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How to Play Far Cry 6 Free on PS4

Want to experience the sprawling open world and guerrilla revolution of Far Cry 6, but don‘t want to pay full price? As a PS4 owner, you‘re in luck. With the right strategies and timing, you can play Far Cry 6 without spending a dime.

In this detailed guide, I‘ll walk you through 10 clever and practical tips to score Far Cry 6 free or cheap on your PS4. Follow these methods and Yara‘s tropical paradise will be yours to explore soon for little to no cost. Let‘s dive in!

Try the 6+ Hour Free Trial

The most straight-forward way to jump into Far Cry 6 on PS4 for zero dollars is to download the free trial directly from the PlayStation Store.

This trial gives you full access to the opening island area and initial story missions. You can get a solid feel for the gameplay, characters, enemy encounters, weapons and general tropical chaos that Far Cry is loved for.

According to Ubisoft, the trial provides over 6 hours of content. That‘s plenty of time to take on story missions, secure checkpoints, hunt animals, find collectibles and generally roam free. Here are the steps:

  1. Turn on your PS4 and open the PlayStation Store.
  2. Search for "Far Cry 6" and select the trial version.
  3. Click "Download" and wait for it to install. This takes about 10-15 minutes with average internet speeds.
  4. Load up the trial from your home screen and enjoy up to 6 hours of full access.

Your progress carries over too. So if you purchase the full game after playing the trial, you‘ll pick up right where you left off.

Grab Far Cry 6 For 50% Off or More During Frequent Sales

While not free, Far Cry 6 sees deep discounts on the PlayStation Store multiple times per year. Holidays, the release of new games, and annual publisher sales are prime times to find it 50% off or more.

For example, during the massive Days of Play sale in Summer 2022, Far Cry 6 was discounted a full 60% off – dropping the price to just $24! Similarly, the Halloween Sale in October 2022 had it 50% off at $30.

To catch these major sales, be sure to:

  • Add Far Cry 6 to your wishlist on the PlayStation Store to get notified of discounts.
  • Follow @Playstation on Twitter and turn on notifications for instant sale alerts.
  • Check the Store every major holiday and season change for deals.

With some simple sale-hunting tactics, there‘s a strong chance you can grab Far Cry 6 for under $30 – a true bargain.

Redeem Free PlayStation Store Credit from Promotions and Rewards Programs

While not always available, Sony and third-parties like Taco Bell occasionally offer opportunities to earn free PlayStation Store credit through contests, surveys and food purchases.

For example, in Oct 2022 Taco Bell‘s "PlayStation Underground" promotion awarded new PS Store members a $20 credit just for joining. And existing members got $25 in credit after spending $15 on food.

Stacking multiple promos like this would easily cover the full cost of Far Cry 6 during a 50% off sale.

Be sure to follow @Playstation and check gaming news sites regularly so you can pounce quickly when free credit offers arise. PS Store credit means no real money spent!

Access a Friend‘s Digital Copy with Game Sharing

If a PlayStation Network friend of yours owns Far Cry 6 digitally, game sharing allows you to download their copy to your PS4 and play for free.

Here‘s how PS4 game sharing works:

  • Set your friend‘s account as primary on your PS4.
  • Have them set your account as primary on their system.
  • Download their copy of Far Cry 6 on your console.
  • Both of you can now play it without having to buy 2 copies!

There are limitations – like only one person playing at a time and requiring an internet connection. But it‘s still an ingenious friend-powered way to enjoy Far Cry 6 for zero cost.

Buy a Used Physical Copy on the Cheap

If you prefer physical games, buying a used PS4 copy of Far Cry 6 from a reseller like GameStop or locally via Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist can save you big bucks.

According to GameStop‘s website, they currently offer pre-owned copies of Far Cry 6 in "good" condition for $24.99 – over 50% off the original $60 price tag! Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist also often have private sellers letting it go for around $20.

Going the used route means no fancy packaging or bonuses that come with a new copy. But if you just want to play the base game, it‘s by far the most affordable option.

