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How to get Smash Bros Ultimate DLC for free?

If you‘re a Super Smash Bros player, you may be wondering – can I get all that amazing extra DLC content without paying? This guide will cover multiple ways to get Smash Bros Ultimate DLC characters, stages and more for free or at least at a discount.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is the best selling fighting game on the Nintendo Switch, with over 29 million copies sold as of March 2022 according to Nintendo. This enormous player base makes Smash Bros Ultimate DLC a big business, with each new fighter release generating buzz and driving further sales.

But the cost of all that DLC can really add up, especially if you want every fighter. With 12 extra DLC characters currently priced at $5.99 each, buying every fighter individually would cost $71.88 – yikes!

Thankfully, you‘ve got some options to reduce the hit to your wallet. While getting everything for completely free isn‘t really feasible, there are deals, discounts and freebies that can maximize your DLC content.

In this Smash Bros guide, we‘ll cover:

  • What DLC is available
  • How to get Piranha Plant for free
  • Pricing for individual DLC vs Fighters Pass
  • Steps for purchasing and downloading DLC
  • Details on notable fighters like Sora
  • Strategies for reducing DLC costs
  • Comparisons to other fighting game DLC models

Let‘s break it down so you can access more Smash Bros Ultimate content for less!

An Introduction to Smash Bros DLC

First, what exactly is DLC? DLC stands for "downloadable content" – extra content for a game available via download after release.

For Super Smash Bros Ultimate, DLC includes:

  • New playable fighters
  • New stages and level themes
  • New music tracks
  • Mii Fighter costumes

There are currently 12 DLC fighters available beyond the base game‘s 74 fighter starting roster. This includes favorites like Banjo & Kazooie, Dragon Quest‘s Hero, Persona 5‘s Joker and Kingdom Hearts‘ Sora.

Each DLC fighter also comes with a new stage and selection of music tracks from their game universe. For example, Banjo & Kazooie includes Spiral Mountain stage.

Nintendo releases new DLC fighters individually or bundled in Fighters Pass seasons. Most DLC requires purchase to unlock, with a few exceptions.

Now let‘s get into how to maximize your Smash Bros DLC at minimum cost!

Score Piranha Plant for Free

Piranha Plant was a special promotional DLC fighter that early Super Smash Bros Ultimate buyers could obtain for free.

Here were the steps to claim Piranha Plant if you purchased Smash Bros Ultimate in late 2018 or early 2019:

  1. Buy Super Smash Bros Ultimate (physical or digital version)
  2. Redeem your Nintendo gold points from purchase
  3. Receive email from Nintendo with Piranha Plant code
  4. Enter code on Nintendo eShop to download Piranha Plant

Pretty sweet deal right? Unfortunately, this promotion ended in January 2019, so Piranha Plant is no longer available for free.

But it was a nice perk while it lasted, and gives hope that Nintendo may offer other free DLC in the future to reward loyal fans. After all, 29 million copies sold means a huge Smash Bros player base to keep engaged!

For now, the rest of the DLC roster requires purchase. Let‘s look at pricing options.

Paid DLC – Fighters Pass vs Individual

Since the free Piranha Plant ship has sailed, what are current options for paid DLC fighters?

There are a couple ways to buy Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC:

Individual – Purchase each fighter separately for $5.99

Fighters Pass – Get multiple fighters bundled at a discounted price

Here‘s the full breakdown of paid DLC fighters and bundles currently available:

Fighters Pass Vol. 1 (Released)

  • Joker (Persona 5) – $5.99
  • Hero (Dragon Quest) – $5.99
  • Banjo & Kazooie – $5.99
  • Terry Bogard (Fatal Fury) – $5.99
  • Byleth (Fire Emblem) – $5.99

Fighters Pass Vol. 1 Bundle – $24.99 (Savings of $5.94)

Fighters Pass Vol. 2 (Released)

  • Min Min (ARMS) – $5.99
  • Steve & Alex (Minecraft) – $5.99
  • Sephiroth (Final Fantasy 7) – $5.99
  • Pyra/Mythra (Xenoblade) – $5.99
  • Kazuya (Tekken) – $5.99

Fighters Pass Vol. 2 Bundle – $29.99 (Savings of $5.94)

Buying a Fighters Pass gets you a slight discount compared to purchasing all the characters individually. You also get a bonus Mii Fighter costume with each Pass purchase.

