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How to Get Steam Gifts for Free: The Ultimate Guide for Gamers

Steam gifts and wallet codes have become a hugely popular way for gamers to load up their Steam accounts and gain access to new games and in-game content. With Steam gift cards ranging from $20 to $100, it‘s easy to see why these make such great gifts for the PC gamer in your life.

But what if you want to grab some Steam gift funds for yourself without spending any cash? The good news is there are plenty of legitimate ways to earn free Steam wallet codes and gift cards through rewards programs, contests, cashback sites and more.

In this guide, I‘ll break down the top methods for scoring free Steam gifts and provide actionable tips to maximize your earnings. Let‘s dive in!

An Introduction to Steam Gifts

For the uninitiated, Steam is a popular digital distribution platform developed by Valve Corporation. With over 30,000 games in its library, 125+ million active users, and thousands of new accounts created daily, Steam dominates the PC gaming market.

Once you add funds to your Steam Wallet, you can use this balance to purchase games, downloadable content (DLCs), in-game items and more on the Steam store.

Steam Gift Cards and Steam Wallet Codes provide an easy way to add money directly to your Steam Wallet. They come in denominations ranging from $5 to $100, so whether you want to buy a full-priced game or just a new weapon skin, there‘s a Steam gift out there for you.

Here are some of the key benefits of Steam gifts and wallet codes for gamers:

  • Convenience – Steam gift cards let you add funds instantly without needing a credit card. Wallet codes can be redeemed remotely in seconds via mobile.

  • Flexibility – Funds don‘t expire, so you can save gift card balances for future purchases.

  • Gifting – It‘s easy to buy Steam gift cards and wallet codes as gifts for fellow gamers.

  • Discounts – Steam gifts essentially let you buy games and items on sale at a discounted price.

  • Underage Gamers – Steam gifts allow under 18s without credit cards to load their Steam wallets.

With these advantages in mind, let‘s look at some legit and practical ways to get free Steam gift cards and wallet codes.

Method #1: Earn Rewards from Survey Sites

Paid online surveys remain one of the most popular ways to earn free Steam money. Here‘s how it works:

  • You sign up for an account at a survey site / rewards program like Swagbucks or Survey Junkie.

  • You then complete surveys, questionnaires, reviews and polls on behalf of consumer brands, research firms and marketers.

  • In exchange, these survey providers reward you with points, swag bucks or cash.

  • When you hit the minimum payout amount, you can redeem your earnings for Steam gift cards.

Most survey sites offer Steam gift cards in various denominations like $10, $25, $50. The more surveys you complete, the faster you can earn rewards.

Here are some of the top survey sites for earning Steam gift cards:

SiteMinimum PayoutEstimated Earnings
Swagbucks500 SB ($5 value)$25-50/month
Survey Junkie$10$15-25/month
Vindale Research$50$50-75/month

Pro tip: Most survey sites also let you earn via activities like playing games, signing up for offers, watching videos, etc. This helps you reach payout faster.

For example, on Swagbucks you can expect to earn 100-300 Swagbucks from a 10 minute survey. But playing a round of Swagbucks Live might net you another 50 SB in a few minutes. Mix up your earning activities to optimize your rewards.

When choosing a survey site, look for ones with reliable payouts, a good variety of earning options, and high Steam gift card denominations. Checking review sites like SurveyPolice can help avoid scam sites.

I recommend sticking to 2-3 survey sites at a time to maximize your payout rates. Create a schedule to check each site regularly for new surveys so you don‘t miss earning opportunities.

Method #2: Get Cashback from Shopping Portals

Cashback websites provide another excellent way to earn free Steam money from your everyday online shopping.

The gist is simple: you sign up for a free account on a cashback site like Rakuten or Ibotta. Then every time you shop online with participating retailers, you earn cashback on your purchases.

For example, buy a bathing suit from Old Navy via Rakuten and you might get 4% cashback. Grab some cleaning supplies from Walmart through Ibotta and earn 5% cashback.

