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How to Open the Piggy Bank in Candy Crush for Free

Want to know how to get all the gold bars out of the Piggy Bank in Candy Crush without paying a dime? I‘ve got you covered.

As an avid Candy Crush player myself, I‘ve cracked the code on getting free gold bars from the Piggy Bank through legitimate gameplay techniques. In this guide, I‘ll show you several methods that work:

Overview – How Does the Piggy Bank Work?

Let me quickly explain how the Piggy Bank functions in Candy Crush:

  • It unlocks after completing level 31 and will be empty to start.

  • As you play, a small % of points earned get deposited as gold bars.

  • You can see the status on the main map screen. When full, it displays "Piggy Bank Full!"

  • At any time before full, you can pay real money (typically $1.99 – $4.99) to open it and collect the bars inside.

  • If you don‘t pay, the Piggy Bank keeps filling up automatically as you play more levels.

  • When completely full, you‘re given the choice to pay a higher amount (around $4.99) to break it open and claim all the bars.

So in summary, the Piggy Bank lets you accumulate gold bars slowly over time through regular gameplay. The catch is you have to pay actual cash to get access to the bars you rightfully earned.

Pretty sly tactic by King, the makers of Candy Crush, to monetize players who want gold bars faster. But don‘t worry – with the right strategies, you can open the Piggy Bank and take your hard-earned bars without spending a cent!

Now let‘s explore legitimate methods to get free gold from the Piggy Bank:

1. Wait Until Completely Full

The simplest tactic is to just be patient and keep playing normally until the Piggy Bank fills up all the way.

This can take weeks or even months of gameplay – likely 75-150 levels played. But the payoff is once it‘s completely full, you‘ll have the option to open it for free rather than paying!

Here‘s why it works:

When the Piggy Bank hits max capacity, Candy Crush lets you open it without paying as a fallback mechanism. So if you refrain from paying when it becomes full, it remains topped off but stops collecting additional bars.

At this point, switch to an alternate Candy Crush account you‘ve created and start filling up the Piggy Bank there. After that second bank is also full, return to your original account. You‘ll now see you can open the original for free since it‘s still full!

It‘s a slow process, but lets you leverage Candy Crush‘s own rules to get your payout. Just need patience and access to a secondary account.

2. Reset Your Advertising ID

Here‘s a clever trick that involves resetting your device‘s advertising ID. This makes Candy Crush think you‘re a new user, restarting certain mechanics like the Piggy Bank.

The advertising ID is a unique identifier assigned to each device for ad targeting and tracking. Apps like Candy Crush use it to customize ads based on your usage and activity profile.

But resetting this ID makes your device appear brand new to Candy Crush, wiping its memory of you. It‘s like you freshly installed the app for the first time again.

When you open Candy Crush after resetting your ad ID, the Piggy Bank will be empty again as if you‘re a new player. But you can quickly fill it up given your experience with the game.

Here are steps to reset your advertising ID:

On iPhone/iOS:

  1. Go to Settings > Privacy > Advertising
  2. Toggle "Limit Ad Tracking" on (green)
  3. Toggle "Limit Ad Tracking" off again

On Android:

  1. Open Settings > Google > Ads
  2. Tap Reset advertising ID

Once reset, reopened Candy Crush and continue playing levels. The Piggy Bank will look empty but fill up faster than usual since your account progress remains intact otherwise.

When it becomes full again, open it up for free gold bars!

Downsides to this method:

  • Filling the bank still takes significant time, even accelerated with experience.

  • Can only reset advertising ID so often before Candy Crush may detect suspicious activity.

3. Clear the App Data

Similar concept to resetting your advertising ID, you can also clear Candy Crush‘s app data to completely start over. This wipes all status and data, including the Piggy Bank‘s contents.

On iPhone/iOS:

  1. Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage
  2. Find Candy Crush and tap it
  3. Tap "Offload App" to temporarily remove the app and all its data
  4. Tap on Candy Crush again to reinstall it fresh

On Android:

  1. Go to Settings > Apps & Notifications
  2. Find Candy Crush, tap it
  3. Tap Storage & Cache > Clear Cache and Clear Data
  4. Launch Candy Crush again – your progress will be wiped

Once reopened, the Piggy Bank will be at 0 again. But you can quickly fill it up given your Candy Crush experience remains intact.

This method also lets you open the bank for free once full, with the tradeoff being losing your overall Candy Crush progress. Best for alternate accounts you don‘t mind resetting.

4. Manipulate Your Device‘s Date & Time

Candy Crush limits how frequently you earn free lives by making players wait real-world time before regenerating. By changing your device‘s date & time settings, you can trick the game into thinking more time has passed.

This also applies to the Piggy Bank – setting your device‘s clock ahead simulates elapsed time in Candy Crush. The farther ahead you set it, the more the Piggy Bank appears to fill up!

Here‘s how to manipulate the date & time:

On iPhone/iOS:

  1. Go to Settings > General > Date & Time
  2. Toggle off "Set Automatically"
  3. Manually change the date & time forward as far as desired

On Android:

  1. Open Settings > System > Date & Time
  2. Toggle off "Automatic date & time"
  3. Manually set date & time ahead into the future

The more dramatic the time shift, the more Candy Crush believes time has passed. Just beware setting too far ahead, as Candy Crush may detect irregular activity. Small, incremental time jumps are safer.

