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How to Get Monster Hunter Rise for Free – A Comprehensive Guide for Monster Hunting on the Cheap

If you‘re a Nintendo Switch owner hungry to dive into the addictive gameplay of Monster Hunter Rise but don‘t have the $60 to drop on the game right now, this guide has you covered. You can absolutely get Monster Hunter Rise for free through the Nintendo Switch Online service. Read on to learn all the tricks for adding this stellar Capcom action-RPG to your Switch library without emptying your wallet!

What Exactly is Monster Hunter Rise?

For anyone unfamiliar with the franchise, Monster Hunter games are all about, you guessed it, hunting monsters! These epic confrontations with hulking wyverns, reptiles, magical creatures and more occur across sweeping, picturesque habitats rich with activities.

As a hunter you‘ll equip weapons like great swords, bows, dual blades and more to take down beasts and harvest materials from them. These materials in turn can be used to craft new armor and weaponry. Monster Hunter Rise expands the hunting grounds upward with the addition of the Wirebug, a grappling tool that lets you quickly zip and climb around environments.

With 14 unique weapon types to try out, hundreds of armor combinations to craft, and over 90 diverse monsters to hunt, Monster Hunter Rise offers nearly endless replayability and progression for those hooked by the loop of "hunt, craft, repeat".

Reviews have praised the game‘s exhilarating combat, charming Japanese inspired Kamura Village, varied monsters, and expanded movement options compared to past Monster Hunter games. It‘s currently sitting at a metascore of 88 on Metacritic and OpenCritic based on 95 reviews.

So in short, Monster Hunter Rise is absolutely worth playing for action-RPG fans – which is why getting it for free is so valuable! Now let‘s dig into how to add this $60 Nintendo Switch exclusive to your library without spending a dime.

Take Advantage of Nintendo Switch Online to Get Rise for Free

The #1 method for getting Monster Hunter Rise at no cost is to sign up for a Nintendo Switch Online membership. This subscription service runs $3.99 monthly or $19.99 annually and provides access to online multiplayer gaming, cloud save data backup, historical catalogs of NES and SNES games to play, and – relevant to our purposes here – access to select free Nintendo Switch games!

Back in March 2022, Monster Hunter Rise was one of the free Switch game downloads offered to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. Though that promotion has ended, there‘s a chance Rise could be offered again in the future, so keep an eye out!

But why pay for a Switch Online membership just to get Rise for free? Well, the subscription comes with additional perks like:

  • Playing Monster Hunter Rise and other Switch games online in co-op with friends
  • Cloud backup for save data in supported games
  • Growing library of over 130 classic 8-bit and 16-bit Nintendo games to enjoy
  • Exclusive member discounts on select digital games and DLC

At just under $20 annually, a Nintendo Switch Online membership pays for itself if you play online and take advantage of 20+ free modern Switch games offered over time like Mario Golf, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, and Metroid Dread.

So if you see Monster Hunter Rise pop up in the future as a free download perk, sign up and latch onto that Nintendo Switch Online membership faster than a Hunting Horn buff!

Beyond Nintendo Switch Online – More Ways to Score Monster Hunter Rise for Free

While the Switch Online free game download promotion is limited time only, there are a handful of other ways you may be able to snag this excellent monster hunting action-RPG without plunking down $60. Let‘s go over some options:

Keep an Eye Out for Giveaways

Gaming companies and sites periodically run giveaways where they provide game codes for free. Follow Capcom and Monster Hunter accounts on social media and subscribe to gaming news sites to stay updated on any Rise giveaway opportunities.

Popular Twitch streamers affiliated with Capcom may also do Rise giveaways, especially around the release of Sunbreak expansion content. If you want the chance for free codes, watching Monster Hunter streamers could pay off!

Trade In Old Games towards Monster Hunter Rise

If you have older games you no longer play collecting dust – trade them in! Stores like GameStop let you trade eligible games for store credit toward new purchases. With a healthy stack of last-gen games to trade, you could likely cover the entire $60 cost of Rise with credit.

Wait for a Sale

While still full price at launch, most games start seeing discounts within 6 months. Monster Hunter Rise will likely drop to $40 during holiday sales like Black Friday. r/NintendoSwitchDeals is a great Reddit community for staying aware of all the latest Switch game deals and price drops.

Game Share with a Friend

If you have a friend or family member who also plays Monster Hunter, you can share the game digitally by purchasing with their account and playing on your Switch set as the primary. Just be sure to return the favor and buy them a game in the future too!

Check Local Libraries

Believe it or not, many libraries allow you to check out and borrow video games the same as books, DVDs, and CDs! Just make sure to return any borrowed games promptly to avoid late fees.

Budget and Save Up

Setting a little bit aside each month in your entertainment budget gives you the cash to buy games at launch. Though it takes patience and discipline, you ultimately get to reap the rewards of buying the games you‘re most excited for right away!

Why Play Monster Hunter Rise? A Breakdown of This Epic Hunting Action-RPG

Now that you know how to claim this exciting Switch exclusive for free, let‘s discuss why Monster Hunter Rise is absolutely worth your precious gaming time:

Thrilling, Strategic Combat

Monster Hunter combat stands out for the weighty, tactical feel of its fights. These are long clashes of stamina and positioning where understanding your chosen weapon and the monster‘s attacks is key. When you perfectly time a dodge and land that big damage hammer spin, the payoff is immense.