Over time, this cashback really adds up! Once your earnings hit the minimum payout, you can redeem your cash rewards for a Steam gift card.

Here are some of the top cashback sites for Steam rewards:

Cashback SiteMinimum PayoutEstimated Earnings
Swagbucks300 SB ($3 value)$5-10/month

Pro tip: Install browser extensions from your cashback sites to automatically notify you about eligible cashback offers as you shop online.

The key is to be strategic with your shopping trips. Try to shop through portals during big sales events or on sites with consistently high payout rates. Over time, the savings really add up.

Many cashback platforms also integrate in-store offers at popular retailers like Walmart, Target and CVS. So you can rack up Steam rewards from your regular shopping trips. Apps like Ibotta make it easy to unlock cashback on the go.

Method #3: Play Games with Mistplay and Other Rewards Apps

Do you love playing mobile games? Apps like Mistplay reward you for your gaming time with points you can redeem for free Steam gift cards.

Here‘s how Mistplay works:

  • Download the Mistplay app and create an account

  • Browse the app‘s list of supported games (over 50+ titles)

  • Pick a game and start playing as normal

  • Earn "units" for every minute of gameplay which convert to redeemable points

  • Cash out your points for free Steam gift cards once you hit the minimum threshold

Mistplay rewards you just for playing new games you enjoy, with payout averages of $5-10 Steam per month. The app is free and available on both Android and iOS.

Other rewards apps like LongGame and Bananatic offer similar cash for playing opportunities. These can provide an easy way to earn Steam funds from your phone.

Pro tip: Play new Mistplay games as soon as they release to maximize unit earnings during promotional periods.

Method #4: Enter Giveaways and Contests

If luck is on your side, you can score free Steam gift cards from giveaways and contests run by major game studios, gaming sites, and influencers.

For example, Alienware frequently runs sweepstakes on their website with Steam gift cards as prizes. Popular gaming sites like IGN and PC Gamer also give away Steam codes during major sale events and holidays.

Here are some tips for winning Steam gift cards from giveaways:

  • Follow gaming news sites, esports organizations, streamers/influencers on social media to catch giveaway announcements

  • Check sites like Gleam, Woobox and KingSumo for listings of active contests across the web

  • Search "Steam gift card giveaway" on YouTube to find contests from smaller channels

  • Read giveaway rules carefully to maximize your eligibility

  • Use tools like Giveaway Monkey to save and track upcoming giveaways

  • Avoid shady offers asking for excessive personal details or upfront payments

  • Enter regularly and don‘t get discouraged if you don‘t win at first – persistence pays off!

While giveaways do require some luck, entering a few solid contests per month can potentially net you a free $10 or $20 Steam gift over time.

Method #5: Craft Steam Trading Cards

For the collectors out there, you can earn Steam credit from your Steam trading cards.

Here‘s the gist:

  • As you play games on Steam, you‘ll periodically earn trading card drops

  • Collect a full set of trading cards and you can "craft" these into a badge to display on your Steam profile

  • Each time you craft a badge, you‘ll receive rewards like Steam emoticons, profile backgrounds, and a set amount of Steam XP

  • For every 100 XP earned, you receive 100 Steam gems

  • 100 gems can be combined into a sack, which can be sold on the Steam marketplace for around $0.07-$0.10

Now, a single sack may not seem like much Steam credit. But crafting badges for multiple games over time can result in a decent balance.

You can also buy and sell cards on the Steam marketplace to help complete more badge sets faster. Foil cards tend to sell for higher amounts if you luck out and earn some of those.

Pro tip: Maximize card drops by playing newly released games right when they launch. New titles often have bonus drop rates for a limited window.

Trading cards do require some patience. But dedicating time to collecting cards from titles you enjoy playing can pay off with some free Steam funds over the long run.

Method #6: Refer Friends for Signup Bonuses

If you have gamer friends who haven‘t joined Steam yet, you can earn free Steam credit by referring them.