Wait Patiently for an Eventual Price Drop

Like most new game releases, the price of Far Cry 6 has slowly declined over time and will continue to drop gradually in the months and years after launch.

Right now, many retailers like Amazon and Walmart are selling it new for around $40 – already 33% less than the initial $60 MSRP.

In another 6-12 months, it wouldn‘t be unlikely for Far Cry 6 to be readily available new from major retailers for $30 or under. If you aren‘t in a rush, waiting for the price to erode naturally can save you big.

Take Advantage of Credit Card Rewards and Cash Back

Many popular credit cards offer bonus rewards points and cash back when shopping for entertainment like video games.

For example, the GameStop PowerUp Rewards Visa awards 5 points per $1 spent at GameStop – points that can later be redeemed for coupons and discounts.

And cards like the Chase Freedom Flex offer 5% cash back on a rotating quarterly category, sometimes including gaming purchases.

Doing a bit of research to find the best gaming and entertainment cards can effectively lower the real-world price you‘ll end up paying for Far Cry 6.

Follow Far Cry Social Accounts for Giveaways

For special events and announcements, the official Far Cry Twitter account @FarCrygame has been known to run giveaways for free copies of their games.

During the lead up to Far Cry 6‘s release, various gaming news outlets held giveaways for PS4 codes sponsored by Ubisoft. Keeping tabs on the Far Cry social accounts and gaming sites can notify you to future free copy opportunities.

While never guaranteed, giveaways do pop up periodically and entering all that you can gives you the best shot at scoring Far Cry 6 as a prize.

Ask for the Game as a Gift

With the holidays and your birthday coming up, letting friends or family know you‘ve been eager to check out Far Cry 6 could land it in your hands for free as a present!

Even if someone already got you a small gift, don‘t be shy to tell them you‘ve really had your eye on Far Cry 6 and would love it as your "big" holiday or birthday gift from them.

People tend to be extra generous around the holidays and birthdays, so floating the idea their way, especially if you know they need ideas, can potentially score you the game gratis.

Alright, using the tips above you‘ve scored Far Cry 6 for free or on the cheap! Now it‘s time to jump in and get the most out our your free copy with these gameplay tips:

Take on Side Activities and Missions

The world of Yara is overflowing with side activities from Yaran Stories to anti-aircraft gun missions. Make sure to take on any optional objective you come across to lengthen your playtime and get the most out of the free trial or full game.

Play Co-Op with a Friend

Running through the story campaign online with a friend adds a whole new dimension of chaos and fun. All versions of the game support two-player online co-op, so find a fellow guerrilla and liberate Yara together.

Fully Upgrade Your Home Camp

Spend time hunting, raiding enemy camps and completing missions to earn resources to build up facilities, unlock new gear and special weapons at your home camp. This base progression system adds satisfying gameplay incentives.

Try Out Every Weapon You Can

Between crafted weapons, unique versions found across Yara and guns for hire with their own signature weapons, the variety of arms you can utilize is endless. Never use the same gun for long – variety is the spice of life and combat!

Explore Every Nook and Cranny

Avoid just following the critical story path. Take time to wander and uncover hidden caves, remote fishing villages, jungle ruins and sandy beaches off the beaten trail. You never know what you‘ll discover!

Befriend Amigos

The Amigos system lets you recruit animals like Chorizo the dog and Guapo the crocodile to fight alongside you. Unlock each unique Amigo not just for combat benefits, but to see their fun personality quirks.

Try Outpost Master Once You Beat the Game

This challenging end-game mode tasks you with capturing all of Yara‘s outposts in a set order under special restrictions. It‘s perfect for extending your gameplay after finishing the story!

As you can see, there are tons of practical tips and tricks to experience Far Cry 6‘s guerrilla revolution on your PS4 without paying full price.

Taking advantage of trials, frequent discounts, giveaways, rewards programs and more makes it totally possible to play the huge open-world shooter for literal pennies on the dollar – or even zero dollars!

No matter which money-saving avenue you pursue, using this guide will help you join the tropical fight against Anton Castillo soon without breaking the bank. Time to jump into the Far Cry 6 fray on PS4 for free!

Let me know if you have any other questions!



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