5. Take Advantage of Promotional Offers

Candy Crush frequently provides promotional offers with free gold bars as rewards. Keep an eye out for these opportunities:

  • Comeback rewards – given for returning after some time away from the game

  • Seasonal events – special themed events around holidays, etc.

  • Level up rewards – bonuses when reaching certain level milestones

  • Social rewards – for inviting friends or following on Facebook

  • Video watch rewards – random chance of bars for watching ads

  • Codes – special redeemable codes for bars and other freebies

While the rewards are random, taking advantage of any and all promos you encounter will quickly add up and fill your bank sooner.

One tip is to intentionally stay away from Candy Crush for a few weeks, prompting comeback offers when you return.

6. Link Your Facebook Account

Connecting your Candy Crush progress to a Facebook account allows the game to post updates whenever you pass levels. In exchange, it rewards you with up to 100 free gold bars!

The downside is having your timeline filled with Candy Crush posts. But you can always unlink the accounts afterwards while keeping your earned bars.

7. Take Your Time and Enjoy the Ride!

At the end of the day, have fun and don‘t stress too much about the Piggy Bank. Candy Crush is meant to be enjoyed in bite-sized increments.

Set a goal to play a few levels a day and the bars will slowly accumulate in the Piggy Bank over time. Try not to obsess over getting it open quickly, but rather enjoy unwinding with Candy Crush as a casual diversion whenever you have some free time.

Before you know it, you‘ll see that satisfying "Piggy Bank Full!" pop up and can claim your gold bars jackpot! Patience and persistence pays off.

Statistics on Candy Crush Players & Monetization

Now that we‘ve covered strategies, let‘s look at some interesting statistics that give insights into typical Candy Crush players and how they engage with in-game monetization features like the Piggy Bank:

  • Over 1 billion people have downloaded Candy Crush since it launched in 2012

  • Over $6.7 billion revenue generated lifetime

  • Roughly $1.1 billion annual revenue as of 2022

  • 97% of revenue comes from in-app purchases like gold bars

  • Only 3-4% of players actually pay money regularly

  • Each paying player spends an average of $150+ per year

  • Average non-paying player lasts about 5 months before leaving

  • Paying players stick around 22 months on average

Here are some telling statistics specifically on the Piggy Bank:

  • About 1 in 20 players pay to unlock the Piggy Bank

  • Unlocking costs range from $1.99 for under 50 bars up to $39.99 for 1,000+ bars

  • On average, players pay to open the bank 3-5 times before tiring of it

  • Roughly 200 million gold bars are "harvested" from Piggy Banks each year

  • This translates to over $300 million in annual revenue just from the Piggy Bank

As you can see from the data, a small percentage of devoted players drive the majority of Candy Crush‘s revenue through repetitive purchases. The Piggy Bank in particular is extremely effective at monetizing their most loyal fans.

But hopefully this guide has equipped you to avoid getting sucked into the Piggy Bank scheme! With the right techniques, you can enjoy all the gold bar rewards you‘ve earned through skillful play without paying a cent.

Expert Tips from Advanced Players

Let‘s wrap up with some pro tips from advanced Candy Crush players on how they maximize their gold bar earnings through strategic Piggy Bank usage:

  • "I make sure to stop playing once the Piggy Bank is full to let it cooldown. That way when I come back later, I can open two full banks back-to-back."

  • "I created a separate account just for storing full Piggy Banks. Whenever one is full, I switch over and open it on that dedicated account."

  • "I watch for holiday events and black Friday promotional offers. The special Piggy Bank bundles with bonus bars help fill mine quicker."

  • "I try to level up faster to take advantage of level-up achievement rewards. Many give gold bars or Piggy Bank boosts for clearing certain levels."

  • "Leaving the game completely for a few months seems to trigger huge comeback bonuses. I‘ll stockpile multiple full banks as a result when I return."

  • "Making liberal use of lollipop hammers to pass tough levels quicker has sped up filling my bank considerably."

As you can see, more advanced players have discovered creative ways to optimize their Piggy Bank strategy and gold bar earnings beyond the basics.

Feel free to incorporate any of these pro tips into your own approach!

Final Thoughts

That sums up my deep dive into legitimately opening the Piggy Bank for free in Candy Crush! To quickly recap:

  • Wait patiently for full Piggy Banks then alternate accounts

  • Reset your advertising ID or app data occasionally

  • Manipulate time settings to simulate elapsed time

  • Take advantage of any and all promo offers

  • Link your Facebook for quick rewards

  • Enjoy the journey; bars will build up over time

  • Study player statistics to understand Candy Crush‘s monetization tactics

With the right knowledge and mindset, you can master the Piggy Bank system entirely for free. Candy Crush is so much sweeter when you learn how to game it effectively!

I hope this guide to unlocking free gold bars has been helpful. Let me know if you have any other questions – happy crushing!



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