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How to Get Rec Room Tokens for Free

Hey there! Looking for ways to earn some free Rec Room tokens? You‘ve come to the right place my friend!

As an avid Rec Room player and token collector myself, I‘ve picked up plenty of tips and tricks for scoring free tokens over the years. In this guide, I‘ll share all my knowledge to help you load up your account with tokens without spending any real cash.

A Quick Intro to Rec Room Tokens

For anyone new to the game, Rec Room uses tokens as its in-game currency. You can use tokens to purchase useful and fun items like:

  • Cool outfits and skins for your avatar
  • Consumable gadgets and props for expressive gameplay
  • Furniture and decorations to customize your dorm room

Tokens can be purchased directly with real money. But there are also many ways to earn them for free just by playing!

Now let‘s dive into all the best methods I‘ve found for getting free tokens through gameplay…

Method 1: Complete Rec Room Original Modes

The developers at Rec Room are always adding new limited-time modes and events known as Rec Room Originals. These special modes offer fun new ways to play and earn token rewards!

Modes like Rec Royale (battle royale), Crescendo of the Blood Moon (co-op quest), and Laser Tag let you complete weekly challenges to earn tokens and unique cosmetic items.

For example, during a typical Rec Royale season you can earn:

  • Up to 4,000 tokens from seasonal challenges
  • Special themed outfits and items
  • Consumable rewards like grenades and health packs

Events like The Rise of Jumbotron and Golden Trophy also provide challenges with token and cosmetic rewards.

I make it a priority each week to complete as many of these limited-time challenges as possible. It‘s a fun way to earn loads of tokens while enjoying new modes and making progress on my account.

Pro Tip: Team up with friends to complete challenges faster and have more fun doing it!

Method 2: Sell Your Own Creations

Rec Room gives players awesome creation tools to build anything imaginable. You can then sell your coolest rooms, inventions and costumes in the in-game store for tokens!

This is how the creation store works:

  • You must be a RR+ member ($9.99/month subscription) to sell creations
  • Build and publish something awesome like a multiplayer game room
  • List it in the store and set your preferred token price
  • When another player purchases your creation, you earn the tokens
  • Once you earn 250,000+ tokens in sales, you can convert them to real money!

Many of the top creators in Rec Room make thousands of tokens each month by selling popular rooms and inventions. One player even earned over $10,000 in real money by selling their creations for tokens!

So if you come up with fun rooms, games or inventions people want, you can profit big time!

Method 3: Refer New Players

Rec Room also gives you free tokens just for convincing your friends to join the fun!

Here‘s how the referral program works:

  • Get your unique referral code from the Referrals section of your watch
  • Share your code with friends online or in real life
  • When they enter your code during signup, you both get bonus tokens!

As of 2023, the referral bonus is 750 tokens. So getting just 10 friends to sign up with your code nets you 7,500 free tokens!

Spread the word on social media or even host Rec Room parties to grow your referrals. This is a super easy way for you and your friends to all profit tokens together!

Method 4: Watch Videos in Rec TV

The Rec TV area has a selection of entertaining videos handpicked by Rec Room. These include:

  • Funny gameplay clips and fails
  • Behind the scenes videos
  • Fan made machinimas and animations
  • Tutorials and strategy guides

You can earn 25-50 tokens simply for watching certain videos when they refresh each day. It‘s not a ton, but passively earning 50-100 free tokens a day adds up fast!

So get in the habit of checking Rec TV and watching a few videos whenever you log in. Kick back and enjoy the entertaining content while those free tokens roll in.

Method 5: Compete in Contests and Events

Rec Room loves hosting contests and seasonal events with token prizes up for grabs:

  • Room decoration contests reward the most creative and beautifully designed rooms
  • Maker pen contests drive innovation by awarding tokens for the best inventions
  • Holiday events and quests offer limited time challenges with prizes

For example, the recent Winterland Decoration Contest awarded these prizes:


Keep an eye out for any events on the @recroom Twitter or the custom rooms list. You may win big, or earn smaller participation rewards.

Method 6: Claim Your Daily Rewards

This one may seem simple, but don‘t forget to claim your daily login rewards!

  • Open your watch menu
  • Tap the Claim Rewards button
  • Collect your bonus for logging in that day

The tokens start around 15 and go up to 25 as your streak increases. So claim every day to maximize this steady trickle of free tokens.

Pro Tip: Set a daily reminder so you never forget your rewards!

Method 7: Level Up Your Account

As you play Rec Room more and gain XP, you‘ll level up your account which gives you token windfalls!

Here‘s how many free tokens you get each time you level up:

Level UpTokens Earned
Level 10250
Level 15500
Level 20750
Level 251,000
Level 301,250
Level 351,500
Level 401,750
Level 452,000
Level 502,500

Getting to level 50 will net you a whopping 12,750 tokens!

Try to level up at a steady rate by playing both public and custom rooms. The tokens will roll in automatically as you progress.

Method 8: Complete Daily Challenges

Rec Room provides 3 daily challenges you can complete for ~100 tokens each. These rotate every day and involve tasks like:

  • Getting headshots in Rec Royale
  • Using the maker pen for 30 minutes
  • Playing 3 rounds of Laser Tag

With 3 active challenges, you can reliably earn about 300 free tokens a day just by completing them during play.

Pro Tip: Reroll more difficult challenges for a new random one!

Method 9: Search Dorm Rooms for Gifts

Some kind players leave token gifts and treasures hidden around their dorm rooms. When browsing rooms, look for titles suggesting free rewards.

When you find a room like that, search high and low for tokens:

  • Check dressers, closets and chests
  • Look under furniture and rugs
  • Try shelves, bins and other containers

With persistence and luck, you may find dorms full of generous token presents!

Method 10: Join a Rewards Club

Rec Room has groups dedicated to collectively earning tokens for all members. By sharing referrals, running reward rooms, and more they generate a steady supply of tokens.

To find a club, search the groups or ask players in popular rooms. Joining a rewards club means earning passive tokens from the combined efforts of your team.

Method 11: Host Your Own Token Reward Rooms

You can also earn tokens by hosting public rooms with token rewards inside.

Here are some tips for setting up a rewarding experience:

  • Decorate a dorm room with lots of gifts and tokens
  • Spread them randomly around the room
  • Set clear expectations in the room name and description
  • Refresh gifts after each visitor claims them

You‘ll earn gratitude and tokens from bringing joy to others! Your room will quickly gain popularity as people share the wealth.

Final Tips for Maximizing Free Tokens

Here are a few final tips to make sure you‘re earning every token possible:

  • Team up with friends to complete challenges faster
  • Check the bulletin board daily for new token opportunities
  • Don‘t forget the free daily box in the rec center
  • Save film rolls to trade for tokens later
  • Vote on new inventions for a small daily token bonus
  • Check your journal for any token rewards you may have missed

That covers all the best ways for getting Rec Room tokens without spending money that I‘ve discovered so far. I hope these tips help you load up your account with loads of free tokens! Let me know if you have any other creative methods. Happy earning!



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