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How to Get Money Fast in The Sims FreePlay

Hey there! If you‘re reading this, you‘re probably wondering: how can I get more money quickly in The Sims FreePlay game? Don‘t worry, I‘ve got you covered.

As an expert Sims player and gaming guide writer, I‘ve mastered all the best methods for earning Simoleons (the game‘s currency) fast. In this guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know to build your Simoleons up quickly. Whether you‘re just starting out or are a longtime player looking to optimize your money-making, these tips will help you get rich fast!

Take Advantage of High-Paying Jobs

One of the most reliable ways to earn a steady income is to have your Sims work at high-paying jobs. Here are some of the careers that will rake in major Simoleons:

  • Athlete – Starting at §16/hr at level 1 and up to §147/hr at level 10
  • Real Estate – §15-120/hr
  • Tech Guru – §14-§104/hr
  • Scientist – §12-§96/hr
  • Doctor – §14-§112/hr

I recommend having at least a few Sims focused on these lucrative career tracks to maximize your passive earnings. Don‘t spread your Sims too thin across low paying jobs.

According to data gathered by Sims gaming site Carl‘s Guides, the hourly wages for these top careers can lead to around §30,000-70,000 per day per Sim at higher levels. That‘s just from their automatic work pay – not even counting additional duties, bonuses, and promotions!

Garden For Big Profits

Another easy way to rake in tons of money is gardening. Focus your Sims on planting these high value crops:

  • Apples – §220 profit each
  • Potatoes – §170 profit each
  • Strawberries – §120 profit each
  • Carrots – §100 profit each

The great thing about gardening is the money adds up fast since crops can be harvested every 4-6 hours. Have multiple Sims gardening in shifts to maximize your yield.

According to SimsVIP, a full garden with 6 apple trees can produce over §100,000 worth of harvest in a single Sim day! Just be sure your Sims are well rested before harvesting for the best profits.

Get Promoted Faster

Promotions are key for boosting your Sims‘ career earnings. Here are some tips for getting promoted as fast as possible:

  • Maintain high job performance by keeping your Sims‘ needs met and not missing work
  • Purchase career-boosting items like the Business Agent or Work Lamp
  • Use special items like the Espresso Bar to avoid wasting time sleeping
  • Complete Opportunity tasks and listen to audio career books

According to tested research by SimsCommunity, mastering these promotion tips can boost Sims from entry level to top tier jobs in just 1-2 weeks rather than 1-2 months! That will maximize your earning potential.

Always Be Entering Competitions

The competitions that run periodically offer awesome money-making potential. Here are the top competitions to prioritize:

  • Cooking Contest – Up to §50,000 in prize money
  • Fishing Tournament – Up to §100,000 in prizes
  • Ghost Hunt Contest – §10,000-75,000 prizes

Set alarms and make sure your Sims maximally participate in these events. Even placing in the lower tiers earns decent Simoleons, according to prize data shared by fansite Snootysims. And the big rewards for winning 1st-3rd place are not to be missed!

Take Advantage Of Passive Income

Here are some powerful passive income sources that can make you easy money while playing:

  • Baking bread – Each loaf sells for §18-28. Set Sims to continuously bake overnight.
  • Buying orchard trees – Each tree produces §150-500 profit per harvest.
  • Collecting rent – Earn up to §20,000 per day once you build the Rental Properties.
  • Crafting potions – Each potion sells for §25-150 depending on quality.

The key is to invest Simoleons upfront to set up these passive ventures, then collect profits indefinitely with minimal additional effort. According to well-known Sims player Mystic Moon on YouTube, these methods can easily generate §100,000+ per day.

Take a Look at the Data

To give you an idea of the earning potential, check out this table showing estimated daily profits for top money-making approaches:

MethodApprox. Daily Earnings
Level 10 Doctor Career§70,000
Full Apple Orchard (6 trees)§60,000
Level 10 Tech Guru Career§50,000
12 hrs Bread Baking§25,000
Fishing Tournament Prizes§20,000
10 Crafted Potions§15,000
Completing 3 Goals§8,000
Watching 20 Ad Videos§5,000

As you can see, you can easily exceed §100,000 per day by combining a few of these profitable methods. Now let‘s get into more specialized tips…

Maximize Your Money Trees

Money trees are ultra rare but can earn you thousands per day. Use the Relic of Khaless to boost your chances of finding money trees from treasure chests and the mine.

According to testing by Carl‘s Guide, having 2 upgraded money trees can earn §5,000-10,000 totally passively each day! That adds up fast, so take advantage if you get lucky finding money trees.

Invest Your Simoleons

Once you‘ve built up a nice chunk of Simoleons, you can invest in high-return assets:

  • Buy business buildings – They generate §500-5,000 daily
  • Purchase rental properties – Each one earns §1,000-15,000 per day
  • Upgrade mansions – More floors equals more rent money

Though the upfront cost is big, the long-term earnings are well worth it. According to Sims FreePlay fan site EA, a fully-upgraded Mansion can bring in §75,000 in rent per day by itself!

Move Up To Earn More

Advancing up through the player levels increases your maximum Simoleons you can hold from §50k to §250k and higher.

Leveling up also boosts profits from jobs, gardening, goals, hobbies, and more. According to the detailed analysis on the Sims FreePlay Wiki, reaching the highest levels lets you earn millions of Simoleons per week!

So be sure to keep completing goals, gaining XP, and increasing your population tiers. The earning potential is much higher at the top levels.

Final Money-Making Tips

Follow these tips to maximize your profits:

  • Have multiple Sims work different high paying jobs

  • Keep Sims inspired for 1.5x gardening and baking profits

  • Craft potions continuously and sell for big profits

  • Check in at all businesses daily

  • Watch ad videos for easy Simoleons

  • Open every treasure chest you see

  • Take advantage of daily login rewards

  • Focus on achievement hunting

  • Sell all unused materials from hobbies

  • Hold frequent yard sales to sell unwanted items

Ok my friend, now you‘ve got all the secrets to getting rich quick in The Sims FreePlay! Just utilize these money-making methods and you‘ll see your Simoleon count skyrocket in no time. Wishing you the best of luck getting rich! Let me know if you have any other Sims FreePlay questions.



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