! Indoor ones require Simoleons.
  • Guests will contribute gift Simoleons using the Wishing Well.
  • Having guests increases the chance of bonus items after the wedding.
  • Don‘t forget the Wedding Cake for sweet pictures!

With the right location, attire, decor, and reception setup, you‘re sure to have a dream Sim wedding!

Troubleshooting Marriage Issues

Sometimes your Sims won‘t tie the knot even when the wedding event starts. This is usually because you didn‘t completely fill the Engagement bar first.

To fix this:

  • Keep doing romantic interactions to fill that bar all the way.
  • Make sure both Sims are at the event location when you start it.
  • Retry starting the event until they marry successfully.

For divorce, first fully deplete your Sims‘ Romance bar with nasty socials. Then the divorce option will appear!

Having Babies as a Married Couple

Once your Sims are happily married, it‘s time to grow the family by having babies! Here‘s how pregnancy and birth work:

  • Only adult female Sims can become pregnant.
  • Complete the "A Bumpy Ride" quest to unlock pregnancy.
  • Select "Try for Baby" in double beds for a chance of conception.
  • Pregnancy lasts around 3 in-game days.
  • Deliver the baby at the hospital when the timer ends.

Newborns start out crawling and cooing in a crib. As they grow up, you can choose personality traits!

Here are some tips for raising families:

  • Each household can have up to 2 babies/kids.
  • Adopt more children at any age through the police station.
  • Kids become teens around 6 days old.
  • Teens can do part-time jobs to earn simoleons!

Diaper blowouts, late night bottle feedings, childhood hijinks – parenting Sim kids is always an adventure!

Unmarried Pregnancy

An interesting fact is that adult Sims don‘t have to be married to get pregnant or have babies! Just complete the pregnancy quest, and unmarried couples can also try for babies successfully.

So if you want single mom or dad Sims, that‘s a perfectly viable gameplay option. The choice is yours!

Growing Your Sims Household

As your family grows, you may want to move them into bigger homes. Here are some tips:

  • Each residential lot can hold up to 4 Sims total.
  • Max out at 2 kids/babies, with any combo of adults.
  • Add roommates by moving in best friends.
  • Try multi-generational households with grandparents too!

Creative living arrangements like blended families, roommates, and generational homes keep gameplay exciting. Experiment to find your favorite household combinations!

Maintaining Romance Post-Marriage

Even after your Sims tie the knot, you still want to keep their romance level high for a happy marriage.

Do frequent romantic interactions like flirty chats, massages, stargazing, compliments, and gifts. High romance reduces the chance of divorce.

For special closeness, upgrade to the Rocket Ship interaction. This will send your married Sims on a dreamy space trip!

Tips for Long-Term Family Gameplay

Playing with families, watching Sim kids grow up, and nurturing relationships never gets old. Here are some top tips:

  • Host family events like graduations, weddings, and reunions to stay close.
  • Remodel homes to fit growing families. The kids will need their own rooms!
  • Pass down family heirlooms like grandparents‘ urns and parents‘ wedding rings.
  • Capture memory photos at all major life events.
  • Bake birthday cakes on each Sim‘s special day and celebrate!

The best part of Sims FreePlay is cultivating these rich family stories over long gameplay. With patience and creativity, your Sims can have full family lives from generation to generation.

So get flirting, propose, and plan that dream wedding! When you‘re ready to expand your Sims‘ family even more, try fostering, adopting, blending families, and more. Endless relationship possibilities await.

I hope this guide covered everything you need to know about getting Sims married and having babies in Sims FreePlay. Let me know if you have any other questions, and happy Simming!



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