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How to Get Minecraft Bedrock Edition on PC for Free

Hey friend! If you‘re looking for ways to play Minecraft Bedrock on your PC without paying, you‘ve come to the right place. I‘m going to walk you through all the legal options to score Minecraft Bedrock Edition for free.

There are a few legit ways to get Bedrock for zero dollars – taking advantage of Xbox Game Pass, already owning Java Edition, trying a limited free trial, or playing Classic mode. I‘ll explain step-by-step how each method works, so keep reading to snag yourself some sweet free Minecraft action!

Can I Really Get Minecraft Bedrock Edition on PC for Free?

I know what you‘re thinking…is it really possible to get Minecraft Bedrock Edition on PC for free legally?

The answer is yes! While the Bedrock version usually costs $30 USD if you buy it outright, there are some loopholes to get it without paying.

As a fellow gamer and self-proclaimed Minecraft expert with over 200 hours played, I‘ve uncovered the best ways to get Bedrock Edition in your hands for precisely $0.

Now let‘s dive into each one so you can start block crafting ASAP without emptying your bank account!

Method 1: Get Minecraft Free with Xbox Game Pass for PC

The easiest way to score Minecraft Bedrock Edition for free on PC is to take advantage of Microsoft‘s Xbox Game Pass for PC subscription.

Here‘s a quick step-by-step walkthrough:

  1. Head to the Xbox site and sign up for their Game Pass for PC plan. This costs $9.99 per month. Right now they‘re even offering your first month for only $1!

  2. Download and install the Xbox app for Windows on your PC. This is where you‘ll manage your Game Pass subscription.

  3. Once set up, use the Xbox app to download and install the "Minecraft for Windows" game. The Windows 10/11 version is the Bedrock edition that‘s included free with Game Pass.

  4. Sign in to the Xbox app and you can play Minecraft Bedrock for free on your PC as long as your Game Pass subscription remains active!

The Game Pass for PC library has over 100 high-quality games, so the subscription is worth it even if you just want Minecraft.

Here are some of the other sweet gaming freebies you get access to:

  • Halo Infinite
  • Forza Horizon 5
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • Sea of Thieves
  • Crusader Kings III

So for the cost of a few cups of coffee per month, you get the latest Minecraft Bedrock and a ton more games. Not a shabby deal!

Method 2: Get Bedrock Free if You Already Own Minecraft Java

Now, if you‘re a veteran Minecraft player and already own Minecraft Java Edition for PC, you actually qualify for a free copy of Minecraft Bedrock too. Let me show you how to claim it:

  1. First, make sure your Mojang or Minecraft account is fully linked to a Microsoft account. You‘ll need to sign in with a Microsoft account to access Bedrock.

  2. Open the Microsoft Store app on your Windows PC and sign into your Microsoft account if you aren‘t already.

  3. Click on your account profile picture > My Library. This will show all your owned games and apps.

  4. You should see "Minecraft for Windows 10" listed there for free if you own Java Edition! Select it to install the Bedrock version.

  5. Once installed, launch Minecraft just like normal. When you sign in with your Microsoft account, it will unlock the Bedrock version.

Pretty simple right? Since Microsoft now owns Mojang and Minecraft, owning Java Edition essentially scores you Bedrock Edition too. This option won‘t cost a single cent if you already dropped money on Java previously.

Method 3: Enjoy a Free Minecraft Bedrock Trial

If you don‘t have Game Pass or Java Edition, there‘s another way to play Minecraft Bedrock for free on PC – trying out the limited time free trial!

Here‘s what you need to do:

  1. Open the Microsoft Store on your Windows PC or visit their website.

  2. Find the store listing for the official "Minecraft for Windows" app, which is the Bedrock version.

  3. Instead of clicking the "Buy" button, look for and select the "Start free trial" button.

  4. This will let you download and install Minecraft Bedrock completely free!

  5. You‘ll get 1.5 hours (90 minutes) of free play time to try it out.

The catch is that your world/progress won‘t be saved if you eventually buy the full version. But this gives you a nice chunk of time to experience Minecraft Bedrock first hand for zero dollars.

If you end up loving the Bedrock version during the trial, you can then purchase it permanently at the regular price. Or use one of the other free methods in this guide if you don‘t want to spend the money!

Method 4: Play Classic Minecraft in Your Web Browser

This last free option won‘t get you the full Bedrock experience, but you can play a simplified free version of Minecraft right in your web browser without downloading anything.

Just head to and click Play. This will load up a stripped down Minecraft "Classic" version in seconds that runs in your browser.

It has lower resolution textures and only Creative mode, but you can easily get your block building fix:

  • Use WASD to move around and the mouse to look

  • Left-click to break blocks, right-click to place blocks

  • Jump with spacebar

  • Build whatever you want with unlimited blocks

  • Explore creations other players have built

While very basic compared to the full game, it‘s a nice blast from the past. And a superb free way to access Minecraft if you just can‘t wait to start constructing.

No downloads, purchases, or account sign-ins required – just instant free Minecraft enjoyment.

Avoid Minecraft Scams and Stick to Legit Free Options

Now before you go searching all over the web for free full copies of Minecraft, I have an important warning for you.

There are TONS of shady sites and videos that claim to offer premium Minecraft for free through sketchy downloads or game cracks.

These are scams at best and can contain nasty malware at worst!

The ONLY legitimate free options are the ones I outlined above:

  • Xbox Game Pass for PC
  • Already owning Java Edition
  • Official limited trials
  • Minecraft Classic browser mode

If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Stick to trusted official sources for Minecraft like the Microsoft Store.

Don‘t risk your system‘s security chasing after pirated free Minecraft versions. The peace of mind is worth far more than the $30 price tag in my opinion.

Let‘s Get Your Free Minecraft Party Started!

Phew, we covered a lot of ground there! I wanted to make absolutely sure you have all the info needed to start crafting and adventuring in Minecraft Bedrock for zero dollars.

To recap, the main legit free avenues are:

  • Xbox Game Pass: Play instantly with a $1 first month subscription
  • Own Java Edition: Unlocks free access to Bedrock Edition too
  • Limited Trial: Test drive the game for 90 minutes
  • Minecraft Classic: Simple creative browser version

No more wondering "is there a way to get Minecraft Bedrock Edition on PC for free?" – just pick which freebie option works best for you!

Let me know if you have ANY other questions at all. I‘m always happy to help a fellow Minecraft fan get their game on without emptying their wallet.

Now get going and savor that sweet sensation of free gaming victory! Your Minecraft paradise awaits, my friend. Enjoy!



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