Many game developers offer signup promotions for new Steam users referred by existing players. For example, Terraria offers a $5 Steam gift card to both the referrer and referee once the latter purchases something on Steam.

Here are some tips to maximize Steam earnings from referral bonuses:

  • Share your custom Steam referral link on social media and gaming forums to reach new potential users

  • Promote the best limited-time referral promotions from developers on sites like PCGamesN

  • Refer friends who you know are likely to buy games and spend on Steam

  • Time referrals around major Steam sales when friends are likeliest to make purchases

  • Only refer within gaming communities and forums where promotions are allowed based on the rules

With bonuses ranging from $5 to $20 per successful referral, reaching out to fellow gamers about Steam can net you recurring rewards.

Method #7: Resell Steam Items

This method involves more work, but you can generate Triple-A Steam gift card funds by reselling skins, keys, crates and other in-game items.

Popular games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2 have bustling in-game economies where rare items can sell for hundreds of dollars on sites like SkinCashier.

If you invest time into these games and develop your inventory, you can resell skins, keys, knives and other items for Steam Wallet credit.

For example, selling a rare CS:GO knife skin for $200 on SkinCashier would net you $180 in Steam credit. That‘s nearly two $100 Steam gift cards!

Here are some tips if you want to pursue reselling:

  • Research which games have the most valuable in-game items on the Steam marketplace

  • Learn what the rarest and most coveted skins are for those titles

  • Develop your inventory by actually playing the game and unlocking skins

  • Don‘t get scammed – only use trusted sites like SkinCashier to sell items

  • Remember Valve takes a 15% commission on all Steam Community Market sales

Reselling requires patience and grinding to build up your inventory. But profits can be lucrative if you learn the marketplace for valuables skins and items.

Method #8: Trade Products for Gift Cards

If you have unwanted electronics, media or other household items lying around, you can trade these in for Steam gift cards.

Popular trade-in platforms like Decluttr pay out in Steam gift cards once you mail them your eligible stuff.

Here are some categories you can trade for Steam credit:

  • Old smartphones, tablets, consoles and electronics

  • Used books, movies, music CDs and video games

  • LEGO sets and other toys you no longer use

To get payouts in Steam gift cards:

  • Request a free shipping label from Decluttr and mail your items

  • Decluttr will make you a payout offer depending on product demand trends

  • If you accept, Decluttr emails you Steam gift card codes for the amount

  • Trade books in bulk to maximize the value of your Steam rewards

Going on a Decluttr shipping spree with all your old electronics and media items could net you sizeable Steam gift card funds. They accept products from any manufacturer.

Earning Steam Gifts: Final Tips

I hope these eight methods provide plenty of legit ways for you to start loading up your Steam Wallet with free gift card funds.

Here are some final tips to maximize your earnings:

🔹 Combine methods – For example, take surveys in Mistplay during commercial breaks. Mix up cashback portals. Refer friends to the survey sites you use. Stack your rewards!

🔹 Take advantage of promotions – Time your efforts around major sales, seasonal deals, and special events for increased incentives.

🔹 Sell trading cards you don‘t want – Use the Steam marketplace to sell leftover trading card stock for extra wallet funds.

🔹 Spread referrals across social media – Don‘t stick to one platform. Share referral links on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook groups, forums, and more.

🔹 Review redemption options – Some programs only offer Amazon or PayPal payouts. Make sure your chosen sites reward specifically in Steam gift cards.

🔹 Cash out efficiently – Redeem Swagbucks and Ibotta for gift cards through the mobile app to speed up delivery. Check minimum requirements so you don‘t waste rewards sitting in your account.

🔹 Have fun – These methods work best when you enjoy the activities, whether it‘s taking surveys or playing Mistplay games. Find options that integrate seamlessly into your gaming life.

If you follow the right methods and strategies, you‘ll be surprised just how quickly those Steam gift card rewards can stack up. Now get out there, complete some surveys, and enjoy your Steam shopping spree. Happy earning!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.