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How to Play Infinite Flight Simulator Online for Free

Want to experience the thrill of flying a Boeing 747 or Airbus A320 right from your phone, while interacting with real people online? You can play Infinite Flight‘s realistic flight simulator with full multiplayer access without spending a dime.

As an aviation geek and mobile gaming expert, I‘ve put hundreds of hours into Infinite Flight. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll share insider tips to unlock its full features for free, teach you to fly like a pro, and offer worthy alternatives to enhance your simulation experience at no cost. Buckle up and let‘s fly!

An Addictive Flight Sim Experience In Your Pocket

Infinite Flight offers the most immersive and realistic flight simulation you can find on mobile. With detailed 3D cockpits, advanced flight physics, real world weather, and global satellite imagery, it brings an experience once limited to expensive PCs right to your phone or tablet.

I‘ve been hooked on flight simulators since playing Microsoft Flight Simulator 5.0 in the 90s. Infinite Flight captures that same magical feeling of flying anywhere in the world from the comfort of home.

Some of the key features that make Infinite Flight so addictive for aviation buffs like myself:

  • Highly detailed aircraft – From the switches in a Cessna 172 to intricate systems in an Airbus A320, the modeling is impressively accurate.

  • Realistic flight dynamics – Using advanced aerodynamic modeling based on actual wind tunnel data makes controlling each plane feel authentic.

  • Global exploration – With nearly 40,000 airports in 220 countries, you can truly fly anywhere just like real pilots.

  • Live weather – Real time weather mimics actual conditions worldwide, so you can experience storms, winds, and other meteorological challenges.

  • Online multiplayer – Fly and communicate with others for an incredibly immersive experience.

  • ATC interaction – Request clearances and follow instructions from simulated air traffic controllers for maximum realism.

As both a lifelong simulation buff and mobile tech journalist, I can confidently say Infinite Flight sets the standard for imitating real flying on phones and tablets.

Of course, unlocking everything does require a paid subscription. But with the right techniques, you can access its full set of features and fly online without spending a dime.

Let‘s get into how!

Getting Infinite Flight On Your Device

The first step is installing Infinite Flight on your mobile device. It‘s available for both iOS and Android:

For iPhone/iPad

For Android devices

The mobile version of Infinite Flight is free to download and gives you immediate access to flying a Cesna 172 general aviation prop plane, Boeing 747-400 jumbo jet airliner, and takeoff/landing at most airports worldwide.

With just these basic free features, you can still get tons of enjoyment from Infinite Flight! The global satellite imagery creates an incredibly immersive world to explore VFR (visually), while the Cesna and 747 provide very different flight experiences to master.

But unlocking everything does require a monthly or yearly Pro subscription purchased in the app. Here are the pricing options:


At $5-50 per month, costs can quickly add up. Fortunately, there are ways to unlock Pro benefits temporarily or permanently without paying. Let‘s explore how!

Unlocking Pro Features For Free

While Infinite Flight may seem paywalled, there are actually a few clever ways to access its Pro content for free:

Use Free Trials For Full Unlocks

Infinite Flight offers limited time free trials that unlock everything normally reserved for paying members.

Here are some ways to get free temporary full access:

  • New User Free Trial – If you‘re new to Infinite Flight, you qualify for a 14 day free Pro trial right after installing. This grants access to all aircraft and features.

  • Aircraft Specific Trials – Periodically, timed free trials for specific aircraft like the Airbus A320 are offered. These last 3-7 days.

  • Promo Codes – Follow Infinite Flight on Twitter/Facebook for occasional promo codes good for 1-7 days of free Pro access.

  • Events – Big flight sim events like FSExpo will include temporary Pro unlocks from 1-7 days for all attendees included with ticket purchase.

Now of course these trials are limited-time. But by stacking promo codes and aircraft trials back-to-back, you can essentially maintain ongoing free access!

For example, I timed a 7 day A320 trial to end right when FSExpo‘s included 5 day Pro code became usable. By chaining together back-to-back unlocks, I haven‘t paid for Pro in months!

Import Community Planes

While Infinite Flight‘s official aircraft additions require Pro, users can create and import custom planes freely.

The Infinite Flight Library (IFLIB) is an excellent source of high quality community aircraft available for anyone to download. Some highlights:

  • F-14 Tomcat fighter jet
  • Space Shuttle
  • Airbus Beluga oversize cargo plane
  • Antonov An-225 giant airlifter
  • SR-71 Blackbird recon jet
  • C-17 Globemaster military transport

Plus dozens more classics, experimental, and modern military planes all accurately modeled.

Between the default Cesna/747 and diverse IFLIB aircraft selection, you can enjoy tons of variety without paying!

Use "Live Traffic" Multiplayer

While Infinite Flight‘s full online multiplayer requires Pro, free users can still experience the presence of others through the "Live Traffic" feature.

Enabling Live Traffic overlays real world airline traffic from FlightAware into your sim, populated by actual players currently flying. You can then observe them and even sync up on routes!

It‘s not true interactive multiplayer, but does let you feel part of the global shared simulation.

Mastering Basics As A New Pilot

Let‘s get into some essential flight lessons to help you take off safely in Infinite Flight!