If you want to try before you buy, you can purchase DLC fighters individually first. But for the full DLC roster, a Fighters Pass is more affordable.

Now let‘s walk through getting DLC on your console.

Step-by-Step DLC Purchase and Download

Buying DLC for Smash Bros Ultimate is handled right on your Nintendo Switch:

  1. From your Switch home screen, launch the Nintendo eShop
  2. Go to the Smash Bros Ultimate game page
  3. Select the DLC you want – individual fighter or Fighters Pass
  4. Complete purchase with your Nintendo Account
  5. The DLC will begin downloading automatically

Once installed, you can select your new DLC fighters, stages and music in Smash Bros Ultimate right away with no unlock requirements. Pretty painless!

If you get a download code from a friend or retailer, redeem it by:

  1. Opening the Nintendo eShop
  2. Selecting Enter Code on the left side
  3. Entering the 16-digit download code
  4. Confirming to start the DLC install

Redeeming a code is just as easy as direct purchase.

Now let‘s highlight some standout DLC fighters to get you hyped.

Best Smash Bros DLC Fighters

The Super Smash Bros series does an amazing job bringing together gaming legends from the most iconic franchises.

While I love all the DLC characters, here are a few favorites:

Sora from Kingdom Hearts

Sora‘s inclusion was heavily requested by fans, and he lives up to expectations. He can glide around levels and uses spectacular magic attacks with his keyblade. An excellent final addition to celebrate Smash Bros Ultimate.

Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7

His Masamune sword has insane reach, letting Sephiroth strike from nearly anywhere. Using his wing for recovery is super unique. Summoning Meteor as his Final Smash is so iconic.

Joker from Persona 5

Joker steals the show with his stylish moveset bringing Persona abilities to life. He‘s fun to control and a slick addition from one of the greatest modern JRPGs. A top tier pick.

While I can‘t cover every fighter, the DLC roster provides amazing variety for any playstyle. Now let‘s get into saving money!

Reduce Costs – Tips and Comparison

If you want to access all the Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC, it adds up fast at $5.99 per fighter. With 12 total, buying everything individually costs $71.88 – ouch!

Here are some ways to reduce the damage to your wallet:

Buy Fighters Passes – Bundles save almost $6 per Pass compared to individual purchases.

Wait for Discounts – DLC periodically goes on sale in the Nintendo eShop at 10-30% off.

Use Gold Points – Cash in your Nintendo gold points from other purchases towards DLC.

Game Sharing – Share your DLC with a friend‘s console to split costs.

Buy Select Fighters – Purchase only the fighters you truly want rather than all of them. High cost comes from feeling compelled to 100% complete the roster.

Compared to other fighting games, Smash Bros DLC is reasonably priced:

  • Street Fighter V charges $5.99 for each new fighter
  • Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Pack is $39.99 for 6 fighters

So while not free, Smash Bros Ultimate DLC offers good value compared to alternatives. Nintendo also does sales and bundles to make it more affordable.

Wrap Up – Maximizing Smash Bros DLC

While you can no longer get every Super Smash Bros Ultimate fighter for free, there are still plenty of ways to get the most DLC content at the lowest prices:

  • Buy Fighters Passes to bundle at a discount

  • Wait for Nintendo eShop sales on DLC

  • Redeem Nintendo gold points towards DLC

  • Game share to split costs with a friend

  • Focus on your favorite fighters rather than completeness

With clever purchasing tactics, you can unlock the Smash Bros DLC fighters you truly want for the lowest possible cost. Sora and the gang are worth it!

So get out there and start smashing with your new DLC! Just beware of any friends spamming Banjo‘s wonder wing…

Let me know if you have any other tips for getting Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC at low cost!



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