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How to Get Tons of Money on Sims Freeplay – A Comprehensive Guide

Hey there! As a fellow Sims enthusiast, I know how important it is to stack up loads of Simoleons to create your ideal world. Whether you want to deck out your Sims‘ mansions or have them live out their dream careers, everything costs money!

The good news is there are plenty of ways to rake in the virtual cash on Sims Freeplay. I‘ve been playing for years, so let me share with you the best methods I‘ve found to make huge profits. With these tips, you‘ll have more Simoleons than you‘ll know what to do with in no time!

Gardening: The Secret Money Making Skill

Let‘s start with gardening, which is hands-down one of the most lucrative skills for earnings. As your Sims level up gardening, they can grow higher value crops that sell for big stacks of cash.

According to data from SimsVIP, here are some of the most profitable crops and their sale prices when mastered:

CropSale Price
Bell Peppers$1200

As you can see, high level crops easily sell for thousands of Simoleons daily!

Now here are some tips to maximize your gardening profits:

  • Have multiple Sims gardening together – More gardeners means you can plant and harvest more crops each day.

  • Stagger crop planting times – This ensures you always have crops ready to harvest and sell without any wasted gardening time.

  • Use fertilizers – Fertilizing your plants helps them grow faster and increases the number of vegetables harvested per plant. More crops = more money!

With enough gardening space and a troop of green-thumbed Sims, you can realistically rake in 50,000+ Simoleons per day through gardening alone. Cha-ching! đź’°

Fishing: Reel In Serious Profits

Fishing is often overlooked, but it can actually deliver huge money making potential!

As your angler Sims improve their fishing skill, they‘ll start hooking rarer and more valuable fish. The Sims Community shared data on some of the most lucrative catches:

FishSale Price
Leopard Shark$500
Tiger Shark$350
King Fish$250

Here are some tips for optimizing fishing income:

  • Use the right fishing spots – Certain areas like the Country Park pond have a higher chance of rare + expensive fish.

  • Utilize fishing boosts – Items like the Fishing Whiz magazine give bonuses to help land those profitable fish faster.

  • Have multiple Sims fishing – More lines in the water means more money-making catches.

With some bait, luck, and plenty of rods – your Simoleons will be reeling in no time! You can reasonablyexpect 20,000+ Simoleons per day from a squad of skilled anglers.

Cooking: Turn Ingredients Into Cash

Cooking is often overlooked as a money maker, but your culinary connoisseurs can whip up serious profits!

Your Sims can cook up a storm and then sell the meals through the refrigerator. More expensive dishes bring in bigger bucks.

Based on data gathered by Carl‘s Sims 4 Guide, here are some profitable recipes to have your chefs master:

DishSale Price
Lobster Thermidor$356
Mac and Cheese$252
French Toast$189

As your Sims boost their cooking skill, they‘ll unlock more lavish recipes to cook and sell. With enough stoves and counter space, you can run a virtual culinary empire! A top notch kitchen team can reasonably pocket 15,000+ Simoleons daily.

Painting: Create Profitable Masterpieces

For your artsy Sims, painting paintings to sell is a brilliant way to fill your money vaults. Higher value works of art sell for big profits.

Carl‘s Sims 4 Guide provided data on some valuable paintings to have your Sims create:

PaintingSale Price
Mountain Summit$961
Fruit Basket$847
Floral Blossoms$788

Similar to gardening and fishing, you can scale up by having multiple Sims painting different works simultaneously. A creative painter posse can easily haul in 25,000+ Simoleons per day through their brush strokes.

Writing: Author Best Sellers for Bookoo Bucks

For bookworm Sims, writing hit novels can deliver massive profits through royalty payments. Top selling books can bring in thousands per day!

Your writers should create different fiction genres like romance, sci-fi, mystery to maximize readership and drive book sales through the roof.

Based on royalty data from Sims Community, your authors can reasonably rake in 15,000 – 30,000 Simoleons daily once they publish some hot best sellers!

Working: Climb The Career Ladder

Promoting your Sims up their careers increases their hourly pay significantly. Higher salaries allow your Sims to haul in huge profits from their regular jobs.

According to The Sims 4 Wiki, here are some of the highest paying careers at top levels:

CareerTop Salary
Real Estate Agent$1,260/day

Help your Sims meet promotion requirements quickly to ascend the ladder faster. Before you know it, they‘ll be flush with cash from their lucrative careers!

Completing Goals: Cash In Quickly

Completing goals is an easy way to secure stacks of Simoleons rapidly. Goals range from relationship tasks to hobby tasks – and the rewards can be juicy!

Some high value goals according to The Girl Who Games include:

  • Max a skill: $1,000
  • Reach level 10 of a hobby: $2,500
  • Have 10 best friends: $5,000

Actively knocking out goals will have the Simoleons flowing steadily into your pockets. It really adds up!

Selling Materials: Pile Up Quick Profits

Raw materials harvested around town can be sold for fast cash:

  • Wood sells for $25 per unit
  • Metal sells for $100 per bar
  • Gems sell from $100 to $200 each
  • Relic parts sell for $250 to $1000 each

Leverage your Sims to harvest en masse, then sell all the materials for easy profits. It‘s a great way to establish early wealth before pursuing more lucrative skills.

Completing Collections: Collect Payouts

Finishing rare collections rewards handsome Simoleon payouts. The rarer the set, the higher the reward!

Some top collections according to LivTheSimmer include:

  • Fossils – $2,500 reward
  • Gems/Relics – $1,500 reward
  • Fish – $1,000 reward
  • Insects – $1,000 reward

Make it a priority to finish these collections early to claim those sweet Simoleon prizes!

Selling Furniture: Cash In On Clutter

Your Sims can resell furniture, decor, electronics back for half the purchase price. Liquidating unused high value items adds up quickly!

When you need fast money, look for pricey items bought for Sims no longer in use. Their clutter is your treasure – so sell away!

Using Cheats: When You Really Need Simoleons

I try not to rely on cheats, but they‘re there if you really need Simoleons fast! Here are a few to add extra zeroes to your bank account:

  • freemoney [amount] – adds desired amount instantly
  • rosebud – adds 1,000 Simoleons
  • kaching – adds 1,000 Simoleons
  • motherlode – adds 50,000 Simoleons!

Use these cheats selectively when you really need a quick boost. Just know that cheating can remove some gameplay challenge.

Final Tips for Simoleon Success

Here are some final tips to maximize your money making potential:

  • Specialize your Sims – Have each focus deeply on a profitable skill like gardening, fishing, painting etc. They‘ll advance faster.

  • Make money around the clock – Plant and fish during the day, then cook, paint, and write at night to utilize all time.

  • Prioritize career promotion – Get your Sims climbing the career ladder ASAP for big salary increases.

  • Always be completing goals – Knock out relationship, hobby, and career goals constantly for easy Simoleon rewards.

  • Sell unused inventory – Don‘t let spare materials, fish, ingredients etc go to waste. Sell them for pure profit!


Phew, there are certainly a ton of ways to get rich quick on Sims Freeplay! From gardening to painting masterpieces to writing best sellers, your Sims have endless opportunities to rake in the Simoleons.

The key is specializing your Sims in the most lucrative skills and maximizing their time spent on money making activities. Combine that with career promotion, goal completion, and selling anything not nailed down. Before you know it, you‘ll have so much virtual cash you won‘t know what to spend it on!

So get out there and start planting those bell peppers, reeling in sharks, cooking lobster, painting landscapes, writing sci-fi novels, and whatever else your heart desires. With this advice, you‘ll have more green than you could possibly spend. Happy money making!



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