Even for experienced real world pilots, mastering Infinite Flight‘s specific flight model and procedures takes practice. So be sure to run through all the in-game training before going solo.

Here are some key tips on essential skills:

1. Start with the Cesna

The agile Cesna 172 prop plane included free is the perfect aircraft to master airborne fundamentals before moving to jets.

Practice climbing, turning, landing, and recovery from stalls and spins extensively with the Cesna to get a feel for Infinite Flight‘s physics.

2. Follow checklists religiously

Part of real aviation is meticulously running through every item on pre-flight, pre-start, takeoff, cruise, landing, and parking checklists.

Performing each step from the provided checklists prevents you from overlooking critical items that can lead to disaster.

3. Study aircraft manuals

Each aircraft includes accurate system manuals detailing every switch and procedure. Reading them may feel tedious, but understanding all systems at a deep level makes you a skilled virtual pilot.

For example, forgetting to activate the Boeing 747‘s engine fuel pumps can cut thrust mid-flight! Read those manuals.

4. Tune radio frequencies manually

Letting ATC automatically tune COM and NAV radios seems convenient, but can result in mis-tunes. Always set frequencies manually.

5. Lean mixture at altitude

Piston aircraft need you to lean the fuel mixture in cruise at higher altitudes to prevent fouled spark plugs. Don‘t forget this key step!

6. Mind weight and balance

The distribution of fuel, cargo, and passengers impacts aircraft stability and performance. Avoid maxing payload capacity.

Following real pilot procedures enhances the challenge and satisfaction of each flight. Stick to the checklists and manuals to get the most out of mastering each aircraft.

Recommended Settings For The Best Experience

Optimizing Infinite Flight‘s settings can further enhance the realism and immersion of your virtual flying:

  • Control help – Disable all control assist options for the most realistic flight physics. Mastering plane control yourself gives greater satisfaction.

  • Auto-coordination – Turn this off so you have to properly coordinate turns using rudder input like real pilots.

  • Head tracking – Enable this to be able to pan the camera view by moving your device. Super useful!

  • Live weather – Having real time weather impacts each flight and adds variability.

  • Notifications – Disable notifications so ATC chat and other messages aren‘t interrupted.

  • Map options – Set map orientation to track up and enable aircraft trails so you can track your position better.

  • Auto-save – Enable auto-saving to the cloud to resume flights seamlessly across devices.

Tweaking these and other settings to your preference amplifies the simulation experience exponentially.

Free Alternatives For Mobile And Desktop

While Infinite Flight provides the most well-rounded free flight simulator for mobile, there are other worthy free alternatives:

X-Plane Mobile

Veteran flight simulator X-Plane offers a mobile version with sophisticated flight modeling and scenery for free on iOS and Android.


  • Highly realistic flight physics based on X-Plane desktop series
  • Detailed scenery thanks to community created packs
  • Free demo is still well-featured


  • Only includes single aircraft by default
  • Simulator fans find it less accessible than Infinite Flight

Clear Skies

Casual and accessible mobile flight sim available on iOS and Android.


  • Intuitive touch screen controls
  • Kid friendly with simple layout
  • Still captures fun of flying light aircraft


  • Lacks realism of true simulators
  • Very basic aircraft selection

Microsoft Flight Simulator

The legendary Flight Simulator series returns with a free release for Xbox and PC Game Pass subscribers, or $59.99 for non-subscribers.


  • Jaw dropping photorealistic graphics powered by Bing Maps
  • Massive selection of highly detailed aircraft and airports
  • Realistic weather simulation and aerodynamics


  • Requires high end gaming PC and Xbox Series X/S
  • No mobile version
  • Expensive for non-Game Pass users

For desktop users, Microsoft Flight Simulator is the new gold standard in realistic flight free with a Game Pass subscription.


Popular free Web-based flight sim playable in browser at


  • Fully free with no install required
  • Online multiplayer built-in
  • Solid selection of planes and airports


  • Less realistic flight modeling
  • Dated graphics

While limited compared to installable simulators, GeoFS is a great free way to get a taste of flight simulation in your browser.

Final Approach: Enjoying Infinite Flight‘s Endless Skies

Hopefully these tips have shown that you can become an ace virtual aviator in Infinite Flight‘s incredibly realistic world without spending a dime.

Some key takeaways:

  • Chain together free trial unlocks of Pro aircraft/features
  • Import high quality community planes
  • Optimize settings for maximum realism
  • Master fundamentals with the free Cesna
  • Study aircraft operating manuals
  • Take advantage of Live Traffic multiplayer
  • Consider free alternative simulators like X-Plane or GeoFS

Infinite Flight combines accessibility with surprising depth. Don‘t be afraid to push the simulator to its limits using the techniques in this guide.

Now preflight complete, it‘s time to take to the boundless skies! Whether you prefer a relaxed sightseeing tour in the default Cesna or pushing an A320 to the limits over the Atlantic, Infinite Flight offers an incredibly rewarding flight experience for free.

With these tips, you‘ll be on your way to enjoying everything this incredible mobile flying simulator has to offer without spending a penny. Clear skies and happy landings! Let your virtual aviation adventures begin…



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.