With 14 extremely varied weapon types like great swords, bows, hunting horns and more to choose from, you can find a fighting style that suits you. Mastering your main weapon to take down tough endgame quarry is deeply rewarding.

Freedom of Movement

Rise adds exciting mobility options through the Wirebug mechanic. You can zip to points, quickly dodge, and mount monsters with Wirebug. This opens up combat for aerial attacks and climbing previously inaccessible areas. The increased freedom of movement and verticality revitalizes the classic Monster Hunter flow.

Charming Japanese World

Rise‘s colorful Kamura Village and surrounding Shrine Ruins, Frost Islands, and more are vibrant, living worlds. Smithies hammer at swords, birds flutter by, and light streams through gorgeous Japanese architecture in the detailed hub town. Vast wildernesses filled with secrets encourage you to explore every nook and cranny.

Addictive Loop of Hunting and Crafting

At Monster Hunter‘s core is the steady drip-feed of rewards from hunting monsters, harvesting them for materials, then using those materials to craft increasingly powerful weapons and armor to take on greater beasts. Once you get hooked on this loop and start taking down gigantic elder dragons, you‘ll be caught in a web of satisfying progression.

Diverse Roster of Beasts

From stocky, fiery Arzuros to the ferocious thunder-maned Rajang, Rise is packed with around 90 unique monsters inspired by mythology from around the world. Every beast has different attack patterns to learn and carve materials to collect. Taking down and capturing new creatures never stops being exciting.

Deep Progression and Endgame

With 14 weapon types that each take dozens of hours to master, crafting trees demanding rare materials from challenging quests, decorative armor skills to increase, and post-story monsters to conquer – you could easily sink 500+ hours into Rise before running out of things to accomplish. Late and endgame progression will test even seasoned hunters.

Constant Free Updates

Capcom has supported Rise with great free content updates adding new monsters, quests, gear and more on a regular basis. Massive expansions like Sunbreak with entirely new locales, monsters and master rank quests expand the game exponentially as well. You‘ll be playing this constantly evolving Monster Hunter for months, if not years.

Fun Multiplayer Co-Op

Hunting epic monsters with three other players makes for unforgettable cooperative experiences. Online lobbies make it easy to link up with friends or join hunts with random players. Communication and teamwork are critical to success on the toughest multi-monster hunts.

Getting Started in Monster Hunter Rise – 10 Essential Tips for New Hunters

Monster Hunter games have a steep learning curve. Here are some tips to help you get your bearings as a beginner hunter in Rise:

1. Stay Vigilant on Scoutflies

These glowing green insects will guide you to key objectives, monsters, and materials. Keep watch for where they drift so you don‘t get turned around in confusing locales.

2. Gather Everything You See

Plants, mushrooms, ore – harvest them all! These materials will be essential for crafting consumables, armor, weapons, and more down the road. Don‘t run past anything you can pick up.

3. Talk to Everyone in the Village

Speaking to NPCs unlocks new facilities, services, and side quests. They also provide tips and tutorials for game mechanics. Interact with every colorful character you see!

4. Eat at the Canteen Before Hunts

Don‘t depart on any hunt without eating at the Canteen first! Meals here provide extremely useful Attack, Defense, and other buffs that can mean life or death out in the wilds.

5. Try All the Weapon Types

There are 14 radically different weapons like sword and shield, hunting horn, light bowgun, and more. Spend time in the Practice Area determining which resonates most with your playstyle.

6. Use Parties to Improve Skills

Politely join others‘ parties to try out weapon types you‘re less familiar with. Grouping also lets you safely learn monster patterns. Practice makes perfect!

7. Craft Better Gear Frequently

Don‘t get too attached to starter gear. As soon as you unlock new crafting recipes for stronger equipment, forge it to increase your hunter‘s power.

8. Capture Monsters to Get More Loot

Trapping a weakened monster and tranquilizing them provides more carves than slaying them. Use shock traps, pitfall traps, and tranq bombs to capture once the monster starts limping away.

9. Learn Monster Attack Patterns and Movements

Every monster has behavioral tells that hint at upcoming attacks. Learn these patterns carefully and be patient for safe openings to strike and evade. Rushing in recklessly will cart you back to camp.

10. Take Breaks After Triple Carting

Carting three times and failing a quest is frustrating, but don‘t let it tilt you. Step away briefly after triple carts to clear your head before jumping back into the hunt.

Stick with these new hunter tips as you progress from slaying Izuchi to eventually conquering elder dragon favorites like Nergigante and Teostra. Soon you‘ll be a fully fledged master hunter and you got there without paying a penny!

The Hunt Concludes…for Now

Monster Hunter Rise awaits, and this guide has equipped you with all the knowledge needed to add this fantastic Switch exclusive to your collection for free. Whether it‘s trying your luck with giveaways, waiting for a sale, or keeping watch for the next Nintendo Switch Online freebie promotion – savings opportunities are out there.

Just promise me if you do get Monster Hunter Rise for free that you‘ll actually spend a few dollars to grab that Sunbreak expansion content once you‘ve put enough hours in. Happy hunting!



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