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How to Play L.A. Noire for Free in 2023 – The Complete Guide

Have you heard about the wildly popular detective game L.A. Noire? Set in the dark and gritty underbelly of 1940‘s Los Angeles, L.A. Noire offers an immersive experience investigating crimes and exploring the open world as LAPD Detective Cole Phelps.

With over 16 diverse story cases, dynamic interrogation gameplay, and stunningly lifelike facial animation, it‘s no wonder L.A. Noire is considered one of the great narrative-driven games of the last decade.

But as much as you may want to dive into this one-of-a-kind noir thriller, the price tag gives you pause. L.A. Noire typically retails for $39.99 or more on modern platforms – not exactly cheap!

Well my friend, I‘ve got good news – with the right strategies, you can enjoy L.A. Noire 100% free in 2023!

As a fellow gaming enthusiast and bargain hunter, I‘ve unlocked all the secrets to accessing L.A. Noire at zero cost. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll break down everything you need to know to start playing this acclaimed detective adventure without spending a dime.

We‘ll cover:

  • Grabbing the base game for free through discounts, promotions, and other means
  • Unlocking all the DLC case expansions without buying them
  • Removing pesky DRM and online requirements
  • And tips to maximize your open world experience once you‘re in!

Let‘s get started – by the end of this guide, you‘ll have the keys to experiencing L.A. Noire absolutely free. Time to chase down the truth in a gritty 1940‘s Los Angeles!

Securing the L.A. Noire Base Game for $0

Obviously, the first step is getting your hands on the core L.A. Noire game. Here are the top methods to obtain the base experience at no cost:

Buy a Used Disc Copy

Since L.A. Noire originally released way back in 2011 for PS3 and Xbox 360, used disc copies are plentiful and dirt cheap. You can easily find a pre-owned L.A. Noire disc selling for under $10 on eBay, at used game stores, or second-hand marketplaces like Craigslist.

Just make sure the listing indicates the disc is in good working condition – you don‘t want to end up with a scratched up coaster! As long as the disc boots up, you can enjoy the full original game.

Pro Tip: For PC, look for a used copy of L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition which bundles the base game with all DLC. This is your best value for grabbing everything in one swoop.

Keep an Eye Out for Free Promotions

L.A. Noire is published by Rockstar Games – and they are known to run free promotional periods for their titles pretty regularly.

Keep watch on the Rockstar Newswire and be ready to jump when L.A. Noire headlines a free weekend or sale – during these limited time promotions, you can download and play the entire game for free!

For example, in 2021 L.A. Noire was free to play on Xbox for over a week. If you act fast, you can add it permanently to your account during these promos.

Borrow From a Pal or Library

Got a buddy or family member willing to share? See if you can borrow L.A. Noire from their game library for a test drive.

Many public libraries also loan out console and PC games for free! Search to locate a library near you that has L.A. Noire available.

With either method, you get full access for free as long as you return the disc when finished. And you can always borrow it again later!

Gaining Access to DLC Cases Without Paying

L.A. Noire released several paid DLC expansions back in the day that added extra detective case missions. Luckily, there are ways to unlock these extras for free:

Hunt Down DLC Codes From Fellow Gamers

While rare, some kind folks do give away unused L.A. Noire DLC codes online once in a while. Check forums, Reddit, and marketplace sites and you may just find someone generous enough to hook you up with a code.

Popular L.A. Noire DLCs like the Vice desk‘s "Reefer Madness" or the Traffic desk‘s "The Consul‘s Car" offer neat new cases – so keep your eyes peeled for free DLC!

Piggyback Off a Friend or Family Member‘s Account

If you happen to know someone who already owns the L.A. Noire DLC, ask nicely if you can log in on their account to download the add-ons you‘re missing.

As long as you don‘t mess with their save data or settings, this "game sharing" approach lets you rapidly expand your case lineup for free.

Removing Irritating DRM and Online Requirements

Like many games, L.A. Noire saddles players with annoying DRM protections and online requirements, such as:

  • Needing to sign in to Rockstar Social Club
  • Online verification checks
  • Limits on launching offline

Luckily, with the right techniques, you can bypass these restrictions:

Apply DRM Removal Mods and Patches

Clever PC modders have created unofficial patches that crack and remove DRM limitations in the L.A. Noire PC version.

With the Rockstar Social Club Bypass mod, you can launch directly without that pesky Social Club login. And mods like the Steam DRM Remover allow playing 100% offline.

But be warned: modding and cracking DRM does violate terms of service. We‘re only discussing for informational purposes. wink wink

Emulate the Console Versions on PC

Programs like RPCS3 (for PS3) and Xenia (for Xbox 360) let you emulate console games on PC – DRM-free!

While the legality is questionable, this gives you an easy way to play L.A. Noire on PC without any online checks or restrictions. Just be ready for potential emulation hiccups.

Pro Tips for Free Roaming 1940‘s LA

Once you‘ve acquired the base game and extra cases, it‘s time to explore the expansive open world. Here are tips to get the most out of free roaming historic Los Angeles:

  • Unlock Areas: Replay cases to open up new parts of the map for free roaming. The Arson desk in particular unlocks a ton of terrain.

  • Find Hidden Vehicles: Search down back alleys and closed garages to discover rare cars and vehicles to cruise in style.

  • Hunt Down Landmarks: Photograph iconic LA landmarks to fill out your city guide and learn cool history.

  • Prioritize the Vice Desk: For the best free roam experience, complete the 6 Vice cases first – this desk has the most open world activities and locales.

DeskFree Roam Unlock Requirement
TrafficComplete 1 case
HomicideComplete 3 cases
ViceComplete 6 cases
ArsonComplete all cases

With this handy table, you‘ll know exactly which cases to focus on first in order to maximize your free roaming fun.

So there you have it friend – everything you need to play the sensational L.A. Noire 100% free. Follow this guide, take advantage of some slick tricks, and you‘ll be sleuthing crime scenes in 1940‘s L.A. like a pro in no time without paying a cent. Now go out there and explore this one-of-a-kind noir thriller – and don‘t forget your notepad rookie!



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